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Apigee Edge - proxying SOAP to REST manually
This screencast shows how you can manually construct a SOAP-to-REST proxy for a SOAP Service without relying on the WSDL Import Wizard in the Apigee Edge Admin UI.
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OpenID Connect - No Touch Refresh of JWT
This quick screencast shows the process for JWT issuance, via OpenID Connect, using Google as the IdP. It also shows "refresh" of the token, which isn't really refresh, it's issuance of a brand new JWT token. The token issuer, Google, requires the user to authenticate before issuing the first token. The "refresh" action, issuance of the 2nd token and beyond, can be a no-touch experience from the user's perspective. The user does not need to authenticate to Google again, because the browser maintains a cookie, which refers to the active authentication context stored by Google. This no-touch "refresh" can be repeated until such time as the IdP expires the authentication context.
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Drupal Rules for Redirection
This short screencast shows how to install and enable the Drupal Rules module, and how to use it to redirect an anonymous user that tries to visit a restricted page. Rather than getting an unfriendly "Access Denied" message, the user can be invited to register on the site. I produced this quick screencast to show off some capabilities of Apigee Edge, but really it's applicable to any Drupal site.
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Apigee Edge Screencast - Issuing tokens via OAuth2.0 Password Grant and Verifying Same
This quick screencast shows an API Proxy in Apigee Edge that issues OAuth2.0 tokens with scopes, and then verifies tokens with scopes. There are two "endpoints" in the API Proxy. One to do the token issuance, and one to do the token verification. The flow is like this: 1. User requests token, presents credentials 2. Apigee Edge authenticates the user and returns a set of groups 3. Apigee Edge performs a lookup into the group-to-resource (aka group-to-scope) table. 4. Apigee Edge mints a new token that has the retrieved scopes, eg, the scopes appropriate for the group(s) the user belongs to. 5. Return the token to the user 6. User presents token to Apigee Edge requesting service 7. Apigee Edge verifies the token, and depending on the service requested, verifies that the token has the appropriate scope The relevant OAuth2.0 specification is here: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749 The code used for this demonstration is available here: https://github.com/DinoChiesa/3mv4d/tree/master/4mv4d-oauth2-pwd-scopes
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OIDC in Apigee Edge - Quick Overview
This is a quick overview of OpenID Connect, implemented in Apigee Edge. You'll see a quick view of the API Proxy that implements the OIDC Core function. Also there is a standalone Login-and-Consent application. I walk through a couple of different response_type options. Ask questions on community.apigee.com if you have 'em!
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Apigee Edge - Dynamic Filtering of Payloads
This screencast shows how you can implement dynamic filtering of payloads in Apigee Edge. The filtering is done in custom JavaScript, and works with metadata attached to the API Product, or to the Developer App. This shows the remarkable flexibility of the Apigee Edge api proxy, for service virtualization.
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ResponseCache on a REST to SOAP API Proxy in Apigee Edge
Discussing the ResponseCache policy in Apigee Edge - how to restrict it so that it applies only for GET and HEAD requests. For more, see https://community.apigee.com/articles/19671/using-the-responsecache-policy-responsibly-or-dont.html
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Apigee Edge Devportal - OpenID Connect Block Drupal
Configuring the OpenID Connect block in the Drupal-based Apigee Edge developer portal.
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Apigee Edge Drupal - Azure AD Open ID Connect
Demonstration showing integration of Drupal (Apigee Edge Developer portal) allowing sign-in with Azure AD via OpenID Connect. See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFvai8kdIlY This is the reference site I relied upon - written by an Azure AD expert - http://www.dushyantgill.com/blog/2015/05/23/developers-guide-to-auth-with-azure-resource-manager-api/ .
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Apigee Edge - Enforcing Product Specific Quotas
This quick screencast shows how you can set up an API Proxy in Apigee Edge to enforce distinct quotas based on the metadata configured in an API Product.
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Apigee Edge Example - Maintenance Mode Proxy
This is a quick screencast of an Apigee Edge proxy that demonstrates how to implement a "maintenance mode" switch.
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Apigee Edge Powershell Module - A Quick Tour
This is a quick tour of the Powershell module for Apigee Edge. It allows basic administration of Apigee Edge entities - like Proxies, Deveopers, Apps, API products, Credentials, Caches... from within Powershell !
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SOAP Example documentation
This demonstrates an example of interactive, web-based documentation for a SOAP interface. It does not use OpenAPI Spec. This was a custom construction, just using a little jQuery.
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Apigee Edge - Key Expiry and Revocation
This 10-minute screencast will walk you through the key expiry and revocation capabilities newly exposed in the Apigee Edge administrative UI. If you have any questions, please ask on https://community.apigee.com !
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Apigee Edge - XMLToJSON and the TreatAsArray Option
Hey Apigee Edge fans, this is a 5-minute screencast that shows how to use the new TreatAsArray option in the XMLToJSON policy, and why you'd want to. source code: https://github.com/DinoChiesa/4MV4D-XML2JSON-Treat-as-Array
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Emacs restclient
Using restclient within emacs...
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API product filtering update 1
Shows the use of the API Product filtering module, including the admin experience and the user experience, to allow filtering of the list of the API products presented to developers when they attempt to add an app.
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Add a User into an Apigee Edge organization
This is a short video showing how an administrator can add another person to an Edge organization (or tenant).
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Candlestick Park Blackout
Blackout at the Stick, as seen from the stands. December 19th, 2011.
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May 4, 2014
via YouTube Capture
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Fish enjoying the day..
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Clea plays fetch
This is Clea with her toy.
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