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Identifying Thread Pitch & Size
Learn to identify thread pitch and size using calipers, a pitch gauge, and thread identification guide. Tapered and parallel threads are explained. More information on tube and pipe fittings: http://www.swagelok.com/products/fittings.aspx?cid=yt_threadID_fitting Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_threadID_dl?showLSS=Y
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Tube Fitting Assembly One Inch and Under
The Swagelok Tube Fitting is designed to provide a leak-tight seal for pressures up to the suggested allowable pressure rating of the tubing. The two-ferrule, mechanical-grip, hinging-colleting type connection consists of a fitting body, a nut, a front ferrule, and a back ferrule. The video shows the three-step process for assembling tube fittings that are one inch and smaller. More information on tube fittings: http://www.swagelok.com/products/fittings/tube-fittings-tube-adapters.aspx?cid=yt_tfaunder1_web Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_tfaunder1_dl?showLSS=Y
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PTFE Tape Application
PTFE Tape is thread sealant used on male tapered pipe threads to aid in sealing. Watch the video to see how to apply the tape. More information about PTFE tape: http://www.swagelok.com/products/leak-detectors-lubricants-sealants/sealants.aspx?cid=yt_ptfetape_web Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_ptfetape_dl?showLSS=Y
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Port Connector Assembly
A port connector consists of a machined ferrule connection on one end and a tube adapter connection on the opposite end. It is designed to allow fitting-to-fitting connections. The video shows how to assemble port connectors that are under one inch. More information on port connectors: Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_port_dl?showLSS=Y
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Tube Adapter Assembly One Inch and Under
The Swagelok Tube Adapter complements the Swagelok tube fitting and allows fitting-to-fitting connections. Swagelok tube adapters can help eliminate difficult alignment problems and reduce inventories. The video shows how to assemble tube adapters that are one inch and smaller. More information on tube adapters: http://www.swagelok.com/products/fittings/tube-fittings-tube-adapters.aspx?cid=yt_taaunder1_web Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_taaunder1_dl?showLSS=Y
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SWAK Application
Swagelok SWAK is an anaerobic thread sealant that provides reliable sealing on metal pipe threads. This video demonstrates how to apply SWAK to a fitting. More information about SWAK: http://www.swagelok.com/products/leak-detectors-lubricants-sealants/sealants.aspx?cid=yt_swak_web Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_swak_dl?showLSS=Y
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Cap Assembly
Swagelok caps are used to block off the end of a tube run, and are installed using the same procedure as a tube fitting. Watch the video for a demonstration. More information about Swagelok tube fitting caps: http://www.swagelok.com/search/find_products_home.aspx?SEARCH=/search/Caps+and+Plugs/id-10002485/type-1&item=0c0b2cd7-9ccc-4de3-9dd6-3c70e2fdde61?cid=yt_cap_web Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_cap_dl?showLSS=Y
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Plug Assembly
Swagelok plugs are used to block a fitting port when needed. Watch the video to see this simple installation process. More information about Swagelok tube fitting plugs: http://www.swagelok.com/search/find_products_home.aspx?SEARCH=/search/Caps+and+Plugs/id-10002485/type-1&item=0c0b2cd7-9ccc-4de3-9dd6-3c70e2fdde61?cid=yt_plug_web Contact a Sales and Service Center: http://www.swagelok.com/default.aspx?cid=yt_plug_dl?showLSS=Y
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