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Pre-Cancers or Actinic Keratosis Treatment Options With Dr. Timothy Jochen
Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology explains the treatment options for patients with Actinic Keratosis also know as pre-cancer. Find out more about your treatment options at https://contourderm.com/actinic-keratosis/
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Aftercare Instructions for Blepharoplasty Also Know As Eyelid Surgery
Jessica Neal, FNP explains to patients how to care for their wounds after an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) procedure.
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Dr. Jochen Demonstrates Subcission for Acne Scars | Palm Desert | Palm Springs
Dr. Timothy M. Jochen of Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center http://contourderm.com demonstrates how a subcission is done. Subcission is done to help stimulate collagen underneath depressed acne scars and wrinkles to help lift the scar and making it virtually disappear. There is little to no pain with this procedure, and results may be seen in as little as 6-8 weeks. Multiple treatments are recommended for subcission.
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The CoolMini by CoolSculpting Freezes Chin Fat in a Flash
Fat has been dealt another blow with Zeltiq, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting's FDA clearance for the CoolMini, the latest applicator. The CoolMini applicator’s unique size, shape and curvature is specifically designed to treat smaller pockets of fat. It's perfect for under the chin where what is known as submental fat accumulates giving rise to a double chin. Other spots it can address include puffs of fat near the arm pits, above the knees and small amounts of pinchable abdominal fat that resist exercise and dieting efforts. In this video, Dr. Timothy Jochen is interviewed by KMIR TV Anchor Janet Zappala about the new CoolMini device. For more information about CoolSculpting, visit http://www.contourfatfreeze.com
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Ichthyosis Vulgaris - Excessive Dry Scaly Skin Or Fish Scale Skin
In this episode of The Best of Both Worlds with Dr. Timothy Jochen, he discusses Ichthyosis Vulgaris. Ichthyosis is the disorder in which there are excessive amounts of dry surface scales. The name ichthyosis is derived from the Greek word Ichthys which means fish. This disease is genetic and can be treated by using a gentle cleanser such as CeraVe. Also, exfoliating agents can be used to treat and moisturize. The presentation of Ichthyosis Vulgaris is very similar to the appearance of fish scales. Patients with ichythyosis may develop chronic bacterial infections of the skin necessitating long-term antibiotic therapy.
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Restylane Lyft Filler for the Lips with Dr. Timothy Jochen
Normally, Restylane Lyft is used to create volume in the cheek area, but in this video Dr. Timothy Jochen uses this fantastic filler to add volume to Nathaly's lips. Lyft is a larger molecule and creates fuller more luxurious lips. Find us at: Website: https://ContourDerm.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/contourdermatology Twitter: https://twitter.com/contourderm Instagram: @contourderm Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/contourderm760
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New Capillus272 Laser Cap for Hair Growth Dr. Jochen Interivew | Palm Desert | Palm Springs
The Capillus272 laser cap looks like a regular baseball cap, but underneath it is a patented laser system with 272 laser diodes that deliver low-level laser therapy to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Dr. Timothy Jochen talks about this new laser device. The Capillus272 is an in-home treatment device that is battery powered and is a hands-free mobile device that patients wear every other day for a half hour. For more information about Capillus visit http://www.contourdermstore.com/capillus/
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Esthetician Anne Marie Demonstrates a Chemical (Jessner's) Peel
Brighten, lighten, and tighten your skin! Watch our Esthetician Anne Marie tell you how to help rid yourself of age spots, brown spots, blackheads & blemishes! Call Contour Dermatology at 877-977-7546 or visit our Chemical Peel page to schedule your appointment for a Chemical Peel http://contourderm.com/esthetic-services/chemical-peels/ We have a number of peels at Contour Dermatology.We love to customize our peels to our patient needs. You have a party and just want to Go and Glow, great! Do you want something that is aggressive and good for anti-aging? We have that too! You pick we PEEL! Chemical peels offer some very appealing results! They literally help peel away the effects of sun damage and age and restore a more youthful glow. There are several levels of peels available at Contour Dermatology ranging from superficial mild and light peels, which we call our "lunchtime peels" as they require no downtime, to our strongest peel, the TCA 25% Peel which involves a little downtime, but more dramatic results. With most peels, the results are cumulative and are best delivered consistently over time with several treatments. A variety of light, superficial peels are offered by our estheticians. The deeper TCA peel is performed by one of our medical providers. Chemical peels may also be performed on the neck or the hands. Call Contour Dermatology at 877-977-7546 or visit our Chemical Peel page to schedule your appointment for a Chemical Peel http://contourderm.com/esthetic-services/chemical-peels/
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Big Cyst Pop! Camera Girl Gets Sprayed by Gross Cyst
Dr. Timothy Jochen sees a lot of different things at Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center. Cysts come in a all shapes and sizes. They can be easy to remove, or sometimes a bit messy...
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Variety of Options for Hair Loss Treatment KMIR TV News Report
Dr. Timothy Jochen, Board Certified Dermatologist and Hair Restoration Expert, http://contourderm.com/services-and-procedures/hair-restoration/ discusses a variety of options for men and women experiencing hair loss. From medications, to topical solutions to the new low-level laser therapy cap by Capillus – there is hope for hair regrowth. Watch his interview on KMIR TV News. For more information about Contour Dermatology, call (760) 423-4000 or visit
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Lighten and Brighten With Obagi Clear #3 | Palm Desert | Palm Springs
Obagi NuDerm System #3 Clear is the third step and that means you are half way to beautiful skin. Stop by Contour Dermatology and let us show you the way to soft, silky, beautiful skin. Purchase yours today at http://www.contourdermstore.com/obagi-nu-derm-clear-3/
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National Eczema Awareness Month - Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology
Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center discusses the symptoms and treatments of eczema during National Eczema Awareness Month. As eczema can mimic other skin diseases and infections, it's important to be checked for a proper diagnosis. A board certified dermatologist with more than 10 years of experience, Dr. Jochen also is an Assistant Clinical Professor at USC in Los Angeles. Contour Dermatology has four Southern California locations including Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Santa Monica and Newport Beach. For more information, visit www.contourderm.com.
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Chin Wrinkles or "Golfball Chin" can be treated with Botox or Dysport
Botox and Dysport are excellent options for treating wrinkles in the chin. "Orange Peel Chin" or "Cellulite Chin" occurs during facial expression when the muscles in the face become tense. By relaxing the muscles that pull in the chin area, wrinkling can be reduced or even eliminated.
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Gentle YAG Laser Hair Removal With Jessica Neal NP-C and LaRue Cole | Palm Springs
Our patient care coordinator LaRue Cole is hair free and care free! (find out more: http://bit.ly/Gentle-YAG) Laser hair removal here, there and everywhere! Watch Nurse Practitioner Jessica Neal explain the ins & outs of laser hair removal.
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Dr. Timothy Jochen Explains Alopecia Causes and Treatments
Contour Dermatology Medical Director, Dr. Timothy Jochen explains the hair loss condition Alopecia in detail with causes and treatments. Get more information here: https://contourderm.com/alopecia-areata/
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Reduce Neck Lines & Wrinkles with VelaShape III
The VelaShape III treatment has many benefits, typically it is used to tighten skin in the abdomen and under arm area, however, it can also be used to effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the neck area. Find out more: https://contourderm.com/laser-center/velashape-iii-for-body-reshaping-cellulite-reduction/
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A huge lipoma extraction, It's like a BASEBALL: Batter up?
Dr. Sawcer a Dermatologist at Contour Dermatology removes an huge baseball size lipoma from the back of a patients head.
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PicoWay Resolve Laser with Brittany Thiele, RN. Smoothes Skin, Treats Brown Spots & Pigmentation
Say goodbye to skin imperfections with our latest laser addition, the PicoWay Resolve. It helps with skin tone and texture, building #collagen and a variety of skin pigmentation including brown spots and age spots. In this video, #Contour's Laser Nurse, Brittany Thiele treats Kylie's face.
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Juvederm Voluma Demo - Dr Jochen | Palm Desert | Palm Springs
Dr Timothy Jochen demonstrates a Juvederm Voluma injection. http://contourderm.com/services-and-procedures/injectables-and-fillers/juvederm/
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CoolSculpting - Actual Patient Testimonial With Before & After Photos
CBS Local 2 Morning Show Host Jenifer Daniels talks with Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology about her recent experience with CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is one of the most popular non-invasive procedures offered at Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage, so much so that the office now has four CoolSculpting machines - the only office in the Coachella Valley to have four machines. Learn more about the technology of CoolSculpting for reducing about 25% of fat cells in one treatment per area treated. For more information on CoolSculpting visit: http://www.contourcool.com
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Dr. Timothy Jochen talks about Rosacea Causes & Treatment on American Health Journal
Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology was featured on American Health Journal where he discusses the different types of rosacea and treatment options. Rosacea is a common skin disease that causes redness and swelling on the face. Often referred to as “adult acne,” rosacea may begin as a tendency to flush or blush easily, and progress to persistent redness in the center of the face that may gradually involve the cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose. It also may involve the ears, chest and back. As the disease progresses, small blood vessels and tiny pimples begin to appear on and around the reddened area; however, unlike acne, there are no blackheads. It is characterized by symptoms of facial flushing and a spectrum of clinical signs, including erythema, telangiectasia, coarseness of skin, and an inflammatory papulopustular eruption resembling acne. Contour Dermatology serves the Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells and Newport Beach communities. Links: More information about rosacea: https://contourderm.com/rosacea/
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Mohs Closure
Dr Jochen demonstrates a Mohs skin cancer closure. Get more information at https://contourderm.com/services-and-procedures/mohs-micrographic-surgery-skin-cancer-removal/
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Men Need Facials Too! Esthetician Katrina Shows How to Give a Man a Facial!
Most men do not believe that they need to take care of their skin the same as a woman. Not True! Watch as Contour Esthetician Katrina give Garrett a facial! Products Used in this video: - Clarisonic - Dermafile - Obagi Sunscreen - SkinMedica Vitamin C & E Complex
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Elaine and Dr Jochen Demonstrate An Acne Scar Excision
Here at Contour Dermatology we take a cosmetic approach to Dermatology. Nobody likes acne scars, but when you have one that has been around for ages they can be a little tough to hide. In this video Elaine Woo-Gallagher, NP-C show how to excise a scar
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Eucrisa - New FDA-Approved Topical Ointment for Eczema
Dr. Timothy Jochen, a Board Certified Dermatologist with Contour Dermatology in Rancho Mirage, CA, talks about the new FDA-approved topical ointment for eczema. Dr. Jochen was a principal investigator for this drug - the first new prescription drug approved for eczema in more than 10 years. For more information about Contour Dermatology, visit: https://contourderm.com/
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Anti-Aging Skin Treatment - Sublative Laser – Smooth Out the Lines of Time
What time is it? ‪Sublative‬ time! The Sublative Laser is great for all ‪#‎skin‬ types, helps with tone and texture to give your skin an overall radiant glow! Nurse Practitioner Kara Crane will give you the scoop! https://contourderm.com/laser-center/sublative-laser-smooth-out-the-lines-of-time/
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Blepharoplasty Procedure - Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery | Palm Desert | Palm Springs
Dr. Timothy Jochen, Board Certified Dermatologist, http://contourderm.com performs an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure for eye lid rejuvenation. Blepharoplasty is a simple outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia to correct sagging or droopy eyelids and reduce under eye bags. It can dramatically rejuvenate a person's most captivating feature - their eyes - bringing back that youthful sparkle. Read more about blepharoplasty: http://contourderm.com/services-and-procedures/eyelid-surgery/
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Old Looking Eyes? Restylane Silk Will Make Your Eyes Beautiful Again!
Restylane Silk can fill in those nasty under eye bags and make your eyes look 10 years younger. (https://contourderm.com/restylane-silk/) Call us today at 760-423-4000 for more information.
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NeoGraft Hair Transplant System Explained  Follicular Unit Extraction FUE
Contour Dermatology is always on the cutting edge of hair restoration technology. Now we have moved to the next level by offering NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplant System ((https://contourderm.com/neograft-automated-hair-transplant-system/)
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VelaShape Treatment Demonstration | Palm Desert | Palm Springs
Dianna Labib, RN and Laser Nurse at Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center, demonstrates a VelaShape III treatment. VelaShape III treatments are done to help tighten the skin with minimal discomfort and high satisfaction. Contour Dermatology offers packages so patients can see the results they desire. You may contact Contour Dermatology at (760) 423-4000. Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center has offices in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Santa Monica & Irvine. https://contourderm.com/laser-center/velashape-iii-for-body-reshaping-cellulite-reduction/
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Cyst Extraction  - Back Of Skull
Timothy Jochen, MD is removing a cyst from the back of a patient's head! There are many different types of cysts, and most of them aren't dangerous. However, they can be painful, unsightly, and if left untreated, can become a real medical issue.
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MOH's Closure
Dr. Timothy Jochen, Board Certified Dermatologist, of Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center shows a MOH's closure after a patient has been cleared of his skin cancer. MOH's surgery is reserved for the face to help maximize cure and minimize scarring. For more information on MOH's surgery or any other procedure offered at Contour Dermatology, feel free to visit our website at www.ContourDerm.com or call us at (760) 416-6971 Dr. Timothy Jochen founded Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center and the specialized Laser Center at Contour Dermatology in 2001 with the mission of helping people maintain a vibrant appearance and feel great about their skin. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and is trained in the latest techniques in dermatology, cosmetic surgery and hair restoration/transplantation "Like" Contour Dermatology on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ContourDermatology Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/contourderm Connect with us on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/contour-dermatology-&-cosmetic-surgery-center Review us on Yelp http://www.yelp.com/biz/contour-dermatology-and-cosmetic-surgery-center-palm-springs-2 http://www.yelp.com/biz/contour-dermatology-rancho-mirage-2
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Renova is a low dose, zero point zero 2% tretinoin cream formulated with emollients. Because of this special formulation, Renova is gentle enough for most sensitive skin. At Contour Dermatology we recommend Renova for patients with sensitive skin, dry skin or those who have tried a higher dose of Retin A and experienced side effects. Renova allows these patients to still enjoy the benefits of a retinoid. Renova helps to keep acne under control, lightens hyperpigmentation and smoothes textured skin. It also improves fine lines and wrinkles. Renova is primarily an acne medication, but most of our patients who use Renova do so for its anti-aging benefits. A prescription is required for Renova.
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Many Options for Treating Sun Damaged Skin
Dr. Timothy Jochen talks with CBS Local 2's Kelley Moody about the variety of options available to treat sun damaged skin. Sun protection is best, but when those tell-tale signs of sun damage appear, the good news is there are options from Retin-A to cosmetic lasers to reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation and restore lost collagen for a healthier glow again. To see many cosmetic lasers that can improve sun damaged skin, visit: https://contourderm.com/laser/
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Acne Scar Reduction With Injectable Silicone | Palm Desert | La Quinta
Dr. Jochen has years of experience injecting silicone to lift up acne scars. https://contourderm.com/services-and-procedures/scar-solutions/ The FDA approved medical grade silicone is used to perform this procedure. Silicone was approved for this purpose in 2007. The technique that Dr. Jochen uses is the micro dropule technique. Microscopic droplets of silicone are injected into the acne scar to lift and smooth the scar. After the acne scar can be treated with lasers to reduce pigment and make it blend naturally into the surrounding skin.
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Contour Dermatology: Body, Mind, Spirit Seminar - Dr. Gundry (1/4)
Contour Dermatology's seminar titled "Body, Mind, Spirit". Dr. Gundry talks about diet and nutrition.
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Obagi Clear available at Contour Dermatology
Clear is one of six products that are part of Obagi's acclaimed Nu-Derm System. Clear is a skin bleaching and correcting cream that contains 4 percent prescription strength hydroquinone. This gentle, yet effective bleaching agent corrects the appearance of melasma, dark patches, sunspots, age spots, liver spots and other pigment problems. Over the course of a few weeks, you will start to see a reduction in areas of discoloration replaced by a more even, balanced skin tone. A prescription is required to order Obagi Clear. If you are an existing patient and have a prescription on file, you may order this online at: http://www.contourdermstore.com/obagi-nu-derm-clear-3/
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Giant Skin Cancer Removal on the Forehead with Mohs Surgery, Part 1 of 2, Taking Mohs Layers
Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a specialized, highly effective skin cancer treatment that will completely remove the skin cancer. The procedure was developed in the 1930s by Dr. Frederic Mohs at the University of Wisconsin, and is now practiced throughout the world. Dr. Timothy Jochen is one of the top Mohs surgeons in the United States.
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Skin Cancer and Tattoos - Dr. Jochen Interview on CBS Local 2 | Palm Desert | Palm Springs
Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology http://contourderm.com/medical-dermatology/ discusses the unique challenges of detecting skin cancer on a person with tattoos, especially as black is the most popular color for tattoos and melanoma can present as a black spot. He recommends that people have a thorough skin check before getting a tattoo and have their skin checked periodically afterward. He also cautions people to avoid getting a tattoo near a mole.
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Victor's Trip to Contour Dermatology's Spa! Men Need Waxing Too!
Victor gets the royal treatment as Contour Esthetician Adriana cleans up his nostril hair, eyebrows, and ears! You may be surprised, but men enjoy having a little waxing treatment too! Find us at: Website: https://ContourDerm.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/contourdermatology Twitter: https://twitter.com/contourderm Instagram: @contourderm Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/contourderm760
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Five Treatments for "Turkey Neck" - How to Get Rid of a Double Chin
When it comes to the neck, most people would prefer to liken their neck to a swan than a turkey. Due to age and loss of elasticity as well as accumulation of fat in areas we’d rather it not settle, a once defined jawline can start merging with the neck. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, let’s talk turkey – specifically how you can treat under chin fat and get rid of that turkey waddle or a “double chin.” There are many options from targeted cooling therapies, to ultrasound to lasers and injections. Dr. Timothy Jochen discusses CoolSculpting, VelaShape II, Tumescent Liposuction, Kybella injections and Ultherapy ultrasound treatments for doubling down on a double chin.
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How to Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles with Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
Dr. Timothy Jochen, Board Certified Dermatologist, show how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your skin with a skin resurfacing treatment called UltraPulse Fractional CO2 laser. Read more about laser skin resurfacing: http://contourderm.com/laser-center/ultrapulse-fractional-co2-laser-resurfacing/
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Bride To Be Visits The Contour Dermatology Spa for a Vibradermabrasion
Vibradermabrasion is a mechanical exfoliating treatment for the outer layer of skin and an improvement upon traditional crystal microdermabrasion. Our trained estheticians employ textured paddles that vibrate at a very high speed to dislodge the topmost skin cells. This treatment is used to address mild acne scarring, uneven pigmentation, poor skin texture, fine lines and dull skin. Vibradermabrasion delivers the same results as microdermabrasion but with less abrasion to the skin. Find us at: Website: https://ContourDerm.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/contourdermatology Twitter: https://twitter.com/contourderm Instagram: @contourderm Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/contourderm760
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Wart Removal with Dr. Timothy Jochen
Warts are a problem for millions of us! Dermatologists can make those ugly viruses go away for good. In this video, Dr. Timothy Jochen shows how to remove a wart by electrodessication. He also explains the different treatment options. Find us at: Website: https://ContourDerm.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/contourdermatology Twitter: https://twitter.com/contourderm Instagram: @contourderm Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/contourderm760
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How To Reduce Cellulite with VelaShape III
Despite all efforts at dieting and exercise, some people are just prone to cellulite - you know, that orange peel type skin that you'd like to peel away. VelaShape III can help. (https://contourderm.com/laser-center/velashape-iii-for-body-reshaping-cellulite-reduction/) It reduces both inches and the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Timothy Jochen of Contour Dermatology talks with Janet Zappala of NBC's KMIR TV about cellulite. Click on this link to learn more
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Plump Your Lips with Restylane Silk Filler | Palm Springs | Palm Desert
Dr. Timothy Jochen and Contour Medical Assistant Denise demonstration how to increase lip volume with Restylane Silk. (https://contourderm.com/restylane-silk/) In FDA’s approval of Restylane Silk, 98 percent of patients showed an improvement in lip fullness two weeks after treatments, with 76 percent still showing such fullness six months after their injection.
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Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis (DSAP)
Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis also know as DSAP is a skin condition of several dry scaly rings. It is most commonly found on the arms and legs typically in patients that have skin type 1 or 2 and is twice as likely to be found in women than men. The age range of occurrence is between 30 - 50 years old. DSAP is caused by excessive sun exposure in people with fair skin. Generally the condition is harmless, but unfortunately there is no cure for DSAP. However, ways to prevent DSAP is to avoid extended periods of sun exposure and to wear sun screen. Though the condition is harmless, it is always a good idea to have regular skin examinations done by a board certified dermatologist.
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First Time Patient Xarlyn Gets Botox & Lip Fillers | Contoured by Dr. Jochen
Contour Nurse Practitioner Xarlyn gets her first Botox and Lip Filler treatment from Top Doctor Timothy Jochen. Dr. Timothy Jochen is in the top 1% of facial filler and Botox injectors in the nation. He has served on many facial filler advisory and development boards for Galderma and Allergan. Music Credits: Cephelopod - Cephelopod by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200081 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Sclerotherapy Treatment for Spider and Varicose Veins is Fast and Easy
Dr. Timothy Jochen from Contour Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center performs sclerotherapy on leg veins. Spider veins, varicose veins and reticular veins are a common issue affecting nearly everyone at some point in their lives, young and old. Using concentrated saline solution, glycerin or Asclera, Dr. Jochen is able to treat all but the largest leg veins.
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Dr. Timothy Jochen Discusses Eucrisa - Eczema Breakthrough Medication
Dr. Timothy Jochen, a board certified dermatologist with Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. was a principal investigator for Eucrisa (crisaborale 2%), a new medication for eczema that received FDA approval December 15, 2016. This topical ointment is the first new drug approved for eczema in 10 years. It is an exciting breakthrough because it is a non-steroidal formula and may have a safer profile than steroid creams which can thin the skin. Eucrisa is approved for the treatment of mild to moderate eczema in patients 2 years of age and older.
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