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Unusual Fruits: Thailand
http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower OK folks, I hear you, it's not a longan. Also, I'd like to warn you about companies advertising therapeutic effects of mangosteen. These people are selling the useless rind of the mangosteen and are scamming a public hungry for miracle cures. ) Fruits of the tropics, including durian, mangosteen, mango, rose apple, dragonfruit, salak, custard apple, sop
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Caterpillar Sting Test
http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower Automeris io caterpillar sting in Mariposario Montezuma Gardens, Costa Rica
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Unusual Fruits: Nicaragua
Guava, jocote, star apple, passionfruit, sapote, noni, and many more!
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Wandering Spiders of Costa Rica (Ctenidae)
Excerpt from Costa Rica Part II
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Mantis Shrimp Zoology (Costa Rica)
Squilla the stomatopod of Los Cedros, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Thanks to Tim J Morrison for performing the Quaoar Theme and to Galina Azarkina for translation help.
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Spider Bite Test: Woodlouse Hunter
Sorry for the unusual sound editing! This is the first bite test that results in a bite, and I had to struggle for it. @ArloPelegrin https://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower
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How to cure Arachnophobia! Scientific method.
This is a scientific technique pioneered by Joel Weinberger, and was shown in experimental studies to have a positive effect on arachnophobia. Thanks to Tim J Morrison for the music! Music here: http://soundcloud.com/timmorrison/monkey-ninja-spider
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Brown Recluse and Black Widow on my hand at the same time
Hello friends, I want you to know that I was scared but confident the spiders would not bite me. I handle a lot of spiders and have never been bitten. The water keeps the spiders from walking up my arm. On the first take the recluse almost went up my sleeve. http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower Music by Jonasty42. Loxosceles reclusa and Latrodectus mactans cruising on my hand in Texas. I found them both on my cousin's ranch - the recluse was under a pile of plywood and the widow was in a pumphouse. I also found a third spider, Cicurina, but I didn't even think to include her in the fun.
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Spider reproductive system: Female
If you've ever wondered how spiders "do it," this video will help you understand the principle parts involved on the female side. Please post information/identification requests to http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Costa Rica Zoology Part 1
1 of 5. If you like this video, please share it.
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Hellgrammites and Dobsonflies
Anatomy, physiology and ecology of fascinating large aquatic insects. Music by Tim J. Morrison, male adult dobsonfly images by Jim Harmon and Tom Murray, used with explicit permission.
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Dragonfly Nymph Zoology
Hunting insects! Nymphs of the dragonfly family Aeshnidae, from Nan, Thailand.
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Vinegaroon Ƣݔҩᾫ٨ӷ
www.facebook.com/quaoarpower This song is from Thailand, called "ลืมไม่ลง" or "Luem Mai Long" (literally means "Can't Forget") This is Gertrude, my Vinegaroon (ARACHNID -Mastigoproctus giganteus.) She comes from the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona. She uses her sensitive tail and two antenniform front legs to hunt insects and arachnids at night. At the base of her tail is a gland that can expel a mixture of concentrated acetic acid (vinegar) and caprylic acid. While caprylic acid is not as strong as the acetic, it nevertheless can dissolve chitin, a main ingredient in arthropod shells.
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Hobo Spider Bite PSA - Science vs Myth
A hard look at the history of hobo spider bites and the $$-based mythology of their danger. https://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower @ArloPelegrin citations: http://imgur.com/c55gtDb
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Monkey Ninja Spider
Music here: http://soundcloud.com/timmorrison/monkey-ninja-spider Senoculus, the Central American spider of awesomeness. Thanks to TJ Morrison for the phat Oriental tune!
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Assassin Bug Bite Test
Reduvius personatus is put on the spot to defend itself. The hissing is from a washboard-like surface on the bug's chest, which it rubs its beak against.
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Arachnids: the different kinds
A brief introduction to the different arachnid orders
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World's Scariest Spiders: Morowali Edition
The "Micrathena" is probably Gasteracantha hasselti. Spiders of the Wana forest in Morowali reserve, Sulawesi, Indonesia
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Ticks up close
Ticks REVEALED! Tick science: biology, anatomy, physiology, and behavior of these bloodsucking creatures in Texas, Colorado, and Austria. ARACHNID arachnology parasite parasitology Jake Duncan on didjeridu - dermacentor ixodes rhipicephala amblyomma 15 june re-up
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Poodle Moth Caterpillar 푸들 나방 애벌레
Dalcerides sp, probably D. flavetta - Lepidoptera: Dalceridae. Music by Tim J Morrison! Special thanks to Pauline Hammer for Dalcerides still photos.
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Brown recluse spiders PSA: Can you handle the truth?
https://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower Lots of people think these spiders live in their house or their town. But lots of people have been misinformed by exterminators and amateurs. This video will help you decide if it's even likely to be a recluse.
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Yellow Sac Spider
Miturgidae: Cheiracanthium sp. Music by Tim J Morrison
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Unusual Meal in Manado
Strange exotic food in a Minahasa restaurant in Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Adventure cuisine including bat, dog, and "ba"
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Spider Bite Test: Giant House Spider
I try to induce a big spider to bite my hand, to see if this species deserves a bad reputation. Please visit http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower for spider identifications and awesome photography
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Translations: the Finnish one is nonsense until the last 2 lines, "Now I choose out of these the one who's out/ puh, pah, out of the game!" Hungarian: "Ecc, pecc, you can go outside/you can come back in the day after tomorrow/onto thread, onto chickadee/the cat jumped over the mouse/run!" Estonian: "Eeny, kaki, candy, nommi/ the old man jumped over the bomb/Bomb went one hard bang/the old man looked at the hole in his shirt/Mice were tickling his belly button/ You're out of the game." Sorry for my bad Estonian pronunciation, I just couldn't wrap my mouth effectively around those words!
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Quaoar Power Intro - Arlo Pelegrin
Hello longtime viewers! Thanks for your patience. New content is on the way, including some big changes in 2015. You can now follow me on Twitter @ArloPelegrin and here: http://www.facebook.com/ArloPelegrin
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Spider identification: Calymmaria and Hahniidae (FIXED)
Previous version contained errors. Get to know your spiders! This family is a good challenge for beginners. See more at http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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Insects of Laos
The first episode of the smash new internet series. The pilot episode is my worst-performing video - should be a message for me in there somewhere.
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Hobo Spider Bite Test
Will she bite? Will it cause necrosis? http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower
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Solar pyrography: Mermaid
A re-post with the beginning of the story included. Solar pyrography. Materials: cedar, Muscovite mica, copper, brass, sunlight. Her name is Шёкой
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Spiders of Wenatchee, Washington
100 seconds of spiders! Live spiders collected from Wenatchee Valley, WA, summer, 2011. Music: The Oak and the Ash, performed by TJ Morrison. Families: Lycosidae, Dictynidae Corinnidae Philodromidae Theridiidae Thomisidae Amaurobiidae Gnaphosidae Oxyopidae Oxyopes scalaris Gnaphosa muscorum Xysticus locuples Tibellus oblongus Agelenidae Tegenaria domestica Cicurina intermedia Phrurotimpus sertus Alopecosa kochi
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Spider Hearts
The functional anatomy of spiders' hearts, including several species from various families.
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Trilobite Beetle of Laos
http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower Neotonous netwing beetle (Coleoptera: Lycidae.) of Oudomxay, Laos.The plates on the back are called scutes; firefly larvae also have this character. This individual was collected on Puhipii mountain.
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Spiny Crawler Mayfly of Quinault Drunella doddsi
Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae in the North Fork Quinalt River, Olympic National Park, Washington
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Unusual Fruit: Pomelo
http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower - the giant pomelo of Indonesia
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Velvet Worm (Onychophore)
http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower The amazing Onychophore from Costa Rica - filmed in Mariposario Montezuma Gardens. Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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25 words in Finnish
Suomea! the project continues with words and comparative philology of this fascinating, complicated language.
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Pseudoscorpion Zoology (Ireland)
Neobisium, in Carraig ui Leighin, Ireland, with pseudoscorpion anatomy and biology. ARACHNID
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San Diego Fairy Shrimp
Branchinecta sandiegonensis, San Elijo Lagoon, CA - caught and released. Music by Tim J Morrison
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World's Scariest Spiders
Happy Halloween! Please share this video. Spiders from Araneidae, Amaurobiidae, Salticidae, Sparassidae, Antrodiaetidae, Philodromidae, Thomisidae, Oxyopidae, Senoculidae, Trechaleidae, Dysderidae, Pisauridae, Corinnidae, Agelenidae, Lycosidae, Nephilidae, Scytodidae, Tetragnathidae, Miturgidae
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Ant Lion Zoology
See the hunter in action! Myrmeleontidae in detail! Antlion and doodlebug biology with action hunting capture sequence. Neuroptera myrmeleontidae myrmeleon ウスバカゲロウ科
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Ghost Spiders - Anyphaenidae
Are you haunted by spiders? Is your house acrawl with arachnids? Do you wake up with itchy bumps? http://www.facebook.com/quaoarpower Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music
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How to pick up a spider. Starring Eratigena duellica as Spider
The narrator is acting all blasé, but all the spider has to do is punch the needle-sharp fangs down into one of the veins of his hand, and the poison would go straight to his heart. The easiest and safest way of handling spiders with your bare hands.
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Shamefaced Hoga Crab
Calappa sp. found in Hoga, Wakatobi, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Two species are pictured. Music by the guys at Sam's House, November 2011 right after Barter Faire.
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Edible Giant Waterbug: Lethocerus แมงดา. ขอบคุณค่ะ
Lethocerus indicus, the giant waterbug of Southeast Asia (Hempitera: Belostomatidae) タイワンタガメ
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Atabey solar pyrography
Taino mythology from the Caribbean. This is a custom piece, made with cedar, sunlight, mica, jasper, copper, and brass.
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One Who Watches
The story of Tsagaglalal, as retold by me in Kalevala format. Total burning time is approx. 160 minutes. I customize these if people want them.
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Bark Scorpion of Texas
No scorpions were harmed. Female Centruroides vittatus, from the Edwards Plateau, Texas. Thanks Cousin Laura! Nge :მორიელები ಚೇಳು, ವೃಶ್ಚಿಕ עקרבאים] Štipavci बिच्छू 전갈 剪人蟲 کژدم Σκορπιός Séigo Štíři Krug Скарпіёны বৃশ্চিক Əqrəblər Ajarankhu عقرب
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What does Quaoar Power mean? Ƣݔҩᾫ٨ӷ
The book I mention is not finished but hopefully will be so in the next calendar year.
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October Caddisfly of Wahkiakum
Dicosmoecus gilvipes (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae) Wahkiakum County, WA - Thanks TJ Morrison for the music and Phil Huntley-Franck for the adult caddisfly image.
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