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Guizhou official tourism promotion trail
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See you in Libo(荔波)Guizhou China
This is #Libo(荔波). A great tourist county with so many natural wonders for you to explore.
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Mount Fanjing(梵净山), never get tired of watching it
#enjoyguizhou Mount Fanjing(梵净山), never get tired of watching it. #visitguizhou
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Rongjiang Conty(榕江县)  and its great cultural fortunes
Rongjiang Conty(榕江县) is located in Qiandongnan, Guizhou. It is a place full of Miao handcrafts and artworks. It is in Rongjiang where you can experience the authentic Miao culture and get to better know about people there.
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Wild leek flower mountain in Guizhou
#enjoyguizhou Wild leek flower mountain also known as the Ridge of Guizhou has breathtaking views. Thanks to photographer Chen Jiuxi, now we have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful place through his camera. (credit:Chen Jiuxi)
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Have a nice trip at Mount Fanjing
Don’t miss the opportunity to climb Mount Fanjing when we are still not afraid of heights, climbing or exhaustion.
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2018 Guizhou Changshun International Mountain Marathon
Trailer of 2018 Guizhou Changshun International Mountain Marathon will start to run on June 17th.
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Suiyang Hollow Noodles
#tastyguizhou Suiyang Hollow Noodles(绥阳空心面) is a popular staple food at Suiyang County in Guizhou. The craftsmanship of this kind of noodles has been recognized as the provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, get well preserved and passed down. Now these Suiyang Hollow Noodle craftsmen have connected their production to the nationwide customers through the e-commerce. Not only can they promote the Suiyang Hollow Noodles far beyond, they can also hugely increase their incomes. When you are at Suiyang County, don’t forget to enjoy some.(credit:黔视今声) #visitguizhou
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Five-color rice of Buyi ethnic group in Guizhou
#tastyguizhou Wei Wanlian is a Buyi ethnic woman living in Nanlong Ancient Village(南龙古寨) of Qianxinan, Guizhou. Like man Buyi people, they well preserve their ethnic cultures and heritages, like Eight-Note Seated Singing and embroideries. Besides, she’s good at cooking five-color rice, one of the most famous staple food of Buyi ethnic group. It’s so special because all the colors are dyed naturally by herbs and plants. Each color represents a special meaning: color black symbolize the soil; yellow the Sun, purple represents the nature, white the sky. She enjoys her life in the Nanlong and wishes to pass down these valuable culture and customs. (credit:二更)
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Langde Miao Village: one of the most fun Miao villages in Guizhou
#enjoyguizhou Langde Miao Village is definitely one of the most fun Miao villages in Guizhou. When arriving at the entrance of the village, several bowls of welcoming wine awaits you. Drink it happily and enjoy your pleasant trip at the village. #visitguizhou
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Xijiang Miao Village (西江千户苗寨)
That’s right! This is Xijiang Miao Village(西江千户苗寨)! They all set but to wait for you!
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Kam Grand Choir(侗族大歌) in Guizhou
Just as we introduced before, Kam Grand Choir(侗族大歌) is of great importance to Dong people. They represent their lifestyle: singing to imitate sounds in nature, singing to express love feelings between lovers. They genuinely can use music to express anything happened in their lives. No wonder they that Dong people even can sing before they start to talk.
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Guiyang subway line No.01 will be open on December 1st
#enjoyguizhou From December 1st, Guiyang will welcome its first subway line. As Guiyang holds large areas of Karst landform, i.e. limestone geological conditions, it is not an easy task and yet we finally made it. #visitguizhou
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Great efforts and courage needed to climb the Mount Fanjing
#enjoyguizhou Great efforts and courage needed to climb the Mount Fanjing. #visitguizhou (credit:到远方旅行)
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Chishui: the north portal of Guizhou
#enjoyguizhou Chishui is the north portal of Guizhou. There are a variety of waterfalls in this region, known as the Place of Thousand Waterfall. #visitguizhou
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Qinglong 24-bend road in Guizhou, China
A driving adventure, dare to try?
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Sixth International Yangming Cultural Festival (国际阳明文化节)  held in Guizhou
The Sixth International Yangming Cultural Festival (国际阳明文化节) has been helding in Guiyang from Oct. 25th to Oct. 26th. Wang Yangming(王阳明) was a Chinese idealist Neo-Confucian philosopher, official, educationist, calligraphist and general during the Ming dynasty. He is commonly regarded as the most important Neo-Confucian thinker, with interpretations of Confucianism that denied the rationalist dualism of the orthodox philosophy of Zhu Xi. His school of thought has great influence in China and other Asian countries. #visitguizhou
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Fanjing Mountain
Mount Fanjing of southwest China is a famous cultural mountain with a history of more than two thousand years.
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Miao batik, the treasure of art
#artisticguizhou A Miao traditional song tells the story of batik. In it, the Goddess Washuang wanted to make an umbrella to hold up the sky. First, she invited the God of Bees to dance on the cloth, making a pattern in wax. Then she invited the God of Indigo to dye the fabric. Finally, she stretched it over a frame, and the celestial umbrella was complete. She then passed this technique on to two Miao girls, Ayang and Abu. Life in the mountains is hard, but the Miao fill their days with dancing and music, and as they dance, the indigo gods on their batik clothing dance with them.
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Miao King Village (苗王城)
Miao King Village (苗王城) located in northeast Guizhou, is by far the best-reserved Miao village in southwest region, it is an ancient Miao village combining multiple features like political, economic, cultural, military and architectural. In this village, you can just be a Miao person for one day, drinking Miao liquor, singing Miao folk songs, dressing yourself in Miao costumes or maybe having a Miao-style wedding ceremony if possible.
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Sticky Rice Ball in Soy-bean Powder
A popular street snack in Guizhou, China
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Oil cold pressing in Guizhou
Before 2016, Yang Xiubing was in the car maintenance business with a stable and decent salary. But then he decided to go back to his home– Xiazi Town, Zunyi City of Guizhou (遵义市虾子镇) to inherit one local craftsmanship that he determines to pass down – ancient oil cold pressing approach. This kind of hand-made oil is purely natural. Although he’s still facing problems to let more people aware of it, yet he’s confident about the future and proud of their products.
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Taste Zunyi: Liu Er Ma Rice Skin(刘二妈米皮)
Liu Er Ma Rice Skin(刘二妈米皮) is a small eatery at the old town of Zunyi. Even though there are only three tables inside, it still attracts a lot of diners to come and sometimes just eat standing on the street. And that’s all because of the unique flavor of its food – Rice Skin(米皮). Rice Skin is a popular staple food in China. It is normally made from juice extracted from rice, adding with some side dishes or pickles. This restaurant has now been through three generations and the story behind the founder is very sad yet inspiring. In the year 1959, a woman called Zhang Chunhua lost her husband, only leaving her with four young children. In order to survive and make her children live a better life, she started a small eatery called Liu Er Ma, i.e. Mrs. Liu. Since then dishes at her stall has evolved into one of the best snack food in Guizhou. Being a successful restaurant, the current owners are still industrious and keen to provide the quality food for their loyal customers. #visitguizhou (credit:林达·寻味遵义)
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Xijiang Thousand Miao Village in Guizhou China
Xijiang Thousand Miao Village is the largest Miao ethnic community. A special you've never seen before.
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Amazing Kanbian Crater in Guizhou
Kanbian Crater(坎边天坑) is discovered at Wangmo County(望谟县) of Qianxinan Guizhou. Being here, you can’t help but be amazed by the almighty mother nature that creates such spectacular and sublime views.
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Zunyi Mutton Rice Noodle(遵义羊肉粉)
Zunyi Mutton Rice Noodle(遵义羊肉粉) is one of the most popular and famous local snack food. Most Zunyi citizens start their new day was a bowl of mutton rice noodles. There are over 3,000 rice noodle eateries in Zunyi. Daijia Mutton Rice Noodle restaurant(戴家羊肉粉馆) has opened for over 80 years, featuring as one of the time-honored eateries in Zunyi. In order to maintain its high quality and excellent flavor, they finely select perfect mutton meat and special rice to make into rice noodles. If you have a chance to visit Zunyi, don’t hesitate to try it at breakfast. #visitguizhou (credit:寻味遵义)
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Soma: Azalea flowers, sacred flower of Yi people
#enjoyguizhou Soma means azalea in Yi language. Being an important ethnic minority group in China, Yi(彝族) view azalea as the saint flower. In Bijie City, there spreads hundred-li azalea, blossoming beautifully. They are not only a delight to visit but also a great bless to Yi people and all other tourists there. #visitguizhou #azalea
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Jishiteng Baba (鸡屎藤粑粑) in Guizhou
Jishiteng Baba (鸡屎藤粑粑) is a street snack in Xingren County of Qianxinan. Jishiteng is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which have some benefits for human bodies. Buyi Ethnic group created the method of making Jishiteng Baba. They put the Jishiteng powder into the sticky rice flour and put the fired rice inside the sticky rice skin. After frying, the sticky rice skin tastes crispy. Take a bite then you will relish the flavor of inside fillings. No wonder it’s a popular food there. (credit:技艺的种子)
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Chishui Kongfu: Single Bamboo Floating
In history, the ancestors living on both sides of the Chishui River often used a bamboo as a convenient means of transport. But now only a few people can handle this. Today Single Bamboo Floating has become the provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, relying on skillful masters to pass it by.
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Qingmingba: delicious and popular snack food in Guizhou
Qingmingba (清明粑) is a popular snack in Guizhou. Actually, Ba(粑) is a kind of main food, usually made with sticky rice flour. Qingmingba is named after the Qingming Festival aka.Tomb-sweeping festival (usually in the middle of April), because one of the most ingredient also the color of Qingmingba is made with wormwood juice, one of the symbolic plant during this festival. Qingmingba can be fried or steamed, depends on individual preference. Take a bite, you will smell the unique fragrance of wormwood and taste the sweet red bean stuffing.
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Sweet and sour mutton in Guizhou
Xinzhou Town(新舟镇) is located in the north of Guizhou. Even though it is a small place, yet it is the birthplace of Guizhou San Beach Culture(沙滩文化), home to many famous scholars in Chinese history. Just like their cultural features, the local dietary culture also evolves into a unique style. Sweet and sour mutton is one of this kind of dishes. People in Xinzhou have a history of eating sweet and sour mutton for over a hundred years. Using special vinegar brewed locally and peppers and sugar to add the flavor to muttons, sweet and sour mutton is a delicious food that local people almost enjoy every day. (credit:林达·寻味遵义)
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Shuanghe Karst Cave in Guizhou
Suiyang Shuanghe Karst Cave is dubbed as the China’s longest Cave. Since 1987, French and Chinese experts have co-explored this cave for 31 years. The investigated area has expanded from original 10 km to 238 km. It’s now the longest cave in Asia, ranking 6th in the world. Shuanghe Karst Cave consists of endless karst caves, underground cracks and sinkholes. After hundreds of millions of years of geological movement, it has formed China’s largest karst cave system. And the exploration is still ongoing up to now. (credit:央视新闻+)
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Di Opera(地戏) in Guizhou
When we talk about traditional Chinese opera, many people will mention Peking Opera. However, 400 years before Peking opera was invented, an old traditional opera already went popular in the southwest China. Di Opera(地戏) is the living fossil in the area of Chinese opera. In order to preserve it and pass it down to future generations, many Guizhou people have contributed their efforts to promote it. Through teaching and performing, Di opera is reviving now not only in Guizhou but also spreading beyond.
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Bamboo fungus in Guizhou
#tastyguizhou Tiejianglu village(铁匠炉村) is located in the west of Tiantai Town of Chishui City. Here is a speical food ingredient called bamboo fungus(竹荪) which just looks like a pure white net. Local people like to cook it with chicken. They may not be wealthy with a fortune but they do have a good fortune to enjoy such fresh and healthy food. (credit:饱饱盒子)
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Bing’an Ancient Town and the lovely family hotel in it
Bing’an Ancient Town is a historical place by the side of Chishui River. Linzi is a outdoor travel fanatic. He was in love with this place at first sight in 2009 and in 2014 when his daughter was born, he decided to give their daughter a better place to grow up. So they opened a home inn at Bing’an. After over one year of decoration, their cozy and rustic family hotel was officially open to the public. Here at Bing’an not only can you enjoy a nice sleep, you can also go hiking at bamboo forest nearby, biking along the Chishui River and experience the traditional methods to make umbrellas or paper.
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Ukrainian girl learning Nuo Opera in Guizhou
#artisticguizhou Elena is a beautiful Ukrainian girl who’s now living in China for 5 years. She has a strong interest in Chinese culture. This is her first performance of Nuo opera. China’s Nuo opera has a long history. It originated from Nuoji (sacrificial exorcism). Now when the theatrical troupes of Dixi opera of Tunpu are performing, they have a lot of requirements from costume to movements. These are big challenges Elena. Luckily, she did not bad. #visitguizhou #nuoopera
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Sandu Shui Autonomous County in Guizhou China
Sandu Shui Autonomous County, under the administration of the Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, is the only Shui autonomous county in China. A great place to feel the culture of Shui ethnic group as well as enjoy its purely natural landscape.
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Craftsmanship of Miao people: Silver ornaments
#artisticguizhou Yang Guangbin is amongst the first group of people who were entitled as intangible cultural heritage inheritors in China. With his remarkable skills, various delicate silver ornaments are made. Through this video clip, you will be amazed by the excellence and gorgeousness of this precious cultural treasure of Miao people and human beings beyond. (credit:手艺人craftsmanship)
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Tea Soup(茶汤) in Guizhou
Tea Soup(茶汤) sounds like a kind of soup. But actually it’s a special breakfast main food in Zunyi, Guizhou which is made with rice and flour. The reason it calls tea soup is because the water used to boil the rice and flour is tea water. Hence, you can taste smack of tea flavor. Chen Daniang Old Tea Soup(陈大嬢老茶汤) located on Fenghuang Road has featured tea soup for more than 20 years. Many of its old customers are familiar with its unique flavor and special side dishes suit for it. What it tastes like? Just as some customer describes, taste like the hot version of gelato with Oreo. Don’t miss it when you are in Zunyi. #visitguizhou (credit:寻味遵义)
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Xingyi Chun scenic area
#enjoyguizhou Chun scenic area is located in Xingyi of Qianxinan. It has planted scores of flowers, attracting tourists to appreciate and relax. #visitguizhou
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Mountainous Guizhou is waiting for you to explore its beauty and mysteries
#enjoyguizhou Mountainous Guizhou is waiting for you to explore its beauty and mysteries. #visitguizhou
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Welcome to Rongjiang, Qiandongnan to find the beautiful traditional artworks
#enjoyguizhou Welcome to Rongjiang, Qiandongnan to find the beautiful traditional artworks. #visitguizhou
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Basha Miao Village, China's only gun-carrying tribe
Basha Miao Village(岜沙苗寨) located in Congjiang County, is the last and only tribe in China that common people are allowed to carry guns. They have kept ancient traditions and special attachment with trees. In Basha, they see the tree as the symbol of human's life and plant a tree when a child is born. They worship them, protect them and keep their spirits together with them. Now people in Basha strictly follow their traditions and wish to pass them down from generations to generations. (credit:二更)
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How many snacks in Guizhou have you tried?
Have you recognized any of these snack food in Guiyang? Various flavors will serve your various demands. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to leave the comments below and share with us your story with these food.
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Buyi ethnic group and their food culture with sticky rice
Qianxinan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture lies in the southwest of Guizhou. It’s a place with various terrains and mild climate. Buyi ethnic group(布依族) has already lived here for a long time who’ve grown farmland for a living. Their ancestors have planted paddy rice since ancient time, therefore they are known as the “People of Paddy Rice”. After years of experience and practice, they have created many delicacies made of rice, especially of sticky rice. There are over 20 kinds of sticky rice dishes made by Buyi people. Each of them exudes unique fragrance and flavor. It also represents a unique food culture of Guizhou. (credit:技艺的种子)
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2018 Guizhou-Changshun International Mountain Marathon
2018 Guizhou-Changshun International Mountain Marathon has successfully ended on June 17th. Keep running, enjoy living.
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Sparkling night of Zhaisha Dong Village (寨沙侗寨) in Guizhou
Zhaisha Dong Village (寨沙侗寨) may be not as famous as Zhaoxing Dong Village, yet it still possesses gorgeous views with typical and delicate drum towers. More important, it is only 3km away from famous Mount Fanjing. It’s worth visiting when you’re on the way to climb the mountain.
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Craftsmanship of Miao people: Batik
#artisticguizhou Apart from silver ornaments, Cultures and histories of Miao people can also be reflected from another artwork –Batik(蜡染). From pattern drawing to dip-dyeing, it requires carefulness, patience and skillfulness. As Miao people don’t have written language, batik patterns are the channels that can demonstrate their culture and history. It is through these elegant drawings that we can better understand Miao people, connecting the past to the future. (credit:手艺人craftsmanship)
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Duyun Maojian Tea in Guizhou
#artisticguizhou As a Chinese saying goes, firewood ,rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar and tea begin a day. Tea has a long history in China for thousands of years. Duyun(都匀) is located in Qianxinan. This place is famous for its Duyun Maojian(都匀毛尖), a classy type of tea in China. Drinking tea is not only a habitat, but also an art. From tea leaves process to tea making, there’re a lot of techniques involved. And tea has become another hallmark of Dunyun. (credit:黔视今声)
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Anshun Deep-fried Egg Cakes  (油炸鸡蛋糕)
Many Anshun citizens begin their new day with a meal of deep-fried egg cakes (油炸鸡蛋糕). Xuying and Her husband have opened their breakfast shop for 24 years. The main ingredients for egg cakes are soy bean and rice juice. So every early morning at 3:00 a.m., they will get up, boiling and grinding soy beans and rice so as to make them into sticky liquid. At 6:30 a.m. their shop is officially open. Pouring some juice into the mold and adding some chopped pork meat in between, they put it into the heated oil and deep fry, then the delicious egg cakes are done. Take a bowl of soy bean porridge and a bite of egg cake, you will be full of energy for a new day. When you are in Anshun, don’t forget to savor it by yourself. (credit:二更)
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