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Guizhou official tourism promotion trail
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Sticky Rice Ball in Soy-bean Powder
A popular street snack in Guizhou, China
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See you in Libo(荔波)Guizhou China
This is #Libo(荔波). A great tourist county with so many natural wonders for you to explore.
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Siyueba Festival in Guizhou
May 22th is the Siyueba Festival for people of Miao ethnic group in China, it is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Miao calendar. This year two Iranian brothers experienced bamboo pole dance, Miao flower-drum, reed-pipe wind instrument and campfire party, a little clumsy when dancing, but they did enjoy it. (credit:CCTV4-外国人在中国)
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Rongjiang Conty(榕江县)  and its great cultural fortunes
Rongjiang Conty(榕江县) is located in Qiandongnan, Guizhou. It is a place full of Miao handcrafts and artworks. It is in Rongjiang where you can experience the authentic Miao culture and get to better know about people there.
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Wild leek flower mountain in Guizhou
#enjoyguizhou Wild leek flower mountain also known as the Ridge of Guizhou has breathtaking views. Thanks to photographer Chen Jiuxi, now we have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful place through his camera. (credit:Chen Jiuxi)
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Miao King Village (苗王城)
Miao King Village (苗王城) located in northeast Guizhou, is by far the best-reserved Miao village in southwest region, it is an ancient Miao village combining multiple features like political, economic, cultural, military and architectural. In this village, you can just be a Miao person for one day, drinking Miao liquor, singing Miao folk songs, dressing yourself in Miao costumes or maybe having a Miao-style wedding ceremony if possible.
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Suiyang Hollow Noodles
#tastyguizhou Suiyang Hollow Noodles(绥阳空心面) is a popular staple food at Suiyang County in Guizhou. The craftsmanship of this kind of noodles has been recognized as the provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, get well preserved and passed down. Now these Suiyang Hollow Noodle craftsmen have connected their production to the nationwide customers through the e-commerce. Not only can they promote the Suiyang Hollow Noodles far beyond, they can also hugely increase their incomes. When you are at Suiyang County, don’t forget to enjoy some.(credit:黔视今声) #visitguizhou
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Fanjing Mountain
Mount Fanjing of southwest China is a famous cultural mountain with a history of more than two thousand years.
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Waterfall hidden among the cliffs
In Guizhou, China you will truly feel the power of mother nature.
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Sixth International Yangming Cultural Festival (国际阳明文化节)  held in Guizhou
The Sixth International Yangming Cultural Festival (国际阳明文化节) has been helding in Guiyang from Oct. 25th to Oct. 26th. Wang Yangming(王阳明) was a Chinese idealist Neo-Confucian philosopher, official, educationist, calligraphist and general during the Ming dynasty. He is commonly regarded as the most important Neo-Confucian thinker, with interpretations of Confucianism that denied the rationalist dualism of the orthodox philosophy of Zhu Xi. His school of thought has great influence in China and other Asian countries. #visitguizhou
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Miao batik, the treasure of art
#artisticguizhou A Miao traditional song tells the story of batik. In it, the Goddess Washuang wanted to make an umbrella to hold up the sky. First, she invited the God of Bees to dance on the cloth, making a pattern in wax. Then she invited the God of Indigo to dye the fabric. Finally, she stretched it over a frame, and the celestial umbrella was complete. She then passed this technique on to two Miao girls, Ayang and Abu. Life in the mountains is hard, but the Miao fill their days with dancing and music, and as they dance, the indigo gods on their batik clothing dance with them.
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Chishui Kongfu: Single Bamboo Floating
In history, the ancestors living on both sides of the Chishui River often used a bamboo as a convenient means of transport. But now only a few people can handle this. Today Single Bamboo Floating has become the provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, relying on skillful masters to pass it by.
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Oil cold pressing in Guizhou
Before 2016, Yang Xiubing was in the car maintenance business with a stable and decent salary. But then he decided to go back to his home– Xiazi Town, Zunyi City of Guizhou (遵义市虾子镇) to inherit one local craftsmanship that he determines to pass down – ancient oil cold pressing approach. This kind of hand-made oil is purely natural. Although he’s still facing problems to let more people aware of it, yet he’s confident about the future and proud of their products.
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Jishiteng Baba (鸡屎藤粑粑) in Guizhou
Jishiteng Baba (鸡屎藤粑粑) is a street snack in Xingren County of Qianxinan. Jishiteng is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which have some benefits for human bodies. Buyi Ethnic group created the method of making Jishiteng Baba. They put the Jishiteng powder into the sticky rice flour and put the fired rice inside the sticky rice skin. After frying, the sticky rice skin tastes crispy. Take a bite then you will relish the flavor of inside fillings. No wonder it’s a popular food there. (credit:技艺的种子)
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Have a nice trip at Mount Fanjing
Don’t miss the opportunity to climb Mount Fanjing when we are still not afraid of heights, climbing or exhaustion.
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Xijiang Miao Village (西江千户苗寨)
That’s right! This is Xijiang Miao Village(西江千户苗寨)! They all set but to wait for you!
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2018 Guizhou-Changshun International Mountain Marathon
2018 Guizhou-Changshun International Mountain Marathon has successfully ended on June 17th. Keep running, enjoy living.
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Ukrainian girl learning Nuo Opera in Guizhou
#artisticguizhou Elena is a beautiful Ukrainian girl who’s now living in China for 5 years. She has a strong interest in Chinese culture. This is her first performance of Nuo opera. China’s Nuo opera has a long history. It originated from Nuoji (sacrificial exorcism). Now when the theatrical troupes of Dixi opera of Tunpu are performing, they have a lot of requirements from costume to movements. These are big challenges Elena. Luckily, she did not bad. #visitguizhou #nuoopera
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Great efforts and courage needed to climb the Mount Fanjing
#enjoyguizhou Great efforts and courage needed to climb the Mount Fanjing. #visitguizhou (credit:到远方旅行)
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Amazing Kanbian Crater in Guizhou
Kanbian Crater(坎边天坑) is discovered at Wangmo County(望谟县) of Qianxinan Guizhou. Being here, you can’t help but be amazed by the almighty mother nature that creates such spectacular and sublime views.
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Langde Miao Village: one of the most fun Miao villages in Guizhou
#enjoyguizhou Langde Miao Village is definitely one of the most fun Miao villages in Guizhou. When arriving at the entrance of the village, several bowls of welcoming wine awaits you. Drink it happily and enjoy your pleasant trip at the village. #visitguizhou
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Good-looking and yummy five-color rice
Guizhou five-color rice is a kind of traditional main food among Miao and Buyi ethnic groups especially during Sisters‘ Meal Festival. The rice are dyed with natural pigments extracted from plants- Huanghua(黄花), maple leaf(枫叶),Zifanteng(紫蕃藤) and Hongsexian(红丝线). The sticky rice will be dyed into black, red, yellow and purple, plus the original white color of sticky rice. Steam it in a pot and shape it into the cake. It will add extra flavor after frying it a little bit with crispy crusts around it. Don’t forget to have a taste of it when you are traveling in Guizhou.
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Nanlong Old Village in Guizhou China
Nanlong Old village stands inside mountains surrouded by banyan. This is a Buyi ethnic village with history of more than 600 years. Inside the village you will enjoy peaceful life as well as traditional handicrafts.
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Special Guizhou food: Buyi Grey Zongzi
Zhenfeng County is a small place in southwestern #Guizhou. Local Buyi ethnic people use a kind of plant leaves to make Buyi Grey Zongzi, kind of food with special flavor, epitome of harmonious relations between human and nature.
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Sparkling night of Zhaisha Dong Village (寨沙侗寨) in Guizhou
Zhaisha Dong Village (寨沙侗寨) may be not as famous as Zhaoxing Dong Village, yet it still possesses gorgeous views with typical and delicate drum towers. More important, it is only 3km away from famous Mount Fanjing. It’s worth visiting when you’re on the way to climb the mountain.
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Rappers in Guiyang
23-year-old Qi Zixuan is a lovely girl from Guiyang. She’s in a hip-pop group called SCO. SCO was founded in 2010. They rap in Guiyang dialect using their energetic and cool style to promote Guiyang and the local culture. (credit: Youth in Guiyang)
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Changwang Noodles
One of the most famous snack food in Guizhou, China
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Zunyi Mutton Rice Noodle(遵义羊肉粉)
Zunyi Mutton Rice Noodle(遵义羊肉粉) is one of the most popular and famous local snack food. Most Zunyi citizens start their new day was a bowl of mutton rice noodles. There are over 3,000 rice noodle eateries in Zunyi. Daijia Mutton Rice Noodle restaurant(戴家羊肉粉馆) has opened for over 80 years, featuring as one of the time-honored eateries in Zunyi. In order to maintain its high quality and excellent flavor, they finely select perfect mutton meat and special rice to make into rice noodles. If you have a chance to visit Zunyi, don’t hesitate to try it at breakfast. #visitguizhou (credit:寻味遵义)
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Xijiang Thousand Miao Village in Guizhou China
Xijiang Thousand Miao Village is the largest Miao ethnic community. A special you've never seen before.
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Jinzhi Chaoshou - the special flavor in Zunyi, Guizhou
#tastyguizhou Every early morning before 5 a.m.,60-year-old Xu Jianming has to get up and go to her eatery to prepare for the new day operation. Her restaurant serves a popular main food in China- wonton or chaoshou (抄手). Chaoshou is similar to dumplings but it has special flavor, particularly when it’s cooked in Zunyi style. Normally, these pork meat filled chaoshou will match the tasty soup long boiled with pig bones and bean sprouts and be decorated with some yummy Cuishao(脆哨). Till today, her restaurant has a history of more than 40 years. The name Jinzhi Chaoshou (金志抄手) was actually named after the founder - old granny Li Jinzhi who is now 84 years old and still come and help at the restaurant. Even though they’ve changed locations several times, they can still attract customers once settling down. Now Jinzhi Chaoshou is one of the brand names of Zunyi local restaurants, drawing gourmets nationwide. #visitguizhou (credit:林达·寻味遵义)
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How many snacks in Guizhou have you tried?
Have you recognized any of these snack food in Guiyang? Various flavors will serve your various demands. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to leave the comments below and share with us your story with these food.
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Dimen Village and the Museum of It
Dimen Dong Village located in Liping County, is the second largest Dong village in China. It also has a poetic nickname – “a village on the edge of time”. In 2003, Dimen Dong People’s Culture and Ecology Museum was formed as China’s first museum of folk culture and ecology. It’s a new way of protecting the tradition of this village because here the whole village is the museum, including its surrounding nature as well as people who live here. Of course, recording and preserving is important but the most important is to let the people here believe in their culture and never get lost in such fast-changed world. (credit:N二更)
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Longfeng Village and a special teal house inside
Longfeng Village(龙凤村) is 10 kilometers from east of Meitan County(湄潭县). The whole village is centered with tea. Now there exists a new and beautiful tea house inside the village – Lanxin Tea House. Not only can tourists enjoy the most fresh instantly-picked tea, they can also pick the tea leaves by themselves, and go to the workshop to process them in person, obtaining the complex of tea culture. Besides, they’ve developed a cooperative sharing mode with local tea villagers, collecting their newly picked tea leaves so that they don’t have to bother selling and storing them. These villagers have increased their incomes more than 1,600 Yuan each mu of tea garden. Tips: Longfeng Village is 200 km from Guiyang, about 1.5 hours to drive there. (饱饱的盒子)
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Fascinating Guizhou -  A Heaven of Myriad Mountains
Guizhou Tourism Trailer
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Miao Song (苗族飞歌) to pass down Miao culture and history
Without systematical writing language, Miao minority can still pass down their culture and history relying on the important and lovely Miao Song (苗族飞歌). Thanks to their creativity and wisdom, we can learn about their past and enjoy such beautiful voices. (credit:技艺的种子)
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Guizhou and its various cultural heritages
Guizhou is a magic place with many spectacular cultural heritages from various ethnic minority groups - Miao Batik, Kam Grand Choir, Jinji Miao Dance(锦鸡舞), Miao silver jewelry and Shui Horsetail Embroidery. We are looking to development, yet we never forget our culture and we’re proud of it.
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Tea Soup(茶汤) in Guizhou
Tea Soup(茶汤) sounds like a kind of soup. But actually it’s a special breakfast main food in Zunyi, Guizhou which is made with rice and flour. The reason it calls tea soup is because the water used to boil the rice and flour is tea water. Hence, you can taste smack of tea flavor. Chen Daniang Old Tea Soup(陈大嬢老茶汤) located on Fenghuang Road has featured tea soup for more than 20 years. Many of its old customers are familiar with its unique flavor and special side dishes suit for it. What it tastes like? Just as some customer describes, taste like the hot version of gelato with Oreo. Don’t miss it when you are in Zunyi. #visitguizhou (credit:寻味遵义)
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Fanjing Mountain in Guizhou
Mount Fanjing is the main peak of Wuling Mountains, located at the junction of northeast river mouth of Guizhou province, Yinjiang, Songtao County, with an elevation of 2572 meters.
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Sandu Shui Autonomous County in Guizhou China
Sandu Shui Autonomous County, under the administration of the Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, is the only Shui autonomous county in China. A great place to feel the culture of Shui ethnic group as well as enjoy its purely natural landscape.
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Qinglong 24-bend road in Guizhou, China
A driving adventure, dare to try?
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Beautiful and historic Guiyang
Beautiful and historic Guiyang is now becoming a city embracing both the past and the future. Welcome all the guest to visit Guiyang to witness its growth and development.
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Beautiful Scenery of Chishui Foguangyan
The breathtaking scenery of Chishui Foguangyan (credit: 李珩)
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70 secs to bird-view Guiyang
Quick tour around Guiyang in 70 seconds.(credit:天下贵州人)
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Anlong Limestone Resort
Known for its karst landscapes and a 50-hectare canyon, the five-square-kilometer Anlong Limestone Resort is China's first national outdoor extreme sports park. Opened in 2016 with an investment of $42 million from the government, it's hosted various national and international sports events. it offers access to several extreme sports activities including rock climbing, paragliding, cave exploration, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.
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Basha Miao Village, China's only gun-carrying tribe
Basha Miao Village(岜沙苗寨) located in Congjiang County, is the last and only tribe in China that common people are allowed to carry guns. They have kept ancient traditions and special attachment with trees. In Basha, they see the tree as the symbol of human's life and plant a tree when a child is born. They worship them, protect them and keep their spirits together with them. Now people in Basha strictly follow their traditions and wish to pass them down from generations to generations. (credit:二更)
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Kam Grand Choir(侗族大歌) in Guizhou
Just as we introduced before, Kam Grand Choir(侗族大歌) is of great importance to Dong people. They represent their lifestyle: singing to imitate sounds in nature, singing to express love feelings between lovers. They genuinely can use music to express anything happened in their lives. No wonder they that Dong people even can sing before they start to talk.
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Qingmingba: delicious and popular snack food in Guizhou
Qingmingba (清明粑) is a popular snack in Guizhou. Actually, Ba(粑) is a kind of main food, usually made with sticky rice flour. Qingmingba is named after the Qingming Festival aka.Tomb-sweeping festival (usually in the middle of April), because one of the most ingredient also the color of Qingmingba is made with wormwood juice, one of the symbolic plant during this festival. Qingmingba can be fried or steamed, depends on individual preference. Take a bite, you will smell the unique fragrance of wormwood and taste the sweet red bean stuffing.
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Rongyan Art Gallery: an art museum built on the cliff
Have you ever thought about what it looks like if a museum is built on a cliff? Well, that’s the Rongyan Art Gallery(溶岩美术馆) in Anlong County, Guizhou. It is situated on a cliff 165 meters above the ground. The building has perfectly integrated with the surroundings, which supplements the cliff with what’s missed as a result of the original collapse. When it’s officially open to the public, people can admire the breathtaking scenery on the top floor, reaching to the whole Haiwei Canyon (海尾峡谷) below it. (credit:二更)
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Bing'an Ancient Town: my second hometown
#enjoyguizhou Nuannuan is a quiet and beautiful young girl who was born in Guangxi Province and got married in Beijing. But now she is living in Guizhou and views Bing’an Ancient Town as her second hometown. She and her husband found here by chance and they were touched by the hospitality and warmth delivered by local inhabitants. When they decided to escape from heavily polluted big city and relocate somewhere else, Bing’an just pop into their minds. Now they are running their own ancient yet well-equipped home inn and living a happy and tranquil life with their two children. #visitguizhou (credit:饱饱的盒子) All rights to 饱饱的盒子
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