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Shane Ericks with McFearlis Music
17yr old Shane Ericks puts on a great half time performance at the Greenville Derby Dames game in Greenville SC
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Moccasin Lake Challenge 2014
Moccasin Lake Challenge 2014 - created at http://animoto.com
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Skillet - Better than drugs bemidji mn
My buddy jason singing with one of his favorite rock groups ..along with dennis coop and fluffers(puppy) bemidji mn
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Greenville Derby Dames, chuck a duck contest
1) Buy a duck 2) Chuck it! 3) Win some Greenville Derby Dames tickets
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Sweet Meat Mr. Stuntman on skates!
Music by Yolanda: we speak no americano
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Bar 209 bemidji mn part 1 schools out! lets drink!
buddy and i went out for some drinks and met i-vonna-hump-alot, and she talks alot..
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Coop and friends at Bemidji bars!
One of my last nights out in Bemidji mn before I moved to South carolina, Had lots of fun, drinking with friends..miss you guys!!
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Upstate Mod-Tog Artistry Group
Recorded on August 23, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.
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Atom Bombs Practice
Do whatever it takes to not let the jammer by (jammer is in the white helmet)
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Love your Zebras
- created at http://animoto.com
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Bemidji House Party Pt. 2 Drunk-Mas
Dj Coop, Dj Torque, Dj Shorty White and J-SIN throw down, to mark the movement of EDM in Bemidji. Are parties were always a blast! Always LOUD and we got busted my the cops a lot!
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birchmont drive bemidji mn
coop driving down birchmont drive
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Bemidji House Party Pt 1 (I was there)
Dj Coop, Dj Torque, J-Sin and Mason 4 of Bemidji's Finest Electronic music dj's throw one hell of a house party.
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short drive
playing with go pro
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Doe-gers a spoof of Diggers " The Hunt for Treasure "
My mom and I goofing off, after watching a show with a couple guys hunting a buried treasure.
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Shane Ericks w/ McFearlis Music Halftime performance Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"
Shane Ericks with McFearlis Music, sang a Imagine Dragons cover "Radioactive" at The Greenville Derby Dames opening bout! She has amazing voice!
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Crush Creative Photography Mua Katie Lana Fulton
Mua Katie Lana Fulton doing make up
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BAR 209 bemidji mn
bemidji mn bar 209 last day of school, crazy night this guy is a total nut
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beautiful lake bemidji
Summer night on beautiful lake Bemidji 2008
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shane and katies wedding summer 2008 bemidji mn
A fellow dj of mine, big day! Shane and katie tying the knot!At Eagles club in bemidji mn.. It was alot of fun.. Mobile nrg did a great job! Thanks to DJ Nrg Dj Coop dj Black..
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Party girl!
my girl leslie the coolest girl i know, we had fun that night!
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straight trippin' ellis ride home
Coop's drive home, from school, listening to the jason ellis show, funny shit and the way i recorded the the ride home is trippy
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good friends, drinks, slaps, laughing , funny, girls, guys, beer, bushes, belt buckles, poo poo , farts, blood, obama, jackass, mtv vhi, myspace, facebook, dj, dancing, bad dancing, all the single ladies
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Fall for Greenville 2012 Main Stage Justin Townes Earle "John Henry"
Fall for Greenville 2012 Main Stage Justin Townes Earle "John Henry"
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Eat your heart out 04
Kenny's Harley Davidson motorcycle, listen to it purr!
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Coop's family get together
Family get together, coopers , youngs, meyers , bowes , all having fun at the hampton inn in bemidji mn summer 2008
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Mobile NRG sound and lightshow fargo nd bemidji mn
mobile nrg sounds and lightshow, 10 foot video screen, top of the line sound and light show best dj's around!!
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Greenville Atoms bombs "Sweet Meat" is back
"Sweet meats" ankle looks pretty good!
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all hell breaks loose!!!!
dj shane dj nrg jd coop on the way to dj a prom and all hell breaks loose!
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dennis bitchin'  jason rapin' coop tapin'
after everybody left the house dennis started bitching and jason started raping and I (coop) was taping ...
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Summer 2008 Bemidji Wedding
tom and heather, of bemidji, and the wild wedding was alot of fun!
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Spin Move Coaching Greenville SC
Sorry about the lighting, its was a little dark
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Greenville Derby Dames Half time races
Recorded on September 29, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.
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Christmas Day 2 Dogs Myrtle Beach SC
Created on December 25, 2009 using FlipShare.
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Created on March 25, 2009 using FlipShare.
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Shelling Myrtle Beach
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Fall for Greenville 2012 Hula Hoop Girl
Fall for Greenville 2012 Hula Hoop Girl teaches a senior to hulu hoop, she pretty good..lol
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Family time @ the pool 1993
Sorry about the poor film quality we all look like smurfs
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Greg and Katie
Two of the Nicest people I know.. - created at http://animoto.com
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Grandma Cooper's Birthday Party 1993
dug up some "old" video tapes, set up my camera to record them. This is video of the family at grandmas house for her birthday.
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Go Pro Lapse Time Video (tennessee)
first video
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Greenville Derby Dames half time races 2
Recorded on September 29, 2012 using a Flip Video camera.
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Becky's Christmas Video
myrtle beach sc, just wishing everybody a merry christmas, sorry i forget my sisters..
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test video
just trying out my new camera and the video setting
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Becky's Merry Christmas Movie Watch now!
Created on December 25, 2009 using FlipShare.
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obama walking down the street, look closely, lol
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Rockin the Beach
Christmas Day Myrtle beach SC
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Monstercon 2014 Greenville SC
- created at http://animoto.com
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