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Lucille Ball Desi Lucie Arnaz 1950's original Patio Set Wrought Iron at www.Connectibles.net
1950's original patio set belonging first to Lucy & Desi, then to Lucie & Larry Luckinbill. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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www.CONNECTIBLES.net Lucille Ball 100th Birthday Sale Lucie Arnaz Memorabilia
In celebration of Lucille Ball's 100th anniversary of her birth, and the 60th anniversary of the I LOVE LUCY show, Lucie Arnaz is offering a never-before-released collection of family memorabilia. Available at auction at www.CONNECTIBLES.net.
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Lucie Arnaz Original Wardrobe from "They're Playing Our Song" Broadway Show at www.Connectibles.net
Lucie Arnaz explaining the history and describing each custom hand-sewn and designed costume for her hit Broadway Show "They're Playing Our Song." Entire wardrobe is available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net
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Lucie Arnaz describes background of her father Desi's pool table, available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net
Interview with Maida Webster & Lucie Arnaz, giving background story behind the pool table being offered for sale at www.CONNECTIBLES.net. Custom made for Desi Arnaz in 1959, beautiful details and terrific story of Jimmy Durante, Bing Crosby and many others playing on it.
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Connectibles offers 1935 Antique Monopoly Set Parker Brothers, Orig Tokens
1935 early Monopoly set with board, money, wooden hotels and houses, all chance & community cards. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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Star Wars Episode I Dancing JAR JAR Binks Sound Voice Activated CONNECTIBLES
Amazing Star Wars collectible. Episode I "Dancing Jar Jar Binks" sound and voice activated Thinking Toy. Push button hear original Jar Jar Binks voice and see him dance. Works with ANY music, voice or sound. Never Removed from box. Available at www.connectibles.net
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Guns of Navarone MARX 1970's Playset at Connectibles
Wonderful vintage MARX WWII themed playset from the 1970's. Loosely based on the novels by Allister McClain and subsequent Hollywood film versions. Vertical mountain plus over 100 Allied Soldiers, Weapons, Opposing Forces, Military Vehicles, Howitzer. Available for purchase at www.CONNECTIBLES.net week of April 17, 2010.
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21st Century Toys ULTIMATE Soldier GI Joe Collection available at CONNECTIBLES
http://www.connectibles.net Fun assortment of HUGE Ultimate Soldier Vehicles and Action figures, GI Joe 12" size, 1:6 scale available for one week at www.connectibles.net
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www.CONNECTIBLES.net LUCILLE BALL Lost Autobiography Manuscript  100 Birthday Sale Lucie Arna
Original annotated lost manuscript of Lucille Ball's own autobiography. Written by Lucille Ball in the 1960's, put away and found 1990's and published posthumously as book titled LOVE, LUCY. Available at auction at www.CONNECTIBLES.net as part of I LOVE LUCY memorabilia sale.
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Enesco Mickey's Magic ToyChest Music Box Mouseketeer Mickey Mouse Club March Song
Delightful Mickey's Magic Toychest Music Box from Enesco, highest quality they are known for. Plays the Mickey Mouse Club Song while Pluto, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse & Mickey get busy with their moves! Available at www.Connectibles.net
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Mattel BARBIE 1963 FASHION SHOP folding playset
Original Barbie's Fashion Shop toy, large playset with Wardrobe Stage, Showcase, Window Cabinet, table & chairs. Hard to find, excellent condition. Available at CONNECTIBLES store. www.connectibles.net
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Music Box - Talk to the Animals
Recorded on October 16, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.
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Baby Heather 1987 Mattel Amazing Talking Doll Grows 6 months, 1 year, 2 years
1987 Baby Heather Mattel doll, called "latest, state-of-the-art talking doll with artifical intelligence." Programmable, she grows smarter from 6 months to 1 year to 2 years old. Moves her head, eyes and mouth. Made for a short time, nice unusual collectible if you enjoy life-like baby dolls! 21" long. She says "Up Mama Up" "Hi" "I Love You" among many, many other phrases. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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James 24 Hour Remind-O-Timer Hotel Clock
A great piece of Vintage Technology for setting wake-up calls at hotels before computers and phone systems were used.
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Disney Animated Animations Tinker Bell Peter Pan 3D Musical Clockwork Diorama Shadow Box Art LE
Fabulous Tinker Bell and Peter Pan "art that moves and talks" animated animation 3D shadow box, issued by Disney in a limited edition of only 1953. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. Modern interpretation of a antique clockwork automata. Great visuals, great design. Battery Operated, Lights up, Action! Available at www.Connectibles.net
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eBay Shipping - Packing Prints for shipment
This video is about eBay Shipping - Packing Prints for shipment
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Merry-Go-Round - It's a Small World Song
Merry-Go-Round - It's a Small World Song
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Mr Christmas Double Decker Musical Carousel at CONNECTIBLES Plays 30 songs
Available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net. Two levels of horses rise & fall as the carousel turns. Spiral staircase, fabric roof, read wood base. Lights around the roof. Plays 15 Christmas Carols and 15 year round classics. AC adapter included. 16" tall, original box, EXCELLENT.
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1950's Battery Operated Toy CRAGSTAN CRAPSHOOTER at Connectibles
Cragstan 1950's Crapshooter Toy, Realistic action, Rolls the dice. Face has chewing motion. Like new condition in original box.. Made in Japan.
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The Manny Blanc Project - Matt Darriau
A great 8 piece Klezmer Jazz Band plays some songs written and composed by Manny Blanc on the record he arranged in the early 60's. Featured here is a 3 minute segment of his song "Two Cents Plain", modern arrangement by Matt Darriau. Notice the painting by Manny hanging on the back wall. By permission of his daughter Michele Blanc Berman.
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Antique Boye Sewing Needle Dispenser Counter Display Tin Litho
Terrific piece of sewing memorabilia, antique Boye Needle display case used in General Stores on their counter. Turn the pointer to the size you need, and the containers with needles open up. Great addition to any antique sewing machine collection. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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Shipping - Packing Delicate Pottery
This video is about Shipping - Packing Delicate Pottery
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Ideal ROBBY the ROBOT 2004 50th Anniversary Toy Connectibles
It's Robert the Robot, mechanical man! On sale at CONNECTIBLES and a real BABY BOOMER delight! Limited Edition 50th Anniversary. Remote Control BIG 14" Robot, Ray Gun Style Controller, Turn the crank on his back to hear him speak. Light in head and eyes, with on/off button on front. Ideal 2004 edition comes with numbered certificate of authenticity, box, color illustrated Owner's Manual and DVD including the story of Robert the Robot and early TV commercials.
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Battery Operated Vintage Toy BARTENDER Rosko Connectibles
Vintage Battery Toy Made in Japan 1960's Rosko. Shakes cocktail, Drinks.
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MARX Johnny West Collection
Connectibles MARX Johnny West Collection Covered Wagon
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Enesco Sew Petite  MY FAVORITE THINGS song Vintage Sound of Music Box at CONNECTIBLES
Available at www. CONNECTIBLES.net. Vintage Enesco SEW PETITE deluxe multi-action music box. Plays "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. INdustrious little mice hard at work on an old-fashioned sewing machine!
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Vintage Hula Hawaiian Dancing Doll Battery Operated Musical Grass Skirt at Connectibles
Battery operated vintage Hula dancing vinyl doll, grass skirt swishing as twirls around on a wheeled base. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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Tumbling Tomboy 1969 Vintage Remco doll Battery Operated Flips at Connectibles
Very entertaining 17" 1969 "Tumbling Tomboy" doll by Remco. Battery Operated control you hold in hand; she flips, she flops, she flips again! Available at www.Connectibles.net
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Quili Magnetic Balancing Toy Video Connectibles 11 piece set Interactive Art NEW
www.connectibles.net Love Cirque de Soleil? Selling QUILI balancing toy, wonderful combination of Interactive ART and the joy of design coupled with learning about polarity and magnets. Non breakable figures are MOONSTONE coloring, each one of a kind. NOT for children under 3. Keep on your coffee table and entertain your guests! Very evocative of your favorite Cirque de Soleil performers!
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Girls Sequin Sling Backpack Bag Reversible Mermaid Colors Write Messages
Glamorous, glitzy, and pure functionality! Great for girls, teens, tweens and the young at heart. One side is reversible mermaid scale type sequins with two colors to swipe; other side is classic black velvet. One size, goes from day to night. Available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net
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Tiny Thumbelina Vintage Ideal Windup 14" Realistic Wriggly Baby Doll & Orig Box Connectibles
Vintage 1962 Tiny Thumbelina 14" version of the popular doll by Ideal. Wind her up and she turns her head and wiggles gently. Pristine otherwise. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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My Art Gallery Showcase & Storage System for kids drawings at Connectibles
Art display and storage system for kids drawings, school papers, unclutter your refrigerator door and make it attractive! Perfect gift for grandparents too! Available at www.connectibles.net
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Vintage Mechanical Cigarette Dispenser Windup Music Smoke Gets in your Eyes at Connectibles
Charming vintage mechanical cigarette dispenser. Wind up on base, press button on front and the lid raises and a little Scotty wooden dog rises up with a single cigarette in his hands as the music "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" plays. Very retro!
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www.CONNECTIBLES.net Vintage Powder Puff Music Box Enamel Top Plays "I Want to be Happy"
Vintage metal vanity powder jar music box, wind-up plays "I want to be Happy" when lid is removed. Enamel classical courting couple image on top. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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Sylvia Natterer Petitcollin 2015 Dolls, Safely made in Spain
Delightful introduction to the first series of Petitcollin dolls that were designed by artist Sylvia Natterer. Available now in the US at our store www.Connectibles.net
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BARTENDER 1950's Battery Op Vintage Tin Toy Made in Japan,available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net
Bartender batter operated toy shakes his cocktail, fills his glass as he moves side to side, drinks his martini, and the stiff drink turns his face fire red. Smoke billows from each ear as he swallows! Fun toy, made in Japan by T.N., see at www.CONNECTIBLES.net.
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Mattel BEST FRIEND vintage Cynthia doll, talks!
1971 vintage Mattel CYNTHIA hard to find doll. Talks with Record!
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Battery Operated SANTA CLAUS Vintage Tin Toy 1950's Japan NEW in box at Connectibles
Santa Claus vintage toy made in Japan 1950's by HTC Co. Sitting on house, rings bell, eyes light up, original box. Available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net .
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Connectibles Ultimate Soldier American & German 1:6 WWII GI Joe Action Figures
Retired collection of 21st Century Ultimate Soldier American & German 1:6" scale 12" action figures and vehicles. Some GI Joe as well. Available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net. .
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Teddy Bear Moving Mouth & Singing MACARENA song at www.CONNECTIBLES.net
16" plush bear moving his mouth as he sings Macarena song. Available at www.Connectibles.net. Original Macarena teddy bear.
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Sankyo Japan Vintage Lucite Triple Song Music Box: Feelings, Light Up My Life, Way We Were
Triple song music box by Sankyo, Japan. Three separate mechanisms play 3 different songs including Feelings, Light Up My Life, and The Way We Were. Clear lucite so you can see the works as the movement turns; very cool! Available at www.Connectibles.net
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1961 Whimsies Hedda Get Bedda Three Face Doll by American Character
American Character Whimsies doll from 1961, only one made with three different faces. Hedda's three faces include sick with chicken pox, sleeping, and them smiling and all better (or bedda!) Turn knob on top ofher vinyl nightcap. Available at www.Connectibles.net
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Battery Operated Vintage Tin Toy Photoing On Car at Connectibles
Vintage battery operated toy with mystery action. Horn sounds, headlights flash when in motion; car stops for girl doll to take flash photo and then starts up again! Very entertaining. Available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net.
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MARX vintage tin SCOTTIE DOG toy Wind Up on leash at CONNECTIBLES
Fantastic 1950's tin MARX Wind Up SCOTTIE DOG toy, can walk on leash and make turn. Available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net.
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Mattel Baby That-a-way Vintage Battery Op Crawling Doll 1974 AA Version
Delightful vintage baby doll, Baby Thataway was made by Mattel in 1974. "Spunky little girl who's always on the go!" Battery Operated, she crawls when on her tummy and kicks and squirms when on her back. African American black version, original box, available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net.
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Vintage Hollywood Regency Lotus Cigarette Mechanical Dispenser Holder,Connectibles
Ultimate Cocktail Party accessory! Vintage tabletop dispenser to hold your cigarettes with a raise of the top; transforming from a lotus flower to a cigarette holder before your eyes! Very vintage, very cool.
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Nutcracker Suite Tchaikovsky Russian Revolving Music Box Wind Up Egg
Beautiful music box in the style of a Faberge Egg that opens. Wind up, plays Nutcracker Suite, with a reveal when you open the egg to see a revolving Nutcracker himself. Cameos on the outside, jeweled trim, porcelain, gold plated settings, available at www.Connectibles.net. Very high quality in box.
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www.CONNECTIBLES.net Popeye Pop-up Sailor Man Spinach Can Mattel 1957 Vintage Toy
Mattel vintage 1957 Popeye The Sailor Man in his Pop-up spinach can. Push the button and up pops POPEYE and he gives a little shout! Available at www.Connectibles.net.
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Art Gallery Display & storage System for Children's Art, wall or refrigerator mount at Connectibles.
Available at www.CONNECTIBLES.net, Creative Child Magazine 2013 "Product of the Year" Award winning design. My Art Gallery display system to showcase your children's works of art, school papers, awards - anything that usually gets stuck up on the refrig and then promptly falls off! Store up to 35 pieces 8" x 11" in each frame. Works on a metal refrigerator, OR can be hung on a wall surface or door.
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Mastercrafters vintage CHURCH animated Clock Bell Rings at CONNECTIBLES
www.CONNECTIBLES.net working vintage Mastercrafters Church collectible electric mantel clock. Rings bell on half hour and hour.
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