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Lantana Splatter Gun
View our 50ml Forestry Powermaster techniques for spraying weeds, in particular, Lantana. Video courtesy of Bell Minor Associated Dieback.
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PAD1232 20ml Drencher Instructional Movie - Part 1 of 2
Part 1 includes instruction for set-up, priming, dose adjustment, filling, cleaning and using the adaptor. See Part 2 for servicing and spare parts.
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PAD1232 20ml Drencher Instructional Movie - Part 2 of 2
Part 2 of our 20ml Drencher Instructional Movie includes instruction on servicing & spare parts. See Part 1 for instruction on set-up, priming, dose adjustment, filling, cleaning and using the adaptor.
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PAS265 5ml Quick-Release Bottle Attachment Injector
Matthew Phillips shows you how to fill your Injector, adjust the dose, remove the bottle, cleaning and servicing.
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NJ Phillips Green Industry
Includes our most popular Green Industry Applicators.
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Matts Tech Tips - 5ml metal applicator
Learn how to change the o-rings in the NJ Phillips Pty Ltd 5ml metal applicator.
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Matts Tech Tips - 20ml metal applicator
Learn how to correctly position the valves in the NJ Phillips Pty Ltd 20ml metal applicator.
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Outback Matt Introduces New 10ml Lamb Drencher - July 2010
Specifically designed for use with lambs, you'll wonder how you ever drenched without it.
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NJ Phillips Drenchers
Includes our most popular Animal Health Oral Drencher Applicators.
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PAS803 50ml Injector Instructional Movie
Inlcudes instructions for set-up, dose adjustment, cleaning, filling, priming and spare parts.
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Outback Matt Captures Crown-of-Thorns Starfish - July 2008
Crown-of-Thorns Starfish captured!
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Outback Matt - Product Range Improvements -July 2009
View our recent improvements to the NJ Phillips product range.
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PAS997 Bottle Mount Injector Instructional Movie
Inlcudes instructions for set-up, dose adjustment, cleaning, filling, priming, removing the bottle and spare parts.
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Outback Matt Meets Cute Cattle Dog - February 2009
Meet the cutest up-and-coming cattle dog!
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Outback Matt Visits Drench Gun Services in New Zealand - October 2008
Across the Tasman - meet Drench Gun Services.
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NJ Phillips Accessories
Includes our most popular Animal Health and Green Industry Applicator Accessories.
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NJ Phillips Pour-Ons
Includes our most popular Animal Health Pour-On Applicators.
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Push Injector in Use on Pigs
Manufactured by NJ Phillips Pty Ltd.
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Sterilising NJ Phillips Injectors
Follow these simple instructions on sterilising your NJ Phillips Injector.
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NJ Phillips Injectors
Includes our most popular Animal Health Injector Applicators.
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Outback Matt: Piglet Drenching & Marking
Have you ever wanted to drench and mark piglets at the same time? See one of Outback Matt's solution to this.
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NJ Phillips Display Stand Assembly Instructions
Matthew Phillips gives you easy, step-by-step instruction on assembling your new NJ Phillips display stand.
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Outback Matt - New V-Grip Range
Imagine the ease of being able to go from a feed tube fitment to a bottle mount style in seconds. No need for two separate applicators. Let me show you just how easy it is.
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Outback Matt Attends Durvet Conference - November 2009
Outback Matt travels to St Louis, America to attend a sales conference.
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NJ Phillips Swine
Includes our most popular Injectors, Oral Drenchers, Powered Applicators and Accessories for Swine.
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Outback Matt Trial at the Sheep Station - January 2008
Trial at the sheep station.
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Outback Matt: The Quest to Make the Perfect Movie
Through trial and error we consistently learn and grow, and along the way, share a few laughs.
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Outback Matt - We're Just Around the Corner
Our new Flexible Needle Extension may be just what you're looking for, or you may want to browse our new Green Industry brochure, or do you just want to find out where your nearest NJ Phillips distributor is? Find it all in this edition of Outback Matt.
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Outback Matt Captures Crown-of-Thorns Starfish-July 2008
This Crown-of-Thorns Starfish was captured off the reef on Malolo Island, Fiji.
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Outback Matt's New Improved Versatile Injector Range
Outback Matt meets some Brahman cattle and introduces the new range of versatile NJ Phillips Injectors. Whether you need to inject, drench; with a feed tube or bottle attachment, this new versatile range has it all - it is the one-stop applicator shop.
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NJ Phillips Powered
Includes our most popular Animal Health Powered Applicators.
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