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Request Dollar Sign Tutorial & More - How to Braid Names In Hair
Learn how to braid a Dollar sign $ At the end of this video you will also see two completed names (Niya & Jada) and a heart.
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Braiding The Letter A In Hair - Braiding Names In Hair
This is in response to a request for me to show how I braid names step- by step. This video will show you how to braid the letter A
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Parting Hair On The Side To Braid Names
This just shows you how to part the hair on the side as described in previous video. To see specific letters or designs braided check out my other videos.
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How To Braid The Letter B in Hair
This video will show you how to braid a capital B in hair. Visit www.HealthyNaturalHairCare.com to make requests, leave comments, or for more information. Please Rate and subscribe. Thanks for watching!
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Learn HowTo Braid Names In Hair
Now you can order a picture or a word or name you want braided. The step by step video tutorial can be ordered for an additional fee as well. Names Braided in this video: OC, 26, Billy,Matt, $, Niya, Jada.
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How To Braid Names In Peoples Hair / Names In Braids
Learn how to braid names in a man or womans hair. Braiding names in peoples hair is not just for men. Women can wear it too. By Braiding the name in one side & designing the other, you can style a ponytail, a braided fro-hawk or mohawk a unique updo, ladies can rock a bang or a bump at the top of their head, braids going into a french roll, a braidout, and so much more. pictures included at the end of the video.If you know how to braid this explanation should help you learn how to put names in braids. If you just want to see the pictures, skip to 7:25 Thank You for watching & Please Rate & Subscribe if you like!
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My 2 Year Old Reading
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Old School Father Daughter Dance Sharnae and Lloyd
The bride and her father dance to an old school classic. Backup Dancer: Lativa T. Wardrobe Assistant: Latisha T. Song: The Bird By Morris Day
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Braiding the name Erica in hair - written tutorial
For a full understanding on how to braid names in hair watch this video first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GstGTtrNY-0 and then I have another tutorial that shows you a couple other live videos braiding letters and symbols I told someone named Erica that I would show her how her name could be braided by drawing it out on paper. So for all you Erica's out there, here you go!
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Short Natural Hairstyles for African American Black Hair part 2
Visit http://www.HealthyNaturalHairCare.com to make requests, leave comments, or for more information. Please Rate and subscribe. Thanks for watching!
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Short Natural Hair Styles for African American Black Hair
Some of my natural hair styles. http://hubpages.com/hub/My-Natural-Hair-Care-Products is where you can go to find out what I use in my hair. In July 2008 I got my hair cut and permed after 12 years of being natural. It didn't go so well so I started fresh September 2008. You can visit and comment on my natural hair care tips as well at : http://laveniaprice.com
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3d two strand twists
I finally got the chance to make the tutorial so many of you suggested! Thank you so much for your patience. I did a little talking and I sped up the majority of the tutorial so that you could get through it faster and see the basics as far as what you need to do to duplicate this style. View hair care tips and more on my websites: You can visit and comment on my natural hair care tips as well at : http://laveniaprice.com and http://www.healthynaturalhaircare.com Thank you for watching, please rate and subscribe!
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Natural Hair Style Updo Two Strand Twist for Short Black Hair
A new updo style combining flat two strand twists and single two strand twists. A great look for any occasion - formal, business, or even casual. I describe how I did it along with pictures at different angles after I finished it. Let me know what you think, maybe next time I'll do a video tutorial as I go.
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Two Strand Twists
Flat Two strand twists at the top, and single two strand twists in the back. After wearing this style for a while I wore an afro with two flat two strand twists (pics included at end), and another style I forgot to take a picture of - sorry!
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Aniya singing lion of Judah
Aniya singing lion of Judah
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Natural Hairstyle Braided Puff or Ponytail Updo
This style is a great idea when you want to wear your natural hair up in a ponytail but it is too short. The braids to the middle of your head are braided all the way to the end, then taken down in the center for the look of a ponytail when it is actually just a puff. You can alter it in a few different ways for a few different looks, depending on the length of your hair.
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Takedown & Restyle Results - Natural Hair Style Updo Pt. 2
Taking down the previous updo and restyling the twistout in an updo style. the results are shown. I didnt like it so i restyled it twice and eventually took it down.
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