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Boracay Street Scene March 2019
Road Scene Station 3. From Station 3 to Station X, to the beach. 11am.
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Boracay March 2019 - The Green Gardens Under Water
We’re in mid-March 2019. The controversial algae, that usually cover the White Beach by now and turn the dive in otherwise crystal clear waters, into a dodgy treat, have still not started to bloom yet. Perhaps this is a sign of a better water quality? The water is still clear. However, a magnificent blooming under water has set in. There is algae - the good one, the edible one!
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Landing Caticlan New Runway
Landing Caticlan. New runway. October 2017.
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Boracay Kitesurfing. El Zorro Kite Action (February 2019)
Boracay Bulabog Beach, Philippines. GoPro Footage. Kitesurfing.
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Boracay, Bulabog Bay, Kiting
Into the Reef
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Boracay White Beach - Ongoing Demolition Dec. 2018
Still ongoing demolition White Beach Station 1, Willy’s Rock, from the tasteless Diamond Sports building, to Boracay Plaza.
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Whip Snake
Nervous Whip Snake on the beach attacks our film team.
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Ati Atihan 2018 Theme Cart
Ati Atihan Boracay 2018
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Boracay Mangroves. The Forgotten Project
Boracay Manoc Manoc, Mangrove Project.
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Boracay Pumping Station Status February 2019
Bulabog Beach Pumping Station
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Boracay Kite Impressions February 2019
Boracay Bulabog Beach
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Boracay, “Zorro”, the mysterious ‘Kiter’
Boracay, Bulabog, Bay 2; Zorro, the kiter with the mask. He appears out of nowhere and vanishes just the same way.
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Typhoon Koppu (Effect on Boracay)
White Beach Boracay during Typhoon Koppu, Oct. 17, 2015. When Koppu went across Northern Luzon, with Heavy Rains and strong Tropical Force Storm Winds, the island of Boracay, located in the Visayas, was drenched with rainstorms and strong winds up to 38 knots.
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Boracay Demolition White Beach Willy's Rock
20 March 2019. White Beach Station 1. Hotel Boracay Plaza and other establishments in the process of demolition.
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Boracay, Bulabog, Pumping Station, Dec 2018
State of the beach around pumping station at Dec 2nd
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Filipino Workshop/angry boss
Here you get an impression how Filipino language (Tagalog) sounds like. The boss in this workshop is without doubt pissed off! The main business is patching tyres.
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Sea Krait goes for air
Banded sea kraits are venomous sea snakes. They are generally not aggressive and therefore don't necessarily pose a danger to divers. They have to breath air and can stay a couple of minutes under water. They feed in the sea but return to land to mate. Scientific name: Laticauda colubrina Common names: Colubrine sea krait, Yellow-lipped sea krait
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Crown of Thorns Starfish
Killer of coral reefs. The Crown-of-Thorns Starfish clasps a stick. Hold out of the water. If you step in its toxic thorns you'll have a real problem. This starfish moves much faster than common starfish.
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Algae Season Boracay 2016
Algae Bloom Boracay 2016 captured on Feb. 2. It started two weeks ago in January.
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Kite Boracay January 2019
Bulabog Kitesurfing, 9 January
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World Dream Cruise Ship
Word Dream in the sunset off the coast of Boracay, Philippines.
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The Potter Wasp
Philippine Potter Wasp. Watch the wasp building a nest and laying an egg.
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Caticlan/Landung/Flug 5J-909
Caticlan Airport/Philippines/ touch-down 10:40 h/
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Diving with Seasnake
Most elegant locomotion through the water: the coral reef snake in the Indian Ocean.
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Boracay - Day 1 after Closure
Location White Beach, Angol South, (Asya 1). The beach and the ocean is so beautiful now after all the water sport businesses are gone. We hope they'll never come back and make their setups on the mainland. This island is just too small for - til now more than 50 parasail boats, banana boats, jet-ski etc. They water is calm and flat as it should with the current wind conditions. The waves we always experienced in the past were caused only by the heavy boat traffic. Even under water one will experience a totally new senstation. No engine sounds! Only the sound of the ocean. Speaking of that - the stillness is striking! They also cleaned up the beach in Angol and hopefully will take proper care of it in the future.
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Christmas Tree Worms
Fascinating Christmas Tree Worms on stony corals. The retreat in the blink of an eye when disturbed.
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Bulabog At It's Best
Tuorquis water, blue skies, white sands. Good wind today until 2 pm.
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Golden October Germany
The most colourful month! Biking to the Clay Pit. GoPro Quick Video
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What's in the hand?
It moves, it crawls, it tweaks - it's alive! Creepy or cut - certainly very special. The Hermit Crab.
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Yolanda alias Haiyan
Typhoon Yolanda makes landfall in Boracay Island. The eye of the storm passed by approx. 30 km south-easterly. So the major damage was caused on the mainland. Still, after one month, powersupply and communication systems( internet, cellphone, tv) is unstable.
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Big house spider crawling for cover. This video is suitable to overcome your fear of spiders. Just watch it ten times and think about the spider, a small animal that runs away from You giant - runs for its life! Spiders belong to the most usefull insects, protect you from far more dangerous creatures, like mosquito, fly etc.
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Damage on Corals by Banga (Philippines)
Damage on Brain Coral caused by carless, ignorant boatmen in Boracay.
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Boracay Sunset Mood
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Sunset Boracay
Crowded White Beach on a Sunday (1.11.)
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Holy Crab!
Hermit crab left its shell, exposing its soft parts. A scene extremely rarely seen in the wild! In this stage the crab is highly vulnerable.
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A real Swellhead
Funny Puffer Fish, big like a pomelo, playing half dead.
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Way to Main Road (Typhoon aftermath)
Die rote Baumameise hat hier in fast jedem Baum ein Nest. Nach dem Sturm sind die Insekten besonders aggressiv. Sie beissen sich an allem fest, was ihnen in die Quere kommt. Diese Erfahrung darf ich gerade machen!
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Beach Scene
Boracay, White Beach, Station 2, Epic. Sunset,
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Boracay Habagat Kite Boarding. Feeling Free!
A beautiful day in late March 2019. Core Free Kite. Carried by steady winds. Handshake.
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May beetle
Makaber: Maikäfer mit vollständig ausgehöhltem Hinterteil wuselt im letzten Zyklus seinem Ende entgegen.
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Manila/Cebu Air/Abflug
Flight 5J-909, 12:40h, Cebu Air, Manila Airport Terminal 3
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Bulabog-what's up?
State of the beach. 10 January 2019. Middle and north part.
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Coral Bleaching
Beatiful boulders of porites are located at the south-west tip of Boracay. One can barely find such nice formed porites elswhere in tropical waters. Now , after years of observing these habitat, I see these corals turning white. Bleaching sets in. A bad sign.
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Banga damages Corals
A Banga crashes on corals and causes serious damage. This happens in Boracay, the most touristic island in the Philippines all the time. Here ignorant people don't care much about the environment. And it is not much left. But not even the little remains of a once intact habitat, authorities are able to protect. However, it hurts all the more if the people who make good business here, are often the worse of this kind!
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Firedancers Boracay. Every night you'll see performances of firedancers along the White Beach.
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Manila Airport Airfield
Turboprop ATR 72-500 from Cebu Airlines on the way to the runway. Flight 5J 905 to Caticlan/Boracay, Oct. 10, 2013
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Parking Lot White Beach
Where to go with too many boats? Parking them on the White Beach! There one can maintain them, repair and even paint them.
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The Big Fire 1
Fire on Dec, 24, 2015
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Seasnake goes for air
Seasnakes belong to the most poisonous snakes in the world. But luckily most of them are very gentle, good-natured animals. The way they glide through the water is absolutely fascinating. For me those are one of the most beautiful seacreatures. This one is going for air.
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Snake Eel
Banded Snake Eel, intimidated by the diver, nervously trys to find its burrow - which is obviously blocked by a sea urchin - only to disappear completely underground. .
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