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Manufacturing Marvels is a series on The Fox Business Network that features unique American Manufacturing Companies. It is narrated by nationally acclaimed voice talent John Criswell. This episode features a SIMONDS INC.; A woman owned, family company that was chosen for their 50 years of manufacturing in the U.S.A. and for their reputation for being the world leader in pneumatic hand tools. Starting with the raw stock materials they create ergonomically designed, air powered, cutting and crimping tools. These replace manual tools that cause strain and injury such as carpal tunnel and tendinitis due to repetition. They drastically increase production times and improve consistency. This also allows the human touch to still be a part of production which today is easily lost to automation. Their tools are sold throughout the world serving the injection molding, electronic, automotive, industrial, aerospace and railway industries including clients like GE, Toyota, Tesla, and John Deere. Engineers work closely with the customers; testing product samples and visiting on location to assess challenges and engineer viable solutions. CEO Julie Reid commented: "“We are proud to have three generations of family here to take part of what our father started, and we have some people that have been with us for over 40 years. It’s safe to say that the “family” here goes beyond blood. “We have a beautiful team, and we are all thrilled to be on Manufacturing Marvels. It is a great opportunity to show people what we do.” To learn more visit www.simonds-inc.com
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Crimping Copper Tubing with Simonds Inc. Pnuematic and Hydraulic Tools
Simonds Inc. is a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic tools for the Industrial, Plastics and Electrical markets. This video shows some of our tools used in crimping and cold welding copper tubing. We manufacture tools from simple pinch off to ball crimp to tube reducing and hydraulic cold weld. Many of these tools are standard, but Simonds can also manufacture tools to your specific needs.
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HandWorker, Simonds Work Station
Simonds Inc. stand alone work station that converts standard hand tools in to a pneumatic tool. The ergonomic advantages to relieving strain from repetitive motion, hard squeezing and all day working are found in this built in America tool. Simply insert the hand tool that you use now, adjust the opening and air speed and you have a pneumatic tool.
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Wire Crimping Tool, Pneumatic
Wire and lead crimping with a pneumatic tool. This is Simonds Inc. UC-90 universal crimp outfit. Using interchangeable universal inserts (optional) this tool can process connectors in applications such as COAX, stranded wire, Hex-style and open\closed barrel. An optional locator shelf as shown in the video is available. This tool helps with positive crimps and increases production. The ergonomics of this tool also aides in relieving stress due to repetitive motion.
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Hose Clamp Tool - Pneumatic SM-300
Air powered tool for installing hose clamps on production lines. The Simonds Inc. SM-300 tool allows ergonomic installation of hose clamps up to a size of 2.44". Safety is built in to the tool. The slide is in a closed position when air is introduced. Triggering the tool opens the slide for acceptance of the hose clamp. Release trigger and hose clamp opens. Set on hose, press trigger and hose clamp is in place. Like all Simonds tools, this tool is designed with ergonomics in mind. The SM-300 is for constant tension band clamps up to 2.44". Simonds also has the SM-350 for single wire clamp up to 2.68". The clamp will not twist in the SM-350. The SM-200 is for double wire clamps up to 1.5". Simonds Inc. can also design and manufacture hose clamp tools for specific needs and work areas. Consult our engineering department.
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Notching sheet metal using hand tools may cause injuries and carpal tunnel for the operators. Simonds Inc. has developed a notching tool using the ergonomics of air tools to create a 1/2" x 1/2" square notch in up to 20 gauge metal. The tool makes a clean cut with very little effort from the operator. These tools are made to last on the production line. Short ROI.
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Cold Weld with Simonds "HY" Series Hydraulic Unit
In this video you can clearly see the jaws closing when the hydraulic pump is activiated. The copper is crimped between the rollers in the jaws and the excess "pops" off. You can see that there is a razor thin crimp in the tubing giving a mechanical, permanant vacuum seal. Using the Simonds hydraulic tool eliminates the need to weld a tubing crimp. This step elimination will speed up production, form a more positive crimp and increase production. Simonds standard Hydraulic tools will crimp up to 1/2" soft tubing. We have designed and manufactured tools for crimping up to 3/4" tubing and crimping exhaust pipes together. You can see our Hydraulic and other catalogs at www.simonds-inc.com
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Air powered tool that cuts component leads on P.C. boards 1/16" above the surface and bends them over tight to the board. Seven interchangeable cut and bend heads are available for different diameter components with 20, 30 or 45 degree working angles. There are also four heads available for shorter layover, 1/32", in the 20, 30 and 45 degree heads. This tool provides ergonomic comfort while working on the production line. Tool helps to increase production, lower product rejects and relieve pressures from repetitive motions.
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Rail Road Tab Bender
This is a tab bender for railcar axle bearing caps. Manufactured in the United States by Simonds Inc. of Southbridge, Massachusetts, this tool comes in five different sizes, fitting caps from 1/2" to 1 1/4". Pneumatically run, this tools replaces hand pliers for doing a job that is hard on the hands. Ergonomic in design this tool will fold over the locking tabs on rail car axle bearing caps with ease. Economical tool to relieve stress of hand tools. Contact us for demonstrations for this Made in the U.S.A. tool.
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How to use Air Powered Tools Demonstrations
Examples of applications of our hand held air powered, cutting and crimping tools. Wire cutters and wire crimps, snap ring tools, cap insertion, cable cutters, plastic cutters, robotic plastic cutters, and hose clamp tools.
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Simonds Tools - SP01P -SP02P Piston Assembly
The video here shows the correct way to assemble the piston assembly and install o'rings. A note, be very careful to not rip or twist the o'rings when installing. We use a grease free of silicone to assist in the installation of the o'rings. Just a little bit helps.
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E-Clip Tool 2
This is another video of our tool pushing E-Clips on to a bar. This tool is easy to use and has a variety of heads available to push different sizes or E-Clips. Along with lowering fatigue during the work day, this tools will help relieve ergonomic issues with repetitive pushing by hand.
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Crimping Tool for Copper Tubing. PTX-809
This pneumatic tool designed by Simonds Inc. is made to crimp soft/copper tubing prior to brazing. Unlike some other tools, this has a guide to help line up and keep the tubing stationary prior to crimping. This ergonomic tools replaces hand tools that may cause fatigue. It also takes away the injuries of repetitive motion disorders. This tool show is crimping 1/4" tubing. Crimping other diameters of copper are available with different tools that Simonds Inc. manufactures.
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Pneumatic tool for reducing the diameter of a copper tubing. This tool will keep the smaller diameter of the tubing perfectly round while cause the excess tubing to flatten out. This video shows a 1.33", double wall copper tubing being used. The side "ears" are 0.245" when flattened with a "pilot" hole of 0.325". Simonds Inc. makes this tool to accept other diameters of copper tubing. Simonds tools provide an ergonomic solutions to production line hand tools in manufacturing
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Simonds Wire Cutter - B-38 with SP-003 Power Pack
This is Simonds B-38 cutter using an SP-003 power pack to cut wheel spokes. This pneumatic cutter makes clean cuts while reducing strain on workers hands and wrist. Ergonomics is built in to every Simonds Inc. tool.
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PTX-938 Cable Cutter. Simonds Inc.
Simonds Inc. PTX-939 cable cutter cutting 1.0 wire. This makes a clean cut of the wire. Addresses ergonomic issues of cutting this size wire. Can be hand held as shown or used with bench stand to permanently mount on a work bench within the production line.
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Air driven cable cutting tool for heavier cables. Pneumatic PTX-938 cuts through cable and other heavy materials like butter. The scissor design avoids "crimping" or bending while cutting. This tool is currently used in a major car manufacturer to reduce issues on their production line. Ergonomic design helps to reduce injuries related to repetitive motion and "hard" cutting with hand tools. Simonds Inc. can also design special tools for specific needs.
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Cutting Stainless Steel Band with Pneumatic Simonds Cutter
Using the SP-008 and a B-35 jaw we can cut through stainless steel band. This method helps relieve stress on hands from using conventional hand tools. The rapid cut and recover allows for more cuts per work cycle. These jaws will last quite a while cutting s.s. bands. Also, many times, the jaws can be resharpened to help reduce overall costs.
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Simonds Power Pack on Robotic Arm
Simonds power packs and jaws are used on robots for working with wire, plastics, industrial applications, etc. Simonds has a wide range of tools that can enhance a production lines use of robotics. This video shows our remote power pack cutting wires. It has increased the speed of the work and has lowered rejects. Simonds engineers and sales personnel can work with any company to solve manufacturing issues using robotics.
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MSP 1 Gate Cutter
Simonds Inc. smallest power pack with PGC-1CH cutting jaw is seen cutting the sprue (gate) on a small finished plastic part. Using minimal air and effort we can easily cut the sprue off and create a smooth finish. Simonds Inc. manufactures larger tools for heavier sprues. Simonds can also make special cutters for specific needs.
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Simonds Inc. special tool for inserting rubber caps in to copper tubing. These caps are inserted in to the copper tubing to protect the ends from damage. This Simonds tool was developed for the production line.
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PTX 871 - Air Powered Crimping Tool - Shopping Carts
Simonds Inc. has designed and manufactured this air tool for closing clips on the sides of shopping carts during manufacturing. The tool holds the clip in place while it "folds" over the ears of the clip to hold the basket to the frame of the shopping cart. Pneumatic tools provide ergonomic solutions for hand tools on the production line. As viewed in the video you can see the tool jaws roll over the clip and close it to crimp solid. This air powered crimping tool provides secure attachment of the clip to the shopping cart. Also helps reduce operator fatigue, increases production and allows for a more consistent crimp on the basket. Simonds Inc. can design and manufacture tools that fit specific needs on the production line. Like this air powered crimping tool for shopping carts, Simonds Inc. has designed tools for hose clamp insertion, tube crimping, cold welding and more. Visit our web site or call to see what Simonds Inc. can do for you.
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Cable Cutting
This is two separate tools to cut the wires. The larger cutter, our SA-2000 using an SP-002 power pack cuts the larger wires without any deformation. The smaller wires were cut with a CD-3CH using an SP-02P power pack. There is some deformation of the wire with the smaller unit.
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Cam Removal of Simonds Inc. Tools
This is a question Simonds is asked a lot, how to remove and replace the cams on our larger power packs. It is fairly simple. All of our cams are held in place with Loctite #609 Retaining Compound and heat. With a little heat and a wrench you can remove the cam. Use air to extend the shaft with the cam on it. Firmly hold the shaft in place so it does not move while removing the cam. We made a holder of soft metal because we do not want to scratch or mar the shaft. If you do it may cause problems down the road with the seals. Heat the cam using a torck. Just need to heat it for a few seconds. Than, take a wrench and hit it to break the seal. Once this is done the cam will screw right off. Use the same process in reverse to install a new cam. Put the Loctite 609 in the cam, screw it on and heat it, about ten (10) seconds. This works with all of our cams, no matter the shape.
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Hose clamp tools are a major part of Simonds Inc. business. This video shows our PTX-818 hose clamp tool. This was designed for the specific hose clamp shown. This tool compliments our standard hose clamp tools. As shown in the video the tool allows for ease of installing and removing hose clamps on the production line. Automotive, White Goods, HVAC, Aerospace markets are just a few of the areas that Simonds hose clamp tools are found. The ergonomics of tools that allow relief from repetitive motion and hand force help increase production and reduce product rejects. Simonds line of pneumatic and hydraulic tools can be seen on our website.
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Pneumatic Cutting of Vent Hose Spring Wire
Using a Simonds SP-004 with our B-38 jaw and housing we can cut through the tubing and the wire inside of the vent tube.
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Eye Guard - Cutting on PC Board
Simonds Inc., manufacturer of pneumatic tools, has guards to protect against debris and prevent accidentally inserting fingers near cutting jaws. Seen here cutting tabs on PC board. Waste product moves away from operator and cuts clean to the board.
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The E-Series of jaws manufactured by Simonds Inc. are designed with a brass anvil on one side and a cutting jaw on the other. Using various Simonds Inc. power packs this cutting head is ground to cut rubber hose, plastic tubing, ribbon cable and soft, shielded copper cable. Simonds manufactures two different cutting lengths, E-3 length of cut 1.48 inches and the E-4 at 2.72 inches. The brass anvil is replaceable when it wears.
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Automated Cutting of Wire
Simonds Inc. tools can be used to automate a production line. Here is our SP-01PF with special 01X566 jaws cutting wires on an automatic machine. Many of Simonds tools can be adapted for similar uses. Simonds tools are used on robotics for plastic degating, within the automotive industry and this usage on wire.
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SP01 02 Air Valve Assy
An integral part of Simonds tool repairs involves the air valve. In the video you can see how our technicians insert the 10-01 air valve, spring, spool and spacers. An important part of the installation is insuring the valve is placed in with the air hole facing out and it is pressed in evenly to the proper depth. Prints for the jigs we use with the pin height are available for your shop to make.
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CD 1 Semi Flush Cut
Pneumatic hand tool cutting leads on PC board. Using CD-1 jaws this gives a semi-flush cut to the board. Pneumatic tool helps relieve strain caused by repetitive motion using hand cutters. Along with lowering injuries, helps to increase production and lowers rejects. Clip shows ease of cutting the lead on the p.c. board
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CD-1 - Semi-Flush Cut
Simonds tool cutting leads on circuit boards to a semi-flush cut. Pneumatic hand tool with CD-1 jaws cuts a clean, sharp semi-flush lead. Relieves strain due to repetitive cutting, lowers rejects, increases production.
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The copper sleeve on coax cable can be difficult to remove by hand. Using a pneumatic tool we are able to slide the copper sleeve off of the coax cable with ease. This ergonomic design on the tool helps to prevent repetitive motion disorders and increases production. Simply slide the coax cable in to the jaws of the tool. The copper sleeve is already scored from previous action of removing the outside jacket. Activate the tool and the copper sleeve slides almost all the way off. Simply pull the copper sleeve and you have a clean cable. The PTX-819 can help with your production needs.
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CD 3 Flush Cut
Simonds CD-3 blade used to cut leads on circuit board. This short clip shows cutting to a flush on the board. Simonds tool replaces hand tools with pneumatic cutter to help relieve strain from multiple cut. The ergonomic design cuts down on injuries.
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E-Clip Tool
This video shows the operation of Simonds E-Clip tool. This tool speeds up the process and helps to address ergonomic issues.
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Air Powered Cable Cutter
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Hydraulic Crimping
Simonds special made Hydraulic Crimping outfit for "squeezing" together and sealing tubing on large HVAC systems. This hydraulic tool offers consistant crimps, positive seal and ease of use. As you can see from the video, the power head is moved in to position on the tubing. A pendant/switch is pushed and the hydraulics crimp the tubing. This is a highly repeatable crimp, allowing for uniform, easy crimp. Helps to lower rejects.
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