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How to create dropdown menus in Joomla 3.7
How to create dropdown menus using Joomla 3. NOTE: For Protostar template, here are the extra steps required to make it work: http://codesteps.com/2013/04/29/how-to-display-pull-down-menus-in-protostar-template-in-joomla-3-x/ Also note that this method will not solve problems you are facing with templates that do not support dropdowns menus in the first place.
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Joomla 3 - How to Create new pages and add menu links
This short video introduces a user to creating articles in Joomla 3 and adding menu links that point to those articles. For more info or tips visit http://www.easyjoomla.com.au
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Joomla 3 How to edit template css/php files, create overrides of component layouts
This video looks at how Joomla 3 enables users to edit template files directly (including css and php files), it also looks at how to create overrides for components and modules to display in your own custom style (advanced users only).
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Embedding youtube videos in Joomla 3 with JCE
This video shows how to embed youtube videos without plugins in Joomla simply using the JCE text editor. If you wish to insert videos using TinyMCE (Joomla's default editor) follow these steps: https://www.joomla-monster.com/blog/joomla-3-0/how-to-stop-joomla-editor-from-cleaning-some-html-elements
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Step-by-step guide: Creating a Multi-Language Joomla 3 web site
This tutorial shows you the steps involved in setting up a Multi-Lingual web site in Joomla 3.
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How to make a Blog in Joomla 3
This video shows you how to add blog style pages using Joomla 3. Joomla's built in blog feature lets you display articles from a category in the article manager in a flexible blog style format with read more buttons - this video shows you how.
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Basic usage of Acymailing in Joomla 3
This tutorial shows the basic usage of Acymailing in Joomla 3 to manage mailing lists and create newsletters. The tutorial assumes that you already have Acymailing installed and configured as well as JCE as your text editor.
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Setup Cpanel Email in Outlook 2016
A quick guide to the settings commonly used to setup cpanel based email in outlook 2016
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Joomla 3 - fixing error 'no installation plugin enabled'
After the Joomla 3.6 upgrade, some users are reporting an error where they cannot install new extensions. The error says 'No installation plugin has been enabled. At least one must be enabled. Go to the plugin manager to enable the plugins'. The solution to this issue is not initially in the plugin manager - but via Joomla's "discover" tool.
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Joomla error Googlebot cannot access CSS and JS files
Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and Joomla 3 are all affected by this error and being contacted by Google with a message saying: "Google systems have recently detected an issue with your homepage that affects how well our algorithms render and index your content. Specifically, Googlebot cannot access your JavaScript and/or CSS files because of restrictions in your robots.txt file. These files help Google understand that your website works properly so blocking access to these assets can result in suboptimal rankings." This error is caused by the robots.txt file in Joomla installations, which blocks access to the Google Bot to certain key files. We can't simply give googlebot access to all files in Joomla, as this would cause Joomla system files to be displayed in Google search results - which if nothing else would be bad for SEO. The solution is to add the following to the top of your robots.txt file in the main file directory of your Joomla installation: #Googlebot User-agent: Googlebot Allow: *.css Allow: *.js
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Mailchimp: How to Add Attachments to emails
Mailchimp does not let you attach files to emails in the usual way, but rather creates a link in the email to the desired file directly on the mailchimp server. This guide shows you how to create this links to attach files to mailchimp newsletters
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Joomla & JCE - insert anchors in text and create links to anchors
Anchors enable you to create 'bookmarks' in the text of a page - and this guide shows you how to use Joomla's JCE editor to create anchors, and how to link to the anchors from other articles
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Acymailing 5.5 Introduction for Joomla 3 or 2.5
In this video, we look at the features of Acymailing Enterprise for Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3 This mailing list component is availabe from www.acyba.com
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Basic Overview of Event Booking for Joomla 3
A basic overview of using the Event Booking Component from Joomdonation to create events, edit locations and payment methods. For more details see http://documentation.joomdonation.com/ - for questions contact Joomdonation directly!
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Joomla 3 - Basic Sh404sef Usage
How to use sh404sef for redirects, 404 errors and titles and meta tags in Joomla 3.2
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How to disable Joomla 3 update notification emails
In this video we show you how to disable joomla update notification emails, or how to specify which email addresses should receive this notice. Remember - please keep your Joomla site up to date at all times to avoid hacker attacks!
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Using Akeeba Backup Pro to Restore Backup in Joomla 3
This video showcases how easy it is to restore a backup of your Joomla 3 web site with Akeeba Backup Pro.
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Intro to Nextend Smart Slider for Joomla 3
Nextend Smart Slider is an excellent slideshow system for Joomla. This video guides you through its basic functions and shows how it can create some very neat animations on your web site. The slideshow is available from www.nextendweb.com
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Fixing a hacked Joomla web site
In this video we introduce how to fix a hacked Joomla web site manually. You will need to look out for and fix: - modified system files where extra code is added to existing files - uploaded files that do not belong in Joomla that are compromised To do this, look for files matching patterns such as eval, assert, create_function, base64_decode, gzuncompress, gzinflate, str_rot13, preg_replace, file_get_contents, curl_exec (some of these codes exist in Joomla core files – but look for them being added in unusual places and files). We use the 'notepad++' component to help search for such files - and one can also use the FTP program Filezilla for the purpose of searching for recently modified files. Once the web site is cleaned up, tighten security by upgrading to the latest version of Joomla and installing a firewall component.
Views: 2071 Easy Joomla
Intro to Cd-Labelprint software
An overview of CD Labelprint 1.4.2 - great software for printing cd labels on Canon printers. It is freeware from http://cd-labelprint.software.informer.com/
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Using Eshop Import Pro to import products from Excel
The Joomla e-commerce system eshop from joomdonation.com has an excellent import tool called 'import pro'. In this video, we look at how to use this tool to import products and images
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DIY: Using Cpanel to edit html pages
This diy how to guide shows you how to use Cpanel based hosting to make simple changes to a html based web site. NOTE: this will not work on a wordpress/joomla or other CMS based web site
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Joomla & JCE: Frontend Text and Image Editing
Basic tips for how to use JCE in Joomla to edit your Joomla articles in the front-end. This video shows you how to avoid excessive gaps between text lines by pressing 'ctrl' and 'enter' instead of simply 'enter'. It also shows how to align pictures to the lefft and right for best practice and results
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How to use Kunena Forums in Joomla 3
Kunena provides an excellent forum system for Joomla 3 - and it is free! See www.kunena.org. This intro shows you the main features of Kunena and how easy it is to use as an admin user in Joomla 3.
Views: 4678 Easy Joomla
How to make 301 redirects using sh404sef in Joomla 2.5
How to make redirects using sh404sef to preserve old web site urls http://www.screenr.com/bZPH
Views: 1740 Easy Joomla
Why do Joomla web sites get hacked?
Many small Joomla web sites get hacked - why is this? The video looks at some of the reasons hackers target Joomla web sites, some of the things they do once they break in and some practical tips to keep your web site secure. Subsequent videos will guide you through practical steps to get rid of hacked files and improve security.
Views: 309 Easy Joomla
Using sh404sef to fix 404 errors joomla 3
sh404sef for Joomla 3 can track 404 errors on your web site, and guide visitors to the correct new page on your web site. Use this guide to find out how!
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How to use JCE to upload files in Joomla 3
JCE 2.6 and later lets you upload files straight into Joomla 3.x articles. This guide shows you how! You can get JCE at www.joomlacontenteditor.net
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Attaching Files to Articles in Joomla with JCE Pro
This video shows you how to attach files to an article when you use JCE editor pro in Joomla 3 JCE editor pro is available from www.joomlacontenteditor.net
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Shared hosting: avoid emails being labelled as spam - use local ISP
When you use shared web hosting, your emails can be labelled as spam and have problems reaching their destination. This little video guide shows you how to use your local internet provider's good reputation to enable your emails to reach their destination.
Views: 111 Easy Joomla
JCE Pro - embed youtube video
How to embed a youtube video in joomla using jce pro
Views: 253 Easy Joomla
JCE Editor Pro Features
How to activate JCE Editor Pro's Media Manager, Image Manager Extended and File Manager - for Joomla 3
Views: 523 Easy Joomla
Intro to Eshop for Joomla 3 or 2.5 from Joomdonation.com
Eshop is an excellent shopping cart for Joomla from joomdonation.com. This video shows you the main features of the system as it works in Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5
Views: 1540 Easy Joomla
Using Google Chrome Developer tools for html/css problems
This video introduces the Google Chrome Developer tools feature which is handy when customising a template for Joomla or any other web site system. It is accessed by pressing f12 in Google Chrome
Views: 320 Easy Joomla
Import Eventbrite events into Joomla 3 articles with Combrite
This video shows how to import events from Eventbrite into Joomla 3 articles using the free Combrite component from combrite.com
Views: 235 Easy Joomla
Eshop for Joomla: Bulk Changes to Products
This video shows how to use Eshop from joomdonation.com to make bulk changes to product features such as price, width, length, quantity etc. Eshop is a great shopping cart for Joomla 3
Views: 278 Easy Joomla
Setting Up Cpanel POP Email In Windows 10 Mail
In this video, we look briefly at how to setup a cpanel pop email account in windows 10 mail. The settings are specific to Easyjoomla web hosting - but also apply for many other cpanel based hosting providers. The important setting to note is the switching off of SSL settings - this is essential for the emails to work on a non-SSL server as on our standard hosting package.
Views: 1860 Easy Joomla
Using Ignite Gallery in Joomla 3
An introduction to the Ignite Gallery Photo Component for Joomla 3 showing how to setup the backend, and how to upload photos from the frontend. Ignite Gallery for Joomla is available at http://www.ignitegallery.com/
Views: 940 Easy Joomla
Redirecting Joomla 2.5 urls using the REDJ component
How to create 301 redirect in Joomla 2.5 urls using the free REDJ component. For more help with using Joomla or Joomla hosting, visit easyjoomla.com.au
Views: 1791 Easy Joomla
Basic Guide to Sh404sef
In this tutorial, we show you how to use sh404sef in Joomla to rename urls, redirect duplicate urls from google to a single page, manage meta data and investigate and manage the 404 errors on your web site. This tutorial is done in Joomla 3 and will help improve your sites performance in google searches
Views: 460 Easy Joomla
Eshop Adding Product Options Joomla 3
Eshop for Joomla is a great shopping cart component. In this video we show you how to add 'options' to products such as length, colour and size and to set different prices for different options.
Views: 386 Easy Joomla
JCE Joomla - Insert Article Anchors and Links
This video shows how to add article anchors and create links to them in Joomla's front end using the text editor JCE.
Views: 66 Easy Joomla
How to fix locked article Joomla 3
Articles/modules in Joomla can be locked for editing if another user has forgotten to 'save and close' the item. This video shows you how to unlock articles/modules for editing.
Views: 150 Easy Joomla
How to clean cache/memory in Joomla 2.5
Web site changes not taking effect? The first thing to check is Joomla's cache. This simple video shows you how to empty the 'cache' in Joomla 2.5
Views: 100 Easy Joomla
Yootheme Zoo - intro to editing fields and layout
This video shows how to use Yootheme Zoo in Joomla 3.x or 2.5 and how to add / remove fields from Zoo and re-arrange the layout of fields.
Views: 164 Easy Joomla
Joomla 3: Intro to Akeeba Backup
In this video we show how easy it is to run a backup and manage backups in Joomla using Akeeba Backup. Akeeba is availalbe in free and pro versions.
Views: 176 Easy Joomla
Intro to Glimlags VM Coupons
A brief introduction to Glimlag's VM Coupon program for Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2. Shows how to add a coupon with percentage / amount discount and how to apply the coupon to specific categories.
Views: 61 Easy Joomla
Set up Cpanel email in Thunderbird
This guide shows you how to setup a new email account in Thunderbird - it assumes that the account has been setup on a cpanel based server
Views: 177 Easy Joomla
Eshop - exporting products or categories
Eshop from joomdonation lets users quickly and easily export product, category, and customer data to csv. This guide shows you how
Views: 70 Easy Joomla
How to add / manage admins to a facebook page
Find out how to add / remove admin users from a facebook page
Views: 69 Easy Joomla

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