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Approaching St Lewis River Lodge Labrador.wmv
Helicopter view of Atlantic Salmon river and lodge (under construction) on arrival at St Lewis River, Labrador. Summer 2012
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Tying the grapefruit egg fly
A favourite on the Pere Marquette, the Grapefruit Egg fly pattern is demonstrated here by Tommy Lynch
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Terry Lawton #2 - Tackle
Fish&Fly Field Editor Terry Lawton explains the type of fly fishing tackle he chooses when fishing small rivers for trout.
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How to tie a Glo Bug
A great egg pattern that is of course softer than a hard bead
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Fish&Fly top tips - sun protection
Sun protection when fly fishing or any style of fishing is very important these days.
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Dedicated Salmon Angler
A risky run for both the fish and the angler! The angler won! Not recommended if you want a long life!
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Fly casting tip
Captain John O'Hearn shares some tips on fly casting
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Terry Lawton #4 - Fishing Vest
Fish&Fly Field Editor Terry Lawton takes a look through the common objects to be found in his fly fishing vest and explains their use.
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Fish&Fly top tips - boats
Your choice of boat is largely influenced by your style of fishing. Fly fishing sees low draught/freeboard flats boats high on the list for example for fishing skinny water flats.
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Terry Lawton #1
Fish&Fly Field Editor Terry Lawton introduces his new book on Nymph fishing to fising journalist John Bailey ay Bintry Mill on the River Wensum in Norfolk
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Terry Lawton #3 - Fly Box
Fish&Fly Field Editor Terry Lawton gives us a look through his fly boxes he uses on the small rivers for trout and grayling.
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Fly Fishing the Florida Keys
Captain John O'Hearn gives a short intro into what fly fishing the Florida Keys (and video production!) is all about
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Fish&Fly top tips - sunglasses
Eye protection when fly fishing is very important both with sharp hooks flying around as well as the potential damage from reflected UV light. Sunglasses therefore an essential item.
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Terry Lawton #5 - Fishing the river
Terry Lawton shows how he approaches a smal river environment when fly fishing
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Fish&Fly top tips - Fly Lines
Fly lines now come in such a variety of styles, colours, tapers and other choices. What are the deciding factors when choosing a new line for your style of fly fishing.
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Red Lion Fishing
Fly Fishing the wonderful River Wharfe with Stephen Rhodes based out of the beautiful Red Lion Hotel in Burnsall
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Pesca Maya 2006
A few shots of the awesome area known as Ascension Bay fished from the equally awesome Pesca Maya lodge
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Fish & Fly Videos Promo
A compilation of video clips highlighting some of the items covered by the Fish&Fly Magzine video crew. Please note the email address given at the end is no longer valid - please contact [email protected] instead.
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Fish&Fly top tips - fly rods
Fly rods these days are achieving more than ever before thanks to new materials and excellent design. There are models to suit every budget, style of casting and experience level.
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How to Tie a Fly
Fly tying is a fun hobby and a great way to fill your own fly box with your favourite patterns or experiment with new ones. Here a basic fly is shown from start to finish to give you an idea of what is involved.
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Fish&Fly top tips - fly reels
Your fly reel is an important component of your fly fishing outfit. A good drag can be the difference between a trophy fish lost or landed so you really do often get what you pay for.
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Fish&Fly say goodbye to their friends at Atlantic Salmon Rivers Outfitters, Labrador in a Twin Otter
The end of an epic weeks salmon fishing on the Hunt River. Floating flies only! Bombers!
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