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Getting it up got you down?
Erectile Dysfunction in young men is a real thing, and many guys will ignore it rather than seek help. If you think it's a problem for you, then definitely watch this and see a urologist. In this video I'll take you though normal erections, what can malfunction, why to seek help, and what you can do at home. I hope this helps and thanks for your time everyone.
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Low Testosterone? Let's fix it.
At some point, many men notice reduced energy levels, poor focus, weight gain, and reduced erections. These symptoms may be signs of low testosterone. In addition to replacing testosterone, there are things you can do for yourself without medications. In this video I'll take you through the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and drawbacks of low T and testosterone replacement therapy.
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Antibiotics not helping your UTI symptoms?
4 Million women and 1 million men can answer "yes" to that question. It may be painful bladder syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome for men. Wow that's a lot of names for one thing. Take 10 minutes to learn about them and how you can help yourself improve your quality of life.
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Night Peeing Keeping You Up?
So many people wake up at night to urinate, often more than once, they don't get good sleep, and that makes the days so hard. Sound familiar? It may be your bladder, but it may also relate to sleep apnea, insomnia, body fluid, hormones, or night-time habits. Take 10 minutes to learn how these intersect and who to see to get help.
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Hey Hey PSA!
You've probably heard of the term PSA. I'm here to give you all the details and controversy on Prostate Specific Antigen
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Preventing Erectile Dysfunction
Every guy wants to have good erections, but medical problems, lifestyle, and age can take them away. You can prevent a lot of this. In the video I'll take you through how erections work, what hurts them, and ways to help keep you up.
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Adult male urinary and sexual problems: know your pelvic muscles guys!
Are you a man in your 20-40s and have urinary problems like difficulty starting, can't empty, slow stream, and frequency? It's quite possible that "voiding dysfunction" is an issue and not a large prostate. Heck, it's possible at any age. In this video you'll learn about your pelvic floor muscles, a.k.a. Kegel Muscles and how to use these to urinate better, why it's hard to urinate and hold in farts, and possibly improve sexual experience.
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Is ball pain a problem?
At some point in life, most men deal with testicular pain. We can't always answer why it happens, but we can make sure it's not a symptom of something serious. Hopefully this video will put some fears to rest.
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Kidney Stone Prevention
Have you ever passed a kidney stone? It's really painful! They can also cause you to need surgery and lead to kidney injury. We should really prevent these things. This video discusses practical advice on how you can reduce and maybe prevent stone formation.
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What's in a Prostate Biopsy
A prostate biopsy is the way to diagnose prostate cancer and it's often recommended when a patient has an elevated PSA. It can create some anxiety, but by understanding it, that can reduce apprehension. This video explains the procedure, risks, and benefits.
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Help! My urine is red!
Is your urine pink or red in color? This is known as hematuria. In this video I explain the various types of hematuria, how we work it up, and its potential outcomes.
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Do your balls hang low?
Does your scrotum ever swell or stay swollen? There are a few reasons why this can happen. Usually it's not serious, but you should see a doctor. This video covers possible causes, treatments, and what you can expect to happen.
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Clearing the Air on Vasectomies
Let's lift the veil on vasectomies. In addition to the procedure, I discuss risks, patient concerns, myths, and gimmicks to help you make an informed decision.
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ED, Low T, and can't pee: Understand, treat, and prevent these middle-aged male problems
Erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and urinary problems (related to an enlarge prostate) make up an unhappy triad of male health problems that often strike in a man's 40 - 60s. Also, erections are a barometer for your health and are related to heart heath and heart attacks. In some ways, these three Urologic problems are related too. They CAN be treated and there ARE methods to reduce the chances that you'll get them. The first few minutes is dedicated to defining what each problem is, how, and why it happens. The next few minutes are dedicated to treatment concepts for each problem. By minute 7, we switch gears to prevention. So IF you are in your 20-30s, definitely listen to the last 5 minutes of this video. But, hey, the whole thing is only 12 minutes of your life!
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After the surgery comes the...
...Post-op care. Not always exciting, but really important for how you heal. This video will take you through how to care for yourself and the incision after surgery. What's normal and what should concern you? You'll find out. There's so much more here so a part two is in the future.
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Acupuncture for Overactive Bladder?
Acupuncture is actually part of treating overactive bladder for some patients. It's called Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS). The side effects are minimal and it really does help most people who try it. It's also a great example of an alternative therapy being melded into western medicine. Intrigued?
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Making babies
While trying to make a baby can be great fun, it can also be discouraging if you're having trouble getting pregnant. Thankfully, there are some actions you can take (in addition to seeing your doctor) to help set you up for success.
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Cancer: know the enemy
What is cancer? How does it cause damage and how do doctors categorize it? Over 11 minutes, I will answer these and more questions and define all the terms that you've no doubt heard before. It is intended to help everyone be conversation in cancer so that you can talk with your doctor and family with confidence and understanding. It's an introduction, more is on way.
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To circumcise or not?
Circumcision discussions are often met with people who feel passionate about it. Due to this passion, the topic is unfortunately not fully covered leading up to birth. Many expectant parents do not have as strong of opinions, but do desire accurate information. In the first 8-9 minutes of this video, I discuss many of the risks vs. benefits of newborn circumcision. The last 3 minutes is more geared to adult circumcision. This is not an exhaustive discussion on the topic so if you have more specific questions, please comment or send me a message. However, I truly hope you find it informative and helpful.
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The kidneys are where?
Your kidneys make urine, which travels down the ureters to the bladder. The adrenal glands make hormones and live on top of the kidneys. Learn some anatomy with me and urology will make more sense.
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Masses, Lesions, & Cancer, Oh My!
We doctors use 4 terms to say the same thing. This video clears up what we mean.
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Oh no! I gotta' go pee--again!
Do you feel the need to urinate more frequently than you think you should? Are you annoyed by it? Let's define some terms, what causes your urge to urinate, and changes you can try at home that may help the problem.
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Leaking Ladies
Nobody is truly okay with leaking urine and many women in their 30's and beyond deal with it. Does this happen to you when you exercise, laugh, cough, or squeeze your abdomen? It's likely stress urinary incontinence. This week's video takes you through the diagnosis, what to expect from your doctor, treatment options, and the risks and benefits of surgeries to cure this problem and improve your quality of life.
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What's in the Pelvis?
Ever wonder what organs and anatomy are floating around in your pelvis? Watch this video and find out!
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Rolling Stones
So what if you already have stones? The options are broad: observation, multiple types of surgery, or help passing stones. It's true, for stones size matters...so does location. Here I discuss the pros/cons of the options, take you through our thought process, and clarify what's best for each situation.
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