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A Zebra Shark Wont' Let This Diver Work
A diver is trying to clean the glass at an aquarium where a cuddly zebra shark just won't let this diver work. The diver takes a break from working to snuggle the zebra shark and give him some rubs. A great example of how our Awesome Ocean is full of amazing life! Learn more at AwesomeOcean.com
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Bindi Irwin talks to Awesome Ocean about Conservation and Zoos
The world famous Bindi Irwin talks to Faith, Awesome Ocean's new Jr. Correspondent about what her favorite animal is, conservation, the roles of Zoological organizations in conservation and Bindi shares what it is like to grow up in a Zoo! Learn how you can get involved in protecting animals and our oceans at AwesomeOcean.com
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The Story of Cupid the Dolphin Who Got a Second Chance
Learn about Cupid a dolphin that was found stranded on a beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to the quick response from the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, Cupid was rescued and saved. After a year of rehabilitation, Cupid was deemed unreleasable by the NMFS, and was given a second home at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. Cupid is now thriving, and living life with a pod of dolphins under excellent care.
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Watch this penguin watch penguins
Everyone loves seeing penguins at zoos and aquariums. At the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore a lucky penguin got the treat of watching the other penguins swim underwater. This penguin adorably waddles from one side of the room to the other as this penguin chases the other penguins. Learn more at AwesomeOcean.com
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The underwater tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium
Take a moment and escape under the sea and checkout the underwater tunnel at the Georgia Aquarium.
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A Killer Whale Plays Chase With A Toddler
Watch this toddler play chase with Kalia a Killer Whale at SeaWorld San Diego. This incredible up close interaction is only possible at accredited zoological facilities at SeaWorld parks. Connections like this will last a life time. Learn more at AwesomeOcean.com
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Real John Hargrove vs. Book John Hargrove
Watch Blackfish star John Hargrove contradict himself in just 3 minutes on national television.
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Sting Ray giving birth on a beach
Watch as a stingray gives birth to live baby rays on a beach. This stingray was reeled in by a fisherman who then removes the hook and returns the stingray to the ocean.
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Pacific Point Grand Opening at SeaWorld San Antonio interview with Brian Morrow
Sr. Creative for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Brian Morrow talks about the new habitats at Pacific Point and what guests can now experience at SeaWorld San Antonio. Brian talks about the design influence and how guests can learn about the Sea Lions and their plight in the wild.
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The Georgia Aquarium gives a forever home to stranded Sea Lions
A few lucky Sea Lions are being transported to the Georgia Aquarium after being found starving and stranded on the California Coastline this past year and were deemed non-releasable by the Federal Government. These Sea Lions were given a second chance at life thanks to the Marine Mammal Center, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the Georgia Aquarium all working together to save sick, injured and stranded Sea Lions this past year as part of the UME in California.
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The Unsupported Conclusions by John Jett and Jeff Ventre
Dr. Kelly Jaakkola and Dr. Grey Stafford present the unsupported conclusions made in John Jett and Jeff Ventre's paper as part of their 2015 IMATA presentation which is based on the forth coming paper Robeck, T., Jaakkola, K., Stafford G., & Willis, K. (in press). Killer whale (Orcinus orca) survivorship in captivity: A critique of Jett and Ventre (2015). Marine Mammal Science
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Save The Taiji Dolphins. End The Hunt.
The Barbaric Taiji Dolphin hunting season spans 7 painfully long months. From September to March every year, 1500-2500 dolphins are slaughtered in the Japanese fishing village of Taiji. Sign The Petition. End The Sale. End The Slaughter.
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Understanding Marine Mammal Facilities in Today's Conservation Landscape - IMATA 2015
Dr. Jaakkola opened her presentation by pointing out that marine mammal facilities like the Dolphin Research Center provide an opportunity to perform research that can’t be done in the wild, from perception, physiology and her specialty, cognition, to ways to assess dolphin health, from passive hearing to ultrasounds and diagnoses tests, to effects of stressors, noise pollution, bioaccumulation and contaminants. “Before we had dolphins in zoological facilities, we didn’t know the basics about them, the fact that they have echolocation, what’s their hearing range, what’s their gestation,” Dr. Jaakkola says, in her presentation. “The vast majority of what we know about dolphin cognition, communication, physiology, perception, have all been learned from studies in zoological facilities.” Not only is this critical for basic research, it actually forms the basis for conservation studies and enforcement. Learn more about IMATA and the 2015 Conference at AwesomeOcean.com
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SeaWorld Rescues Two Manatee in Alabama
This past week, the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team was asked by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to travel approximately 500 miles to Magnolia Springs, Ala., to rescue two injured, cold-stressed manatee from the Magnolia River. SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue team will closely monitor the manatee’s progress. This is the second time, within the last three weeks, that the Animal Rescue Team has traveled outside of Florida to assist with rescuing a cold-stressed manatee. The team is currently providing around-the-clock care for eight cold-stressed manatees. This is the first manatee rescued of 2015. SeaWorld animal experts have helped more than 24,000 animals in need – ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned – for more than five decades.
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Sea Lion Crisis in San Diego - A look behind the scenes at SeaWorld San Diego
So far in 2015 thousands of Sea Lions have been found starving and stranded on the California Coast line. SeaWorld San Diego and other agencies have been working tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and return these animals to their natural environment. So far in 2015 SeaWorld San diego has rescued over 400 sea lions. The crew at Awesome Ocean takes a look at the incredible work happening behind the scenes.
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Sea Lion High Premier SeaWorld San Antonio Interview with Sharon Aguillen
We talked to the VP of Entertainment at SeaWorld San Antonio about their new show Sea Lion High and about some of the unique ways it was adapted for their park for their animals.
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Awesome Ocean LIVE Q&A - Dolphin Research Center Dr. Jaakkola
Awesome Ocean is hosting a live Q&A with the Director of Research Dr. Kelly Jaakkola about dolphin intelligence and amazing things that have been learned from the dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center.
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How Do Cognitive Studies Benefit Wild Dolphons - Dr. Kelly Jaakkola from the Dolphin Research Center
As part of the Awesome Ocean Live Q&A Dr. Kelly Jaakkola the Director of Research for the Dolphin Research Centers answer's fan questions. One fan wanted to know, how do cognitive studies done at the Dolphin Research Center benefit whales in the wild? Dr. Jaakkola explains that there are behaviors and research that cannot be done by just watching whales through binoculars. Dr. Jaakkola also explains how research is done on dolphin communication, behavior, stranding, and other research that is done on dolphins in human care.
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Paddle Boarder Falls Off And Sees Great White Shark
A paddle boarder is enjoying a nice relaxing day paddle boarding on the ocean when he slips off. When he slips off he gets the startle of his life when he comes face to face with an adult great white shark. Watch the full video to see this incredible and breathtaking encounter
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Common Dolphin Rescued and Released by SeaWorld San Diego - Exclusive
Erin McKinney from AwesomeOcean.com interviews SeaWorld San Diego's Rescued Animal coordinator Jody Westberg about the Common Dolphin that was rescued by SeaWorld San Diego along with the update to its release back into the ocean after it was given a clean bill of health.
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Shamu Connection   IMATA 2015
At IMATA 2015 Joseph Sanchez and Kristen McMahon-Van Oss share the new Shamu Connection program at SeaWorld that connects students to the whales and dolphins that call SeaWorld home. This innovative live Skype Program helps showcase the world class animal care at SeaWorld parks and also helps demonstrate the amazing adaptations of killer whales and how they became the apex predators in the ocean.
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Learn how marine parks like SeaWorld are helping to wild killer whales
Emmy nominated actress Carolyn Hennesy talks about how Killer Whales in human care at SeaWorld are helping researchers learn how to protect and save endangered killer whale populations.
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Sr. Animal Care Specialist at Seaworld San Diego responds to California Oil Spill
In California there is an oil spill that is hurting marine animals. SeaWorld is on call to take in any animals that might be affected by the oil spill. SeaWorld San Diego has a special oiled animals response team that can respond to an oil spill at anytime.
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Salmon Croquettes To Impress Anyone
The Awesome Ocean Team loves sustainable seafood! Check out our adaptation of this recipe from Cooking Light. The flaky salmon patties pair perfectly with a side salad of colorful greens. Click here for the full recipe: http://awesomeocean.com/2016/04/20/salmon-croquettes-will-impress-guest-guaranteed/
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Disturbing Video of John Hargrove On Horrifying Racist Rant
***WARNING - Disturbing Language*** A newly uncovered video shows Beneath The Surface author and Blackfish star John Hargrove on a racial slur-filled rant against African-Americans, in which he repeatedly uses the n-word - repeatedly.
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The Invalid Comparisions by John Jett and Jeff Ventre
Dr. Kelly Jaakkola and Dr. Grey Stafford present the invalid comparisons made in John Jett and Jeff Ventre's paper as part of their 2015 IMATA presentation which is based on the forth coming paper Robeck, T., Jaakkola, K., Stafford G., & Willis, K. (in press). Killer whale (Orcinus orca) survivorship in captivity: A critique of Jett and Ventre (2015). Marine Mammal Science
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Awesome Ocean LIVE - Q&A with Bridgette Pirtle-Davis
Join AwesomeOcean.com editor Eric Davis and contributor Erin McKinney as they interview former SeaWorld trainer and BlackFish contributor Bridgette Pirtle-Davis as she shares stories about her 10 year experience working with Killer Whales and animals at SeaWorld, and her experience helping to make the film BlackFish, and why she now defends SeaWorld.
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Jett and Ventre Rebuttal at IMATA featuring Dr.Kelly Jaakkola and Dr. Grey Stafford
At IMATA 2015 Dr. Kelly Jaakkola and Dr. Grey Stafford provide a rebuttal to the academic paper by Jeff Ventre and John Jett. Which is based on the forthcoming paper Robeck, T., Jaakkola, K., Stafford G., & Willis, K. (in press). Killer whale (Orcinus orca) survivorship in captivity: A critique of Jett and Ventre (2015). Marine Mammal Science
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Dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium
Watch the dolphins at the Georgia Aquarium at one of their habitats as they swim, play and explore. I
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A Mom who just finished military service in Afghanistan is reunited with her son at SeaWorld Oralndo
After serving a full tour of duty in Afghanistan this military mom was reunited with her 6 year old son at Shamu Stadium at SeaWorld Orlando. Marine parks and aquariums serve as places that bring families together and inspire people to preserve and conserve our natural world. Learn more at our website AwesomeOcean.com
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Sea Turtles find Forever Home at SeaWorld Orlando
Endangered Sea Turtles are facing more and more human pressures which is leading to more Sea Turtles getting injured and hurt. Off the Florida coast when a Sea Turtle is injured SeaWorld Orlando is one facility that can help rehabilitate the injured turtle. When it is too injured these Sea Turtles are given a forever home at SeaWorld orlando
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Awesome Ocean LIVE Q&A - Dolphin Quest Research and Care
Join us for a special Awesome LIVE Q&A where we talk to Dr. K. Alex Shorter and Julie Rocho-Levine from Dolphin Quest in Hawaii. Your hosts Eric and Erin will discuss the amazing dolphin research that is happening at Dolphin Quest.
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Awesome Ocean Live Q&A - Conservationist and Emmy Nominated Actress Carolyn Hennesy
Join your hosts Eric and Erin as they talk to conservationist and Emmy nominated actress Carolyn Hennesy. When Carolyn Hennesy isn't on ABC's hit show Revenge or on Disney Channel's wildly popular show Jessie. She hosts a weekly show called "Animal Magnetism" where she talks to people working and caring with animals.
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Rough Toothed Dolphin Discovered to be Deaf
A rough toothed dolphin that stranded off the Gulf of Mexico was rescued by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and then taken to SeaWorld Orlando for care, has now been discovered that the dolphin is deaf.
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Learn about how Killer Whales in human care are helping wild Killer Whales
Learn how scientists are working with the animals at SeaWorld to learn how pollution is passed on through Killer Whale milk from a mother to its calf.
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19 Manatee Rescued in Satellite Beach Florida
Rescue workers from SeaWorld Orlando, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Florida Wildlife Trappers and the Satellite Beach Fire and Rescue worked tirelessly to save 19 endangered Manatees that were caught in a storm drainage pipe. All the animals were saved and returned to their natural environment.
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A Polar Bear Cub falls into the water at a Zoo
An adorable polar bear cubs falls into one of its pool at a zoo. The Cub falls in and cries and the mother polar bear runs over to help her cub get out of the water.
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Pod of Sperm Whales Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico
A pod of sperm whales is seen swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. These animals are found in every ocean around the world. Learn more at AwesomeOcean.com
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Awesome Ocean Live Q&A - Dolphin Research Center - Education - Kirsten Donalds
Join your hosts Eric & Erin as they interview the Dolphin Research Center's Director of Education Kirsten Donald about the various education programs offered at the Dolphin Research Center and how their work benefits not just guests but wild dolphins.
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Ingrid Visser Harassing Wild Killer Whales
New Zealand Law states that: All seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales are protected under the Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978. It’s an offence to harass, disturb, injure or kill marine mammals. Anyone charged with harassing, disturb, injuring or killing a marine mammal faces a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment or a fine to maximum of $250,000. We ask that Ingrid Visser be held accountable for her harassing of wild whales and dolphins in New Zealand.
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Polar Bear Close Up at the Saint Louis Zoo
Watch as guests to the Saint Louis Zoo get up with a polar bear!
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Manatees Find Forever Home at SeaWorld Orlando
Learn about how injured manatees were rescued and given a forever home at SeaWorld Orlando. Your visit to accredited zoological facilities you help to fund a network of professionals who can answer the call, rescue animals in need and in certain cases provide long term care and a place to live giving the animal a second chance at life.
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What is Awesome Ocean?
Awesome Ocean is a website and a group of people who love our Oceans and are dedicated to learning ways that we can help save and protect our oceans. Awesome Oceans celebrates the brave men and women who are the front lines of saving our planet, and saving our oceans. We love and support accredited zoological organizations that are fighting to protect and save our planet.
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Lindy Donahue
Trainer Lindy Donahue, gives us her top three things to see at SeaWorld San Diego's brand new Orca Encounter.
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Awesome Ocean Live - Q&A with Mark Simmons
A live Q&A with Mark Simmons the author of "Killing Keiko" and Awesome Ocean Editor Eric Davis and contributor Erin McKinney. Eric and Erin discuss Mark's SeaWorld experience, his time with killer whales, his experience on the Free Willy Kieko Foundation, and what he has been doing for the 10 years since the project completed.
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SeaWorld rescues Cold Stressed Manatee on New Years Eve
While most people were partying, the SeaWorld Animal Care Rescue team were caring for a cold stressed manatee from Jacksonville. This Manatee makes the 14th manatee rescue in 2014 and demonstrates again why accredited zoological organizations like SeaWorld are important.
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5 Guadalupe Fur Seals Returned by SeaWorld San Diego
After months of successful rehabilitation SeaWorld San Diego was able to return 5 Guadalupe Fur Seals back into their home in the Pacific Ocean. These fur seals were tagged with satellite tags so that researchers can monitor their rage and learn more about this species.
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SeaWorld returns giant loggerhead Sea Turtle
watch as SeaWorld's Sea Rescue team returns a giant loggerhead sea turtle to the atlantic ocean after a lengthy rehabilitation at SeaWorld Orlando.
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Beluga Born at SeaWorld San Antonio
On June 20th at 12am a Beluga Whale was born at SeaWorld San Antonio to Martha a 30 year old whale. This calf is adorable and is being celebrated around the world.
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