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The 600 Horse Power "Above Average" Hits the Mud
A friend of mine took his truck out for a little test drive. i hope you enjoy!
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Every Step of My V8 S-10 Budget Build by Chud327
A compilation of every step of my V8 S-10 Build. Chud327 Channel on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011198793821
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Installing LED's on my Zero Turn
In this episode, I put a couple of LED flood lights on my zero turn mower, now I can mow at night again. Thanks for watching.
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Build an Industrial Looking Lamp with Chud327
Built the oldest daughter a lamp she saw on Ebay, this video shows how. It was $90 online, we built it for $12.
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Mako - Florida's Fastest, Tallest, Longest Roller Coaster!
This is a front row POV ride on the all new Mako at Sea World. It is Florida's tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster! It was fun!
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Tire Test
Testing to see if tractor tires are better than turf tires.
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Homemade Can Crusher with Auto Loader by Chud327
This is building an auto loader magazine for my industrial strength, homemade can crusher.
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How to Easily Find Rear End Gear Ratios
A rear gear training. 3 ways to find rear end gear ratios.
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Moving a Carport
In this episode, we relocate a metal carport.
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S-10 V8 on a Shoestring Budget
Stuffing a V8 in a S010 for cheap!
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Mark's Mud Bogging Chevy
Mark playing in 2 wheel drive... Chud327 Channel on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011198793821
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I Won a New Mower
Today I raced a mower and won a new mower. Happy Father's Day and thanks for watching.
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How to Build a Concrete Countertop - DIY
This is every step in building a concrete countertop. Chud327 Channel on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011198793821
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Tractor Stuck, How to get it Unstuck. Brilliant!
I used some logs and chain to get my severely stuck tractor unstuck.
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96 Inch Diesel EXmark Zero Turn Walk Around
This is a walk around of a new 96 inch Exmark diesel zero turn mower. Wow and I hope you like.
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My Tiny House Project #15
In this episode, I lay carpet in the lofts and build a banister for the master loft.
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Building a LEGO slow car
Using gears to make a lego car go super slow...
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Dually Dually Pulling a Reel Mower
This is testing some reel mowers behind my dually / dually, pulley swap Poulan mud mower. I hope you like!
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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Cut Turf Tires.
The is by far the quickest and easiest way, that I know of, to make your turf tires perform better. Let me know if you know a better way. Thanks for watching.
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How to Build a Homemade Battery.
In this fun experiment, I walk you through the quick steps for building a magnesium / Iron battery. Thanks for watching.
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My Tiny House Episode #12
In this episode you will see: flooring, bead boarding, painting, electrical, trimming, heater, lighting, caulk, etc...
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Boomerang POV at Wild Adventures, Valdosta, Georgia
POV of the Boomerang at Wild Adventures.
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My Tiny House Project by Chud327
This is how I built the floor and framed up the walls for my 16X8 tiny house.
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International Farmall BN
Trying out the BN International Cub.
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My Tiny House Project #28
In this episode, we build a kitchen countertop frame - getting ready for concrete countertops, pick up some tile for the bathroom, and purchase a kitchen sink. Don't forget about randomness and a garden update for the week.
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Putting a Pull Rope on the Mower
I put an emergency pull rope on the pulley swap mower.
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Mowing 6 Feet Tall Weeds with my Zero Turn
Trying out my Craftsman zero turn in some super tall grass and weeds.
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The S-10 Interceptor! Under Construction
In this episode, we go for a ride in the S-10 interceptor. It is a supercharged, custom V8 S-10. It is sweet, fast, loud, mean, and still under construction. Be sure to check out his youtube channel - "S-10 Interceptor" and thanks for watching.
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Chad's 4X4 Blazer vs. Chad's Locked Blazer (2WD)
This is a little test between a 4X4 Blazer and a 2X4 Blazer with a locker. The test is diagonally crossing a ditch...
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Craftsman V-Twin Engine Swap
In this episode, the mowing Craftsman's single Kohler gets replaced with a V-Twin Briggs and Stratton. I hope you like.
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S-10 Rear End Swap, Lowering, and a Burnout
Putting in the locked rear end and lowering the back of the truck.
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Putting a Pull Rope on the Mower Part 2
Putting and emergency pull rope on my other mower with a 17.5 horse Briggs and Stratton V-twin.
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How to Change a CRV Headlight Bulb
Replacing headlights on a 2011 Honda CRV.
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Found a Cheap Set of ATV Tires!
In this episode, I purchased, install, and test a new set of atv tires. i hope you like and thanks for watching.
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How to Build Rustic Wedding Benches
Building Rustic Wedding Benches is pretty easy, I will show you how. Thanks for watching.
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Putting a Chrome Stack on the Poulan
In this episode, there is now a sweet chrome stack on the Poulan. I hope you like and please share!
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Bob Cat with Tracks
just like the title says...
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My Tiny House Project Part 2
Part 2 is about sheathing the sides and building the roof system.
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How to Build a Rocket Stove
Building and using a rocket stove by Chud327
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Look at the tires I found for my mower!
I found a set of 4 mud tires for my mower projects, let me know what is the best way to use them.
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How to rebuild and cram a small block into a S-10 Blazer 4X4.
This is a video of how I rebuilt and stuffed a small block into my 1993 S-10 Blazer.
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My Cheap New John Deere Mower Project
I found a mower on Craigslist for cheap, bought it, and got it running. Now I need you ideas on what to do to it. Thanks for watching.
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My Cheap $200 Homemade Pontoon Boat Part 3
In this episode, the boat gets some improvements. We then take it to the river and find a spring. I hope you like and please consider sharing it. Thanks so much for watching.
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My Tiny House Project #17
In this episode, we build shelves and put up bead board in the bathroom, we see the moon, and we listen to a crow.
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How to Build Porches
In this video we build 3 porches with steps, handrails, and a deck. I hope you enjoy!
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The Mower / Kicker Test Run
Putting a 12.5 Briggs and Stratton engine on a Johnson kicker foot...
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How to Build "The World's Simplest Electric Motor" by Chud327
How to build a simple electric motor.
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Chevy Trucks Mudding
Teaching the youngin's how to drive...
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My $200 Homemade Pontoon Boat Build Part 2
In this episode, the pontoon get some improvements and gets back to the river. I hope you love it and please consider sharing. Thanks so much for watching.
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How to Plug a Nail in a Tire
In this how to, we plug a nail hole in my tire. It is so easy, I did it with one hand. Thanks for watching.
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