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Metal Detecting With Wild Hogs!
I really liked it! Swearing.
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Changes On The Horizon
It's about freakin time! Swearing.
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Metal Detecting, Beautiful Hair, Civil War, Speeding, Rocks, Swearing
Metal Detecting, Beautiful Hair, Civil War, Speeding, Rocks, Swearing. http://www.maxim.com/news/honest-people-swear-more-2017-1#! https://www.psych2go.net/people-swear-lot-tend-honest-loyal-upfront-friends/ https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hide-and-seek/201205/hell-yes-the-7-best-reasons-swearing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4080886/Why-NOT-mind-language-People-swear-honest-don-t.html http://www.theverge.com/2017/1/21/14341850/profanity-swearing-honesty-linguistics-language
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Gold Country Sights l. Possible Lion Kill.
Clips from when I went back for the skull and other interesting stuff. Swearing
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Rain at River.
Was going stir crazy so I took a short trip to the river. Swearing.
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Jasper Rock Sunday Pt 1
Hoping some of these great looking stones can be identified. Swearing.
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News Years Day Rock Hunt
Great rocks, dead animals. Swearing
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Mountain Bouncer In The Las Vegas Desert
Carried too many heavy packs up and down too many mountains for too many years and screwed up my knee. I can't hit the high country until I get a new knee. Fucking bummer! I'm looking for new country to detect where I don't have to bust brush or climb steep slopes. Don't watch if you get bored easily. Just driving across the desert. There are some cool critters though. Thanks to those of you that were concerned about my well being.
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Man Crashes From Tree While Retrieving Kite
911 was called and paramedics took him to the hospital after he took a long fall. X Rated for Blood.
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Number Three Desert, Oh No!
Thanks again for all the comments!
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Yard Sale Day.
Drove around, sometimes fast.... bought an unopened Elvis record. Maybe it's worth something, probably not. Swearing.
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Metal Detecting and Diverse Clips.
New ones and reruns. Video of Chuck and I detecting. Speeding, Batman-ing, raging and random clips from all over the place. Swearing.
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Yard Sales, 5- 21-16, Part 1. Great Buys! Raging.
Hit a bunch of sales today and made some good buys, saw some interesting things! Swearing.
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Mountain, Foothill and City
New clips with a couple of good ol reruns. Swearing.
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Not Too Far Off
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Metal Detecting, They Beat Me To It!
Some great country, some small time finds, swearing, critter bones, snake skins and more but they beat me to the old foundation, the bastards! Swearing.
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Yards Sales 6-11-16, Speeding, Raging.
A couple of good buys and some fun. Swearing
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Old Metal Detecting Areas Revisited.
Some asskicker scenery here! Took this scouting adventure not long after I bought the metal mule. Swearing.
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AT Gold New Coil and Here and There Clips
New small coil, some random clips and probably some Swearing.
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Luther Pass
This video is short and sweet but has some great scenery. I was invited to participate in the 18th of Oct field trip for the locating and mapping for the original Luther Pass Trail, an off shoot of the Carson Immigrant Trail. It was sponsored by the Cal/Nev chapter of the OCTA (Oregon California Trail Association.) I am a member of both organizations. Metal detecting is an important part of the process, as the location and orientation of artifacts are to the archeology dept an open book as to where, what and how events transpired along the trails. When an artifact is found, it is left in the ground and a red marker flag is placed next to it. After a find, one of those responsible for getting a GPS reading and photograph of the object is notified by walkie-talkie or a shout if they are close enough. After that person has done their job the object is covered over again and left in the ground just as it was found. When the field work is done the resulting information is turned over to the archeology dept to do their thing. In the past I have found many exciting artifacts on private properties and I always offer them to the land owner. What I am left with goes on display at the museum for all to see. I'm sure this has something to do with me being invited on the field trip. I eagerly look forward to the next field trip that probably won't eventuate until next spring but I'm ready now.
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Pheasant Day 2015
Old video with some good scenery. Don't know how it got deleted.
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Spiderweb Jasper Pt 2.
Some nice stones in this video. Swearing
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Ghosts, Believe It Or Else! Grave Sounds.
Turn the volume up to hear it. Anyone have any ideas let all of us know! Forgot to add that there was no wind either day. The sound good be me breathing but why didn't it happen in just those two clips and not in any of the other thousands of video clips I've taken?
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Detecting, Sluicing, Speeding
The speeding clips are silent because I had to delete the Batman music to re-upload this video. Some great scenery clips and other random stuff. Swearing.
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Metal Detecting and Prospecting Gear I Take Along.
Most of the stuff that is in the metal mule all the time. Any questions? Ask. Swearing. I forgot to show full size picks and shovels and sledge hammers, chisels and pry bars of all sizes. Tents and cook stoves. Full size gold pans and much sniping gear.
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Gold Miners Grizzly
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Jasper Rock Sunday Pt 3.
More nice rocks discovered. Swearing.
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Detecting The Mountains 2014.
I found an old 49er pick head and tried some dowsing. Swearing.
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Hunting For Semi Precious Gemstones, Found Many
Too bad they aren't worth much, there are zillions of um! Swearing.
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Rock Hunting and Bush Walking
Yeah, okay cool! Swearing
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New Guy Passes Mt Bouncer Test! Beautiful Country!
Took Dave to the Mountain looking for places to prospect. He's been there before and likes it! See some great country! Swearing
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AT Gold Metal Detecting Old Knife Find
An old knife. Swearing.
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Snakes while metal detecting.
Threw these clips together in response to a question from a subscriber, "Any snakes in them parts MB?" Swearing
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Yard Garage Estate Sales One.
Checked out some sales and did some speed driving and Swearing.
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