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Brushless hub motor stator winding BLDC E bike winding muti coils winding  WIND-HMW-1M
Contact: [email protected] Mobile:0086-17721374887 Hub motor winding machine for producing E-bike motor, usually 1pcs paper inserting,5pcs winding machine are needed to hub motor Brushless stator mass production For paper inserting machine please refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gn_JCDQdQk Contact:Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd Email: [email protected] Skype: motor.machinery Website: http://www.motor-machinery.com; http://www.coilswinding.com
Magneto stator Flyer winding faster than needle winding WIND-MW Make the winding simple and easy
For motorcycle magneto stator winding faster than needle winding, Contact: [email protected]m http://www.coilswinding.com/sale-8812022-motorcycle-magneto-engine-generator-stator-winding-machine-coil-winder-wind-mw-4.html
Alternator Generator Stator wave winding  production line Shanghai Wind Automation
One operator handle 4pcs machine including paper inserting,wave winding, coil winding insertion, forming, Alternator/Generator Output: 400pcs/Shift Contact:[email protected] http://www.statorwindingmachine.com http://www.coilswinding.com
Generator alternator stator manual winder wave winding coil winding WIND-AW-S by hand
Contact:[email protected] http://www.coilswinding.com http://www.statorwindingmachine.com Crazy fast China local user opeators creat the generators creat the value by manual winding
Starter armature production line 1st generation  twist imerge cutting fusing  Wind Automation
Email: [email protected] Mobile: +86-18067425780 Website: http://www.coilswinding.com http://www.motor-machinery.com
Inner stator needle winding machine WIND WZN
Contact:[email protected] http://www.coilswinding.com Shanghai Wind Automation major in stator needle winding machine for2poles,3poles, 6 poles, 8 poles, 9poles,10poles,12 poles,14poles,18poles of BLDC stator, Stepper motor, compressor motor, sewing machine motor and so on
Outside outrunner stator Winding demo WIND-MW for the smaller stator
Contact: [email protected] Skype: motor.machinery Mobile: +86-17721374887 Website: http://www.coilswinding.com
Wave Winding shaping insert coils for alternator generator stator production
Semi-auto generator alternator wave winding line Contact:[email protected] Website: http://www.coilswinding.com
Car starter stator powder coating WIND-HDP hot dipping powder coating
The stator item is lowered into a fluidized bed of the powder,then placed in an oven and the powder particles melt and coalesce to form a continuous film. During the fluidized bed coating, an electrical motor stator or armature is dipped in an adhesive bath, dried and pre-heated. It passes into a bath with fluidized powder which acts like a liquid when air is forced through the powder bed. This covers the wire surface with powder that melts on the substrate due to the preheating of the substrate. This is followed by after-curing or after-fusion of the polymer, and fan cooling. Contact:Emily ([email protected]) Web:http://www.coilswinding.com http://www.satorwindingmachine.com
Four station stator needle winder  WIND-BLDC-4 Shanghai Wind Automation
Contact: [email protected] Four station BLDC Stator windingmachine WIND-BLDC-4 Parameter: Wire diameter:0.08 to 1.2mm (suitable for thin wire and small stator) Stator ID: 12 to 130 mm Stack height: 5 to 70mm Winding motor: Servo motor Panasonic 3000W 1pc Arraying motor: Servo motor Panasonic 2000W 2pcs Indexing motor; Servo motor Panasonic 750W 2pcs Speed: 300 to 600 RPM Air pressure:5~7kg/square centi-meter Power:AC380V 50/60Hz Weight: about 480kgs Dimension: 1800(L)x850(W)x1600(H)mm http://www.statorwindingmachine.com
ventilador de techo ventilador máquina bobinadora CNC ceiling fan ventilator winding machine
Cheap,simple and easy to operate,Ceiling fan ventilator winding machine with CNC device contact : [email protected]
Automobile Generator Motor Stator stack production Lamination Winding Machine
Contact:Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd Email: [email protected] Skype: motor.machinery Mobile: +86-17721374887 Website: http://www.motor-machinery.com; http://www.coilswinding.com
Power tool stator coil powder coating machine WIND-SCPC Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
High speed motor Power tool stator coil powder coating machine Stator coil and lamination powder coating is applied using a fluidized bed process--not electrostatic During the fluidized bed coating, an electrical motor stator or armature is dipped in an adhesive bath, dried and pre-heated. It passes into a bath with fluidized powder which acts like a liquid when air is forced through the powder bed. This covers the wire surface with powder that melts on the substrate due to the preheating of the substrate. This is followed by after-curing or after-fusion of the polymer, and fan cooling. Contact:[email protected]
Starter armature conductor coil forming hairpin winding WIND-AWF-R Shanghai Wind Automation
Contact: [email protected] http://www.statorwindingmachine.com Starter Motor Coil Forming Machine round wire flat wire forming,hairpin forming machine Shanghai Wind Automation major in motor winding machine such as stator needle winding, stator coil winding, armature flyer winding,generator wave winding , starter armature hairpin conductor coil forming,twisting, fusing and so on,
Semi auto armature winder WIND-RW-S easy operation armatures winding armature repair winding
contact: [email protected], The operation is simple and easy with semi-auto device,
Armature Rotor Commutator spot welding fusing machine WIND-75KW-CS series 15kw,25kw,32kw,75kw series
Commutator spot welding machine fuse 23 slots armature within 50 seconds, Contact:[email protected] Armature Rotor Commutator spot welding fusing machine 15KW,25KW,32KW,75KW series per armature copper wire diameter size, suitable for weldling hook type or with slot groove commutator armature
Four station outrunner stator  Magneto winding two wheeler industries generator stator winder
[email protected] Mobile: 0086-17721374887 Phone: 0086-21-58992293 Website: http://www.coilswinding.com
Auto indexing rotor winding machine Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
Auto indexing rotor winding machine semi-auto Armature winder winding automatically, indexing automatically , hook manually Contact:[email protected]
Armatue head lead wire  twisting machine for starter WIND-HT-C Shanghai Wind Automation
Contact: [email protected] Starting armature head lead twisting is one station of the Automobile rotor Armature production process: Pressing shaft into lamination inserting insulation paper into lamination Insulation paper forming wire forming inserting into lamination wire head twisting winding forming pressing commutator into shaft pressing the wire head into commutator and cutting commutator hotstacking armature varnish rolling armature runnout turning and commutator turning commutator undercutting armature remove weight balancing commutator precision turning(bur removing) armature testing
Aluminum die casting rotor testing equipment WIND-RT-1 Shanghai Wind Automation
Contact:[email protected] The rotor tester WIND-RT-1 can detect the Broken-bar of cast-aluminum rotor,interrupted bars, too slim bar,brow hole, eccentricity of aluminum die casting rotor such as compressor motor rotor The rotor is one of the important parts of the motor, its quality has a direct impact on the motor aluminum consumption and stray loss, improve the quality of the die-cast rotor, reduce motor aluminum consumption and stray loss, is to improve motor efficiency and reduce the motor temperature Measures. The quality of die-cast cast aluminum rotor, not only requires its size should meet the requirements of the drawings, but also should not have holes, shrinkage, cold isolation, cracks and inadequate casting defects such as the existence of, in particular, not more bars, And porosity defects. In addition, the aluminum content of impurities, especially carbon content, but also shall not exceed the technical requirements to ensure that the rotor of aluminum conductivity. http://www.coilswinding.com
Aluminum die casting rotor testing machine WIND RT 1 test rotor with shaft Shanghai Wind Automation
Contact:[email protected] WIND-RT-1 rotor testing machine use high-precision sensor to detect rotor signals, operating simple and easy, judging defects of broken bar and thin bar too slim bars, automatically and then automatic alarm, the data can be stored and printed.
WIND BLDC 4 BLDC Motor Stator Needle Winding Machine for small stator thin wire below 0 5mm
Comparing to cam device BLDC Motor Stator Winding machine, During winding, the servo motor winding machine 's stator is moving while the needle moves, cam device only needle move, stator is stationary. This stator winding machine is easy to change toolings for types of products, and can't wind stator with too big wire Can device can handle almost all the BLDC Motor stator windings including big and small stator in OD, stack height, weight.
BLDC Stator needle winding machine WIND 1 TSM for tooling2 Shanghai Wind Automation
(1) Application: 6poles,8poles,9poles,10poles,12poles,14poles,18poles BLDC motor and stepper motor 2)Parameter: Wire diameter: 0.08~1.20mm Stator ID:15~65mm Stack height:7-115mm Turns No.0-99999 Operation option: stepping/Auto Stator poles: 6, 8 , 9,10,12,14,18poles (Customized) Air pressure:0.5~0.7MPa Power:1KW, AC220V 50/60Hz Weight: about 450kgs Dimension: 1600(L)x900(W)x1450(H)mm (3)Features: Precise and smart machine for begining of BLDC stators business,changing tooling is easy Machine automatically complete winding, indexing, taping hanging the wire head and wire end and cutting wire.
Stator Needle Winding Machine WIND NR148
This needle winding machine with four axis servo device can winding, indexing, put the wire, demolding automatically, it is flexiable to change tooling for BLDC stator with OD below 120mm (4.72''), ID 10mm (0.39'')to 100mm(3.94''), height 100mm(3.94''), Max stator stack weight:3KGS ( 6.6 lbs) For more details contact : [email protected] http://www.statorwindingmachine.com
Induction cooker coil disk winding for special disk
Email: [email protected] Mobile: +86-18067425780 Website:http://www.motor-machinery.com
Fan Motor Stator Winding  Machine WIND HMW 205S  New Product
Winding machine for external rotor motor, Stator winding arrangements are 2, 4 and 6 pole http://www.statorwindingmachine.com/sale-10814666-double-station-stator-winding-machine-for-out-runner-single-phase-3-phase-fan-motor.html
36 slots Stator Needle Winding Machine
Contact:[email protected] http://www.statorwindingmachine.com
WIND TSM Stator Needle Winding Demo for your stator
This stator needle winding diagram is a simple winding pole by pole (without skipping) while changing the winding direction from clockwise to anti-clockwise on every pole. Contat:[email protected] http://www.statorwindingmachine.com
Automobile armature slot liner insulation paper inserting high efficiency auto industry WIND-SZ-2
Contact: [email protected] The starter armature slot cell inserter machine making an auto insertion and it does simultaneously on two armatures Form, cut and insert paper to automobile armature lamination slot,
Armature Rotor ball bearing press machine with servo device automatic loading ball bearing and detec
Contact:[email protected] http://www.statorwindingmachine.com; http://www.coilswinding.com
Single side stator coils lacing machine  Shanghai Wind Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
How to lace stator coil? our engineers commission and operate the machine on the workshop
Single flyer simple armature rotor winding machine WIND-RW-SS
Machine built in the year 2009,Only winding is automatic, other process are manually
Outrunner Stator Flyer Winding Machine WIND HMW 205D Shanghai Wind Automation
Drone Motor stator outside flyer winding machine for a 28mm(1.1'') OD Model motor stator, Winding turns no. 78, Copper wire diameter 0.34mm (AWG28) Winding speed 1000rpm Contact:[email protected] http://www.statorwindingmachine.com This stator winding machine is used for fan motor stator Outer slot coil winding. Wire diameter: 0.15~1.5mm Stator O.D: 15~260mm Stack length: 7~60mm Turn number: 0~9999 Slot number: Multi poles Winding speed: 0~1500RPM Air pressure: 5~7kg/cm2 Power supply: 220V/50/60Hz Total power: 2.5KW Weight: 600Kg Dimension: 1150*2350*1500m