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University of Michigan Men's Glee Club 150th, "Ave Maria" by Biebl
University of Michigan Men's Glee Club Alumni - conducted by Patrick Gardner - performing Franz Biebl's "Ave Maria" at the 150th Reunion April 10, 2010 in Hill Auditorium. This were over 400 alumni in the main choir and 103 members of the current Club as the antiphonal choir (they were in the balcony), so it is nearly 550 male voices. I know that the video quality is not the best, sorry about that, I was more worried about capturing the sound. The music is so moving, thank you UMMGC alumni.
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University of Michigan Men's Glee Club 150th, "Spaseniye", aka "Spas"
University of Michigan Men's Glee Club - Blackstone years - performing "Spaseniye" at the 150th Reunion April 10, 2010 in Hill Auditorium. My daughter was having a busy moment at the beginning and I know that the video quality is not the best, sorry about that, I was more worried about capturing the sound. That beautiful sound. I love how, even after all this time, there is still a large moment of silence before the applause. The music is so moving, thank you UMMGC alumnae.
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Kindergarten graduation play
The kids made up their own play about the circus and put it on for their graduation.
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Sculling, plank, dolphin combination, with boost
I'm thinking of putting this into their duet.... They both LOVE planking and the experience with the dolphin is helping M with her flexibility for her arches. I think I want to put an oyster in after the dolphin and before the boost. The two of them are very proud of how far their boost has come along. Thoughts?
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"One Small Voice"
V's kindergarten class singing and doing sign language at kindergarten graduation.
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50 yard freestyle at New York State YMCA State Swim Championships March 2015
V is in lane 7, the next to the top of the screen. She placed 9th in her heat. She admits she got tired after the turn, but says she wants to win this race at states next year. She was 28th overall, so she knows she'll need to work for it.
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Tell everybody I'm on my way
V's kindergarten class performs the song from "the Lion King"
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25 yard freestyle at NewYork State YMCA swim championships March 2015
V is in lane 8 for this race, which is the lane at the top of the screen. This is the final heat. She placed 5th overall.
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Victoria's Tangos
V in her first solo flamenco performance of a Tangos. As her mom, I must say, she rocked it. Sorry for the jittery camera, I was busy watching the performance myself.
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V riding her broom
V watching "Kiki's Delivery Service" while flying her own broom.
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Nothing without Love
Riverside 5th grade Winter Concert
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Practicing tap dancing
One of V's gifts for Channukah was a very small MP3 player that works with MMC cards. She was listening to the music and decided to practice tap dancing.
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V's novice solo routine. She got first place with it.
Many of the coaches and other competitors really liked this routine.
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University of Michigan Men's Glee Club 150th,  "Blow Ye the Trumpets"
University of Michigan Men's Glee Club - Blackstone years - performing "Blow Ye the Trumpets" at the 150th Reunion April 10, 2010 in Hill Auditorium. I know that the video quality is not the best, sorry about that, I was more worried about capturing the sound. That beautiful sound.
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V's first dance recital
The rehearsal was adorable. The actual recital was so cute I was crying because I was trying so hard not to laugh. The girls did a fantastic job. They're all under 5 years old. They are doing a ballet routine to Bob Marley's "Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing"
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V's dress rehearsal
Dress rehearsal for V's first dance recital
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Shalom Havarim
Riverside 5th grade Holiday Concert!
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V bells solo
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V Ballet Leg Single and Barracuda
V's single ballet leg at the event. This one is a struggle. Keep the chin up and the horizontal leg straight. On the Barracuda, there is a lot more turn on the surface than I realized. We also need to work on keeping the toes just below the surface and rolling up.
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Sleigh Ride
Riverside 5th grade winter concert!
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V at the talent show
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in the front yard
First snowboarding of the season.
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Lighting Channukah candles
V lights the candles by herself, as we all sing.
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Hand art
How to begin making hand art by V
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further hand painting
Studio clean up while still involved in making a masterpiece!
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Technique insights
V tells how those amazing pieces of art are made.
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Making a green puzzle/art
Watch as V shows multiple brush techniques and fills you in on what this beautiful work is going to be (both a puzzle and art!)
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V solo to 'Touch the Sky' from the movie "Brave"
She won the free routine portion with this; however, figures are part of the calculations and she was awarded 2nd place by .0266. She is looking forward to the next meet.
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good art and clean areas
V demonstrates how to make a masterpiece, but also stresses the importance of a clean working area.
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June sub
My June Sabbatical Beauty Box arrived! Filled with Strawberry Serum, Camel Milk Cream, Hydra Serum, and Orange Blossom Facial Mist! I was/am really excited to receive this!
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Sake & rice
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M's Back Tuck Somersault at the event
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another run
the snow calls to her... even if it's less than an inch
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Painting show, continued
Here, our great artist continues the work she began in our last video...
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M's corkscrew at the event - opposite side of the pool so the video isn't so great.
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M's Tub at the event. Her work on this one in the last couple of weeks prior really shows. I need to get her to keep her chin up for this and ballet leg.
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final run of the night
I only hope I stay on my board as well the first time I get on it this year...
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25 yard butterfly at New York State YMCA State championships March 2015
V is in lane 5 in this heat. She placed 3rd in the heat and tied for 20th overall.
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V Tower and Swordfish Straight Leg
From the event. Needs better vertical under the water. Feet together. The Swordfish is harder to see. Ankles need to both be above the water.
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second run
the laugh at the beginning shows the joy... or the maniacal way of a young shredder
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First Flamenco
V's first flamenco lesson with Rosie. V says she LOVES flamenco and Rosie is an amazing teacher. :-)
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