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Song of the Sea - Dúlamán
Once again, I search for something on Youtube and cannot find it. It is this amazing scene from the movie Song of the Sea. The only thing I found was someone had recorded it using... their... phone... and uploaded to youtube. That got 20k views... /facepalm. Great job. So here it is in glorious 1080p!
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Kara no Kyoukai: Ryougi Shiki vs Soren Araya
I saw this scene on Youtube once, and it made me watch all 7 movies. I tried to find it again yesterday and couldn't, which is a damn shame. So I ripped it myself. This is a really good anime fight, and the music is amazing. Enjoy !
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For I am just a horse
I feel a rush of happiness every time I re-watch Bravest Warriors.
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PLAZA Installer Music - 2015 - November
My usual reaction when I hear something cool and can't find anywhere is to rip it and upload. This is the PLAZA installer music this time of the year. Enjoy :)
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Cyno Out 2011 Winter Expansion Eve Online
Quick high def video of me jumping out in archon in null sec. Check out the new syndicate nebulae, too !
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Over the garden Wall - Pottsfield Barn Song
Amazing folk music that you only get to hear for like, 15 seconds. I WANTED MORE. But there is no more :( [EDIT] COMMENT OF THE YEAR: David 2 days ago (edited) +Ivan Bm Dunno if you've come across this since posting that comment, but the full song's been released: https://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_nunitowSg51ti8ffxo1.mp3?play_key=e6ba8f023e92bbb5aaf06052cd0c6551&tumblelog=edellwood&post_id=129111020661 This was off a tumblr that has the full versions of a lot of songs not on the OST: http://adelwood.tumblr.com/tagged/otgwost THANK YOU SIR YOU ARE AMAZING.
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Eve Online - Molok & Failed Dreadbomb
This is a video of a trap set by PL for Init's Molok. It failed because if you have enough Apostles you cannot lose supers to dreads. I wasn't very useful in my inty since we had lost our own subcap fleet nearly immediately. But at least I got cool pictures! And 700m loot. Soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/betoceba/kingdom-hearts-dearly-beloved-remix https://soundcloud.com/kronik_electro/furi-you-are-the-end-waveshaper
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Keep Summer Safe
This show is getting more insane by the day.
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Warthunder Yak-9P Highlight
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Raw Footage - Antistasi Night Invasion
The footage is provided by Bark, because my Shadowplay failed to record with sound. The USAF sends a large force to re-capture a Seabase and a Tower Outpost where we have a small garrison. Our AAA net holds by the skin of its teeth, and with one critical gun emplacement silenced by a Fast Attack Craft, I have to jump in the gunner seat while Bark defends the outpost from infantry.
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Antistasi: If at first you don't succeed, call in a mortar strike.
Taking out a CSAT Forest Patrol with a NATO UAV bird view and a Mortar gunner with most of his fingers.
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Syndicate Regional Tournament - Clockwork Pineapple vs Narwhals
We are sitting in the Referee Team, so this is not very good footage of what's actually happening. Just visual stuff.
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Dogfight, Win, Lose, Land, Dogfight.
I loved every second of this match.
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Feign+INIT & Mad Associates have a meeting.
We've been getting nearly infinity fights from Mad Associates, these people have massive balls and will engage anything with those Caracals. GF ! I'm flying a Lachesis there (very badly!) I usually fly interceptors but those rascals from Mad got me good a few minutes before so I had to borrow someone's ship.
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Trapped in the fire station - Is this the end ? - Altaen and Vania
Altaen and Vania are trapped in the fire station on the airfield. Vania is in some sort of shock, we don't know how to fix that. Although Altaen is holding strong, as he has just received a blood transfusion, the situation seems dire: each zombie killed is replaced by two. We have a moderate amount of AK magazines left on us... but that number is decreasing rapidly...
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Experimenting with other people's vehicles - RNSM, Altaen and Vania - DayZ
First off, terribly sorry for the audio. My Fraps was recording on Stereo Mix instead of Mic, so double audio. There is a plus side: You don't hear my own voice ! And I put Rap in the middle to hide most of it ( I thought it was the right choice ). We found 4 vehicles sitting right beside one of the most popular ponds in Chernarus for refilling water. Since it's their frigging server and they hate stupid people ( they hate everybody really ) RNSM decides to jack everything, and blow up the ugly yellow car. Later on, they flip one of the stolen vehicles ( butterfly ATV ) and we... attempt a daring rescue of it with the Ural, the most monstruous truck in Arma 2.
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The ambush - Airfield - Altaen and Vania
Even though we thought we would not go back to the Airfield at any cost, the sound of people fighting for their lives nearby has awoken something terrible in us: greed. From the sound of it, we think it's two people shooting two different kind of handguns. The risks are enormous, but we decide we can't let this go, we have to try... something.
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The NW Airfield - Benito, Vania, Emil - Scouting for two snipers.
So, to start off, let me point out that we are all extreme noobs. Ben and Emil started 2 days ago. I started 2 weeks ago but I never found a sniper rifle, so today it's just binoculars and my [M4A1 CCO SD Camo] for close range sweetness. But Ben has a DMR, and Emil has a sweet SVD camo with PSO scope ! Before this, we did two other tries at getting one of the airfield visitors, and failed miserably and ran away. After this last try in this very video, we actually went on Arma 2's tutorial for the first time to try to understand "RIFLE, Y U NO HIT TARGET?"
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Shots fired - Pustoschka - Vania
Desperately looking for some backup soda or water, Vania goes to a medium size village that is usually deserted. But what's this sound ?
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Syndicate Regional Tournament - Flying Dangerous vs Narwhals
We are sitting in the Referee Team, so this is not very good footage of what's actually happening. Just visual stuff.
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Kabanino - The dead town - Altaen and Vania
Altaen and Vania need a crucial survival item: matches. A small town might have some, and during the night they should be able to do it without being seen... or not.
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This is why we can't have nice things - RNSM's truck.
We've been playing with another group right now, the RNSM crew and generally things are pretty standard DayZ gaming until... some point during the late night.
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Rampant cheating Dark Souls 2
By my count, I killed him three times during this fight. Scrub :) You will notice very fast what I mean. I reported him to VAC. And linked this video in the report description. Who knows vOv His steam name is currently Cake, but he's also been known as Piece of Cake † faӏӏϵη † † Fallen † Fallen
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Syndicate Regional Tournament - Rote Kapelle vs Flatline
We are sitting in the Referee Team, so this is not very good footage of what's actually happening. Just visual stuff.
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Cooperative Warthunder - LR saves
Just a couple more clips of Tektium and Jester (LR) working together. I get rid of the discord bleep bloops at some point, sorry about that.
Views: 22 Ivan Bm
Arma 3: We tried very hard
A better version of my previous vid. I was able to include the footage from one of my comrades. It gives a more encompassing vision of the challenge. Playing Arma 3 AliveSeals mod with 2-3 swedish friends. Language is a mix of swedish and english.
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Spawning under our house bug.
Game: The Forest
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Sneaky Pharah
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Syndicate Regional Tournament - Clockwork Pineapple vs Flatline
We are sitting in the Referee Team, so this is not very good footage of what's actually happening. Just visual stuff.
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Nebulae Eve Online Winter Expansion 2011 HIGH DEF
Strolling around the few regions I had access to: Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Black Rise, Syndicate, Placid, Sync Liaison, Everyshore. Music: Memories by Titanoz Vs Metzo (MitiS Remix) Brand New - Daisy (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)
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Here is my shame... forgive me ! forgive meeeee ! - Altaen and Vania
It will never be the same again.
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the moment
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Shit Happens
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Intercepting some more shit 2
We're just slaughtering some Sl0w and Manifesto. They're not very good so it's not that interesting! Sorry :(
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Intercepting some shit I guess
Quick demonstration.
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heroes highlight
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Battlerite Comeback
Playing with my little brother. Sorry about the French. And the music barely hides our horrible audio quality.
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Arma 3: Failed Village Raid
Playing Arma 3 AliveSeals mod with two swedish friends. Language is a mix of swedish and english. We couldn't deal with all the reinforcement, and the mountain forest kept me from getting good overwatch. But even if we were all KIA in the end, it was a good fight.
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warthunder thingy
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Smooth Sailing - Typhoon Mk1B
The purpose of Energy fighting is to never let your opponent have an extended opportunity to shoot at you. Energy is both altitude and speed, and if you have more of those than your opponent, you can leverage it by destroying your targets and retreating without them being able to aim at you or follow you Soundtrack: https://theflashbulb.bandcamp.com/album/dormant-movement-1-through-7
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Feign. vs Solar
strong Solar gang shows up when we're roaming in our kiting comp. To kill them we must use our trademark disorder tactics. Un-edited footage, comms are here. Enjoy. I removed the parts where less stuff was happening.
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