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Back Slider's Testimony : Back To Jesus Christ! Overcoming Lust and Pornography!
all we need to do is Pray! get on our knees and cry out for God
Travis Scott live at Arizona ANITDOTE it's LIT 🔥
Travis scott performs antidote in Arizona
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Travis Scott live in Arizona!! Full show part 1 it's lit 🔥🔥🔥
First time I got drunk and tried to record the show at the marquee theater! In tempe arizona.. I love this guy show
Timberland 6'' Premium Water Proof All Black Boots & Unboxing and On Feet Review (HD) Sony FDR-AX100
Hey what's going on guys, just thought I show u a quick review and unboxing of the pickup I just recently got. Hope you Enjoy , and please like and subscribe Add Me on Instagram: Panchitopapi Add Me on Xbox One and PS4: Chargerboii Add Me on Twitter: Panchitopappi with two p's
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Grey and Black Timberland 6'' Premium Waterproof Boots - Men's Size 9 (HD)
Hey whats going on YouTube Fam, This is my unboxing and on feet review of the Timberland Boots you can pick these up at www.timberland.com Hope you guys enjoy Like and Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram : Panchitopapi Follow me on twitter : Panchitopappi with two p's Add me on Xbox 1 and Playstation 4 : chargerboii and stay tune for more videos!
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Nephew driving his Escalade from Toys R Us in 4k (Galaxy Note 5)
I love this little guy, his name is jayden hes only 2!
Review From HIPHOPLP.COM Lebron James 10 Cork and Mint EXTS
Got everything from hiphoplp.com like and subscribe!
Jordan 13 replica www.hiphopiop.com
My first time ordering from a replica website.... Their pretty good... My first review on YouTube..... Enjoy I guess
KEITH THURMAN calls out Floyd mayweather after ko of collazo
Replica Jordan 13 Sneaker-file.com unboxing
Enjoy these r fakes obviously
Drake - You And The 6 (Remix) Piano Instrumental - Young Frank (HD)
Hey whats going on guys, just did another Remix using my SL300 USB Condenser Microphone Purchased at editorskeys.com and using my camcorder to record Sony 4K FDR-AX100 Hope You Guys enjoy , like, Subscribe and follow me on instagram and twitter, then add me on gaming systems !! (: Shout out to livingforce for making the instrumental go subscribe to him awesome piano player ! Instagram : Panchitopapi Twitter : Panchitopappi with two p's PS4/Xbox1 : Chargerboii
Anthony Weiner's Emails investigation has ties to Hillary, Bill , Huma, Pedophilia acts
Now this is crazy folks! WOW these people are demons.. Sick people! pedophiles! Anonymous video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEM7L42x2xc
Drakes OVO 12's Jordan Replica hiphopiop.ru review
Back at it again with another video !! Like and subscribe! Website is hiphopiop.ru go check them out!!
Why Do The Boxing World Hate On The 2x Champ Keith "One Time" Thurman?
Comment below on why they hate on him so much?!??!!?
HIPHOPBLING Review Chai Pendant, Crystal Ball Bracelet,  and Rope Bracelet (4K) Sony FDR-AX100
This is My review of hiphopbling.com go get your plated and authentic jewelry from there Good website, Shipping was really fast also and quality merchandise! Recorded off my new camcorder Sony (4K) FDR-AX100 Love it!!
Drakes's Revenge Summersixteen Tour Sweater Review
Went to the concert in vegas to see drake and future at the summersixteen tour and picked up a merch
Hating on Keith Thurman / Hyping up Errol Spence
This is getting ridiculous , how much disrespect Thurman is getting.
Let me know what you guys think!! LOL funny as hell
Yes I'm Hispanic , and YES! I'm Voting For Trump!!! #trump2016
Whats going on youtube fam!? I'm back on youtube finally!! Please Vote for trump.. or America is done! follow me on Instagram : panchitopappi add me on xbox1 : chargerboii
Andre Ward Vs Surgey Kovalev : The Rematch TKO round 8 (REACTION)
Crazy fight , good fight, but stoppage was bs!!
Vlog 17_002 :Trip to CALIFORNIA!
tell me how I did guys!!!
Black and Gold G-Shock
Just got this at the mall today
Introducing My Self and What My Channel Is Going To Be About (HD) Sony FDR-AX100
My Name Is Frankie Guzman aka Young Frank, just a little bit about my self I know I messed up a little bit in the video but im learning and just like everyone on youtube , i have to start off from the bottom, Enjoy! Subscribe! Follow me on INSTAGRAM: Panchitopapi Follow me on TWITTER : Panchitopappi with two p's Add me on Playstation 4 and Xbox one : Chargerboii
Drakes's OVO runner hat review
got this a couple months ago on octobersveryown.com
Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Gameplay Getting to know me Commentary, SL300 Editorkeys Microphone
This is My First Gameplay on sharefactory on the PS4 I tried, Im still new to this , I have a lot of learning to do.. but let me know how I did and if you guys want more or not! Like and Subscribe! Add me on Xbox One and PS4 : Chargerboii Follow me on Instagram: Panchitopapi
Little Gameplay on Ghost Recon Wildlands (Side Mission)
yoooooo YOUTUBE FAM!!! add me on xbox and ps4 : chargerboii YOU ALREADY KNOW YEAHHH!
Drake - Look What You've Done (Remix) - Young Frank and Editor Keys SL300 Microphone Review (HD)
Hey everyone this is a remix I did on Look what you've done, even though the song is old I always loved it and always wanted to remix it. Hope you enjoy like and comment ! SUBSCRIBE for more videos on the way Follow me on Instagram: Panchitopapi Follow me on Tiwtter : Panchitopappi with two p's Add me on Xbox One and PS4 : Chargerboii
Oh no! What did you do??
My little nephew saying oh no what did you do? Lol funny
FBI lets Hillary ''Bitch'' Clinton scott free AGAIN!!!
This is some crazy stuff man!!!! follow my pops! : https://www.youtube.com/user/guzmanfrank96
Snowing In Peoria, Arizona?
Hey got a clip of it snowing in Arizona
My Mom's Front Yard (4K) Sony FDR AX-100
just messing with he new camcorder I got (4K) Sony FDR AX-100
Vlog : 1 CHIPOTLE ft souljarella
first vlog!!! tell me how I did and what to fix to make them better!!
Jerseys, Armani, shoes, hats www.hiphopiop.com
In the beginning I said Frankie Guzman but the audio cut out lol but these are my 2nd pick up from hiphopiop.com good service and replica store
4th of July 30$ Walmart firecrackers
For 30$ its not bad!!
Vlog #3 : San Diego Swap meet
back at another video lol