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Roman Stones Ocean Jasper Zircon Roundel Bracelet
Roman Stones Bracelet Crafted with Ocean Jasper stones rich in earthy tones intermixed with blach zircon roundel www.romanstonesluxury.com
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Roman Stones 2018
The ability to create traditional jewelery was widespread among the barbarian tribes, but after the conquest of the Roman Empire variety of local jewelry was subject to the uniformity of the Roman style. Rome received the materials from all over the empire, so in Roman jewelry neighbors Ceylon sapphires, diamonds from India , Persian lapis, Egyptian gold and Baltic amber. Roman Stones is a Brand born in Italy, carrying the ancient tradition and the elegance of jewelry for everyone who wants to create his own unique style.
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On the Road
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24 февраля 2018 г.
Discover Roman Stones Silver Skull bracelets Made In Italy www.romanstonesluxury.com
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Roman Stones Blue Sea Sediment Jasper Gold Skull
Shop Now www.romanstonesluxury.com
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Red Eyes Sterling Silver Skull & Black Faceted Onyx Beads
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Roman Stones Twin Skull Open Cuff Bangle Bracelet
29G Solid 925 Sterling Silver Twin Skull Open Cuff Bangle Bracelet Handmade from solid 925 sterling silver by skilled Thailand silversmith. Two skulls at each end of this edgy sterling silver open cuff. Perfect for layering. Cool edgy statement piece! Marked with "925". The opening measures about 1-1/4". Inner length from tip to tip measures about 6-1/2". Total circumference is about 7-1/2". You can gently adjust the cuff. The cuff should fit 7" - 8" wrist easily. Weight ranges from 27 grams to 29 grams. Each cuff weighs slightly differently since each one is handmade. Shop Now www.romanstonesluxury.com
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Roman Stones Black Lavastone Crystal Skull Bracelet
A tonal Swarovski Crystal Skull is the focal point of this handsome, unique bracelet. Surrounded by banded onyx beads, it's the perfect look for the stylistically bold. Shop Now at www.romanstonesluxury.com
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