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AKA Media HB 2012
So I got a chances to go out to play and film the event. I did my best to get as much coverage as I could. So i hope you guys all enjoy this because I certainly did. The sun on sunday did kinda mess up my video but thats because i didnt bring the right filters lol. Here is my video!
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Dynasty pull off
Just a great shot from the camera and so insane! There was great paintball being played at this event.
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Distortion and Windsor LockDown World Cup 2011
This is from my movie of Distortion. Its my favorite part of the movie and i thought i would upload it to youtube because i wasnt able to put the full movie here. Enjoy!
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LA Collision PSP Chicago 2013
LA Collision in PSP Chicago 2013. It is a mix between their D1 Squad and their D3 squad.
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Project Mayhem MAO 2013
Project Mayhem team video from MAO 2013. Includes division D4, D3, and D2. Hope you guys enjoy it. Filmed by Brian Reynolds and Alex Garcia
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Why We Play
Telling a story of some people at Meadowlands Paintball Park. Had to do a documentary for my final project in college and wanted to tell some stories of people who play paintball. I want to thank everyone that helped me in this project.
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PSP MAO 2012 AKA Media
Kinda wanted to make it feel like a movie. Enjoy guys Filmed by Brian Reynolds and Alex Garcia Edited by Alex Garcia
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Russian Legion vs. Impact
One of the points in their match
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Almost Infamous - Episode 2.
In 2013, Chicago Infamous had struggle to be a top tier contending D1 team. They work towards the dream of becoming a pro. Touching light on PSP Riverside and PSP World Cup and what the team had gone through over two events from the eyes of Alex Garcia as he traveled with the team to every event and documented the teams struggles. Not many teams can last one season together but the teams core group of friends do that. This is their tale. AKA Media https://www.facebook.com/AKActionMedia https://www.youtube.com/user/AKActionMedia DST Digital - https://www.facebook.com/DSTDigital https://www.youtube.com/user/DSTDigital/ Please check out our channels and like them. Videos like these wouldn't be possible with out your support. So thank you!
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USPA Regionals
Shot by : Mike Tartaglia & Brandon Clement Edited by : Mike Tartaglia Location : Topgun Paintball
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Team Speedboat Raw Chicago 2013
Raw footage of Team Speedboat D3 Xball.
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Raw Pro Nppl HB 2012 footage
ProRaw Footage from the event! Please remember it was just me filming so i did my best to make some good footage for everyone to watch. Enjoy!
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AKA Media Highlight 2013
This is a video of all my favorite clips from the PSP season of 2013. Hope you guys enjoy this because it was def a great season for us! Cant wait for next year. Filmed by Mike Tartaglia Brian Reynolds Alex Garcia
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AKA Media Quickshot Paintball
Small little preview of the new field in NJ QuickShot Paintball on its Opening days.
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Hostile Intent Final Video
Video of Hostile Intent at NPPL DC Challenge event. Came out great and i hope everyone likes it.
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PSP Chicago 2013 AKA Media
So I was assigned to a few teams at PSP Chicago and got footage of them and tried my best to go around and film other team too. Hope you enjoy what we made and please like our Facebook page and our Youtube Channel!
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DMG Raw Footage
Dec 11th I went out to CEPP to play some paintball and had my camera alone to film some of the DMG Tryout. Its super raw and didnt do any editing. Just put it together to show you guys. Enjoy!
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720 Videos PSP World Cup 2004
In this video we have part of Jax Warriors vs HK and then at 4:26 we have Avalanche vs Russian Legions. Enjoy everyone!
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Almost Infamous - Episode 1
Strong languaged is used! I followed a few guys from the old Distortion team onto their new team for the 2013 season. In this documentary, I show how this team fights to stay in Division One and really show that they belong and can win an event. In part one, we have included talk of the Dallas event because I was not able to attend and highlights of MAO and Chicago 2013. Part two I hope will be done by World Cup and will include their Riverside and World Cup. Enjoy! Credit: DST Media- Interviews Cameramen Alex Garcia Brian Reynolds Editor Alex Garcia Graphics Alex Garcia Lorena Faisca
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Dynasty PSP Chicago 2011
Dynasty point against the Ironmen
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720 Videos World Cup 2003 Part 1
Here we have the intro of the DVD and part one of Naughty Dogs vs Dynasty
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Maple Leaf Chiefs PSP Riverside D3
D3 of Raw footage of Maple Leaf Chiefs. Filmed by Alex Garcia, Enjoy Guys!
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Old School 7man LVP
Last year, some guys decided to have a 7man throw back day. I decided to go and play. I did get a chance to film some paintball and here it is. Not much but i hope you enjoy.
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PBstar Dynasty vs. Avalanche
Found some of my old pbstar footage on some cds that I had lying around. Thought i would bring them back cuz they were just so good. Let me know if you want me to continue to upload guys! Credit goes to PBstar
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LA Collision D1 Chicago Raw 2013
Raw footage of LA Collision D1 from Chicago 2013.
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TLords D3 NPPL 7man
Video of the TLords D3 NPPL 7man playing DC Event. Great team out there and had fun filming them at the event.
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Fuzion MAO Raw footage Part 1
Footage from MAO of Fuzion D1. One hour long raw footage. All filmed by Brian Reynolds. Hope you guys enjoy
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Avenged Sevenfold Concert part 1
Avenged SevenFold asked our very own Zach Merchant to make a video for them! I think he did an amazing job with the help from his sister Jackie! Thanks again and here is something new from AKAction Media! Enjoy. This is a series and we will release the rest of it later.
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EPL Tri-State Open Event 1
EPL's first event covered by AKA Media. In the footage we have both clips from the 3man and 5 man events. Hope you guys like it and please post up feedback.
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PSP MAO 2010 Entourage vs Red Legion Raw Footage
Not the best footage... But considering the conditions, it's not too bad
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Evolution vs Top Gun Raw Footage 3/7/15
This video is from 3/7/15 with Evolution and Top Gun. Had two gopros and my DSLR. Hope you guys enjoy it
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720 Videos PSP Chicago 2004 Avalanche vs Infamous D1 Final
Here we have Avalanche vs Infamous D1 final for you guys! Hope you enjoy
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VB NXL Distortion Raw
Semi pro distortion from the VA Beach NXL.
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Battle Creek Paintball NJ Field Promo
Got asked to make this video for the field near me. They wanted it like a epic trailer for a movie and thats what i like to make. Hope you guys enjoy it and check out their field because its real nice
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Storm Riders Raw Footage
Was asked by Storm Riders to come out to ABC Paintball and film their practice. I used their personal cameras to try and blend in the footage. Hope you enjoy and please let me know if you would like me to come out too and film your team too! I will be in Virginia Beach and offering package deals.
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NEXL Raw Footage August 2015
Was asked to go up and film some NEXL for my buddies team. Had fun and here is their raw footage! Hopefully get a chance to come go back and get some more sick footage.
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720 Videos PSP Chicago 2004 Xfactor vs CDR Division 3 Finals
Xfactor vs CDR Division 3 Finals match back in 2004. Had these discs lying around and thought i should upload some and have people enjoy them!
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PBstar PSP Chicago 2006
Some more raw footage from PBstar with russian legion match
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PSP Chicago 2011 Raw Footage
Decided to go back in my hard drives and see what I have and start uploading raw footage. Hope you guys enjoy! More to come! Tons of Distortion paintball coming out soon
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EPL Reloaded 3 Man - Fatal Impact
A mix of Fatal Impact from EPL Reloaded 3 man.
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PBstar Naughty Dogs vs Ultimate
Here are some more PBstar footage i found.
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One of my first videos (Russian Legion 06 Practice)
Russian Legion came down to New Jersey to practice with the NJ Rangerz. So i guess i am able to upload videos i had from google to youtube. Damn this was years ago when i made this one! Good to see it up now
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PBstar NPPL 2006
Raw footage from PBstar in NPPL 2006
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Wolfpack D2 at MAO 2013
Video coverage of Wolfpack D2 at MAO 2013.
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Chicago Warped Black Raw Footage from Virginia Beach
Division 4 Chicago Warped Black footage from the last NXL event. Great group of guys and are looking good and will be ready for world cup! Please follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook for more videos and if you would like to hire us for future events!
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D4 wolfpack World Cup AKA Media
D4 wolfpack World Cup AKA Media
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