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Yalla tnam Rima Arabic lullaby cover
This is weird and something a little odd to cover, but I love this song and though it would be neat. XD enjoy
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How to play Prison song on Bass
Prison song by system of a down on bass.
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Don't close your eyes (original song)
I wrote this song for my someday album Pinnacle of Darkness. Enjoy :) Lyrics: Don't lose yourself tonight Don't play dead with yourself I know you better than you think Darkness, likes to steal and keep Don't close your eyes Blinded by the light of your words Each step brings you closer to rebirth, You lie to yourself to believe a lie Each step brings you closer to the truth Don't close your eyes I warned you, not to think Darkness has now pushed you over the brink, Don't close your eyes Don't leave me to cry ...(the rest was improv) xD
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Spiders System of a down Bass cover
Sorry for the bad sound quality! This was filmed on my webcam and it kept spazzing out with the sound.
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Florida kilos Lana del Rey cover
I messed up a few times . Good song though.
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Hey everyone! Thank you for watching, don't forget to like and subscribe , I will be posting similar content along with my new series Jeep Life, which will be out soon. Don't forget to check it out! Thank you again and see you soon. 🌻follow me @gratefuldreadss
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Adjust (original song)
Space boy said here take this map, When you get lost follow the dots and it'll lead you right back to me, And mountain girl heard what he said, And though she'd never tell a soul, she kept him closer than anyone. Space boy thought it was all in his head, While mountain girl spun silver dreams of starry streams while in her bed. She thinks she knows but she's not sure The way he talks to her reminds her of who she's waiting for, And the midnight hours coming to a close, And she'll be there , waiting to hear, counting months till the springtime. But crack an egg, it's what wisdom said, So carry it all the way out with you, And maybe these dreams of foggy meetings will come true.
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Jolene (live)
A little cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton I covered for my schools talent show.
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Would you fight for my love? (Cover)
Jack white is kinda spectacular.
Views: 69 Hollis Rivenbark
Burning Desire (Lana Del Rey cover)
Lana Del Rey's song for the hottest erotic movie this year, Burning Desire, covered by me, Hollis Rivenbark.
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JEEP LIFE VLOG #1: Building
Hey guys! I finally finished editing this video, so here it is. We start our 🌞🌬long strange trip🍃🌻 Friday, and I'll be posting vlogs daily/every other day. Don't forget to like and subscribe and I'll see ya soon! Follow me @gratefuldreadss
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Swag Fags: Lessons
Hello youtube ^.^ This is just a video based off of real people xD. enjpy.
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JEEP LIFE VLOG #4: Ashland (part 2)
Hey everyone and thanks for watching! Like and subscribe! Follow me @gratefuldreadss
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JEEP LIFE VLOG #3: Ashland (part 1)
Hey everyone! Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe for future updates where I'll be showing more of the streets of Ashland and interaction as well as a tutorial for goats milk soap and a dread update. Thank you again, see ya soon! Follow @gratefuldreads
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Shedding Skin (original song)
This is a pretty raw song I wrote. It was difficult for me to song straight without getting all choked up xD. I won't put the lyrics on, but enjoy. This is also for my 'album' pinnacle of darkness.
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For a long, long time ago...(original)
Abcdefg count your blessings, count to three.
Views: 65 Hollis Rivenbark
Broken Diamonds/Stay (original song)
I wrote this song, for my someday album Pinnacle of Darkness. Enjoy :) Lyrics: Tired and weak, coffee stain on the sheet, I wait for your call Empty hopes fill the walls Stay, stay for a while, I want you to stay. Stay I should've known From the moment that we bugun I pushed it aside Told myself empty lies Stay, stay for a while, I want you to stay. Stay Alarm clocks unplugged Dog hairs on the rug, I haven't seen the sunlight or days Stay, stay for a while I want you to stay. Stay
Views: 116 Hollis Rivenbark
Flatlands (Chealsea Wolfe)
A cover of Chealsea Wolfe's Flatlands. Really, a great song.
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Strawberry part 2
Views: 42 Hollis Rivenbark
Real Means (original song)
I lost the muse Its gone You took it with you, because you were my song Now its back to 4 am, chronic nostalgic razor blades, and the sips I'n sneaking, all throughout the day. I turned on my instinct for abuse, anything to get close to you, and my muse. You said, "Take care of yourself because I can't anymore", I accidentally threw myself from a cliff and I can't save myself anymore. My head is costantly pounding, My heart is constantly aching, I fall apart in the making, Hang me up outside by my sleeves. I do it to myself, I dont no one else, I don't need help at all, I take a heaven and make it hell. Now we can just pretend, like this will never end, All that I want to do is sit next to you and hold your hand. But I'm dead inside
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That's hot
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My jazz jam
Created the beat using Looperman, played guitar and wrote the lyrics as well as sang.
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Hey everyone and thank you for watching. Please like and subscribe for more content. See you soon! Follow me @gratefuldreadss
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Slow and steady prt1: Trash
Trash by Lana Del rey, cover .
Views: 26 Hollis Rivenbark
I dreamed a dream
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Girl screaming (metal style)
Heck yes xD
Views: 538 Hollis Rivenbark
Meet Kitty bae
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Turn down for wat
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Angels Forever cover
A cover of Lana Del Rey's unreleased song, Angels forever :)
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Don't worry, I'll wait
A song I wrote for my future album, Pinnacle of Darkness. Enjoy :) Lyrics: Summer is at it's peak and I'll wait, yea I'll wait for you With moon spit and no sleep ill wait yeah, it's not to late. Cobras coming in and out of view Tearing me down but You will wait for me And I will wait for you With my brains against the wall I'll catch you when you fall You've held my hand through the worst you are my... The storm had come and gone again and in the end your still my friend Your my one and only My one ad only Close your eyes for a moment, I want to make this moment last forever Touch me for a moment, I want to remember this moment forever Lazy summer afternoons are filled with words and lust and truth I don't know if we will ever end But I know You won't go Are you ready? I'm finally ready With my brains against the wall ill catch you when you fall You've held my Hand through the worst you are my The storm had come an gone again and in the End your still my friend My one and only My one and only
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Night still comes cover
This is a shorter version of night still comes by Neko case. She is bomb.
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Celebrity talk
Views: 77 Hollis Rivenbark
Sunflower Child
Views: 72 Hollis Rivenbark
Generic papaya
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Views: 35 Hollis Rivenbark
I'm not studying
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Masaru Edmodos rice experiment day: 1
This is an experiment based on Edmodos book, and it talks about how our words can physically effect our surroundings. Stay positive peeps :3
Views: 58 Hollis Rivenbark
Rare Australian bird
I got a degree in the study of birds.
Views: 76 Hollis Rivenbark
Views: 391 Hollis Rivenbark
Lolita Lana Del Ray Cover
A cover I did of one of my favorite lana song based off an excellent movie.
Views: 98 Hollis Rivenbark

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