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'Infinite' Ambient Mix
Congratulations! We became more than 100,000. The time for epic ambient mix, it's a gift for all of us. Insanely grateful to all of you, to everyone who is part of this channel. Artists who make this wonderful music, photographers who make beautiful our visual perception of the world, casual listeners of this channel, and of course YOU - "subscribers". We are a community of Ambient, we live and breathe this wonderful music... Proud of you and really love everyone. Thank you for everything! #WeAreAmbient Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/ambientmusicalgenre/infinite-ambient-mix 📌 Check out 'Skywalker' Ambient Mix: https://youtu.be/990-kB-604A Tracklist 00:00 We Are All Astronauts - Ether 06:31 Need a Name - Cosmos 12:13 Delectatio - Promise Me 16:10 Groundfold - The Tale Of The Broken Bird (Swoof Remix) 21:24 William French - Blue Heron 25:55 Flame Shapes - Nothing 29:29 A-GON - Her Smile 31:39 Swoof - Waves 37:01 Owsey - Dancing By The Dreamless Wave 41:35 Caduceus - Grace 44:16 Børne - Still Thinking About Things 46:15 Ametrine - Purity I 52:13 Jazpe - Helpless 57:36 Dominik Landahl - Nivalis 01:00:29 SineRider - Moments Alone (Need a Name Remix) 01:08:38 Random Forest - Awakening 01:15:49 Sean Williams - Memories 01:20:50 TonyAnderson - Immanuel 01:33:11 Clemens Ruh - Broken 01:40:34 Lapse - Passing 01:42:30 glo & Cobalt Rabbit - Moments Away From You 01:46:48 Owsey - Sarah's Summer Wasteland 01:49:04 Waller - Outro Picture by Greg Rakozy https://unsplash.com/photos/0LU4vO5iFpM https://unsplash.com/grakozy http://grakozy.com All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons only. If any artist, producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads (images also included) please get in contact with me and I will delete it. ([email protected]) Artists info: We Are All Astronauts https://soundcloud.com/weareallastronauts https://www.facebook.com/weareallastronautsmusic https://twitter.com/WAAAmusic Need a Name (Chasing Dreams) https://soundcloud.com/needanamemusic https://www.facebook.com/needanamemusic https://twitter.com/needanamemusic Delectatio https://soundcloud.com/delectatiomusic https://www.facebook.com/delectatiomusic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJjZwM0n_X9eqcZStZFt2IQ Groundfold https://soundcloud.com/groundfold https://www.facebook.com/groundfold https://groundfold.bandcamp.com/releases Swoof https://soundcloud.com/swoof1 https://www.facebook.com/swoofmusic https://www.youtube.com/user/knightofrhythm1/videos William French https://soundcloud.com/williamfrenchmusic https://www.facebook.com/williamfrenchmusic https://twitter.com/willfrenchmusic Flame Shapes https://soundcloud.com/flameshapes https://www.facebook.com/flameshapesmusic https://vk.com/flame_shapes A-GON https://soundcloud.com/dj-a-gon https://www.facebook.com/agonmusic https://twitter.com/alangonzaelz Owsey http://soundcloud.com/owsey http://www.facebook.com/owsey http://www.twitter.com/owseymusic Caduceus https://soundcloud.com/trialex https://twitter.com/caduceusmusic https://caduceusmusic.bandcamp.com/releases Børne https://soundcloud.com/bornemusic https://www.facebook.com/B0rne https://twitter.com/BorneMusic Ametrine https://soundcloud.com/ametrine https://www.facebook.com/ametrine https://twitter.com/ametrine08 Jazpe https://soundcloud.com/jazpemusic https://www.facebook.com/jazpemusic https://twitter.com/jazpemusic Dominik Landahl https://soundcloud.com/noninferiormusic https://dominiklandahl.bandcamp.com SineRider https://soundcloud.com/sinerider https://www.facebook.com/SineRider-139947022703721 https://twitter.com/SineRider Random Forest http://randomforestmusic.com/ https://randomforest.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/randomforestmusic Sean Williams https://soundcloud.com/seanwilliamsmusic https://www.facebook.com/seanwmusic https://seanwmusic.bandcamp.com Tony Anderson https://soundcloud.com/23violins http://tonyandersonmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/tonyanderson Clemens Ruh https://soundcloud.com/clemensruh https://www.facebook.com/clemensruh https://twitter.com/clemensruh Lapse https://soundcloud.com/im-lapse https://twitter.com/Im_Lapse glo https://soundcloud.com/gloneiric https://www.facebook.com/gloneiric https://twitter.com/gloneiric Cobalt Rabbit https://soundcloud.com/official-cobaltrabbit https://cobaltrabbit.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-c3SOmD7-hiBQtrdMjtzkw Waller https://soundcloud.com/wller https://twitter.com/Ed__Waller Follow AmbientMusicalGenre https://soundcloud.com/ambientmusicalgenre https://youtube.com/AmbientMusicalGenre https://facebook.com/AmbientMusicalGenre https://vk.com/ambientmusicalgenre https://plus.google.com/+AmbientMusicalGenre/posts https://ambientmusicalgenre.bandcamp.com/ https://twitter.com/AmbiiMG Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) https://ambientmusicalgenre.bandcamp.com
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'Blissful Solitude' - Ambient Mix
So finally it's time for a new ambient mix after quite some time :D Ambient is often my genre of choice when I feel like taking time off and really want to calm down, just letting the gentle sounds fill my ears. For this mix I went with both my all time favorite ambient tracks and some great new finds, so sit back and enjoy the sounds of bliss :) Free download: http://soundcloud.com/fluidified/blissful-solitude Tracklist: 0:00 Hiatus - Becoming DL: http://soundcloud.com/hiatus/becoming - http://facebook.com/hiatusmusic - http://twitter.com/hiatusmusic 2:08 Groundfold - All We Had Is Gone Buy: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-art-of-letting-go-ep/id1035169647 - http://soundcloud.com/groundfold - http://facebook.com/groundfold 6:13 Crazy About You - Your Voice Is the Echo of the Mountains DL: http://audiotool.com/track/your_voice_is_the_echo_of_the_mountains - http://soundcloud.com/crazyboutyou - http://facebook.com/Crazyaboutyouambient 8:45 Biotones & Nazca - How Far Can We Go DL: not currently available - http://soundcloud.com/biotonesmusic - http://facebook.com/bio2ones - http://soundcloud.com/nazcasongs - http://facebook.com/nazcasongs 13:42 Spheriá - Serena (Longer Version) DL: http://soundcloud.com/spheriamusic/serena-longer-version - http://soundcloud.com/spheriamusic - http://facebook.com/spheriamusic 15:47 Phoria - Red (Need a Name Remix) DL: http://soundcloud.com/needanamemusic/phoria-red-need-a-name-remix Buy the original: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/bloodworks-ep/id627547816 - http://facebook.com/needanamemusic - http://twitter.com/needanamemusic - http://soundcloud.com/phoriamusic - http://facebook.com/phoriamusic 20:10 A Cerulean State - As We Lose Sight of the Place We Once Longed for DL: http://aceruleanstate.bandcamp.com/album/singles - http://soundcloud.com/aceruleanstate - http://facebook.com/aCeruleanState 23:56 Aerocity - Daylight (NAAJS Remix) DL: not currently available - http://soundcloud.com/naajsmusic - http://twitter.com/naajsmusic - http://soundcloud.com/aerocity - http://facebook.com/aerocitymusic 26:41 Diversity of Silence - Different Angles DL: http://soundcloud.com/diversity-of-silence/different-angles - http://soundcloud.com/diversity-of-silence - http://facebook.com/pages/Diversity-of-Silence/160608544140416 29:58 Owsey & Resotone - A Smile from the West DL: http://owsey.bandcamp.com/album/owsey-resotone-a-smile-from-the-west-ep - http://soundcloud.com/owsey - http://facebook.com/Owsey - http://soundcloud.com/resotone - http://facebook.com/Resotone 36:18 A Cerulean State - You Will Be Alright DL: http://aceruleanstate.bandcamp.com/album/singles - http://soundcloud.com/aceruleanstate - http://facebook.com/aCeruleanState 39:00 Essáy & Stumbleine - Rhiannon DL: http://stumbleine.bandcamp.com/album/remixes-stuff - http://soundcloud.com/essayessay - http://facebook.com/essayessay - http://soundcloud.com/stumbleineuk - http://facebook.com/pages/Stumbleine/185163638165184 42:17 NumberNin6 - Saltwater DL: not currently available - http://soundcloud.com/numbernin6 - http://facebook.com/numbernin6 47:15 Apstract - As We Fall Silent DL: http://soundcloud.com/apstract/as-we-fall-silent - https://facebook.com/ApstractOfficial - http://youtube.com/ApstractOfficial 53:10 Stumbleine - Dawn DL: http://stumbleine.bandcamp.com/album/things-dont-sparkle-like-they-used-to - http://soundcloud.com/stumbleineuk - http://facebook.com/pages/Stumbleine/185163638165184 Picture by ?: http://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/214190 Fluidified: http://facebook.com/Fluidified http://twitter.com/Fluidified http://soundcloud.com/fluidified *This video was uploaded for promotional purposes. If you enjoy the music, please support the artist(s) and download the best quality version of the track from the link above! If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (fluidified[at]hotmail.com) and I will remove it immediately.
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Ambient & Chill House Music Mix #2
Ambient & Chill House Music Mix #2 Mixed By Eric Clapman Another Mix with the GREAT CHILL SONGS!! Ambient, Chill-Out, Lounge, Realxing, Downtempo Music in the Mix! Hope You like it! :) ◢Don't forget to Like & Share the mix if you enjoy it! ◢My Channels & Pages: My YouTube Channel: http://goo.gl/OGIjMd Check My Faceboook Page: https://www.facebook.com/djericclapman Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/103379993238582185208/+ericclapmantv/posts Twitter: https://twitter.com/ecmixes Tsü: http://www.tsu.co/ericclapmanofficial ◢Please Share this Mix on Social sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter etc.) to more people could listen it! ◢Intro & Channel Design Made By: Konzolmania: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/konzolmania Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Konzolm%C3%A1nia/581329625281566?fref=ts Twitter: @BENCENTER_HUN / BENCE_SL
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Emotions Radio ▶ 24/7 Music Live | Deep House & Tropical House | Chill Music | Dance Music | EDM
Emotions Radio ▶ 24/7 Music Live | Deep House & Tropical House | Chill Music | Dance Music | EDM ❥ Don't forget to subscribe for more new daily music 😍 ❥ http://bit.ly/SubscribeEmotions Follow the rules: 1. No insult of any kind. Keep it chill! 2. No advertising. 3. Spread loves not hate 💘 24/7 Non stop party for everyone best pleasures. Share it and subscribe if you liked it and want more music every day! Livestream is kept updated so you won't miss new hits you might fall in love with! #deephouse #tropicalhouse #dance #radio #livestream #chillout #dancemusic #summer #music #liveradio
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Track From Scratch - Ambient Fantasy Orchestral Music (Jeremy Soule Style)
Track From Scratch - Ambient Fantasy Orchestral Music in FL Studio. Here's another of my Composing From Scratch Videos, where I attempt to blend Jeremy Soule's Relaxing Oblivion / Skyrim Soundtracks with Final Fantasy VI. And kinda fail, but eh. Part 2: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18882711 » Project Files: https://www.patreon.com/alexmoukala?ty=h » Private Lessons: https://alexmoukala.com/ » Music Courses: http://goo.gl/HJPXqg Follow me! - http://instagram.com/alex_moukala/ - http://twitch.tv/alexmoukala - https://www.facebook.com/AlexMoukalaMusic - http://twitter.com/alex_moukala - https://soundcloud.com/alex-moukala
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The Dreams in the Witch House: HP Lovecraft Orchestral Ambient Music
First part of a longer, and more ambient style of orchestral music (and some synths) for background mood when playing 'The Call of Cthulhu RPG', writing, or whatever you like to do when listening to creepy music. I of course can't help but write motifs and melody lines even when doing a more ambient style. I like to have something hook on to, even if it's just brief. This one is based off of another great favourite of mine, The Dreams in the Witch House. You can buy my Lovecraft inspired music here: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/artist/graham-plowman/id455831619 http://gplowman.bandcamp.com/ *** Don't forget to Subscribe for more *** Subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Plowking2 You can follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/FilmScores?ref=hl and Twitter http://twitter.com/GPComposer Original Music Copyright © Graham Plowman 2017 http://www.grahamplowman.com/
Meditation, Long Ambient Music, 4 hours ( Moby Full Album 2016 )
4 hour, ambient, calm, meditation, sleep music produced by Moby (Richard Melville Hall), He is an American DJ, singer, songwriter, musician, photographer and animal rights activist. He is well known for his electronic music, veganism, and support of animal rights. ”Over the last couple of years i’ve been making really really really quiet music to listen to when i do yoga or sleep or meditate or panic. i ended up with 4 hours of music and have decided to give it away. you can download it for free below or stream it on spotify, soundcloud, apple music, deezer, youtube & tidal. it’s really quiet: no drums, no vocals, just very slow calm pretty chords and sounds and things for sleeping and yoga and etc. and feel free to share it or give it away or whatever, it’s not protected or anything, or at least it shouldn’t be. Tracks: 00:00 - LA1 20:53 - LA2 39:58 - LA3 1:02:45 - LA4 1:20:18 - LA5 1:55:56 - LA6 2:15:11 - LA7 2:33:13 - LA8 2:53:22 - LA9 3:20:54 - LA10 3:44:30 - LA11 Free download: http://little-pine.myshopify.com/coll... Please support the artist by buying his albums: http://www.moby.com/ All rights go to Moby.
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Daybreak Maximum - Ambient Drone Music
Become a patron: https://patreon.com/user?u=4653182 relaxing music for stress relief This is my favorite genre of music and I'd love to share the experience with you guys! I hope you enjoyed the video and as always the links are below! ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PusleFalCie ►Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lukealexandermartin ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/get_ya_beef_out ►More videos from me - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCliRbTC-aUpTP9dxvr6VtIA?sub_confirmation=1 ►Also one last note, if there is anything I can do to improve the videos I'm creating; hit me up with a comment or a like to let me know I'm doing something that you guys enjoy! Thank you!
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We Are All Astronauts - Ether
I feel infinite. Download: https://weareallastronauts.bandcamp.com/track/ether 🎧 Spotify Playlist: http://bit.ly/AmbientSpotify 🧡 We Are All Astronauts https://soundcloud.com/weareallastronauts https://www.facebook.com/weareallastronautsmusic https://twitter.com/WAAAmusic https://weareallastronauts.bandcamp.com https://open.spotify.com/artist/4lSlV6dy0ny2mkhfiweSLv https://www.instagram.com/weareallastronauts Suggested track: https://youtu.be/4Ygtlit_0bI 📷 Picture by Amour Amelia https://flic.kr/p/pRoHhf http://amouramelia.com/ 🕊️ Follow AmbientMusicalGenre https://soundcloud.com/ambientmusicalgenre https://youtube.com/AmbientMusicalGenre https://facebook.com/AmbientMusicalGenre https://ambientmusicalgenre.bandcamp.com https://vk.com/ambientmusicalgenre https://twitter.com/AmbiiMG 🖤 Support AMG Records (AmbientMusicalGenre channel) https://ambientmusicalgenre.bandcamp.com Submit music: [email protected] ❕ All music on AmbientMusicalGenre channel used for promotional reasons. Any business offers, music and photo submissions, copyright issues: [email protected]
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Relaxing Emotional Ambient & Fantasy Music MIX - BLUE SKIES (Danny Rayel)
Auto-Replay: http://www.epic-music-world.com/replay/?id=f906agbqTNY ▂ Epic Music World Websites: ▸ Epic Music World I: http://bit.ly/1Oo4n11 ▸ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EpicMusicWorld2/ ▸ Website: http://www.epic-music-world.com ▸ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/epicmusicworld ▂ Artist Websites: Danny Rayel Buy The Album: ▸ Bandcamp : http://goo.gl/53kAgn ▸ CdBaby : https://goo.gl/8avOja ▸ Google Play : https://goo.gl/y42I0p ▸ Amazon MP3 : https://goo.gl/QBXhyN ▸ Itunes : https://goo.gl/lGlzrb ▸ Spotify : https://goo.gl/TM6OGX Follow Danny Rayel: ▸ Facebook: https://Facebook.com/DannyRayel ▸ YouTube: https://youtube.com/DannyRayel ▸ Twitter: https://Twitter.com/DannyRayel ▸ Soundcloud for DJ mixes: https://Soundcloud.com/Danny-Rayel ▂ Video Details: Composer: Danny Rayel Album: Blue Skies Year: 2016 Animation by Realtime Motion Studios: http://realtime-motion-studios.r4u.nl/ Tracklist: 00:00:00 Blue Skies 00:05:50 Dreaming Of Love 00:09:39 Blossoming Heart 00:12:52 Infinity 00:17:02 Hold On To Me 00:20:49 For Your Smile 00:26:36 Cold Memories 00:31:00 I Miss You 00:35:18 The Poetry of Your Heart 00:40:22 Travel With Me 00:48:20 Winter Leaves 00:52:55 Tears of love (Bonus Track) 00:56:45 The Poetry of Your Heart (Piano Version) (Bonus Track) 01:01:25 I Miss You (Extended Version) (Bonus Track) ▂ Image Artist: Ariel87 ▸ Image: Album Cover ▸ Facebook : https://goo.gl/EaAKMO ▸ Twitter : https://twitter.com/_Ariel87_ ▸ Deviant art page : http://ariel87.deviantart.com ▂ Note for the new Artists: ** If you would like to submit your track for promotion, ** If you have important other questions, ** If you want to adding any kind of information which belongs to the video (audio or visual) ** If you have any problem with audio or visual stuff in my videos then please come to my site: http://on.fb.me/1BHngSt Note: Please note that submitting tracks does not guarantee upload. It depends on quality and style of the music. ▂ Copyright Info © ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. ✔ This video was given a special license directly from the artists. ✖ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this .➝ Please ask the artists and NOT me for permission !!!
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Ambient Lounge Music 2018 Album Mix: Chillactic Vol. 02 by Praktikos
Ambient Lounge Music 2018 Album Mix: Chillactic Vol. 02 by Praktikos Praktikos is an electronic music artist with an unique style. It's music is a combination between experimental beats and ambient music vibes. Enjoy the Chillatic Vol. 02 & thumbs up if you like it! Submit & be part of our network: http://www.keepitunderground.net Ambient & Chillout Music Playlist: https://bit.ly/2wZSeQm Follow Praktikos: https://soundcloud.com/praktikos https://www.facebook.com/PraktikosMusik https://twitter.com/praktikosmusik http://praktikosmusik.bandcamp.com/ "A spiritual follow up to its predecessor, Chillactic vol. 2 is a unique instrumental selection featuring deep atmospheric beats, uplifting melodies, and sacred healing mantras." Follow Keep It Underground: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keepitundergroundmusic Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/keep-it-underground-1 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kiumusic1 Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/keepitunderground
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New Age Music Ambient Space Music, Relaxing Music, Instrumental Relaxation Music, Ambient Music 
New Age Music by http://www.contimusic.com/albums New-age music is a genre of music intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation, reading as a method of stress management to bring about a state of ecstasy rather than trance, or to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home or other environments, and is associated with environmentalism and New Age spirituality. New-age music includes both acoustic forms, featuring instruments such as flutes, piano, acoustic guitar and a wide variety of non-Western acoustic instruments, and electronic forms, frequently relying on sustained synth pads or long sequencer-based runs. Vocal arrangements were initially rare in the genre, but as it has evolved vocals have become more common, especially those featuring Native American-, Sanskrit-, or Tibetan-influenced chants, or lyrics based on mythology such as Celtic legends. There is no exact definition of New-age music. An article in Billboard magazine in 1987 commented that "New Age music may be the most startling successful non-defined music ever to hit the public consciousness". Many consider it to be an umbrella term for marketing rather than a musical category, and to be part of a complex cultural trend. New-age music was influenced by a wide range of artists from a variety of genres. Tony Scott's Music for Zen Meditation (1964) is considered to be the first New-age recording. Paul Horn (beginning with 1968's Inside) was one of the important pioneers. Irv Teibel's Environments series (1969–79) featured natural soundscapes, tintinnabulation, and "Om" chants and were some of the first publicly available psychoacoustic recordings.ContiMusic/ Steven Halpern's 1975 Spectrum Suite was a key work that began the New-age music movement. Ambient music / New Age Music is a genre of music that puts an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm. Ambient music is said to evoke an "atmospheric", "visual", or "unobtrusive" quality. According to Brian Eno, one of its pioneers, "Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting. We provide relaxing music, meditation music, New Age Music, deep sleep music since 2007. http://www.contimusic.com http://www.facebook.com/contimusic http://www.instagram.com/tomcontimusic #newage #newagemusic #musicanewage #ambientnewage #ambient #ambientmusic #contimusic #relaxingnewagemusic #spacemusic New Age Music 2016 Title: New Age Music Ambient Space Music, Relaxing Music, Instrumental Relaxation Music, Ambient Music 
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Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports [Full Album]
Ambient 1: Music for Airports is the sixth studio album by Brian Eno. It was released by Polydor Records in 1978. The album consists of four compositions created by layering tape loops of differing lengths. It was the first of four albums released in Eno's "Ambient" series, a term which he coined to differentiate his experimental and minimalistic approach to composition from "the products of the various purveyors of canned music". The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent of defusing the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. To achieve this, Eno sought to create music "as ignorable as it is interesting." Though it is not the earliest entry in the genre, it was the first album ever to be explicitly created under the label "ambient music." Tracklist: Side one: 00:00 - 1/1 17:20 - 2/1 Side two: 26:15 - 1/2 38:30 - 2/2 The track labelling references the album's first release (1978) as an LP, and so the first track means "first track, first side", and so on. The CD pressing adds 30 seconds of silence after every song, including "2/2". http://www.brian-eno.net/ © 1978, E.G. | Polydor | PVC © Virgin UK https://www.facebook.com/brianenomusic BUY THIS FUCKING ALBUM!
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Relaxing Narnia music
A compilation of calm and relaxing tracks composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and David Arnold, for the movies The Chronicles of Narnia. Perfect to chill, sleep, or study. I do not own the music nor the pictures of this video. Tracklist : The lion, the witch and the wardrobe 0:00 The wardrobe 2:34 Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus 6:45 Evacuating London 8:31 From western woods to Beaversdam 12:03 Father Christmas 14:36 The stone table 15:59 Knighting Peter Prince Caspian 17:49 Journey to the how 19:35 Arrival at Aslan's how 22:06 The kings and queens of Narnia The voyage of the Dawn Treader 25:33 Opening title 26:41 Repicheep 27:41 Under the stars 30:35 Lucy and the invisible mansion 31:50 Eustace on the deck 33:01 The calm before the storm 34:49 Ship to shore Thanks for watching ! Links of the pictures : Lucy and the street lamp : https://wallup.net/artwork-lantern-trees-fantasy-art-the-chronicles-of-narnia/ Aslan, Susan and Lucy : http://photobucket.com/gallery/user/tuf/media/bWVkaWFJZDo2MTk2Mjk2NA==/?ref= Aslan and Lucy, Prince Caspian : https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/481181541414515189/ The Dawntreader : https://www.aceshowbiz.com/still/00004032/narnia_dawn_treader26.html Magician's map, Dawntreader : https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7643629742/ EDIT: 100K views ! Wow ! I would have never thought that this video would go so far... This is thanks to all Narnia and music lovers. Thank you, dear community ! Thank you, dear viewers ! May Aslan watch upon you all ;)
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Skyrim - Music & Ambience - Night
0:00 - Secunda 2:05 - The Gathering Storm 4:58 - Aurora 12:15 - Kyne's Peace 16:02 - Tundra 19:55 - Masser 25:58 - Sky Above, Voice Within 29:56 - Solitude 32:06 - Standing Stones 38:43 - Secunda [Repeat] 40:47 - Kyne's Peace [Repeat] 44:34 - Masser [Repeat] 50:38 - Aurora [Repeat] 57:56 - Secunda [Repeat] Composed by Jeremy Soule. © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, Bethesda, Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.
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Elskavon | Release, Full Album | Ambient Modern Classical Music
New album Skylight out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiuzMRT2FmY 'Release' stream/download: http://smarturl.it/elskavon-release • Website: https://elskavon.com • For licensing and other enquiries enquiries: [email protected] • Ambient playlist I'm curating: http://smarturl.it/dreamingdriving • Piano playlist I'm curating: http://smarturl.it/evening-piano • Newsletter: http://hyperurl.co/afm-email • http://facebook.com/elskavon • http://twitter.com/elskavon • http://instagram.com/elskagram • http://instagram.com/hificali ● ● ● Release is the second album from Elskavon, the ambient moniker of Minneapolis composer Chris Bartels. This collection of songs continues on the path where the late 2012 debut album Movements In Season ended, with large, lush atmospheres and open textures. Ambient music has always been able to create opportunities for listeners to interpret emotions in a variety of ways, and any one song can mean something so different from one set of ears to the next. For Chris, inspiration for these songs arrives in a similar fashion. It comes from all sorts of angles - love and friendship, hope and doubt, life and death. Residents of Minnesota know the drastic difference of the four calendar seasons all too well. Summer in the "land of 10,000 lakes" is overwhelmingly beautiful, while winter is, to say the least, frigid. While certainly bound to be diverse in interpretation, Release was originally inspired by the many Minnesota winters Chris has experienced. It is the first of a double album. A 'spring' version will follow, after a predictably chilled few months. The album opens with the expansive, airy four-and-a-half minute crescendo titled "We Can All Be New." The listener is encouraged to become lost in the grand calm of spacious vocals, guitars, and sampled atmospheres. This leads to an immediate transition with the second track, "Small Hands," which was written in anticipation of Chris' and his wife's first child, who will join them in the spring. The simple piano piece is reminiscent of any number of calming neo-classical songs or minimalist film scores. .... read more at http://elskavon.com ● ● ● Album artwork photo by Anton Novoselov.
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The Most Relaxing and Chillout Sounds - Café Bar Restaurant Background Music Mix
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/most-relaxing-chillout-sounds/id882680591
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"memories" - ambient style music (green bottle)
memories - green bottle ambient - electronic music
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Harry Potter (Calm Ambient Mix by Syneptic) | Episode III
On SoundCloud: https://goo.gl/hQ3b25 Follow Syneptic: Spotify: https://goo.gl/AfWuuk SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/syneptic Instagram: https://instagram.com/synepticmusic/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/synepticmusic Facebook: https://facebook.com/syneptic Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Syneptic Snapchat: syneptic Image by Tidewarp: Homepage: https://tidewarp.net Instagram: https://instagram.com/tidewarp/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tidewarp Tracklist: 00:00 – 00:51 | Leaving Hogwarts 00:51 – 02:20 | Reunion Of Friends 02:20 – 05:27 | The Resurrection Stone 05:27 – 07:40 | Lily’s Theme 07:40 – 09:20 | Snape’s Demise 09:20 – 10:05 | At The Burrow 10:05 – 12:14 | Farewell To Dobby 12:14 – 13:07 | Godric’s Hollow Graveyard 13:07 – 14:16 | Neville The Hero 14:16 – 15:05 | Ron Leaves 15:05 – 16:42 | Harry And Ginny 16:42 – 18:27 | Harry’s Sacrifice 18:27 – 18:57 | Ginny 18:57 – 20:50 | The Friends 20:50 – 24:03 | A Window To The Past 24:03 – 26:10 | When Ginny Kissed Harry 26:10 – 27:57 | Another Story 27:57 – 29:30 | Farewell Aragog 29:30 – 30:25 | Dumbledore’s Army 30:25 – 31:42 | A Journey To Hogwarts 31:42 – 32:52 | The Patronus Light 32:52 – 34:44 | Loved Ones And Leaving 34:44 – 35:30 | Neville’s Waltz 35:30 – 36:05 | Fawkes Is Reborn 36:05 – 38:40 | Hermione’s Parents 38:40 – 39:25 | Introducing Colin 39:25 – 41:36 | Ron’s Speech 41:36 – 42:45 | The Kiss 42:45 – 43:19 | Journey To The Cave 43:19 – 43:50 | Harry Sees Dragons 43:50 – 46:50 | My Love Is Always There 46:50 – 48:14 | Finale 48:14 – 49:00 | Mischief Managed! 49:00 – 50:12 | Dumbledore’s Farewell 50:12 – 50:57 | Death Of Sirius 50:57 – 51:17 | Grimmauld Place 51:17 – 51:47 | The Sacking Of Trelawney 51:47 – 52:55 | A Change Of Season 52:55 – 54:12 | A New Beginning 54:12 – 56:26 | Another Year Ends 56:26 – 59:17 | Harry In Winter 59:17 – 62:10 | Hogwarts‘ Hymn
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Scary Dark Ambient Music | 1 Hour Of Best Ambient Horror Music by Noctilucant
Subscribe for more horror music: https://www.youtube.com/user/wersion7... Like our page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wersio... Music created by Noctilucant MORE INFO ABOUT ARTIST: buy original album/tracks: https://noctilucant.bandcamp.com/album/back-to-the-mud facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noctilucant soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/noctilucant twitter: https://twitter.com/noctilucantda bandcamp: http://noctilucant.bandcamp.com/ youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG5q7fZ_bLFMOGoGQQ0alcQ TRACKLIST: music created by Noctilucant 00:00 Befalling Silence 02:49 The End (it's near) 06:32 The Upheaval of Society 12:37 The End (it's near), part II 18:17 TwoFiftySixAnteMeridiem 23:44 The Deep Dead Hour 28:19 Dawn / The Feast 39:54 No Light to the Sight that Cannot See 42:21 Signals from the Sky 47:05 Are we safe now? 48:52 The Cusp of Catastrophe 56:18 Back to the Mud WALLPAPERS: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s2h5txfqzo2xxb9/back+to+the+mud+comp+wallpapers.txt PROMOTION: Want to promote your own music, videos or arts in our channel? Fill this short form to submit your work http://goo.gl/forms/64JiXjWgMe IMPORTANT: I am not creator/owner of audio and wallpaper you see in this video! If you want to use music that is promoted in this video, than please contact with music owner(s)! License to use this music in this video was given directly from music owner/artist. CONTACT WITH US: feel free to contact with us if something is missing, video removal, adding more information, music/video/image submission e-mail: [email protected] twitter: https://twitter.com/EpicMusicMix facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wersio... submit your work: http://goo.gl/forms/64JiXjWgMe
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Lord of The Rings (Calm Ambient Mix by Syneptic) | Episode I
On Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/CfVal7 Follow Syneptic: Spotify: https://goo.gl/AfWuuk SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/syneptic Instagram: https://instagram.com/synepticmusic/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/synepticmusic Facebook: https://facebook.com/syneptic Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Syneptic Snapchat: syneptic Image by Tidewarp: Homepage: https://tidewarp.net Instagram: https://instagram.com/tidewarp/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tidewarp Tracklist: 0:00 - 2:11: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - The Council Of Elrond Assembles 2:11 - 2:55: Howard Shore - Arwen’s Fate (feat. The Grace of the Valar) 2:55 - 3:34: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - Farewell Dear Bilbo 3:33 - 4:14: Howard Shore - The Heir of Númenor 4:14 - 4:55: Howard Shore - The Ride Of The Rohirrim 4:55 - 5:27: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - Helm’s Deep 5:27 - 6:10: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - Gollum 6:10 - 6:53: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - Very Old Friends 6:54 - 7:27: Howard Shore - The Grace Of Undómiel 7:27 - 8:48: Howard Shore - Éowyn's Dream 8:48 - 9:34: Howard Shore - A Far Green Country 9:34 - 10:50: Howard Shore - The Entmoot Decides 10:51 - 12:03: Howard Shore - Days Of The Ring 12:03 - 13:34: Annie Lennox - Into The West 13:34 - 14:19: Howard Shore - Twilight And Shadow 14:19 - 14:47: Howard Shore - Days Of The Ring 14:47 - 16:05: Howard Shore - The Eagles 16:05 - 16:38: Howard Shore - Exodus From Edoras 16:39 - 18:02: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - Rivendell 18:01 - 18:40: Lord Of The Rings Soundtrack - The Breaking Of The Fellowship 18:40 - 19:20: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - Caras Galadhon 19:20 - 20:15: Howard Shore - Merry's Simple Courage 20:15 - 20:45: Howard Shore - Elven Rope 20:45 - 22:29: Howard Shore - Long Ways to Go Yet (feat. Gollum’s Song) 22:30 - 23:19: Howard Shore - The Last Debate 23:19 - 24:24: Howard Shore - The Passing Of The Grey Company 23:24 - 28:01: Howard Shore - One of the Dúnedain (feat. Evenstar) 28:02 - 31:30: Enya - May It Be 31:30 - 33:19: The Lord Of The Rings - Amon Hen 33:19 - 34:24: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - The Departure Of Boromir 34:25 - 35:20: Howard Shore - The Chalice Passed 35:20 - 42:54: Howard Shore - The Journey To The Grey Havens 42:57 - 43:57: Howard Shore - The Sacrifice Of Faramir 43:57 - 45:17: Howard Shore - The Fellowship Reunited 45:17 - 46:03: Howard Shore - "Where Is The Horse And The Rider?” 46:03 - 47:28: Howard Shore - Lost In Emyn Muil 47:28 - 49:45: Howard Shore - The Fellowship Reunited 49:47 - 50:20: Howard Shore - Journey To The Cross-roads 50:20 - 53:16: Howard Shore - The Houses Of Healing 53:15 - 56:07: Howard Shore - Bilbo’s Song 56:08 - 57:06: Howard Shore - The Crack Of Doom 57:07 - 58:17: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - The Road Goes Ever On...Pt. 1 59:18 - 1:00:13: Howard Shore - Elanor 1:00:13 - 1:01:22: Howard Shore - Concerning Hobbits 1:01:22 - 1:02:56: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - Bag End 1:02:56 - 1:05:21: Lord Of The Rings Soundtracks - The Shire Image Link: http://goo.gl/bMG4BL Image Location: Søllerød, Northern Zealand, Denmark.
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Epic 30-minute Ambient Yoga Music Backing Track - Pink Floyd style (A Dorian)
Ambient jam track based on A dorian mode, with a majestic Pink Floyd style chill out vibe... Play along on your instrument, do some yoga, meditate OR CHILL OUT & RELAX! Learn yoga with Sean Vigue https://goo.gl/ZM1hDA More Ambient Jams HERE https://goo.gl/Va6JOA Subscribe to QuistJam http://goo.gl/K4lQXe Thanks for sharing the love.....ENJOY! 20 minute Yoga Jam HERE https://goo.gl/9VhkKd 1 Hour chill out backing track in A minor HERE https://goo.gl/d0GUSv Yoga has become a HUGE help to me in recent years. It can naturally fix aches and pains from working with music and playing the guitar... it's basically THE best solution I've found, so I wanted to share that with you guys. You can treat this as yoga music, sleep music, relaxation music, meditation music, healing music, study music, zen music, spa music, massage music or simply a comforting bowl of audio soup - in the shape of nice, relaxing guitar music :) /////////////// Recorded live with 1 electric guitar Les Paul Custom Lite (1987) ....Using a Strymon Timeline delay! /////////////// Scale suggestions: A dorian mode - A B C D E F# G (A) A minor pentatonic scale - A C D E G (A) A minor blues scale - A C D D# E G (A) HAPPY JAMMING! OR Have a great yoga session, listening session, chill out moment, time to reflect or simply a relaxing time! Hopefully it will help you feel more calm and refreshed, less stressed and able to concentrate better.... Enjoy!!! Quist Debut instrumental album 'Trigger' http://www.quistorama.com/music iTunes http://apple.co/2pnrXqw Spotify http://spoti.fi/2xU5X6q Website http://www.quistorama.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Quistguitar Instagram http://www.instagram.com/Quistguitar Twitter http://twitter.com/QuistJam Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/quistguitarist TAB, notation, mp3s https://www.patreon.com/QuistJam Send stuff: P.O. Box 50112 Studio City CA 91604 USA
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3 HOURS Modern Chill - Balearic Sunset - Ambient & Downtempo Music - Long Playlist
3 HOURS Modern Chill - Balearic Sunset - Ambient & Downtempo Music - Long Playlist. Enjoy this wonderful Chill out music for Relax, Study, Read, Spa, Sleeping Music and Relaxing you mind. Just concentrate and imagine... Footsteps In The Sand - Album -Ambient Balearic Chill- Tracklist: 1 - Jjos - Frozen Time (Chill Mix) 2 - Jjos - Heaven (Chill Mix) 3 - Jjos Feat.Cory - Stories (Introspective Mix) 4 - Jjos - Illusion (Chill Mix) 5 - Jjos - Too Good To Be True (Ambient Mix) 6 - Jjos Feat.Cory - Footsteps In The Sand (Introspective Mix) 7 - Jjos - You & Me (Original Mix) 8 - Jjos - Stop (Fede García - Balearic Vibes Remix) 9 - Jjos - Tonight (Chilled Mix) 10 - Jjos - Breaking Out (Chilled Mix) 11 - Jjos & Fede García - Night Colors (Original Mix) 12 - Jjos - Sunset (Balearic Club Mix) Descarga / Download Google Play: http://bit.ly/2qLId4n Amazon: http://amzn.to/2q7NAw1 iTunes: http://apple.co/2rjOiFC Escúchalo / Listen Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2rVnlIS Deezer: http://bit.ly/2r7CeXE For more Ambient Chillout Music please Subscribe, enjoy and share : ) Label: Contraseña Records
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Ambient Desert Music: Western Music, Relaxing Instrumental Music
Ambient Desert Music: Western Music, Relaxing Instrumental Music ★► Follow on Spotify・https://goo.gl/s0li3H ★► Subscribe Today!・http://goo.gl/pRRlja YOU CAN FIND MY MUSIC ON: ★► iTunes: https://goo.gl/1YWSK1 ★► Spotify: https://goo.gl/s0li3H ★► Google Play: https://goo.gl/SmO1ZY ★► Amazon: https://goo.gl/wFCsU3 WHITE NOISE & MEDITATION SOUNDS: ★★ Official Store: https://sellfy.com/cattrumpetmusic SOCIALS: ★► Follow on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cattrumpet ★► Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cattrumpetmusic ★► Follow on Instagram: https://instagram.com/cattrumpetmusic ★► Follow on Tumblr: http://cat-trumpet-music.tumblr.com ★► Follow on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/cattrumpetmusic MY OTHER CHANNEL: ►► Subscribe to my ASMR Channel: https://goo.gl/6klf4Q ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: ★► https://www.patreon.com/cattrumpetmusic ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ Picture Credits: https://www.pexels.com/photo/sunshine-bamboo-damyang-54601/ CC0 Licence Music Credits: Artist: Eino Toivanen Track: Wilderness Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ Provided by Kongano
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Beautiful Japanese Music | Japanese Koto | Relaxing, Ambient, Instrumental
Be sure to subscribe for more! ☯️ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Soul-Candle-1819560004767281 ☯️ Twitter https://twitter.com/soulcandlemusic ► Soul Candle Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SoulCandleMusic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out our partner channels: ⬛️ chill train (relaxing, chill lofi music and beats) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkjnhv1TKauE25ePpJ64_sA ⚔️ Oath (dramatic, epic fantasy music) https://www.youtube.com/c/OathFantasyMusic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul Candle offers hundreds of musical tracks ranging from relaxing meditation to uplifting adventure. We also have many soundscapes people love to use to help them relax and fall asleep! If it's good for your soul, you'll find it here on Soul Candle. Be sure to check out our playlists to find more of the music you love =) ============================== PLAYLISTS ============================== ► Ambient / Background Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zudP4xvSFc8&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSV7ITun_DhM45ZALJIZLNo4 ------------------------------ ► Classical Music https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSWvyyVzWYoQbAnGX8NP4NLi ------------------------------ ► Ethnic - African / Tribal Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ambgQ7_K_o&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSUsKt6oN009q1seWcLCWvrj ------------------------------ ► Ethnic - Arabian Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAMeo8bxwjM&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSVJbHjjuCWxyHu4fFJYWgyp ------------------------------ ► Ethnic - Asian Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ccp4omy5fU&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSVTY9KVXGUiKW7wXorNsjYm ------------------------------ ► Ethnic - Celtic Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EukQ6VvwhHQ&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSV-QJmCZPsXaOzvbq9lwcJU ------------------------------ ► Ethnic - European Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45SpK2PxMoc&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSWh4_0OLSf9i-zMw3AUAKaQ ------------------------------ ► Ethnic - Latin / Hispanic Music https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSW62lvDc9EHCg3Os_zRSfpN ------------------------------ ► Ethnic - Native American Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zgh26Y0qwI&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSWL429rpfo5IMv9eQ1bSsDe ------------------------------ ► Fantasy Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMRIX9ydDeo&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSV9ynmjleFZnD2J8P0YiZsu ------------------------------ ► Jazz / Lounge Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXxkfPqQTGQ&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSXRZNFbbo2nhoo_ng1TsUxD ------------------------------ ► Meditation Music & Sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rKEII297dU&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSWtIETvQeYTJrX3SYaDqCjt ------------------------------ ► Mood - Emotional Music https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSU8Lyjr2UCfE_p9Ou1vFT3K ------------------------------ ► Mood - Somber / Distressed Music https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSW_Uv46gwVnAYxKSdbfwKOf ------------------------------ ► Mood - Uplifting Music https://www.youtube.com/playlist?playnext=1&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSVY_lMNNd-yYCQUIelsei81 ------------------------------ ► Nature Sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9Va1cl3X6I&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSX0laHFUC3ddhxlt3mL9zCk ------------------------------ ► Relaxing / Sleep Sounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRrtpAQVrG8&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSX6ruloIbQXQ0TBrzmDiuV2 ------------------------------ ► Tropical / Island / Reggae Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMkhz9R-LpA&list=PLw5NgVvYlQSUoM_dBqyKvNBCwwr5ctEpI ============================== Interested in having your music or sound recordings featured? Soul Candle is always looking for music that's relaxing, meditative, emotionally stirring or easy to chill out to! Send us a message! ============================== Visit our official website for more great musical tracks and playlists: http://www.soulcandlemusic.com This channel is part of the Freedom! network. Click the link below to become part of the Freedom! family: http://bit.ly/FreedomNWK *if there are any copyright/licensing issues with either the music or image presented in this video please contact us*
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Ambient Drone Music for Relaxation, Massage, Spa and Stress Relief
Ambient Drone Music for Relaxation, Massage, Spa and Stress Relief. Meditation Cloud offers high quality Relaxing Music, Massage Music and Reiki Music. Our audio meditations can be used as Yoga Music, Music for Massage and Spa Music. We also offer Deep Sleep Music for better sleep experience. Relax your mind and body with Relaxation Music. Use it for Concentration and Balance, Yoga Stretching, Pilates and Zen Meditation experience. Meditation music can help You to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles, increase energy levels and alertness. Relaxing background music will enhance positive thinking and create a perfect environment for peace of mind experience. Take control of yourself and release old ideas and habits. Renew your confidence and your effectiveness will raise to the sky. It’s scientifically proven that relaxing calming music helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Clear mind will open your eyes for new possibilities in life. Our music will also help you to maintain alertness while studying, increase focus and boost your brain to learn new things faster. Our deep trance meditation will increase your experience for out of body meditation and astral projection experiences. Low bass meditation music gives nice low frequencies that will calm your body. These tracks can also be used for yoga sessions and visualization. Highly relaxing Meditation Cloud background music can be used as massage music for a complete body relaxation. Soothing slow music will put you into pleasant calming state. Music will also help you to beat insomnia, get to sleep faster and have a better quality sleeping experience. Gain an inner peace that is only achievable through high quality meditation session. Find harmony for your emotional state and unlock new great ideas and unique solutions for problems. Music meditation will open new ways into deeper sources of inspiration. You will gain a positive perspective on all things and alleviate stress of the body and mind. Healing frequencies music will release anger and worry, increase energy and ambition, increase productivity and ability to find solutions for the problems. MeditationCloud music is a great resource for Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection meditation. Deep trance background music works best with good headphones. Meditation Cloud deep sleep music sessions originally created for mind and body relaxation, physically and mentally. Lucid dream sleep hypnosis is based on soothing calming music to help you to fall asleep faster. Sleep music will improve the quality of sleeping and dreaming and in the morning you will feel much better and ready for your day. Our new age music can help with chakra meditations, opening the third eye, and in many deeper trance experiences. Achieve Zen Monk level meditative state and fly free like a bird, raise stamina and awareness, experience a deepened connection to your Higher Self. Study music for faster learning will help you to concentrate and get the tasks done. Works best while listening during the actual learning / studying process. Learning music will have positive effect on the brain parts that are responsible for intelligence and information control. Enjoy the process of releasing stress through the Power of Music. Music can have a significant effect on both the emotions and the body. Music can make you feel more focused, alert and concentrate even better. Happiness meditation music can make you feel more optimistic and have positive thoughts about life. A slower tempo can help to quiet your mind and relax your muscles, release the stress of the day. Music is very effective for relaxation process and stress management therapy. It is important to remember that relaxing and quieting your mind does not mean you will always automatically feel sleepy. It means that your brain and body are more relaxed, and with your new calm self, you can function at your best in many different activities. Music is unique experience that almost anybody can access and makes it an easy stress reduction tool. Unique soothing power of music is well-established. It has a strong link to our emotions, so can be a very effective tool for stress management. The process of listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our bodies and minds, especially slow, quiet soothing music. This type of relaxing music can have a beneficial effect on our brain and physiological functions, it can result in slowing the pulse and heart rate, also will help to lower the blood pressure, and decrease the levels of stress hormones. As music can absorb part of our attention, it acts as a distraction at the same time it helps to explore emotions. This means music is great for meditation, helping us to prevent the mind wandering. Visit us on social media: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MeditationCloudMusic Ambient Drone Music for Relaxation, Massage, Spa and Stress Relief
What is Ambient Music?
An interesting and atmospheric look into ambient music...what it is and how it originated. Background music by myself. Feel free to leave comments and feedback!
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Jazz Piano Bar Music: Restaurant and Club Ambient Music
Get your copy now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/capri-jazz-piano-bar-music/id517118885 Enjoy this Pianobar Soft Songs, Drinks & Cocktail Italian Party 2013; this Italian Soft Jazz Pianobar, Wine Bar and Dinner Music Background at Beach Bar Sueño del Mar with Soothing Jazz Music Collection, Jazz Club Cafè in Solo Piano Music, Swing & Blues Style Music played by Soft Piano for Lounge Pink Cocktail Bar Party Night, Instrumental Music New Songs for Lounge Entertainment Night 1: Destination Positano (track 20), 2: Piano Bar (1), 3: Soft Jazz Piano (2), 4: Moonlight in Capri (3), 5: Easy Listening (4), 6: Italian Piano Bar (Holiday Music) (5), 7: Road Trip Songs (6), 8: Cool Jazz (7), 9: Relaxation (8), 10: Wine Bar (Soothing Music) (9)
Ambient Trance Drone Music - Head Space
One Time Gifts or Tips https://www.paypal.me/ThomasPrislac Download available at CDBaby. http://cdbaby.com/cd/thomasprislacjr14 Enjoy this Trance Relaxation Music Video to unwind from your day. Let it ease you into an altered state. Be sure to Subscribe for more Moodscape music videos and educational videos by the PDXVoiceteacher. Music Copyright PDXVT Productions 2014 all rights reserved.
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Cafe Music!!Jazz & Bossa Nova instrumental Music!!お部屋に明るい音楽を!!
Please Subscribe Cafe Music BGM channel https://www.youtube.com/user/cafemusicbgmchannel BGM channel https://www.youtube.com/user/bgmchannelbgm 店舗用BGM配信サービス「Cafe Music BGM Station」 JAPANEASE / https://bgm-station.com English / https://bgm-station.com/en 繁體中文 / https://bgm-station.com/tc/ Español / https://bgm-station.com/es/ 한국어 / https://bgm-station.com/ko/ You can use this music at your restaurants,shops,hospitals,offices,part­ies etc.. 〜New Release〜 Buy Music & Streaming service ・Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/jp/artist/cafe-music-bgm-channel/1028904635 ・Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/3yKoHgjtyenCOIRaD2Gghu ・Google Play Music https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Cafe_Music_BGM_channel?id=A43eibfchwdcpxzlm2xwdca63fa&hl=ja Our Music for relaxation, for work, for study etc. All music in this video & in this channel is original music by me. ~Official web site~ http://www.bgmchannel.com === ~Contact ~ For business inquiries (live music&creating music for your business), contact us via contact form in website facebookフォローお願い致します!! https://www.facebook.com/bgmchannelbgm/?ref=hl Music is Copyrighted. 商用利用はYouTubeの規約上NGです。 #Jazz #BossaNova #CafeMusic #Jazz #BossaNova #CafeMusic
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Brian Eno: How To Make Original Ambient Music  - BBC Click
BBC Click's Spencer Kelly finds out how to make constantly changing ambient music using probabilities and complicated maths, from the godfather of the genre, Brian Eno. Subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1uNQEWR Find us online at www.bbc.com/click Twitter: @bbcclick Facebook: www.facebook.com/BBCClick
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Stellaris OST Music Mix - Beautiful & Calming Ambient Sci-Fi Atmospheric Space Orchestral Music
High Quality Music from the Incredible Stellaris Soundtrack. This Music is both Emotional and Mysterious, also Relaxing & Epic. The style of this music can be described as a mix of Interstellar, Mass Effect, 80's Sci-Fi Blade Runner, Eve Online, Dying Light, Deus Ex, Imperium Galactica, Tron Legacy, Vangelis, FTL - Faster Than Light and X-Com. Enjoy the music. :D Information about this mix. ______________________ Music tracks used in this mix is from the Video Game: Stellaris The game is made by Paradox Development Studios Music tracks are composed by Andreas Waldetoft Tracklist: Composed by: Andreas Waldetoft Singing: Mia Stegmar 00:00 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Distant Nebula - Feat. Mia Stegmar(Singing) 02:16 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Distant Nebula - Instrumental 02:57 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Distant Nebula - Feat. Mia Stegmar(Singing) 03:53 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - In Search of Life 06:40 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - To the Ends of the Galaxy - Instrumental 08:00 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - To the Ends of the Galaxy - Alternative Version [Mia Stegmar (Singing)] 10:33 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Stellaris Suite - Creation & Beyond 12:35 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Luminescence 18:39 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - The Birth of a Star 25:54 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Riding the Solar Wind 26:32 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Sigma Tauri 31:05 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Alpha Centauri 35:26 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Infinite Being - Alternative Version [Mia Stegmar (Singing)] 42:20 - Stellaris OST - Andreas Waldetoft - Journey Through the Galaxy Information about the game: Stellaris Stellaris is a sci-fi grand strategy game set 200 years into the future. It is developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. Explore a vast galaxy full of wonder! Paradox Development Studio, makers of the Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series presents Stellaris, an evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core. Featuring deep strategic gameplay, a rich and enormously diverse selection of alien races and emergent storytelling, Stellaris has engaging challenging gameplay that rewards interstellar exploration as you traverse, discover, interact and learn more about the multitude of species you will encounter during your travels. Etch your name across the cosmos by forging a galactic empire; colonizing remote planets and integrating alien civilizations. Will you expand through war alone or walk the path of diplomacy to achieve your goals? Related links: Buy the game: Stellaris (Steam) http://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/ Buy the soundtrack: Stellaris (Official Site) https://www.paradoxplaza.com/stellaris-original-game-soundtrack Reviews: Stellaris (Gamerankings) (PC) http://www.gamerankings.com/pc/179743-stellaris/index.html (Metacritic) (PC) http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/stellarisl ____ All music posted on my channel is meant for promotional use. Please support the Developer(s) and Composer(s). If you are the creator or owner of anything used in my mix and don't approve the use of it, or simply want to add any information please send me a private message and I will solve it as soon as possible.
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Ambient Space Music 9Hours (Cosmic Atmosphere Audio) Deep Sleep Meditation |Delta Waves *SPACE TRIP
Ambient Space Music 9 Hours (Cosmic Atmosphere Audio) Deep Sleep Meditation |Delta Waves *SPACE TRIP, LUCID DREAMING MUSIC: Journey to Deep Space - Relaxation, INTERSTELLAR JOURNEY Space Music, also called Space Music, is a subgenre of New Age music and is described as "calm, hypnotic and moving". It is associated with lounge music, easy listening music and elevator music. According to Stephen Hill, co-founder of a radio program called Hearts of Space, the term is used to describe music that evokes a feeling of contemplative breadth. Hill says that room music can vary, that the sound structure of music can be simple or complex, that it can be instrumental or electronic, that it lacks traditional melodic, harmonic or rhythmic qualities, and that it can be done in a less formal way. To be compositional pattern. associated with other musical styles. Hill suggests that space music can be found in a wide range of genres. Some claim that the music of classical, secular, Celtic, traditional, experimental and other Western expressions also falls within the definition of space music. Hill believes that spatial music can evoke a "continuum of spatial images and emotions" 13 that can be useful for self-observation, developing deep awareness of the spatiality of space through deep auditory practices. Sound phenomenon. [14] This type of psychonautical listening can create a subtle trance in some individuals, which in turn can lead to feelings of flying, hovering, crossing, sliding, or hovering. Hill says space music is used by some people to improve the background and hear in the foreground, often with headphones, to enable states of relaxation, contemplation, inspiration, and in general. expansive and peaceful moods; It can promote health through relaxation, the atmosphere for the body and the effectiveness of meditation. [20] Space music appears in many movie soundtracks and is often played in planetariums. [21] According to Hill, space music is an eclectic music that is almost exclusively produced by independent labels and occupies a small market position that is supported and appreciated by a relatively small audience of enthusiastic and loyal listeners. [22] Ambient music is a musical genre in which the tone and atmosphere are emphasized over the structure or the traditional musical rhythm. It is said that environmental music evokes an "atmospheric", "visual" or "discrete" quality. Brian Eno, one of his pioneers, said: "Environmental music has to adapt to many levels of listening without any involvement, it has to be as ignorant as it is interesting." As a genre, it was born in the United Kingdom at a time when new sound production devices, such as synthesizers, became popular in a broader market. The environment was developed in the 1970s from experimental styles and influenced by the synthesizer of the time. The sounds of Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis were crucial to the appearance of the environment. Robert Fripp and Brian Eno popularized environmental music in 1972 by experimenting with magnetic loops. The Orb and Aphex Twin had commercial success with ambient songs in the early 1990s, the environmental compositions tend to be quite long, much more than those of commercial and popular music genres. Some songs can take half an hour or more.
Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music For Airports (6 Hour Time-stretched Version) [FULL ALBUM]
http://www.mixcloud.com/slowmotionradio Time-stretched version of the album 'Ambient 1: Music For Airports' by Brian Eno. http://www.enoshop.co.uk 'Music for Airports' was the first of four albums released in Brian Eno's 'Ambient' series- a term which he coined to differentiate his minimalistic approach to the album's material and "the products of the various purveyors of canned music". The music was designed to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent to diffuse the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal. Eno conceived this idea while being stuck at Cologne Bonn Airport in Germany in the mid-1970s. He had to spend several hours there and was extremely annoyed by the uninspired sound atmosphere. It was installed at the Marine Air Terminal of New York's LaGuardia Airport for a brief period during the 1980s.
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Chill Out Ambient - 4 Hours Best Relaxing Beach Music Selection Afternoon HQ
http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ChilloutMusic100 buy also: http://apple.co/1iTQpIj CHILL OUT AMBIENT - Various Artists tot: 3h 57min 21s The term ‘Chill Out’ either than being more than a musical genre in itself, it’s here considered a musical context that includes various styles of music amongst them Ambient, Trance and New Age. It’s Often classified as Downtempo’ sub-genre and gets associated with styles such as Lounge and Ethno-Beat and firstly evolved in Ibiza in late Nineties reaching great success in years to come. In this compilation we have selected a wide and eclectic range of rare sounds that is unlikely that you will hear anywhere else, a cross-section of the Artists associated with Irma Records label. Per chillout (o chill-out) si intende, più che un genere musicale vero e proprio, un contesto musicale che include la musica di artisti ispirati a stili quali l'ambient, la trance e la new age. Spesso classificato come sottogenere del downtempo nonché associato a stili quali la musica lounge e l'etno-beat. Il chill-out si sviluppò durante la seconda metà degli anni novanta ad Ibiza (Spagna). In questa compilation abbiamo selezionato un’ampia ed eclettica serie di rarità sonore che è alquanto improbabile ascoltare altrove, e che costituisce, allo stesso tempo, uno spaccato degli artisti legati all’etichetta Irma records. 01 LTJ Xperience - Moon Beat (00:00) 02 In Da Gladiaz - Safarà (05:11) 03 Robert Larow - Realize (11:53) 04 Cybophonia - Vostok Jazz (17:19) 05 Le Berry - El verde amanacer (22:12) 06 Poggi & Morettini - Grown inside a plastic box (28:21) 07 United Peace Voices - Buddam sharanam (34:03) 08 Ohm Guru - Serena (Quiet mix) (39:00) 09 Don Carlos - The sun is shining (44:00) 10 Italian Secret Service - Your island (49:52) 11 Chiaroscuro - Despues (55:08) 12 Be Noir - Wake up with me (01:01:16) 13 2 Men 4 Soul - Spread Your Sax (01:07:42) 14 Belladonna - Meltin guitar (01:13:19) 15 Alien Army - The Classic (feat. DJ Gruff) (01:19:55) 16 Bossa Nostra - Inverno (01:24:19) 17 Marcheselli Produzioni - Oslo lounge (01:30:35) 18 Zeb - The Seed (01:35:09) 19 Zeb - Good night (01:40:45) 20 Skin 4 - Asia Experience (01:45:27) 21 Joash - Close to you (01:49:36) 22 Jestofunk - Walk Like Ababy (01:56:00) 23 Stockholm CyclovBeginning people (02:01:15) 24 Ohm Guru - Shaping lights (02:06:25) 25 Ohm Guru - What You Get (02:10:35) 26 Tameka Starr - Goingincircles (Dj Art Version) (02:15:33) 27 Nemo - Your love (02:21:10) 28 Deep Blue - Deep Blue (Instrumental Version) (02:25:28) 29 Michael Allen - Smoke From The Mountain (02:30:40) 30 DJ Rodriguez - Such a joy to see u (02:36:07) 31 Tommy Bass - Relax your mind (02:40:33) 32 Zeb - Cafe con leche (02:44:28) 33 Jestofunk - Fluid (02:50:00) 34 Black Mighty Wax - Blue Tequila (02:56:34) 35 Song for v (Cybophonia chillounge remix) (03:02.35) 36 Arco Iris - Volta Pro Mar (03:07:33) 37 Pluton Kids - Bar Zilla (03:12:39) 38 Ohm Guru - Dolphin (03:18:29) 39 Madame Kalì - Quel lieve difetto della sua anca (03:21:42) 40 United Peace Voices - Ohm Ha Hum (03:26:35) 41 Orenge Factory - The Windmills Of Your Mind (03:31:15) 42 LTJ Xperience - Feel my soul (03:34:59) 43 LTJ Xperience - Back roads (03:40:34) 44 Chiaroscuro - Sala La Luna (3:45:41) 45 Key Tronics Ensemble - You x me (Slow latin version) (03:50:42)
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►Chillstep / Chill-out / Ambient Music Mix 【8 Hour Gaming Music Mix Version | SickChillz Mixes】◄
♬ Track: Chillstep / Chill-out / Ambient Music Mix【8 Hour Gaming Music Mix Version】 Genre: Chillstep / Chill-out / Ambient Click Here To Become A Part Of The Family ► http://bit.ly/JoinChillArmy Hello my friends! As it seems that you like the 8 hour mixes i decided to continue to make These (-: This time i decided to stretch my first chillout mix because.. well.. because you love it ^^. I hope you have use for it - thank you so much for your support! Tell me in the comments what you are doing while listening to this! :-) Share This Video: http://youtu.be/TgQt3PUWq0A Get the artwork here: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/znBAPg4yezs/maxresdefault.jpg ♬ Tracklist: 【1】0:00 Actium - Letting Go 【2】4:31 CMA - You're Alive 【3】10:27 NeZAR - Flying Colors 【4】13:53 Yal!X - Echoing Memories 【5】17:06 The Limit - The Symbol 【6】21:38 Poolz - Lost in 【7】25:45 Actium - Here With You 【8】29:35 Kindred - Phoenix 【9】35:10 Crystal Skies - Fall A Thousand Times (ft. Ashley Apollodor) 【10】39:16 Electus - Beyond The Stars 【11】44:07 CMA - Fragments Of The Past 【12】48:09 CMA - Small Losses 【13】52:48 BXDN - Promises 【14】55:57 Poolz - You Dont Have To **Repeat** ★★ Artists: ★ Actium https://soundcloud.com/actiumusic https://www.facebook.com/actium ★ CMA http://soundcloud.com/cma-music http://www.facebook.com/CMAMusic ★ NeZAR: https://soundcloud.com/officialnezar https://www.facebook.com/officialnezar ★ Yal!X https://soundcloud.com/yalil ★ The Limit https://soundcloud.com/thelimitofficial https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Li... ★ Poolz https://soundcloud.com/poolz http://www.youtube.com/user/PoolzOffi... ★ Kindred https://facebook.com/kindredd https://soundcloud.com/kindrea ★ Crystal Skies https://soundcloud.com/crystalskies https://www.facebook.com/crystalskies... ★ Electus http://www.facebook.com/electusofficial http://soundcloud.com/electusofficial ★ BXDN https://soundcloud.com/bxdn https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBXDN ★ Submit your music to SickChillz: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9MU... ♬ Playlists: All Uploads ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... House ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Progressive House ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Vocal Dubstep ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Dubstep ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Melodic Dubstep ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Chilled Dubstep ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Chillout / Ambient ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Electro ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Glitch Hop ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Drumstep ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Drum & Bass ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Mixes ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Rest ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Subscribe To Get These Playlists Filled ► http://bit.ly/JoinChillArmy ★ Follow me: Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/SickChillz Twitter ► https://twitter.com/SickChillz Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/1022631... Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/sick.chillz/ ♬ Chillstep / Chill-out / Ambient Music Mix #2【8 Hour Gaming Music Mix Version】
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Relaxing Music Radio | 24/7 Ambient tracks, Lofi hip hop, Chill trap
Relaxing Music Radio livestream. Featuring the best ambient tracks, lofi hiphop songs, chill trap, and study music! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q&A: Where is the gif from? ➥ Kidmograph What show is the thumbnail from? ➥ The Simpsons (edited by bootleg, http://www.youtube.com/thebootlegboy) What is Lofi Hip Hop? ➥ Its muffled and slow hip hop with a chill vibe to it. What is "Wave'? ➥ Wave is usually a hybrid between trap and ambient music. The genre is fairly new and it's not fully official just yet. We are trying to make Wave an official genre by sharing this genre on YT and other platforms. How many tracks are in this stream? ➥ For now, roughly 500-700. We add more songs every month. Do you guys have a Discord group chat? ➥ https://discord.gg/U7QWCHj Will you ever sell merchandise? ➥ In the works ;) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚠️Important Information!⚠️ Want to get featured in the livestream? Have any issues with us playing your music in the livestream? Message [email protected] and we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.
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Jazz Piano & Piano Bar Music: Best Restaurant Piano Music and Club Ambient Music
Best jazz piano and piano bar music with restaurant piano music and club ambient music. Collection 1 of pianobar soft songs for drinks and cocktail party in soft jazz pianobar, wine bar and dinner music in background with soothing jazz music collection. A jazz club cafe with solo piano music, swing jazz and blues style Music played by soft piano for lounge pink cocktail bar party night of instrumental music new songs for lounge entertainment night Featured in this collection are: Track 1: Café de la Paix (starts at 00:00) Track 2: Chloé (starts at 4:05) Track 3: Beyond Seine (starts at 8:49) Track 4: Parisian summer (starts at 15:04) Track 5: Sweet as macaron (starts at 21:42) Track 6: Oh Françoise (starts at 25:30) Track 7: Some sunny day (starts at 29:21) Track 8: Bal au Moulin Rouge (starts at 35:23) Track 9: Velvet night (starts at 39:04) Track 10: Sweet dreams (starts at 43:48) Track 11: Memories of Champs-Elysées (starts at 50:20) Track 12: Moonlight by my side (starts at 1:20:30) ----- On this channel, you will find hours of original music intended to provide relaxation ranging from blues, jazz, new age fusion through to classical music to love ballads, and even relaxing sound effects. Most experts agree that music affects individuals in different ways. Therefore, explore the many genres of music on this channel. Find the music that calms and relaxes you. * Stay up to date with my latest releases by: a) subscribing to my Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SensualMusic4You?sub_confirmation=1 b) join me on my Google+ page: http://tinyurl.com/gshs262
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*AMAZING* The Most Relaxing Ambient Music Ever Created!
Become a patron: https://patreon.com/user?u=4653182 Well guys, we've finally hit 500,000 views. All I can say is thank you. I am really greatful, thank you for all of your support and help. More videos to come so keep your eyes peeled. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=puslefalcie Please feel free to comment and like because it helps me to discover what videos people want, thankyou for watching be sure to enjoy! :) I also added a Delta Beat into the background of this song, that is the pulsing sound, this will alter your brainwaves and help you have a deep dreamless sleep. As requested here are some links to similar artists: Loscil - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJnZmvlbPiA Carbon Based Lifeforms - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckNPGa1HEyU Solar Fields - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b820Xb65Up8 Brian Eno - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KGMo9yOaSU *Wildcard - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh8WujJVCn4 *My opinion, don't bash.
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Gelatin Nature by Ooyy - [Ambient, Beats Music]
------------------------------ ↓More info below↓ ------------------------------ Song: Gelatin Nature by Ooyy Get this song here: https://player.epidemicsound.com/#/search/?search_query=Gelatin%20Nature%20Ooyy • You have to get a license to use this song without any copyright issues and claims! → Please read this for more info: http://goo.gl/AtmemQ ♪ Do you want to submit your own song? - https://goo.gl/AhsNie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song Info: Title: Gelatin Nature Composer: Ooyy Genre: Ambient Category: Dreamy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☑ Viewed ☑ Liked ☐ Subscribed: https://goo.gl/dMKY4h Playlists: Music Mixes: https://goo.gl/PBtUEr Music Genres: https://goo.gl/zqdh4I Music Albums: https://goo.gl/ORIE2o Popular Uploads: https://goo.gl/Ie1abp Social Media: Twitter: https://goo.gl/nWsT7r Facebook: https://goo.gl/4i3Dei ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AlRoTa Music is a music promotion channel. ♩ You will find here the best unknown music from music libraries such as Epidemic Sound, Positionmusic... Those songs are NOT copyright free! You have to get a license to use their music without any copyright issues and claims! Please read the license info to learn more about the copyrights: https://goo.gl/vUI6xc ♪ You will also find here some royalty free / copyright free songs from private composers. If you are allowed to use them, I will write it in the description! If I haven't mentioned anything, contact the composers and ask them for permission please! Do you want to submit your own song? - https://goo.gl/AhsNie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If any composer or label has an issue with any of my uploads, get in contact with me please ➞ [[email protected]] Once I have received your message, I will delete the video as soon as possible. ------------------------------ ↑More info above↑ ------------------------------
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Beautiful Ambient Space Music [Sephira - When Pixies Sleep]
картинка : http://lookw.ru/fantastika/page,2,864-roboty.-robot-64-oboev.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Sephira - Where's My Map? (Intro) 00:00 2. Carbon Based Lifeforms - 20 Minutes 01:55 3. Connect.Ohm - 9980 08:52 4. Cell - Calling 15:57 5. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper 23:17 6. Solar Fields - Air Song Remix 28:40 7. Connect.Ohm - Snow Park 35:25 8. Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Hypnose 43:49 9. Scann-Tec - Phaeton Remains 50:39 10. Androcell - Seahorse Dreams 58:11 11. Lab's Cloud - A Kiss Is The Best Medicine 01:05:15 12. Connect.Ohm - Gentle Perception 01:14:30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---=== *** Bio ***===--- Sephira, a Blue Magnetic Monkey whose tool of choice is Magic and Whose guide is the 4 / 4 beat of the psybient realm. His debut album showcases Sephira's unique fusion of downtempo ambient spaces utilising twilight overtones and driving, rolling baselines that takes you on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes of a playful nature. If you have ever heard one of his mixes then you know where his passion lies, although this can not prepare you for the unique style laid out in this album. Turn down the lights, line up your Favourite Poison, Take a Deep breath and Let Sephira guide you to wherever you Find yourself upon listening. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://soundcloud.com/sephira/when-pixies-sleep https://soundcloud.com/sephira https://www.facebook.com/sephiramerkaba https://www.youtube.com/sephiramerkaba https://bmss.eu/ http://seph.net/ https://music.seph.net/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Подпишись на канал : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4FJqH_rh7kBHGHBYPVX0tQ
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Roland JD-800 Synthesizer "Baltic Sea" ambient music style
vintage synth track by RetroSound "Baltic Sea" ambient track lead sound and pads: Roland JD-800 (4 layer changing) bass drone: Oberheim OB-Xa (hold mode) all baltic sea pics made by me. more info: http://www.retrosound.de and http://www.myspace.com/retrosound72 and http://www.facebook.com/pages/RetroSound-Marko-Ettlich/265713782347
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AKAI AX80 + Strymon BigSky = Relaxing Ambient New Age Space Music 【SYNTH DEMO】
http://www.youtube.com/synth4ever - Relaxing ambient new age space music created with Strymon BigSky reverb pedal + Akai AX80 analog synthesizer. The Strymon Big Sky reverb & Akai AX-80 synth combine to create an ambient chillout / drone space music soundscape and relaxing, meditative music. Be sure to use headphones for maximum stereo immersion and relaxation. ======== ► SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR NEW DEMOS & MUSIC http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=synth4ever ► Buy Music: http://synth4ever.bandcamp.com ► Connect: http://www.synth4ever.com http://www.facebook.com/synth4ever.music http://www.soundcloud.com/synth4ever http://www.youtube.com/synth4ever http://www.twitter.com/synth4ever ======== strymon, bigsky, big sky, reverb, akai, ax80, roland, korg, midi keyboard, midi controller, synth,minimoog, korg m50, korg x50, yamaha motif, roland keyboard, piano digital, vintage synth, moog synthesizer, novation ultranova, synthesizers, synthesizer, roland keyboard, synths, modular synth, analog synth, alesis andromeda, yamaha synthesizer, yamaha synth, virus synth, waldorf synth, waldorf xt, waldorf q Ambient music: As a genre, ambient focuses on creating a mood or atmosphere through synthesizers and timbral qualities. It often lacks the presence of any net composition, beat, or structured melody. Due to its relatively open style, ambient music often takes influences from many other genres, ranging from house, dub, industrial and new age, amongst several others. Since it is a relatively ambiguous term, ambient has no distinct characteristics, and its style can vary a great deal. In essence, it is a term to describe any form of electronic music which puts an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm. Ambient music is often highly conceptual and experimental in style, while it is said to evoke an "atmospheric", "visual" or "unobtrusive" quality. Space music: Space music, also called spacemusic, is an umbrella term, synonymous with a segment of New Age Music and Ambient Music. It has also been associated with preceding styles of relaxing music such as lounge music, easy-listening, and elevator music... space music can evoke a "continuum of spatial imagery and emotion,"which can be beneficial for introspection, and for developing, through a practice of deep listening, an awareness of the spatiality of sound phenomenon. This type of psychonautic listening can produce a subtle trance-like state in certain individuals which can in turn lead to sensations of flying, floating, cruising, gliding, or hovering... space music is used by some individuals for both background enhancement and foreground listening, often with headphones, to enable states of relaxation, contemplation, inspiration, and generally peaceful expansive moods; it may promote health through relaxation, atmospherics for bodywork therapies, and effectiveness of meditation. Space music appears in many film soundtracks and is commonly played in planetariums. Further relaxed tags: relaxation music, music for stuying, music for learning, background music, music for meditation, music to relax, instrumental music, minecraft music, study music, music for homework, yoga music, spiritual music, ambient music, relaxdaily, chillout, slow music, piano music, soothing music, new age music, peaceful music, beautiful music, anti-stress music, sleep music, entspannungsmusik, musica relax, relaxing music, musica rilassante, spiritualismo, zen music, massage music, spa music, enya, soundtrack, soft music, slow music, musica anti-stress, ea games, healing music, wellness music, piano music, guitar music, mood music, youtube music, relax music playlist, 16:9, HD, tranquil music, slow instrumental, peaceful music, positive, minecraft, game music, slow background music, music for meditation, musica relax, wonderful music, chill study music, musica chillout, chillout study music, relax daily, nujabes, new age music playlist, musica de relax, homework music relaxing, musica rilassante playlist, ambient music for studying, music for relax, soft instrumental music, blank and jones, best soft music, peaceful tunes, soft tunes, peaceful background music, peace music, positive background music, soothing background music, entspannungsmusik baby, baby music, soothing music, relaxing study music, guitar music, musica zen, royality free music, slow music instrumental, background music instrumental, slow instrumental music, slow instrumentals mood music instrumental work music calming music instrumentals beautiful music MUSICA RELAX ωραία ήσυχες οργανική μουσική muzica de relaxare studying music background music RELAXAMENTO MUSIC musique relaxante instrumentale lentement relax music mood music musica instrumental quiet music slow songs chill radio MUSICA RELAJACION yoga music music to study to homework music peaceful music chillout positive music healing music slow music instrumentals
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Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990
Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990 LITA 167 3xLP | 2xCD | Digital February 2019 Pre-order now: https://bit.ly/2OHOQgy Light In The Attic’s Japan Archival Series continues with Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990, an unprecedented overview of the country’s vital minimal, ambient, avant-garde, and New Age music - what can collectively be described as kankyō ongaku, or environmental music. The collection features internationally acclaimed artists such as Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Joe Hisaishi, as well as other pioneers like Hiroshi Yoshimura, Yoshio Ojima and Satoshi Ashikawa, who deserve a place alongside the undisputable giants of these genres. In the 1970s, the concepts of Brian Eno’s “ambient” and Erik Satie’s “furniture music” began to take hold in the minds of artists and musicians around Tokyo. Emerging fields like soundscape design and architectural acoustics opened up new ways in which sound and music could be consumed. For artists like Yoshimura, Ojima and Ashikawa, these ideas became the foundation for their musical works, which were heard not only on records and in live performances, but also within public and private spaces where they intermingled with the sounds and environments of everyday life. The bubble economy of 1980s Japan also had a hand in the advancement of kankyō ongaku. In an attempt to cultivate an image of sophisticated lifestyle, corporations with expendable income bankrolled various art and music initiatives, which opened up new and unorthodox ways in which artists could integrate their avant-garde musical forms into everyday life: in-store music for Muji, promo LP for a Sanyo AC unit, a Seiko watch advert, among others that can be heard in this collection. Kankyō Ongaku is expertly compiled by Spencer Doran (Visible Cloaks) who, with a series of revelatory mixtapes as well as his label Empire of Signs, has been instrumental in shepherding interest in this music outside of Japan. Together with Light In The Attic’s celebrated anthologies I Am The Center and The Microcosm, Kankyō Ongaku helps to broaden our understanding of this quietly profound music, regardless of the environment in which it’s heard. Music: "Ear Dreamin'" by Yoshiaki Ochi courtesy of Wacoal Art Center Photos: Iwasaki Art Museum designed by Fumihiko Maki; photos by Osamu Murai Product Shots: Jean-Claude Vorgeack Video: Dan Leonard
Space Ambient Music { INTERSTELLAR SPACE JOURNEY } Calming Background Music
3 Hours of The Best Relax Music | INTERSTELLAR SPACE JOURNEY Theme |. Use this Exlusive Mind Opening Music track for your deep meditation, yoga sessions, massage or simply for relax and stress relief. Just concentrate and imagine... Music: Interstellar Journey https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/interstellar-journey/1076746053?i=1076746500 For more relaxation and meditation music please subscribe http://www.goo.gl/Zb09LF Wallpaper: http://www.boorp.com/sfondi_gratis_desktop_pc/sfondi_gratis/sfondi_spazio_pianeti_nebulose/un_altra_terra.jpg
Views: 3589116 Relaxation Ambient Music
Sidney by Henrik Olsson - [Ambient, Beats Music]
------------------------------ ↓More info below↓ ------------------------------ Song: Sidney by Henrik Olsson Get this song here: https://player.epidemicsound.com/#/search/?search_query=Sidney%20Henrik%20Olsson • You have to get a license to use this song without any copyright issues and claims! → Please read this for more info: http://goo.gl/AtmemQ ♪ Do you want to submit your own song? - https://goo.gl/AhsNie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song Info: Title: Sidney Composer: Henrik Olsson Genre: Ambient Category: Dreamy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☑ Viewed ☑ Liked ☐ Subscribed: https://goo.gl/dMKY4h Playlists: Music Mixes: https://goo.gl/PBtUEr Music Genres: https://goo.gl/zqdh4I Music Albums: https://goo.gl/ORIE2o Popular Uploads: https://goo.gl/Ie1abp Social Media: Twitter: https://goo.gl/nWsT7r Facebook: https://goo.gl/4i3Dei ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AlRoTa Music is a music promotion channel. ♩ You will find here the best unknown music from music libraries such as Epidemic Sound, Positionmusic... Those songs are NOT copyright free! You have to get a license to use their music without any copyright issues and claims! Please read the license info to learn more about the copyrights: https://goo.gl/vUI6xc ♪ You will also find here some royalty free / copyright free songs from private composers. If you are allowed to use them, I will write it in the description! If I haven't mentioned anything, contact the composers and ask them for permission please! Do you want to submit your own song? - https://goo.gl/AhsNie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If any composer or label has an issue with any of my uploads, get in contact with me please ➞ [[email protected]] Once I have received your message, I will delete the video as soon as possible. ------------------------------ ↑More info above↑ ------------------------------
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Ableton Live - Making Tim Hecker style experimental ambient music
This is just a sketch I came up with. I have been listening to Tim Hecker's old productions a lot lately and this was inspired by a track called Norberg. Currently, I am unable to finish this track due to work and stuff. But if any of you would like to see this completed then let me know below. You can listen to Norberg here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYSKdzDGEyE&t=159s http://emporium.room40.org/products/557152-tim-hecker-norberg-apondalifa-lp http://aliensenses.bandcamp.com/track... Follow : https://soundcloud.com/alien-senses https://twitter.com/AlienSenses https://instagram.com/https://www.ins... https://www.facebook.com/aliensenses/
Views: 3161 Alien Senses
Fallout - Ambient Music
Best Ambient!! Post Traumatic Stress Disorder = PTSD. Ambient style music... Enjoy!
Best of Buddha Luxury Bar Summer Ambient Music 2018 Edition
The best selection of Buddha Luxury Bar Ambient melodies. Relaxing deep sounds for chilling.Best of Buddha Luxury Bar Summer Ambient Music 2018 Edition Best of Buddha Luxury Bar Summer Ambient Music 2018 Edition
Views: 140466 Chill Out & Lounge Music

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