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Oracle Performance - DBMS_STATS
Oracle Performance - DBMS_STATS
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ORACLE WORLD - Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics part-1st
Hello friends in this video i'm just showing to you what is optimizer statistics into oracle,optimizer help to improve the performance of sql statements during execution period.Oracle database Unbeatable,Unbreakable Platform..
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Oracle  AUTOTRACE Fundamentals to Analyze & Tune SQL
This Tutorial will explain fundamentals of Oracle AUTOTRACE. Set up & Use AUTOTRACE. Review PLAN & Statistics generated by AUTOTRACE. Understanding Statistics details.
Views: 22460 Anindya Das
SQL: Introduction to Optimizer in Oracle
In this tutorial, you'll know what is the meaning and use of Optimizer in Oracle
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Analyze Tables
Views: 80 Jennifer Pottorff
Oracle Performance Tuning - Oracle Enterprise Manager - Understanding Statistics
Connect with me or follow me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/durga0gadiraju https://www.facebook.com/itversity https://github.com/dgadiraju https://www.youtube.com/c/TechnologyMentor https://twitter.com/itversity
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0303 Gathering Statistics
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How To Analyze And Solve Oracle Direct Path Read Problems - Introduction
How To Analyze And Solve Direct Path Read Problems - Introduction Oracle Direct reads of all kinds tell a special and unique performance story. But this uniqueness can result in unexpected performance issues. In this webinar I will use an AWR report and live demonstrations showing how Direct Path Reads work, why they are used, why they are awesome and also how they can beat your IO subsystem to death! I hope can join me as we explore an increasingly popular data retrieval method. If you would like to view the webinar - go to www.orapub.com/webinars For more information on OraPub or on Oracle Ace, Craig Shallahamer, go to www.orapub.com
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Query Analysis and Optimizing in Oracle
Database Management Systems 11. Query Analysis and Optimizing in Oracle ADUni
Views: 82727 Chao Xu
Oracle Explain Plan
Oracle SQL Executions: Explain Plan and Execution Plan A simple introduction with a single table example
Views: 873 Hemant K Chitale
Statistics in Oracle and SQL Server
The better the information that Oracle and SQL Server have about the data in a database, the better choices they can make on how to execute the SQL. Statistics are Oracle's and SQL Server's chief source of information. If this information is out of date, performance of queries will suffer. In their third live 'Oracle vs. SQL Server' discussion, Jonathan Lewis (Oracle Ace Director, OakTable Network) and Grant Fritchey (Microsoft SQL Server MVP) will look at statistics in Oracle and SQL Server. Do Oracle and SQL Server gather the same information? What does each optimizer use this information for? And how can Oracle and SQL Server administrators override the defaults for better (or worse) performance? These are just some of the questions that Jonathan and Grant will try to answer in another not-to-be-missed session. As before, this will be a live discussion with limited supporting slides, and will conclude with a Q+A session with Jonathan and Grant. Be prepared for a lively exchange that will not only entertain, but will teach you key concepts on Oracle and SQL Server. For our complete archive please go to http://www.red-gate.com/oracle-webinars
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Oracle DBA - Solve Long Running Query & TX Row Lock Contention | Performance Tuning
How to Solve Row Lock Contention in Oracle Database - Performance Tuning - Oracle DBA Solve Row Lock Contention & Long Running Query in Oracle Database - Performance Tuning Oracle DBA - Performance Tuning Row Lock Contention Please Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share... Boxcut Media.
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How to analyze code with Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition
http://www.DellSoftware.com/Toad-for-Oracle This video shows how to analyze code with Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition from Dell Software.
Views: 1153 DellTechCenter
SQL: Explain Plan for knowing the Query performance
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to compare queries to know the better performance query..
Views: 92741 radhikaravikumar
Oracle Optimization - Table Partitions
Oracle optimization: create table partitions and Index-Organized Table. Other lessons, visit http://www.learn-with-video-tutorials.com/plsql-oracle-optimization
Introduction to the Optimum Histogram utility for Oracle Databases
THE OPTIMUM SQL EXECUTION UTILITY OPTIMIZE ORACLE SQL EXECUTION EFFICIENCY PART 1 This is an introduction to a new utility that maximizes Oracle SQL execution efficiency and decrease's execution run times. A SQL query that is executing in minutes is reformulated using specially developed Optimum SQL execution utility histograms, density factors and algorithms and now executes in seconds. The methodology and approach taken by this product to maximize Oracle SQL efficiency is unique and revolutionary, no other product in the market has taken this approach. It maximizes SQL efficiency at the back end not the front end like most other products.It is a product that can be used by any version of the oracle database that uses the cost based optimizer. This product can increase the SQL efficiency of any application using the Oracle database software. The Optimum Histogram Utility, calculates optimum oracle table column histograms for oracle databases. This utility is not a substitute for oracle's analyze or dbms_stats utilities that calculate histogram values as well as other valuable statistics on a table. It is an add on utility who's purpose is to efficiently calculate the maximum number of buckets, minimal bucket width and maximum number of popular values for a column. The Optimum Histogram Utility produce histograms that increase the efficiency and accuracy of the oracle optimizer in estimating SQL statement result set sizes and using these estimates, select the optimal query execution plan.
Views: 995 Doug Laughlin
How To Troubleshoot a Slow Running Query in SQL Server (Extended Events & Wait Stats)
In this video, you will understand how to track waits stats for a given query/session using Extended Events. Video resources including presentation, demo files, code snippets and more learning material is available on http://www.dataplatformgeeks.com/ (Join for free and access all the resources) Suggest us topics that you wish to learn through our videos: http://www.dataplatformgeeks.com/dpg-suggest-topics/ Connect With The Speaker (Amit Bansal) -Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/A_Bansal -Follow on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/amit.r.bansal -Follow on LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/amitbansal2010 -Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AmitRSBansal/ Connect with SQLMaestros: http://sqlmaestros.com/ -http://www.twitter.com/SQLMaestros -https://www.facebook.com/SQLMaestros -Email us: [email protected] Have technical questions? Join the largest SQL/Data group on FaceBook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesqlgeeks/ DataPlatformGeeks (DPG) Community Join the fastest growing community of data & analytics professionals Why Join DPG? http://www.dataplatformgeeks.com/ -Attend all events hosted by DPG, including SQLMaestros Special Events -Get access to free videos, labs, magazines and host of learning resources -Download all events & conference material -Learn new skills. Sharpen existing skills -Be part of Asia’s Largest Data/Analytics Community -Opportunity to be a regional mentor & speaker at our events -Immense technical & professional development -http://www.dataplatformgeeks.com/
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Oracle Indexes - Beginner
Oracle Indexes - Beginner
Views: 63864 Chris Ostrowski
Ahmed Jassat - Oracle Ebus Gather Schema from 3 hours to 3 minutes
Ahmed Jassat - Oracle Ebus Gather Schema from 3 hours to 3 minutes
Views: 970 Ahmed Jassat
Big SQL Performance: Analyze
Try Free Edition of the Big SQL sandbox https://www.ibm.com/us-en/marketplace/big-sql Analyze is the command used to gather table statistics for Big SQL. Big SQL is all about query optimization to get the best possible performance. But if statistics are not collected - Big SQL is running "blind". This presentation by Big SQL developer Damian Madden is a deep dive for Analyze and includes best practices and common problems/mistakes made.
Views: 129 IBM Analytics
ORACLE WORLD - Understanding Oracle Optimizer Statistics part-2nd
Hello friends in this video i'm just showing to you what is optimizer statistics into oracle,optimizer help to improve the performance of sql statements during execution period. Oracle database Unbeatable,Unbreakable Platform.
Views: 2264 Oracle World
Oracle Database 12c: Enhanced Optimizer Statistics with Tom Kyte
Tom Kyte discusses enhanced optimizer statistics followed by a demo of on-load statistics gathering in Oracle Database 12c. "Online Statistics Gathering for Bulk Loads" http://www.oracle.com/pls/topic/lookup?ctx=db121&id=TGSQL344 "Histograms" http://www.oracle.com/pls/topic/lookup?ctx=db121&id=TGSQL366 "CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT" http://www.oracle.com/pls/topic/lookup?ctx=db121&id=DWHSG8317 "CREATE TABLE" http://www.oracle.com/pls/topic/lookup?ctx=db121&id=SQLRF01402
Views: 7707 OracleDBVision
Query Tuning 101 How to Run Autotrace in SQL Developer
This video shows how to run autotrace reports using Oracle SQL Developer to analyze query performance. It also discusses the privileges you need to enable database users to run autotrace. ============================ The Magic of SQL with Chris Saxon Copyright © 2015 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Other names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the “Materials”). The Materials are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
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Statistics histogram Cardinality In simple word.
The SQL Server query optimizer uses distribution statistics when creating a query plan. The statistics provide information about the distribution of column values across participating rows, helping the optimizer better estimate the number of rows, or cardinality, of the query results. Cardinality (SQL statements) In SQL (Structured Query Language), the term cardinality refers to the uniqueness of data values contained in a particular column (attribute) of a database table. The lower the cardinality, the more duplicated elements in a column
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Oracle Database Performance Tuning - Optimizer Statistics Gathering
In this video we explain how to gather the database optimizer statistics #performancetuning, #oracledatabase, #oracle, #database, #optimizerstatistics, #learning, About Optimizer Statistics Collection In Oracle Database, optimizer statistics collection is the gathering of optimizer statistics for database objects, including fixed objects. The database can collect optimizer statistics automatically. You can also collect them manually using the DBMS_STATS package. Purpose of Optimizer Statistics Collection The contents of tables and associated indexes change frequently, which can lead the optimizer to choose suboptimal execution plan for queries. To avoid potential performance issues, statistics must be kept current. To minimize DBA involvement, Oracle Database automatically gathers optimizer statistics at various times. Some automatic options are configurable, such enabling AutoTask to run DBMS_STATS. Stats collection Stats gathering database performance tuning, 10g, 11g 12c database administration
Views: 63 KINGS TUBE
SQL Server DBA Tutorial 48-Update Statistics of All the Databases or Single Database in SQL Server
In this video you will learn how to update Statistics of All databases in SQL Server using SQL Server Management studio as well as using T-SQL Script. It shows different options of updating the statistics such as Index statistics, column statistics and statistics of single database using SQL Server Management Studio as well as using T-SQL Script. Blog post link for the video with script http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2015/04/how-to-update-statistics-stats-of-all.html Visit our website to check out SQL Server DBA Tutorial Step by Step http://www.techbrothersit.com/2014/12/sql-server-dba-tutorial.html
Views: 16791 TechBrothersIT
Updating Statistics in SQL Server
What are statistics? How often should you update them? Do you need a trace flag to make this easier? Join Kendra Little to find out. Table of Contents: 00:11 - Hi, I’m Kendra 00:35 - I always kinda hated Aristotle 01:22 - I learned about stats because of performance problems 02:48 - We had an “ascending date key” problem 04:33 - How we fixed it 05:27 - I got a little “golden hammery” 07:25 - We experimented creating stats 11:27 - We learned to drop stats when they didn’t help 12:32 - Maintenance became excessive 14:33 - “What happens if we stop running these stats update jobs?” 15:29 - I’ve found problems on small databases 16:57 - I realized:Updating stats to solve problems is essentially reactive 17:11 - Reactive solutions rarely satisfy 17:28 - I became conservative 19:19 - Trace Flag 2371 is going mainstream 20:05 - These days, I’m more moderate 20:38 - Moderate approach to updating stats 22:10 - Practically speaking… 23:45 - When jobs load batches of data 24:40 - If you diagnose slow queries due to out of date stats 26:08 - LittleKendra.com/recommends/stats
Views: 3188 SQL Workbooks
Import Data and Analyze with Python
Python programming language allows sophisticated data analysis and visualization. This tutorial is a basic step-by-step introduction on how to import a text file (CSV), perform simple data analysis, export the results as a text file, and generate a trend. See https://youtu.be/pQv6zMlYJ0A for updated video for Python 3.
Views: 192415 APMonitor.com
Analyzing Big Data in less time with Google BigQuery
Most experienced data analysts and programmers already have the skills to get started. BigQuery is fully managed and lets you search through terabytes of data in seconds. It’s also cost effective: you can store gigabytes, terabytes, or even petabytes of data with no upfront payment, no administrative costs, and no licensing fees. In this webinar, we will: - Build several highly-effective analytics solutions with Google BigQuery - Provide a clear road map of BigQuery capabilities - Explain how to quickly find answers and examples online - Share how to best evaluate BigQuery for your use cases - Answer your questions about BigQuery
Views: 55432 Google Cloud Platform
What is a Histogram?
To understand graphs and ways to measure central tendency, please visit https://DontMemorise.com . Don’t Memorise brings learning to life through its captivating FREE educational videos. New videos every week. To stay updated, subscribe to our YouTube channel : http://bit.ly/DontMemoriseYouTube Register on our website to gain access to all videos and quizzes: http://bit.ly/DontMemoriseRegister Subscribe to our Newsletter: http://bit.ly/DontMemoriseNewsLetter Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/DontMemoriseFacebook Follow us : http://bit.ly/DontMemoriseBlog
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Histogram Explained
This video will show you step by step on how to create a histogram from date.
Views: 230300 cylurian
Statistics Good Practices
SQL Master Training Class Carlos Sierra - Best Practices for Statistics
Views: 433 NoCOUG Channel
DB Optimizer takes on Jonathan Lewis
See DB Optimizer automatically in seconds do the work that Jonathan does to diagram a query, gather the statistics, find the schema relations and analyze indexes, in other works, the work required to tune the query.
Data Warehouse 2 Query IO Statistics
00:00 Measure Query Size and Throughput 05:49 Demo Measure Query IO statistics 13:47 Demo Page Compression IO statistics 21:41 Demo Columsntore Index IO statistics Use IO Statistics to measure query size in MB and compare query and table sizes that use page compression and Columnstore Indexes script: http://garrettedmondson.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/columnstore-index-throughput/
Views: 1544 Garrett Edmondson
The Optimum Histogram Utility DEMO 2- Maximize Oracle Performance and SQL Execution Efficiency
Description Demonstration of the influence of the Optimum Histogram utilities on the estimation accuracy of the Oracle Optimizer in a Oracle Database. Tests highlight the increase in estimation accuracy on the optimizer and impact on execution plan selection. Tests conducted against a numeric column in a heap table and execution plan results and statistics captured to indicate impact on the optimizers execution plan selection of the OHU histograms. IMPORTANT NOTE: This utility is not a substitute for oracle's dbms_stats which calculates highly valuable statistics for oracle objects. It is an add on utility that can be used on columns with skewed distribution. Please see demonstration one for overview of architecture
Views: 529 Doug Laughlin
How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine, Part 3: Statistics and Memory Grants
Why does one query get wildly different execution plans? Learn how statistics influence your query plans, discover how to see your own statistics, and understand how stats help build memory grants.
Views: 4493 Brent Ozar Unlimited
Data Analysis using Excel- Database Queries, Filters and Pivot Tables
I have noticed that many people throughout the world have been interested in my training videos on Using Database Queries and Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel. So this training video, while very helpful for Active Planner customers, is applicable to any Excel user who wants to create database queries and then analyze that data using Filters and Pivot Tables. And as an added bonus, we will go into SQL Management Studio to build and debug our query and I will show you how to create a PIVOT query. I have created a new video for Sage 300 users so check it out at: https://youtu.be/HXzm8s2mVhI And Sage 500 users check out this new video at: https://youtu.be/UWJ9UrTeEr8 Thank you, Doug Leasure
Views: 169892 ActivePlanner
Ways of generating EXECUTION PLAN in Oracle Database
Learn how to generate execution plan in oracle database in many ways
Views: 3269 OrSkl Academy
Screencast: Analyzing Oracle Database I/O Outliers
The combination of Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Database 12c introduces a new, unique, and powerful capability. In this screencast, Jon Haslam describes how the Oracle Database and Oracle Solaris engineering teams worked together to integrate DTrace and V$ Views to provide a top-to-bottom picture of a database transaction I/O -- from storage devices, through the Oracle Solaris kernel, up to Oracle Database 12c itself. With this end-to-end view, you can easily identify I/O outliers -- transactions that are taking an unusually long time to complete -- and use this comprehensive data to identify and mitigate storage system problems that were previously extremely hard to debug.
Views: 1294 Oracle Solaris
SQL Performance Baselining in Oracle 11g
Learn how to use SQL Plan Management (aka baselining) to prevent SQL performance regression! Stop performance from degrading! See all FREE lessons , including 12c Baselining here - http://www.skillbuilders.com/free-12c-performance-features-training-2
Views: 628 SkillBuilders
SQL Server tutorial 84: How to update database statistics using SSMS or T-SQL
How to update database statistics using T-SQL, or SSMS. For more info, or a copy of any of the scripts used in any of my tutorials, please email me at [email protected]
Views: 4241 Johnny Deluca
oracle sql performance analyzer
compares the performance of the statements in a tuning set before and after a database change.
Part 1: Oracle Big Data SQL
Oracle Big Data SQL - Learn about monitoring and tuning, Enterprise Manager, Cloudera Manager, and analyzing statistics. ================================= For more information, see http://www.oracle.com/goto/oll Copyright © 2017 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Other names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the “Materials”). The Materials are provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties or merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Load Data from SQL to Oracle using Informatica. By Berry
Informatica, founded in 1993 is a leader in providing enterprise data integration solutions. I will be uploading videos to learn Informatica ETL tool.
Views: 558 Bhaskar Berry
Oracle Cost Based Optimizer Advanced Session
Presented by Randolf Geist 01 August 2012 Summary Building on the previous Cost-Based Optimizer Basics webinar, in this almost "zero-slide" session we'll explore different aspects of the Cost-Based Optimizer that haven't been covered or only mentioned briefly in the 'basics' session. This is a continuous live demonstration including topics like: Clustering Factor, Histograms, Dynamic Sampling, Virtual Columns, Daft Data Types and more. If you've ever asked yourself why a histogram can be a threat to database performance and why storing data using the correct data type matters regarding Execution Plans then this session is for you. It is recommended, although not required, to watch the recording of the 'basics' webinar first. A live Q+A session with Randolf Geist will follow the presentation. For our complete archive, and to sign up for upcoming webinars please go to http://www.red-gate.com/oracle-webinars
Views: 6580 Redgate Videos

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