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SeaDoo SPi
Whippin the YAMS!!
Views: 3711 siTTinLo
Jet ski Seadoo spi 580
Voltinha com o jet spi 580 limpeza e regulagem
Jet ski sea doo spi
nois trabaia mais se diverte tbmmm...
Views: 24790 hpaludo
Sea-Doo SP
Views: 16844 villeak
Jetski Winterization Process
Winterizing Seadoo jetski using antifreeze.
Views: 51949 Easy EKG
1996 seadoo spi 580 motor
Our 96 Spi running full tilt. 580 motor. 1996 model SPI. Similar to the SPX and XP models. Single carb, smaller motor. Every bit as fun.
Views: 13680 Kevin M
Sea Doo Tricks N Shit 2.014 (Sea Doo XP 800)
Version 2.014 of the Sea Doo Tricks N Shit Series! Been a pretty busy summer but I was still able to pump out this edit while I'm waiting for the snow!
Views: 126608 Blake Tiedeman
Sea doo spi
Views: 885 feneketlen99
SeaDoo XP Bombardier Rotax 650 Special
just doin crazy, with my sea doo xp bombardier at the zeeburger tunnel in amsterdam. i hope yall like it!!!!!!!!!! take care, robbo
Views: 35631 RobboX
Bombardier  Seadoo Sp 1996
Bombardier Seadoo Sp 1996
Views: 860 m Ze
Vídeo de Wagner DICK
Views: 4425 WagnerDick
Seadoo xp bombardier 1997
Seadoo xp on a danish beach http://www.baadgalleri.dk/html/gal_visbil.asp?ID=5696&ipc=29433
1996 seadoo spi
Views: 424 Nate Vaughan
1992 Seadoo Re-doo
1992 GTS Seadoo Bomardier with a 580/587 Rotax motor. It sat (in parts) at a friends house in storage for two years. I decided to rebuild it. Here is a video of the process. I used a pdf manual found online for factory specs and other youtube videos for guidance. I hope this video helps others, the process took only less than a month to complete with all parts ordered through e-bay, and were delivered to my doorstep. I rented a cylinder honing tool and torque wrench from a local auto parts shop, and used a basic metric tool set to complete the project.
Views: 18306 tomtsquared
sea doo spi wakeboard
Views: 1052 feneketlen99
How a seadoo rotax engine works
This video I explain how a seadoo rotary valve engine works. And upcoming projects.
Views: 84501 Capt n B garage
1994 Seadoo SP SPI Top Speed
1994 Seadoo SP (same as the SPI) top speed recorded on the GPS on my phone The ski has a 1995 SPX epem, impeller and pump along with hood and vents (thats why it looks like an SPX) but it still has the stock 587 Rotax engine with single carb
Views: 2870 TeamRebuilt
1991 SeaDoo XP 580 Will It Run?   Rotax Engine
I bought this 1991 SeaDoo XP to part out. Supposedly it was running a year ago. The battery was dead and the cylinders puked out water once I put a fresh battery in and cranked it. After cranking until the water was out, I added some fuel to the cylinders and it started after a few tries. It actually ran well so I ran it on the hose for a little while to burn off any remaining water. After that I cut the hull up and removed all the parts to sell
Views: 3493 SeaDooEric
1997 Bombardier Sea Doo XP
A full tank of gas burned on Mission Bay, San Diego on March 3, 2013. Various Go Pro mounts. Launched at 7:00am. Nothing but Kayakers and Paddleboarders (sorry guys!) and the entire bay to myself for 2 hours on nothing but smooth glass. No other powered craft seen the entire time. That is why I go early.
Views: 22706 John P
1996 Sea-Doo SPI
This PWC comes with a trailer.
Views: 2400 CaseysCoveMarina
1995 Seadoo SPX Troubleshooting Fail - Spark Test, Fuel Test
I initially made this video to diagnose a no spark issue with my Seadoo. I was confident that was the problem because I had the Seadoo running out of the water before I took it to the lake, but once I got to the lake, it wouldn’t start in or out of the water. I tried putting starter fluid directly into the carbs, and didn’t get them to fire up. I thought I was getting fuel to the engine, but it wouldn’t start, so my next thought was spark. Before I took it to the lake, we got it running in my driveway. My brother had rebuilt the carbs for me, but he hadn’t done anything like that before, and I’m starting to think that he may not have cleaned them out properly, and the carbs are still the problem. One weird thing is that the seadoo won’t fire even when I put gas and starter fluid directly into the cylinders. I assumed I would at least get a few rotations out of the engine with fuel directly in the cylinders, but it wouldn’t fire at all. In the video, you can tell it takes some time for the seadoo to fire up. It finally does, and I let it warm up for a few minutes at idle. Then I give it some gas and it doesn’t seem to hit the RPMs it should be. (I’m assuming this based upon the sound I heard). I worked on it last night, and got it running in the video. When I went out this morning, it fired right up. I think this was a carburetor issue, but want to know for sure. Do any of you have thoughts? I’m going to run the machine out of the water for an hour or so and make sure I’m getting good gas flow through the carbs. If the machine doesn’t run right, I’m going to rebuild the carburetors.
Views: 81876 Tibbman
Flushing 1994 Seadoo SPI
Took the 1994 Seadoo SPI out to the Texas City Dike the other day. With the cool front blowing in, made the water just a bit choppy! 3-4 foot swells are fairly uncommon at the dike, typical chop is 1-2 feet. played for a little bit, decided it was a bit too rough. Came home and flushed her out, put her away.
Views: 7530 THEfishingMEDIC
Seadoo spi 1993
Wiseco tuned pistons bored out to 600cc. Get 55 out of it now.
Views: 3690 marcuswomersley92
1992 Sea-Doo SPi fired up after sitting for 6 months.
Put a fresh battery in and cranked first try!
Jet-Ski Sea Doo Bombardier SP 1996 Super Conservado
Jet Ski Sea Doo Bombardier - SP 1996 Com Careta Rodoviária ano 2003/2003 6 anos com o proprietário. * Totalmente conservado: Última revisão em 04/09/13 entre os itens revisados foi trocado o cabo de direção e troca de rolamentos das rodas da carreta e outros. * Sem Nenhum Detalhe. * Registrado na captania dos portos. * Acompanha Carretinha emplacada (Reb/Podium JEM-J). * Fotos Reais. Obs. Documentação de transferência por conta do comprador. Segue abaixo simulação para pagamento via Cartão de crédito. Parcelas 1 R$ 9.300,00 2 R$ 4.859,72 3 R$ 3.287,27 4 R$ 2.501,51 5 R$ 2.030,19 6 R$ 1.716,13 7 R$ 1.492,09 8 R$ 1.324,32 9 R$ 1.193,93 10 R$ 1.089,68 11 R$ 1.004,59 12 R$ 933,72 Motivo da venda: Utilizar o recurso para quitação de veículo. Temos vídeo do Jet-Ski no youtube Fone: (11) 4112-7678 (11)7875-9750 NEXTEL 82*48543 Falar com Claudio.
Views: 38842 portal megasound
The $200 SeaDoo SP Project
We picked up a 1989 Seadoo SP at a great price and we are going to fix it up. Hopefully it won't cost too much. It is amazing how much smaller and lighter these old machines are than the new ones. Created with Corel VideoStudio.
Views: 18207 Matthew Bergin
1994 657cc Sea Doo XP
we got it for free, a little work and it looks great!
Views: 49640 dave jonshon johnson
Seadoo Won't Start Troubleshooting: Carburetor Removal/Cleaning, Replace Fuel Lines
In this video, I remove the carburetor, clean it, and replace a few fuel lines to get the machine running.
Views: 86973 Tibbman
1995 Sea doo SPi
Views: 5209 Jonathan Murphy
Seadoo RX Seadoo XP Seadoo SPI 2 stroke riding
just having some fun on a cold/wet/rainy/dark day in Bracebridge, Ontario. 2 strokin all day long. 2000 seadoo rx 1997 seadoo xp 1995 seadoo spi
Views: 8459 pwcvids
1993 SeaDoo Bombardier SPX - Cleveland, Lake Erie
Horsing around on Lake Erie - June 7th, 2009
Views: 3997 lmuliolis
Jet Ski Sea Doo SP 580cc
Views: 37600 Thiago Michel
Seadoo spi 1995 587
Waverunner going across the lake
Views: 606 JRK5892
Sea-doo 580 Not much power but fun
Sea-doo 580 playing on Lake Simcoe Ontario.
Views: 11135 erdodyzsolt
94 seadoo xp
messin' around on one of my '94 seadoo xp's while on vacation
Views: 30792 Merica
How to Winterize a PWC, step by step guide, in HD Seadoo, Jet Ski, Waverunner
A detailed step by step guide to winterizing your Your Personal Watercraft PWC for outdoor storage in a below -0 environment, shown on a 1997 Sea•doo GTX, same concept applies to most PWC jetskis. wave runner, sea doo DIY. (yes thats my wife on my ski, and no, she is no where in the video, sorry lol). Boat outboard inboard I/O inboard/outboard Winterization
Views: 699899 Warren Hardy
1996 Seadoo GTX almost ready to start! Converting it to pre-mix
I've got motor all bolted down and everything attached. Seadoo forum guys are telling me to replace the oil injection system, and other people tell me to use pre-mix. Pre-mix is when you mix the oil into the fuel before you put it into the seadoo tank. The oil pump system on this machine is 15+ years old, I don't trust it. Just like old oil injected motorbikes, I blocked off the injection system and pre-mix my fuel before it goes into the seadoo. I will be using 40:1 for the first few tanks to break the engine in gently with lots of lube. After a couple dozen hours we will see how its going, maybe bring it up to the standard 50:1 mix.
Views: 43897 machinesnmetal
Jet Ski Sea Doo XP 1995 Riacho Grande/SBC/SP
Jet XP 1995, excelente para manobras rápidas e curta.
Views: 13895 Jefferson Marcio
Sea-Doo XP Replacer rear shaft and extra tips
Had to rebuilt the jet pump because when I was on water and gave it gas it felt like the clutch was sleeping (no clutch on xp) that's an indication that your rear pump is going out, I also had to replace the output shaft bearing . Thanks for watching.
Views: 34252 Anderson E Rockefeller
Solved: SeaDoo Won't Start
▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/stevevigus Troubleshooting and repairing a starter problem on a Sea Doo Jet Ski. The engine doesn't crank when you hit the button so we trace the problem to a bad ground wire and repair the JetSki. Introducing my neighbor and good friend Ed. Subscribe for more videos like this.
Views: 61636 Steve Vigus
1995 seadoo 580 spi trouble
1995 Seadoo 580 spi trouble, Start it up and after a few seconds It will shut off..
Views: 1822 corey h
My 94 sea doo Gtx
Views: 4219 201mxflyboy201
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Sinking Sea Doo RXP 215
Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/HDscreenerX - - RATE & SHARE - thank you soundtrack: Tales from the Crypt So if you are reading this, probably you wonder what happened. So here is the story: once upon a time there was a rabbit, and he had a jet ski.. This has happened on the first 2014 season run, everything as usual, cruising fast until the engine looses his power and stops. the jet ski slowly starts to sink, the rest you have seen on the video. The reason: 2007 215 RXP (red and white) jet ski had over 250 extreme riding and vawe jumping hours causing the rubber pillows witch are holding the engine to break. Because of that the engine got loose and the water breaks in with the point where impellers shaft coming out of the hull. Always inspect and maintain your jet ski, especially if you are riding alone and there will be no one around to help you out in case this happens.
Views: 1164786 HDscreenerX
How to Rebuild Your Sea-Doo Jet Pump
This how-to video shows all the steps required to rebuild a Sea-Doo jet pump on a 2009 RXT 215 Sea-Doo. Get 3ftDeep stuff: http://3ftdeepsports.com/store Filmed in the great Pacific Northwest with a Canon T2i camera. Music: I Am Running with Temporary Success from a Monstrous Vacuum by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/honor/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
Views: 87894 3ftDeep

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