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Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part 2): iedit, flymake-google-cpplint, google-c-style
Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part 2): iedit, flymake-google-cpplint, google-c-style .emacs file is available at: http://barisyuksel.com/cppmode/.emacs package versions are available at: http://barisyuksel.com/cppmode/package_versions.png or you can pull/clone it from github: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-as-a-C-Cplusplus-Editor-IDE-settings
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Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part I): auto-complete, yasnippet, and auto-complete-c-headers
Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part I): auto-complete, yasnippet, and auto-complete-c-headers. Installation and all the tricks. .emacs file is available at: http://barisyuksel.com/cppmode/.emacs package versions are available at: http://barisyuksel.com/cppmode/package_versions.png or you can pull/clone it from github: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-as-a-C-Cplusplus-Editor-IDE-settings
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emacs c++
Blog post: http://cestlaz.github.io/posts/using-emacs-32-cpp Series page: http://cestlaz.github.io/stories/emacs
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CppCon 2015: Atila Neves "Emacs as a C++ IDE"
http://www.Cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/cppcon/cppcon2015 — Lightning Talk — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part 3): Installing CEDET mode for true intellisense
Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part 3): CEDET mode for true context sensitive intellisense .emacs file is available at: http://barisyuksel.com/cppmode/.emacs or you can pull/clone it from github: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-as-a-C-Cplusplus-Editor-IDE-settings
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Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part 4): Installing irony/sarcasm mode for true intellisense with clang
Emacs as a C/C++ Editor/IDE (Part 4): Installing irony mode for true context sensitive intellisense .emacs file is available at: http://barisyuksel.com/cppmode/.emacs_irony or you can pull/clone it from github: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-as-a-C-Cplusplus-Editor-IDE-settings-with-irony The demo project is available at: https://github.com/byuksel/Cpp-Demo-Project-For-Emacs Episode 2 is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_HW0EB67eY
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Emacs Rocks! Episode 17: Magit
http://emacsrocks.com - Rocking emacs tricks and tips screencast. Follow me on twitter: @emacsrocks
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Emacs in 10 minutes!
A basic introduction to one of the more popular programming editors. Yes, I know I went fast - sorry. I'll make a longer tutorial at some point. This was more of a feature-overview type style. And I only had time for the basic features :)) Thanks for watching :)
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CppCon 2015: Piotr Padlewski "C++ WAT"
http://www.Cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/cppcon/cppcon2015 — Lightning Talk — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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C++ Siberia 2019: Олег Фатхиев, Эволюция метапрограммирования: списки типов
Поговорим про метапрограммирование в ретроспективе. Обсудим различные полезные примеры: как писалось раньше и как писать не надо, как нужно писать с использованием C++17. При этом рассмотрим разные компиляторы и как заставить метамагию работать на msvc и с какими трудностями можно при этом столкнуться. По шагам напишем haskell-style функции для работы со списками типов (при этом используя value-based approach)
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CppCon 2015: Greg Law " Give me 15 minutes & I'll change your view of GDB"
http://www.Cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/cppcon/cppcon2015 — Lightning Talk — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Emacs C-mode and switch-statements
How can I permanently set the indentation for switch/case-statements to be 2? At present I have to use C-c C-o to set it.
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Extending Emacs Rocks! Episode 01
http://emacsrocks.com Join me and Christian Johansen in this special edition Emacs Rocks series where we extend emacs with a minor-mode for the Buster.JS testing framework.
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emacs : set up config 11 (highlight-indent-guides)
Continuing with the trend, highlight-indent-guides is set for indentation based languages like Python. Also now the video has a better description at the Github README: https://github.com/analyzeninvest/configuring-emacs-from-scratch
Emacs Tutorial For Beginners - Simply Explained
Go from 0 to ... uh... 5 MPH in just a few minutes. Don't worry about becoming a text editor ninja. Just get the basics down so you can start writing whatever crap you need to get done! 0:37 - Reference cheat sheet 1:05 - Command keys 1:36 - Open file 1:52 - Create a new file 2:28 - Buffers 3:42 - Split windows 4:34 - Customizing Emacs c means "ctrl" m means "alt" key and everything else is just the specified key c-x 1 delete all other windows c-x 2 split window c-x c-f read a file into emacs ~/.emacs find the config file ;;****************************************************** ;; Things I have added to customize emacs, copy and ;; paste the text below into your "config" (.emacs) file ;;****************************************************** ;; Use 2 spaces for auto indent (setq c-default-style "linux" c-basic-offset 2) ;; Set column-mode to always be on (setq column-number-mode t) ;; Set line number mode to always be on (global-linum-mode t) ;; no startup message (setq inhibit-startup-message t) ;; have your emacs window to always show your system-name and the full ;; path of the buffer your currently editing : (setq frame-title-format (list (format "%s %%S: %%j " (system-name)) '(buffer-file-name "%f" (dired-directory dired-directory "%b"))))
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Ethereum ÐΞVcon-0: C++ Ethereum and Emacs
Lefteris Karapetsas presents on C++ Ethereum and Emacs.
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[emacs] cedit - useful commands for C-like languages
available @ https://github.com/zk-phi/cedit
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CppCon 2014: Titus Winters "The Philosophy of Google's C++ Code"
http://www.cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2014 -- The Google C++ Style Guide is a fairly popular guide for C++ coding practices, both at Google and externally, but some of its recommendations often seem dated and have created controversy and perceived tension with more modern C++ In this talk we will focus on the core philosophies underlying that guide, ranging from the common (be consistent) to the unusual (leave an explicit trace for the reader), and debunk the idea that Google's C++ is anything less than modern. We'll discuss how these core ideas inform contentious rules like "No non-const references" and "Don't use exceptions," and how the application of those rules has worked for us in practice, both as developers and reliability engineers (SREs). -- Titus Winters has spent the past 3 years working on Google's core C++ libraries. He's particularly interested in issues of large scale software engineer and codebase maintenance: how do we keep a codebase of over 100M lines of code consistent and flexible for the next decade? Along the way he has helped Google teams pioneer techniques to perform automated code transformations on a massive scale, and helps maintain the Google C++ Style Guide. -- Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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How fast does Bisqwit type?
Ever wonder how fast I type? Watch this video to see, as I use a homebrew DOS game to find out. Click “show more” to view more information. Check out the FAQ in the comment section for any questions! In the Finnish test (yes, olen suomalainen), I peaked 10mrs of 4128, with end result of 3845. (Avg. 6.41 characters per second.) In the English test, I peaked 10mrs of 3601, with end result of 3545. (Avg. 5.91 characters per second.) Note that these readings are likely very incorrect, because it is impossible to get accurate timings from a program run in DOSBox. For more details, read the FAQ in the comment section of this video. My links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealBisqwit Patreon: https://patreon.com/Bisqwit (alternatives at https://iki.fi/bisqwit/donate.html) Twitch: https://twitch.tv/RealBisqwit Homepage: https://iki.fi/bisqwit/ You can contribute subtitles/captions at: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=jnkOcAkLkBU Or to any video on my channel at: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCKTehwyGCKF-b2wo0RKwrcg Here's the video that shows how I make programming videos: https://youtu.be/5Da6ZyQJjE0 Download WSpeed: https://bisqwit.iki.fi/wspeed/ It is a 16-bit DOS program. It will _not_ work in 64-bit Windows without a DOS emulator. The best way to run it would be to run it under MS-DOS (operating system) on a PC, but this is hardly feasible today for anyone. The second best way is to install DOSBox (available for many operating systems), and use that. You can run the game using DOSBox. When you launch DOSBox, you will have to ”mount” the drive or directory where you unpacked the game, and navigate to the right subdirectory using “cd” commands, and then run the game by typing its name. Aside from the “mount” command this is just basic DOS handling. The red flashing is WSpeed saying that your computer (i.e. DOSBox, if you run it under DOSBox) is too slow. If you get red flashing in the game, here’s how to fix it. By default, DOSBox emulates a 3 MHz computer, but hitting Ctrl+F12 increases the emulated CPU clock speed. But if you make the emulated CPU clock too fast, it may actually make DOSBox slow. Because of these issues, WSpeed+DOSBox is not an accurate way to measure your typing speed. I have provided it for entertainment purposes only. You can buy the same model of USB keyboard that I used, here (USA layout): https://bisqwit.iki.fi/dx/p/106619 NOTE: Clarification on my definition of “uncut”: I do alternate between different picture-in-picture set-ups, and I do swap audio between different streams, but the progression of time will be uninterrupted, and footage will be shown for every second in the order it happened and at unedited pace (starting from about 1 minute into the video). NOTE: Clarification on my definition of “blind” / “first try”: Of course I have played this game before. I was the one who created it. But it has been over 15 years. It hardly counts as “training” for the purposes of getting a good result in this video. Any other questions? Read the FAQ in the comment section. #Bisqwit #DOSGaming #HomebrewGames #Blog #FastTyping
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C/C++ in Spacemacs
How to get a decent environment for C/C++ development in Spacemacs.
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Emacs Rocks! Episode 03: A vimgolf albatross
http://emacsrocks.com - Rocking emacs tricks and tips screencast. Follow me on twitter: @emacsrocks
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C Code Indent and Code Beautifier
Feature to automatically format C Programs with a click of a button will be introduced in KMotion Version 4.35a
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Emacs Tutorial (Beginners) -Part 1- File commands, cut/copy/paste, cursor commands
A short Introduction to Emacs, a free editing software. Using Emacs, we cover file commands, cursor movement commands and cut/copy/paste commands. Let's learn the essentials of a great text editor: Emacs. You can access the Emacs manual (the reference card) we build in this Emacs tutorial at: http://barisyuksel.com/emacs/emacs_tutorial_reference.cpp Or you can use the Github link: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-Tutorial-for-Beginners
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Изучаем Emacs. Эпизод 02
В подкасте разобраны основные понятия Emacs (фрейм, буфер, окно), команды перемещения по буферу, между буферами, окнами и т.д. Показан способ конфигурирования своих клавиатурных сочетаний на ELisp-е в .emacs. Команда для ремапа CapsLock-a в Ctrl под Linux: setxkbmap -option 'ctrl:nocaps' Инициализация ErgoEmacs в .emacs: (setenv "ERGOEMACS_KEYBOARD_LAYOUT" "us") ; US (load-file "~/.emacs.d/ergoemacs/site-lisp/site-start.el")
STREAM: Emacs Lisp work, ergos and getting into coding Mechanical Keyboard (Iris)
YOU CAN ACTUALLY READ MY SCREEN! D:( ):D Dang... Check out my sweet status bar! (Ethernet UP'NT!) 3:10 Chop out the Pat! 3:48 Baloon attack / Problem statement 4:47 Emacs is (((very))) strangely the best choice for this 5:54 The sheet I put up with... 7:17 I unironically say "Cruft" 8:50 Norm crashes the stream, I immediately fear demonitization 9:10 The problem with A Sock 10:46 "It's supposed to be like that!" Yeah, no... 13:01 Lisp leads to assval 13:38 The Alan Kay magic 14:35 At this point I can't stop saying cruft. 15:57 Break the idiomatic style when its more faster or more readable-y-er 18:27 Stop with the shirtless Alan Kay already! 19:20 THE KEYBOARD OF THE DAY IS THE TENTED IRIS! 21:16 The less you type the better! Copy paste snippet anything you can! 23:10 Paredit! Now 27.6% less annoying, and 72/241sts MORE annoying! 26:30 My sTyL3 cannot be contained! (or appreciated) 28:00 The chat starts on standing desks and Signum PCBs 29:01 Hotcakes? 29:39 My standing desk is a Realspace Magellan Pneumatic Office Depot Item # 787781 online $200 Quality kit! 30:39 The big sell for a standing desk! Ergos, activity, and creativity! 32:57 No copystrike yet! Go give Akira the Don some love! He's got C L O U T ! 33:51 Carpal Tunnel seems genetic 35:19 No joke. 35:30 Ergonomic Piano?! Nah dawg... Nah... 37:30 Q: Learning Ruby, do you think Emacs is worth a look? 39:09 It doesn't matter what you use... EXCEPT ONE 40:29 How you know when IT'S TIME TO STOP! 41:29 Pomodoro: IF YOU SKIP THE BREAKS YOU MAKE MISTAKES! 42:19 Opinion on Sublime 43:45 Stay away from the frameworks 45:55 OpenSCAD: Turn all the things into text so I can work them 51:00 That's Numberwang! 51:04 M570 Trackball talk ($20 amazon) 51:55 Evoulent Vertical mouse opinions 53:32 My favorite feature in a mouse 55:00 Trackball: D A T F L I C K 57:19 Shake up your ergos, it helps a lot 59:10 The true purpose of ergos 59:45 The truth about the pain 1:00:25 The true reason the Signum exists. 1:00:56 I'm cheap, AND YOU CAN TOO! 1:01:15 Signum: The arch enemy of expensive mechs 1:02:37 Muh B R A S S P L A T E S 1:02:55 Muh son! 1:04:00 D E A D A I R :) 1:04:56 GG Fam! Gotta hustle if you want to make it. Self taught freelance programmer of 18 years with kids, church, and a full time job, the mornings are where the time comes from. And Keyboard sales... http://www.troyfletcher.net/keyboard_sales.html [more...] This is my new standing desk setup running a $220 thinkpad x220, and a refurb $60 vertical monitor (hp e221i). The desk cost more than what's on it. That plus the server at $10/month is a cheap setup to do work that pays for itself and the kids' dentist bills. Music: LOFI  CHRISTMAS  2  ❄️❄️❄️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQzDckv-HH0 Hardware: Primary Keyboard: Signum 3: http://troyfletcher.net/keyboard_sales.html Primary Split: Iris: http://keeb.io Software: Vim Synthwave Colorscheme: https://github.com/TroyFletcher/vim-colors-synthwave Terminal Pomodoros: https://github.com/TroyFletcher/terminal-pomodoro Flying into the depth of Mandelbox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhMdL4kSnsg
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very simple c in emacs
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Emacs Tutorial (Beginners) -Part 3- Expressions, Statements, ~/.emacs file and packages
A short Introduction to Emacs. Covering expressions, statements, ~/.emacs file and packages. Essential Emacs with essential command. The file we edited in this episode is at http://barisyuksel.com/emacs/emacs_tutorial_reference.cpp Or you can use the Github link: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-Tutorial-for-Beginners
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Creating a Rogue-like game [C++11 programming]
Yay! I managed to upload a programming video this year.¹ In this tool-assisted education video I create a rogue-like game with C++11. You see me type every line.* Read on what is a rogue-like game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue-like Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealBisqwit Patreon: https://patreon.com/Bisqwit (alternatives at https://iki.fi/bisqwit/donate.html) Twitch: https://twitch.tv/RealBisqwit Homepage: https://iki.fi/bisqwit/ I create the game in seven phases: - Phase 1 (demo at 04:23): Basic navigation in a maze. - Phase 2 (demo at 06:51): Adding command history, repeats and aliases. - Phase 3 (demo at 08:54): Adding colors. - Phase 4 (demo at 20:02): The maze now has items which you can look at. - Phase 5 (demo at 24:52): You can now pick up those items! The game has a point now. - Phase 6 (demo at 30:30): Adding chests that you can pry open. - Phase 7 (long demo at 32:58): Adding carts for cheaper lugging of stuff around. The video contains English-language spoken commentary. I created the commentary in one pass without any editing (except for noise removal and compression) because my available free time before the end of the year is basically negative at this point. If you can't understand something I said or did in the video, feel free to ask in the comments! I always try to reply to every meaningful comment. If you liked the video, Like and Subscribe! Thank you for watching! The exact source code used in this video can be downloaded here: https://bisqwit.iki.fi/jutut/kuvat/programming_examples/starving_dungeonadventure/ I forgot to show it in my demos, but my item parsing code also supports commas and "and" words. For example you can say "get bracelet, shirt 2 and all coins from cart" or "drop everything except iron tie and platinum bracelet" and it works just as you would expect. List of music used: - overture.mod by Jogeir Liljedahl, played through MikMod 2.14B1.10 in 8-bit mode - Dual Orb - Hill theme, played through ADLMIDI - Dual Orb - Underworld theme, played through ADLMIDI - Lunar SSSC - Song of Blue Dragon, played through ADLMIDI - overture.mod repeated I actually created this game in April 2009. The last week (of 2013) I just rewrote it in modern C++, added some features, and optimized it for YouTube showcasing. My original version from 2009 can be seen here: http://tasvideos.org/forum/p/197344#197344 ¹) Just not the one I was planning on. *) Except the printf-like format class, which is almost identical to boost::format(), except for the operator""_f() which is really handy. After publishing, I now notice that the time in DOS runs very slowly for some reason. I'm not sure why. Mario is walking slowly and the seconds in the clock tick very slowly. I think it's probably four times slower than it should be. Incidentally, this was recorded at 120 fps and downsampled to 30 fps. But the typing is happening at correct speed... How odd. EDIT: Figured it out. The CPU speed measurement (top-right corner) interferes with the clock, and I was running it thousands of times in a second. Reducing it to a few times in a second fixed the problem for videos that came after this one.
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Dmitri Nesteruk: C++ Tool Support: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading
As Bjarne Stroustrup stated in his opening address at CppCon 2015, "we need tools". But what can those tools actually do? What's the point of having an IDE when we have Notepad, VIM/Emacs, Sublime and others? This talk attempts to answer the question by showing how tools allow us to gain more insight into how the code is going to behave and how it can be improved. We'll take a look at a scenario which is made progressively better through the use of code generation, refactorings as well as the insights provided by fast navigation and hierarchical visualization. We'll also take a look at extraneous facilities, such as the support for CMake, built-in unit testing as well as the ways in which interoperation with other tools (e.g., Cling), as well as different programming languages (e.g., Python), makes an IDE an excellent choice for productive development.
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Emacs Rocks! Episode 05: Macros in style
http://emacsrocks.com - Rocking emacs tricks and tips screencast. Follow me on twitter: @emacsrocks
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10 years of love for Emacs undone by a week of VSCode
10 years of love for Emacs undone by a week in VSCode. 🤔
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Emacs as a Python editor and IDE (Part 1): Installing elpy mode
How to make Emacs into a Python editor/IDE with elpy.el mode,which makes coding Python in Emacs easier w/Jedi and Rope.Details: http://onthecode.com/post/2014/03/06/emacs-on-steroids-for-python-elpy-el.html You can also get the .emacs file we built in this tutorial at: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-as-a-Python-Editor-IDE-settings
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rename symbol of c language with emacs by lctags
lctags で c/c++ の引数、変数のリネーム https://github.com/ifritJP/lctags https://qiita.com/dwarfJP/items/b702c60ff0381750e746
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Intro to C on Windows - Day 1
Day 1 of the introduction to C programming on Windows series from Handmade Hero. See http://handmadehero.org for details. 1. Getting up to speed with C programming on Windows 2. Getting a C compiler via Microsoft Visual Studio Express: 2.1. Caveat: In the next video, we suggest you to get Visual Studio Community instead of Visual Studio Express, you can get Visual Studio Community here: http://www.visualstudio.com/ 3. Creating a “Win32 Project” 4. Adding a C++ file: test.cpp 5. Compiling and Debugging project 6. WinMain entry point function 7. Creating and calling a function
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Flymake in GNU Emacs 22
demonstaration of flymake-mode, a new feature of GNU Emacs 22. It's a on-the-fly syntax checker.
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Emacs as a Python Editor and IDE (Part 2): All the tricks of elpy.el, jedi and rope modes
How to use Emacs as a Python Editor/IDE. We explore the tricks of auto-complete, snippet expansion, simultaneous editing, indentation highlighting. etc.Details: http://onthecode.com/post/78817537628/emacs-on-steroids-for-python-elpy-el You can also get the .emacs file we built in this tutorial at: https://github.com/byuksel/Emacs-as-a-Python-Editor-IDE-settings
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Emacs Multithread Demo
Emacs Multithreading Demo. Link : https://github.com/mola-T/timp It is now available on melpa. The package has been renamed form thread to timp in order to compile with melpa regulation.
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Automake C++ Tutorial: Building a simple C++ project with automake autoconf
Simple GNU automake autoconf C/C++ project. GitHub link for this tutorial: https://github.com/byuksel/Automake-Autoconf-Template-Project There is also now a Yeoman generator for this template. You can install it from NPM on the command line with: npm install -g yo generator-c-c-plus-plus-project --verbose
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Auto Indent & Auto format in NetBeans
netbeans auto indent netbeans auto indent code netbeans auto indent php netbeans auto indent html netbeans auto indent tab netbeans auto indent disable netbeans auto indent hotkey netbeans ide auto indent netbeans turn off auto indent auto indentar netbeans netbeans auto indent shortcut netbeans automatic indent netbeans how to auto indent auto indent in netbeans auto indent code in netbeans java netbeans auto indent netbeans auto indent macauto indent, auto indent in notepad++, auto indent visual studio code, auto indent sublime text 3, auto indent visual studio, auto indent sublime, auto indent atom, auto indent atom python, auto indentation sublime text, auto indent google docs, auto indent vim, auto indent bullets word 2013, auto indent eclipse, auto indent in eclipse shortcut, auto indent brackets, auto indent plugin notepad++, auto indent python notepad++, auto indent pycharm, auto indent code in atom, auto indent clion, auto indent html in notepad++, auto indent in visual studio code, auto indent in sublime text 3, auto indent in atom, auto indent in vim, auto indent in sublime, auto indent in brackets, auto indent in visual studio 2015, auto indent in visual studio, auto indent meaning, auto indent notepad++, auto indent sublime 3, auto indent visual studio 2017, visual studio auto indent, auto indent vscode, auto indent visual studio mac, webstorm auto indent, sublime text 3 auto indent auto indent auto indent visual studio auto indent notepad++ auto indent sublime auto indent vim auto indent eclipse auto indent visual studio code auto indent atom auto indent intellij auto indent html auto indent pycharm auto indent matlab auto indent xcode auto indent android studio auto indent arduino auto indent atom mac auto indent atom python auto indent aspx visual studio auto indent atmel studio auto indent aptana auto indent atom html vim auto indent all auto indent brackets auto indent bullets word 2013 auto indent bash script auto indent bullets word 2010 auto indent bluefish auto indent bbedit auto indent code blocks vim auto indent block word auto indent bullets notepad++ auto indent braces auto indent code auto indent code online auto indent c++ auto indent css auto indent clion auto indent c code auto indent code vscode auto indent code visual studio auto indent code notepad++ vim c auto indent c sharp auto indent notepad++ c auto indent emacs c auto indent sublime text c auto indent auto indent c code vim emacs c-mode auto indent dev c auto indent auto indent dreamweaver auto indent dreamweaver cc auto indent dev c++ auto indent dreamweaver cs6 auto indent sql developer vim auto indent doesn't work emacs auto indent disable vim auto indent disable eclipse auto indent disable intellij auto indent disable auto indent emacs auto indent eclipse mac auto indent eclipse shortcut auto indent excel auto indent excel vba auto indent eclipse java auto indent eslint auto indent emmet auto indent eclipse mars auto indent file vim auto indent file atom auto indent for notepad++ auto indent for python auto indent file auto indent fortran code auto indent for atom auto indent file intellij auto indent for sublime auto indent file sublime f# auto indent auto indent google docs auto indent gedit auto indent html sublime auto indent html visual studio auto indent html notepad++ auto indent html atom auto indent html vim auto indent html visual studio code auto indent html sublime text 3 auto indent html in brackets auto-indent html source in notepad++ auto indent in visual studio auto indent in sublime auto indent in notepad++ auto indent in eclipse auto indent in atom auto indent in vim auto indent in visual studio code auto indent in pycharm auto indent in word auto indent json auto indent java auto indent javascript auto indent jupyter notebook auto indent javascript sublime auto indent json sublime auto indent java eclipse auto indent json notepad++ auto indent java online auto indent json atom auto indent komodo edit auto indent keil auto indent kate auto indent kdevelop auto indent key binding atom atom auto indent keyboard shortcut xcode auto indent key sublime auto indent key vim auto indent key visual studio auto indent key auto indent latex auto indent latex code auto indent linux auto indent lines auto indent lines visual studio auto indent lua auto indent lines android studio auto indent lines sublime text intellij auto indent lines remove auto indent latex auto indent meaning auto indent monodevelop auto indent microsoft visual studio auto indent microsoft word auto indent mysql
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My Emacs Demo - 2014 Edition
This is my Emacs settings now. Sorry the video is a bit fast, unfortunately slowing it doesn't help much either :( You can learn more about each of the plugins by Googling them. My .emacs configuration is available publicly, you can see it here: https://github.com/toumorokoshi/yt.rc/tree/master/emacs I don't explain how to get this exact setup, but I do explain how to build your own. Here's a series of tutorials geared toward building your own emacs setup from scratch: http://toumorokoshi.github.io/emacs-from-scratch-part-1-extending-emacs-basics.html Songs are: 1. Morgan Page feat. Tegan & Sara - Body Work (Lazy Rich Remix) 2. signatune (thomas bangalter edit) - dj mehdi
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CppCon 2015: Kate Gregory “Stop Teaching C"
http://www.Cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/cppcon/cppcon2015 — To this day most people who set out to help others learn C++ start with "introduction to C" material. I think this actively contributes to bad C++ code in the world. For the past few years I've been teaching C++ (and making suggestions to folks who intend to teach themselves) in an entirely different way. No char* strings, no strlen, strcmp, strcpy, no printf, and no [] arrays. Pointers introduced very late. References before pointers, and polymorphism with references rather than with pointers. Smart pointers as the default pointer with raw pointers (whether from new or &) reserved for times they're needed. Drawing on the Standard Library sooner rather than later, and writing modern C++ from lesson 1. In this session I want to talk about the specific advantages of teaching C++ this way – a way that’s very different from the way you almost certainly learned the language. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what you get to leave for later or never cover at all, what bad habits you don't later need to correct, what complicated concepts actually become accessible to beginners, and how you spend a lot less time dictating magic spells you can't explain yet, and more showing someone a comprehensive, sensible, and understandable language. You don't have to be a trainer to come to this session. If you ever mentor other developers and show them your C++ code, if you ever help somebody choose a book or a course or other material to learn from, or even if you occasionally feel bad that you work in a language that's hard to learn, come and see how one philosophical shift can turn that very same language into one that's actually pretty easy to learn! — Kate Gregory has been using C++ since before Microsoft had a C++ compiler. She writes, mentors, codes, and leads projects, in both C++ and .NET, especially for Windows 7 and 8. Kate is a Microsoft Regional Director, a Visual C++ MVP, and has written over a dozen books (the most recent on C++ AMP for Microsoft Press) and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world. Kate develops courses on C++, Visual Studio, and Windows programming for Pluralsight, founded the East of Toronto .NET Users group, and is a member of adjunct faculty at Trent University in Peterborough.Website: http://www.gregcons.comTwitter handle: @gregcons — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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My First Line of Code: Linus Torvalds
June 16 -- Linus Torvalds, who is known for developing the Linux kernel, talks to Bloomberg about his first line of code.
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emacs completion
with https://github.com/brianjcj/auto-complete-clang emacs plugin
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CppCon 2015: David Sankel “Functional Design Explained”
http://www.Cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/cppcon/cppcon2015 — An oft-cited benefit of learning a functional language is that it changes one's approach to solving problems for the better. The functional approach has such a strict emphasis on simplistic and highly composable solutions that an otherwise varied landscape of solution possibilities narrows down to only a few novel options. This talk introduces functional design and showcases its application to several real-world problems. It will briefly cover denotational semantics and several math-based programming abstractions. Finally, the talk will conclude with a comparison of functional solutions to the results more traditional design methodologies. No prior knowledge of functional programming or functional programming languages is required for this talk. All the examples make use of the C++ programming language. — David Sankel is a professional software developer/architect based in the USA. His prolific software developments have included CAD/CAM, computer graphics, visual programming languages, web applications, computer vision, and cryptography. He is a frequent speaker at the C++Now! conferences and is especially well known for his advanced functional programming in C++ talks. David's current research interests include dependently typed languages, semantic domains, EDSLs, and functional reactive programming. He currently works for the software firm, Stellar Science. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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rtags completion demo
demonstration of rtags
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Emacs Rocks! Episode 15: restclient-mode
http://emacsrocks.com - Rocking emacs tricks and tips screencast. Follow me on twitter: @emacsrocks
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Using Emacs - 15 - macros
Series page: http://cestlaz.github.io/stories/emacs Blog post: http://cestlaz.github.io/posts/using-emacs-15-macros
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CppCon 2017: Bryce Adelstein Lelbach “C++17 Features (part 2 of 2)”
http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — The feature set for the C++17 release is set, and the release of the standard is just around the corner. In this session, we'll discuss all the new C++ features in C++17 and how they'll change the way we write C++ software. We'll explore the new standard in breath, not width, covering a cornucopia of core language and library features and fixes: Language Changes (part 1): Structured bindings Selection statements with initializers Compile-time conditional statments Fold expressions Class template deduction auto non-type template parameters inline variables constexpr lambdas Unary static_assert Guaranteed copy elision Nested namespace definitions Preprocessor predicate for header testing Library Changes (part 2): string_view optional variant any Parallel algorithms Filesystem support Polymorphic allocators and memory resources Aligned new Improved insertion and splicing for associative containers Math special functions Variable templates for metafunctions Boolean logic metafunctions — Bryce Adelstein Lelbach: NVIDIA, Senior Software Engineer Bryce Adelstein Lelbach is a senior software engineer on the CUDA driver team at NVIDIA. Bryce is passionate about parallel programming. He maintains Thrust, a C++ parallel algorithms library, and he is one of the developers of the HPX C++ runtime system. He spent five years working on HPX while he was at Louisiana State University's Center for Computation and Technology, and three years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (a US Department of Energy research facility) developing and analyzing new parallel programming models for exascale and post-Moore architectures. He also helped start the LLVMLinux initiative, and has occasionally contributed to the Boost C++ libraries. Bryce is an organizer for the C++Now and CppCon conferences as well as the Bay Area C++ user group, and he is passionate about C++ community development. He is a member of the ISO C++ standard committee, and worked on the C++17 parallel algorithms. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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Emacs Power for Scala: Editing
The third in our series of videos about bringing Emacs Power to Scala development In this video we explore the features of Emacs and Ensime for Scala when it comes to the actual entry and editing of Scala code. Article at: http://jglobal.com/emacs-power-for-scala-development-editing/ Key Bindings Guide at http://jglobal.com/emacs-for-scala-keybindings/
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Emacs Reboot #6: Marmalade, Magit
In which I add a new package archive and install Magit.
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