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How To Do Your First Pullup! (For Girls)
MY FAT LOSS PROGRAM http://www.LeanSecrets.com FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/LeanSecrets TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/leansecrets BLOG http://www.leansecrets.com/blog ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The information in this video is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding medical conditions, or before starting any fitness or diet regimen
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How to Do Chin-Ups | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove
Follow us on YouTube and never miss a workout: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=livestrongwoman Here, I show you the proper technique for chin-ups. In order to gain confidence with this exercise, we'll be using a band to progress. I'm Rachel Cosgrove, and I have an amazing workout for you. With Sleek/Strong, I'll help you build a feminine body, with a focus on traditional strength training. I go against the typical approach to show that you can use exercises like deadlifts and chin-ups as a way to be lean and sexy. Have a question for me? I'll be checking in regularly, so leave a comment or video response below. Who is Rachel? Rachel Cosgrove is the best-selling author of "The Female Body Breakthrough," owner of Results Fitness, columnist for Women's Health Magazine and creator of the Spartacus Workout (a series of 10 exercises performed in rapid succession for fat loss). A consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike and Gatorade, she was also a contributor to the New York Times Best Seller "The Big Book of Exercises" and the Women's Health book "Look Better Naked." Connect with LIVESTRONG.COM Woman Explore: http://www.livestrong.com/woman/ Like: http://www.facebook.com/livestrongcom Follow: http://twitter.com/LIVESTRONG_COM/ More from Rachel: http://www.rachelcosgrove.com
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3 Steps To Your First Chin Up
Want to do your first chin up? Watch this video where Grant Lofthouse reveals the 3 steps to your first chin up...
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Hot Fitness Girls Pull Ups / Dominadas
Hot Fitness Girls Pull Ups / Dominadas
Girl Doing Chin Ups
Young girl doing chin ups at Fitness By Design in Carmel, Indiana.
Views: 29667 David Davis
Perfect Chin Ups by Females
Adi and Maria are performing strict chin ups. Great to see coach and competitor training together. http://functionalphysique.net
Views: 893 Functional Physique
Young girl doing a video request of pull-ups and chin-ups. With flexing at end.
Me doing a video request of pull-ups and chin-ups. I flex my arms at the end. I do 40 pull ups (15) and chin ups (25) all together. I have a pushup video uploaded and i filmed a sit up video of me doing 50 of them but didn't get it on yet. Watch them! Their pretty good too. You can go to my channel to get to them, Comment, subscribe, rate! If you need tips you can ask me for some. And you can give more requests. I appreciate them! Thanks!
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Woman pull ups vs men chin ups
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AWESOME GIRL pumps out 20 Chin Ups  | Chrissie | Bondi Beach
Chrissie trains for sprint canoe - not body building. If you think she is not using correct form, range or technique, don't judge her; just please post a clip of you doing more reps with 'correct ' or 'better' form and lead by example. TRAIN WITH TUTORIALS BY OFFICIAL GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDERS! Please check out my extreme body weight / calisthenic tutorials: Human Flag - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0Yz8y73Nc8 Muscle Up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7eLZAhggIA Front Lever - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9B1gYcGErQ One Arm Chin Up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGHUfi5N98g and many more to come! For more great tips, pics and training tutorials, visit my: Website: www.marcusbondi.com Instagram: @marcusbondibeach
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Girls Who Chin
Total Health Performance female clients doing chin ups after starting at zero. #GirlGang killing it
Girl does 15 PULL UPS! (3/4 Way Down Chin ups)
Hello! Welcome to my channel, where I will be regularly posting videos on fitness, health, workout tips, advice, meal plans, training, and how to live a fit llifestyle. Subscribe now to get healthy and stay active: http://www.youtube.com/user/strongfitnesshealth Give this video a thumbs up for an exclusive SIX PACK ABS WORKOUT that is coming soon! Let me know down in the comments any video suggestions, tips, and requests. Learn more about my channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Utv_1qje90 Remember, healthy=happy. :) Free music is from the music provided by YOUTUBE when making a video: Song: "A Dirty Trick" by Franco Micalizzi
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My girl Weighted chin ups @ 40 lbs
Jihee of ClutcHealth hits a personal best on Weighted chins with 40 extra pounds.
Views: 2274 Strong by Lee
Barbie girls doing chin ups
Great British Womens Sprint Kayak Team
Views: 213 regaproject
Girl Chin ups
Girl Chin ups
Views: 1965 Fitness Girls
Female Chin-ups
Most females who train want to do a chin up My top tips for getting your first chin up/pull up. ✅Start with the lat- pull down varying grips getting stronger as you progress. ✅ Move to eccentric's where you get assistance over the bar and lower down slowly ✅ Move to banded and gradual use less resistance as you go Looking forward to seeing your gains 💪
Views: 83 Clea Mahon
15 year old girl does 13 chin-ups
Sarah Thompson plays for the Ottawa Lady 67's "AA" Intermediate hockey team and has already committed to play division 1 hockey for Syracuse University. She is part of my elite hockey training program and has made tremendous strength gains in less than 6 months. She has noticed an increase in her speed on the ice, she is tougher to knock off the puck, and her shot has gotten harder. She hopes to break some strength records on the Syracuse Hockey team in a few years from now!
Views: 1760 Sammon Training
chin ups
Views: 4133 ikemilyL
Chin Ups
Views: 381 Verity Bradford
Female doing chin ups at hybrid
Leeann courtney doing 8 chin ups
Views: 159 Hybrid Fitness
Chin Ups
Girls can do chin ups to! Cheerleaders are tough.
Views: 436 Danielle Donovan
Video: Chin Ups! Girls can do this too, you know ;-)
www.instagram.com/anandajenny www.facebook.com/anandajennyPT
Views: 489 Ananda Jenny
Pull Ups and Chin Ups Girls
2 de las mujeres de nuestro equipo demostrando uno de los grandes avances que han logrado entrenando con La Perla S.W. Síguenos en facebook. https://www.facebook.com/laperlasw
Views: 1541 La Perla SW
Hot Fit Girl Does Chin-ups
Views: 3446 sofiya2001
Female trainer does 11 chin ups at home
Certified personal trainer shows how to stay in shape even without a gym. 11 chin ups on a door hanging bar at home.
Views: 1004 Jon Pruskowski
Female Chin Ups
Views: 32 Supreme Training
Female Chin-Ups x 9 reps - Asha Dattani
New gym record
Views: 837 Sammon Training
Alicia's chin ups (palms facing me)
Doing chin ups at Memorial Park.
Views: 51596 windsrprk
Lift Like a Girl: How to Perform Chin-ups
Lift Like a Girl: How to Perform Chin-ups. For more information on how to properly perform chin-ups, plus how to correctly perform band assisted chin-ups, go here: http://www.niashanks.com/how-to-perform-barbell-rows-chin-ups/
Views: 2579 Nia Shanks
Chin Ups and More With Coach Meggin!
Great upper body exercises for stronger muscles. Working out with a gymnast and stuntwoman is fun! Join me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/FitAndFunWithCoachMeggin
GGS Spotlight: Amber Leonard Thome — Chin-Ups
►Join the GGS movement, today: http://bit.ly/YTggsmovement Thank you so much for watching our videos. We hope that our worldwide community of diverse, empowered, STRONG women inspire you to embrace all that’s possible for your body and your LIFE! Your comments and participation in our community are what make Girls Gone Strong so special. Please check out how you can connect with the community and movement here at Girls Gone Strong to further your OWN personal goals: from improving your self confidence, to fostering female relationships and beyond! And, please, ask questions and leave your thoughts and stories in the comments! We absolutely love hearing from you! ---- Girls Gone Strong has helped thousands of women from all over the world reach their goals by providing FREE evidence-based, body-positive, sane, and sustainable nutrition, training, and self-care information. ►Join the GGS movement, today: http://bit.ly/YTggsmovement ►Surround yourself with positive, strong, uplifting women who genuinely want you to succeed by becoming a member of our FREE Facebook Community: http://bit.ly/YTfbcommunity ► Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Here (to be the first to receive video updates and goodies from Girls Gone Strong): http://bit.ly/YTggssubscribe -- Connect with Girls Gone Strong online: ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/thegirlsgonestrong ►Facebook: http://facebook.com/girlsgonestrong ►Website: https://girlsgonestrong.com ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/GirlsGoneSTRONG ►Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/girlsgonestrong
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Chin ups bikini top
I wanted to see my abs working
Views: 391 mrsdigi
Chin-Up (Negatives) - How To Do A Negative Chin up
Negative Chin-ups are a great exercise to strengthen your upper body while you work on achieving your first Chin-up. They are also great for increasing the number of Chin-ups you can perform, if you can only perform a few.
Views: 24138 Girls Gone Strong
Women's swimming weighted chin-ups
5 reps with 15 lbs external load
Views: 1485 Stephane Rochet
Girl does 2 Chin-Ups in a 20kg Weight Vest (Centaur)
This girl is incredibly strong!! I first started working with her during her 12 Week Physique Transformation. During the past couple of months I've been training her for the up coming RKC in Belfast that we're hosting. This performance speaks for itself!!!!
Views: 747 centaurfitness
Jihee doing 11 strict chin ups
Girls can't do pull ups? Jihee of ClutcHealth performs 11 strict chin ups.
Views: 373 Strong by Lee
How Women can do chin ups and pull ups
How Women can do chin ups and pull ups? This is your 3 step guide to better chin ups. FEMALE STRENGTH PROJECT: http://bit.ly/Strong-girl Instagram: @Markodwyer23
Views: 1353 Mark O'Dwyer
5 year old GIRL does 10 pull-ups 10 chin-ups
Madtown vs Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups
Views: 1078 Team Long
Chin-Ups Summer 2009
9th Bars
Views: 12020 HollywoodFlasher
Chin ups gym women
Views: 348 Tinita46
Views: 1114 Alina Branda
Weighted Chin Ups with my daughters
Chin ups using my two daughters as weight. Fun mommy and girls time!
Girls can do chin-ups too!
14 chin ups after 4 weeks.
Views: 1066 TheMarineIguana
Chin ups-front
Trying out my new grip straps with the chin up's.
Views: 2202 modelinggirl

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