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Light Show at Terbly Factory
August 2018, NMK invited top-tier clients to a visit Terbly Factory in China, it was an experience that highlighted the R&D and quality control that goes into every Light produced by Golden Sea. Possibly the most breathtaking aspect of the whole trip was the Golden Sea Lighting Show! Dozens of Terbly fixtures have been used in the design and the result will leave even the most seasoned lighting designers wanting more. Lights Used During the Light Show: V4000p http://www.nmkelectronics.com/product/buy-terbly-v4000p G10 http://www.nmkelectronics.com/product/buy-terbly-g10b G9b http://www.nmkelectronics.com/product/buy-terbly-g9hybrid Gl10fx http://www.nmkelectronics.com/product/buy-terbly-gl10fx-gl10fxh G6h nova http://www.nmkelectronics.com/product/buy-terbly-g6h-nova Pt189b http://www.nmkelectronics.com/product/buy-terbly-pt189b glw370z http://www.nmkelectronics.com/product/buy-terbly-glw370z-ii View Complete Selection at: www.nmkelectronics.com/brand/terbly
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Golden Sea Lighting 1
Product Samples
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2014 Golden Sea lighting show
Creative lighting show
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Terbly FS300 Follow Spot
Супермощный прожектор следящего света FS300 на лампе Philips Platinum 15R. Световой поток сравним с лампой в 300 Вт, при этом прибор обладает очень экономичным потреблением в 380 Вт. FS300 -- прекрасный вариант для театров, концертных залов, подиумов и пр.
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סקרין יוק - Terbly
סקרין יוק - מוצר חדש ומדהים, פאנל לד P-7.62 על יוק, ניתן להקרין עליו כל אימאג', תמונה, סרט. עכשיו בדנאור. לפרטים נוספים כנסו לאתר דנאור - www.danor.com
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Terbly PT320S-R Spot Head
Динамическая голова-spot, источник света — лампа Philips Platinum 15R, CT: 8000 K, Life: 2000 H
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Terbly OK7Q LED Beam
Динамическая голова-beam. Источник света — 7×15W 4 in 1 RGBW LEDs. Экстремальная яркость и плавное смешение. Срок службы светодиодов — более 50 000 часов, минимальное потребление энергии.
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Terbly LED Spot Head 60
Профессиональный спот, светодиод 60 Вт.
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Lighting Show in Goldensea show room
I know its easy to make a showroom look good, but this cant fail to impress.
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Hybrid CL10
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WATCH LIVE: President Trump delivers the 2018 State of the Union
WASHINGTON — Seeking to move past the shadow of the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump intends to use his first State of the Union address to cite economic progress under his watch while pushing for bipartisanship with Democrats on issues such as rebuilding roads and bridges. For more, visit http://www.pbs.org/newshour
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