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Building bridges between states and people
Michael B. Christides (Black Sea Economic Cooperation - BSEC) on building bridges for states and people at the "ITF Consultation with International Organisations, held in Paris, France, on 24 January 2019. The consultation results feed into the 2019 Summit debate on "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" http://2019.itf-oecd.org/
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Maritime Days in Odessa 2012
'Maritime Days in Odessa 2012' will be held in Odessa on 31 May -- 2 June 2012 in the Hotel Bristol 5*. This year the international conference 'Practice of Maritime Business. Project Cargo Black Sea 2012' and the Ukrainian Shipbroker's Club have consolidated efforts around the common goal. The highlight of 2012 is project cargo in the Black Sea. The conference is focused on transportation and logistics for project cargo and gives practical solutions to all participants of the sea transportation. Форум Maritime Days in Odessa -- результат многолетнего опыта изучения проблем транспортного сектора рынка. Форум -- продолжение конференции «Практика морского бизнеса», которая проводится в Одессе с 2005 года. На восьмой год своего существования конференция перерастает в Международный морской транспортный форум, в рамках которого происходит целый ряд бизнес-событий, и обретает новый формат и новый бренд -- Морские Дни в Одессе (Maritime Days in Odessa). Организаторы -- крупные транспортные компании -- NORTROP, DEALEX TRANSPORT, INTERLEGAL, Новороссийский припортовый терминал, Юридическая фирма Ремеди. В 2012 году в Морских днях приняло участие более 450 человек.
Energy Security in the Black Sea
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Black Sea Ring Highway Caravan delivers
Highlights of the BSEC Caravan, July 2010
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Container shipping in 2014: volumes and development at the Black Sea by Informall BG
Presentation by Informall BG: Container shipping in 2014: volumes and development at the Black Sea @ VIII international conference Black Sea Freight Market and Ports, 15-16th of May 2014, Istanbul, Turkey, Ceylan InterContinental Hotel
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2019 3rd Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum - 2020: A new reality or a new mess?
Moderator: Dr. John Kokarakis, Vice President, Technology & Business Development, Hellenic Black Sea Region & Middle East - Bureau Veritas Panelists Mr. Fedon Tomazos, Managing Director - Cass Technava Mr. Konstantinos Stampedakis, Managing Director - Erma First Engineering Solutions S.A. Dr. Loukas Barmparis, President - Safe Bulkers Mr. Iraklis Prokopakis, Senior Vice President & COO - Danaos Corporation Mrs. Charis Plakantonaki, Chief Strategy Officer - Star Bulk Carriers Capt. Eberhard Koch, Chairman, CEO & Partner - Österreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd.
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3rd South Caucasus Security Forum
Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA) in cooperation with Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) and Ministry of Defence of Georgia organize the “3rd South Caucasus Security Forum” on October 26-27, 2015 in Tbilisi. Topics of the conference will cover the most important security issues as Information and Hybrid Warfare, Islamic State, relation of Georgia and Ukraine towards NATO as well as the Black Sea Region and NATO Warsaw Summit 2016.
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Global Transport of Black Carbon
iny air pollution particles commonly called soot, but also known as black carbon, are in the air and on the move throughout our planet. Black carbon enters the air when fossil fuels and biofuels, such as coal, wood, and diesel are burned. Since black carbon readily absorbs heat from sunlight, the particles can affect Earth's climate, especially on a regional scale. Though global distribution of soot remains difficult to measure, NASA researchers use satellite data and computer models to better understand how these short-lived particles influence Earth's climate, cryosphere, and clouds. This scientific data visualization uses data from the GEOS5 GOCART climate model to show black carbon's atmospheric concentration from August to November in 2009. This visualziation was created in support of a presentation at the Fall 2009 American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference in San Fransisco, CA.
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BEACH IN DUBAI, دبي, JUMEIRAH BEACH DUBAI, 2017, PUBLIC BEACH, DUBAI BEACH, The glorious Jumeirah Beach lies along Dubai's coast, providing stretches of soft white sand on which to relax and play. Visitors to Jumeirah's hotels, like the seven-star Burj Al Arab, enjoy private beaches offering water sports. If you're not a hotel guest, you're welcome to relax at Jumeirah Beach Park, the public portion of the beach. You can barbecue, stroll around the cafés, or simply grab a mat, lay back, and take it easy while the sun sets. Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks. Dubai (/duːˈbaɪ/ doo-BY; Arabic: دبي‎‎ Dubayy, Gulf pronunciation: [dʊˈbɑj]) is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).[4] It is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the country. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's legislature.[5] The city of Dubai is located on the emirate's northern coastline and heads the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Dubai will host World Expo 2020.[6] Dubai emerged as a global city and business hub of the Middle East.[7] It is also a major transport hub for passengers and cargo. By the 1960s, Dubai's economy was based on revenues from trade and, to a smaller extent, oil exploration concessions, but oil was not discovered until 1966. Oil revenue first started to flow in 1969.[8] Dubai's oil revenue helped accelerate the early development of the city, but its reserves are limited and production levels are low: today, less than 5% of the emirate's revenue comes from oil.[9] The emirate's Western-style model of business drives its economy with the main revenues now coming from tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.[10][11][12] Dubai was recently named the best destination for Muslim travellers by Salam Standard.[13] Dubai has recently attracted world attention through many innovative large construction projects and sports events. The city has become iconic for its skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, in particular the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai has been criticised for human rights violations concerning the city's largely South Asian and Filipino workforce.[14] Dubai's property market experienced a major deterioration in 2008–09 following the financial crisis of 2007–08,[15] but the emirate's economy has made a return to growth, with a projected 2015 budget surplus.[16] As of 2012, Dubai was the 22nd most expensive city in the world and the most expensive city in the Middle East.[17][18] In 2014, Dubai's hotel rooms were rated as the second most expensive in the world, after Geneva.[19] Dubai was rated as one of the best places to live in the Middle East by U.S. global consulting firm Mercer. Dubai has a hot desert climate. Summers in Dubai are extremely hot, windy, and humid, with an average high around 41 °C (106 °F) and overnight lows around 30 °C (86 °F) in the hottest month, August. Most days are sunny throughout the year. Winters are warm with an average high of 24 °C (75 °F) and overnight lows of 14 °C (57 °F) in January, the coldest month. Precipitation, however, has been increasing in the last few decades, with accumulated rain reaching 94.3 mm (3.71 in) per year.[57] Dubai summers are also known for the moderate to high humidity level, which can make it uncomfortable for many.[58] The highest recorded temperature in the UAE is 52.1 °C (126 °F), reached in July 2002.[59]
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Danish Maritime Forum Opening Plenary: The Future of the Global Maritime Industry
In the next 10-15 years world trade is projected to grow significantly. It is estimated that this growth will result in a doubling of seaborne trade volumes from 10 billion tons of cargo annually today to 20 billion tons of cargo around 2030. What drivers and obstacles, risks and opportunities could affect this outlook for growth? What are the implications for the maritime industry? Opening remarks by – Su Bo, Vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology, China – Hiroshi Muto, Vice-Minister for Transport, Tourism and International Affairs, Japan – Victor Olersky, Deputy Minister of Transport, Russia – Lui Tuck Yew , Minister of Transport, Singapore Panelists – Nariman Behravesh, Chief Economist, IHS, USA – Gideon Rachman, Foreign Affairs Columnist, Financial Times, United Kingdom Moderated by – Chris Luebkeman, Director for Global Foresight and Innovation, Arup, USA Danish Maritime Days is a not-for-profit public-private partnership between Danish Maritime, the Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish Shipowners’ Association. Danish Maritime Days is supported by the A.P. Møller Relief Foundation, the Danish Maritime Fund, D/S Orients Fond // D/S NORDEN, the Hempel Foundation, the Lauritzen Foundation, the Ministry of Business and Growth and the Torm Foundation.
Putins Latest Warning
Putins Latest Warning SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/smackc4 D-Tube; https://d.tube/#!/c/stevemack Mister Hacks:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UConSVI9ibn4CLgW687v5M_g Unexplained:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0dUwRqhjXV8sDwoO-49oUw Acting channel:https://www.youtube.com/c/StevenmackAu PLEASE COMMENT, RATE & SUBSCRIBE (+ click BELL icon to get updates) CONNECT * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevemackactor/ * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevemackactor/ * Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+smackc4 Putin's Warning: Full Speech This frank conversation took place with representatives of various media outlets during the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, in June 2016. Putin urged journalists to report genuinely on the impending danger that is a nuclear arms race. Noone has anything to gain from a nuclear stand-off against Russia. The power hungry decision-makers are few in number, but powerful enough to have subverted mainstream media to misrepresent Russia as the main threat to international security. ...In 2007, Putin informed the Western world that Russia will develop its weaponry to counter US advances. This was said in response to the US missile defense system that was starting to be developed at the time (previously prohibited in international law.) With the NATO missile defense system on Russia’s doorstep – the threat to international security is very real; not that you would know it via mainstream Murdoch media. In 2002, the United States unilaterally and without consultation, withdrew from the landmark Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty. President George W. Bush noted that the treaty is “now behind us,” describing the ABM Treaty as a Cold War relic. The ABM Treaty Signed in 1972, barred both the US and the USSR from deploying national defenses against long-range ballistic missiles. The treaty was based on the premise that if either superpower constructed a strategic defense, the other would build up its offensive nuclear forces to offset the defense. The superpowers would therefore quickly be put on a path toward a never-ending offensive-defensive arms race, as each tried to balance its counterpart’s actions. Until Bush took office, the Treaty was referred to as a “cornerstone of strategic stability” because it facilitated later agreements, reducing U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear arsenals. The U.S.A., assuming that a weakened Russia will never again be in a position to counter US hegemonic power, proceeded to encroach on Russia’s borders through its manipulation of NATO objectives. Today, there is no instrument in international law that prevents the possibility of mutually assured destruction. Putin has been sending out warnings for over 10 years – all of which fell on deaf ears. SOURCE: - Fort Russ News Translated by Inessa Sinchougova
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Putin opens 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, Russia
Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/TeamRussiaInsider Russian President Vladimir Putin has given an official start to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students in Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi. "I declare the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students open," he said at the opening ceremony in Sochi’s Bolshoi Ice Dome on Sunday. "Way to go!" He wished young people to be consistent and bold in their efforts towards their goals. "I am confident, you, the youth from various countries, of various nationalities and religions, are united by a common feeling of values and goals, striving for freedom, happiness, peace and accord on the planet, aspiration for bigger achievements," the president said. "We will do our best for you to achieve success," he pledged. "Energy and talent of the youth have astonishing power. The younger generation is always bringing innovative ideas. You are prone to experiments, disputes, you never accept traditopnal ways of life. Be daring! Create your own future! Be bold enough to change this world, to make it better! You can do that," Putin stressed. More: http://tass.com/society/970806 Visit us! http://russia-insider.com/en Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RussiaInsider?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RussiaInsider
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Maritime Days in Odessa 2013
Maritime Days in Odessa 2013 will be held in Odessa from 23 till 25 of May. Maritime Days will start on 23 of May in the Hotel Bristol within the Conference of APK Inform 'Grain Forum - 2013' where the special session 'Transportation of Grain Cargoes' will be held. In the same day the Welcome Party for the guests of Maritime Days and Grain Forum sponsored by TransInvestService will be held. On the 24 May there will be organized two Round Tables, the key events of the Maritime Days: 'The Port reform is coming into force -- views from investors and market players what to expect' and 'Break bulk and Project cargo carriages in the Black Sea'. Both Events will be held in the Hotel Mozart. In the evening of that day the Ukrainian Shipbroker's Club will gather the guests on Annual Dinner in Otrada Beach Club. The international football tournament 'Odessa Shipping Cup 2013' sponsored by Marine Insurance Services will be held on the 25 May and will finalize Maritime Days.
Russian Railways interactive engagement
The 4th “Strategic Partnership 1520” International Business Forum was held in Sochi from May 31 to June 2, with the Russian Railways company bringing together representatives from 32 countries. Forum participants gathered in Radisson Lazurnaya, one of the most prestigious hotels of the Black Sea shore, to discuss the idea of a single transport space across Eurasia. Front Pictures turned the hotel’s entrance steps interactive using Derivative TouchDesigner software. Forum participants were met with exciting effects such as an interactive tableau showing a Sochi train schedule, its flipboards rotating into greetings in six languages; a projected carpet over animated film strips; and a virtual waterfall that parted for people as they used the steps. With the aid of a Mighty-touch™ Wall, Alstom, the world’s leading manufacturer of power equipment and railway transport, presented its range of products in style. Afterwards, guests could find their photos on the Mighty-touch™ Wall or have a go at a railway game. Clients: Russian Railways / Alstom Event Agency: Business Dialogue Technology Used: Derivative TouchDesigner, Screenberry™ Media Server, Mighty-Touch™ Wall Projection Equipment: Synchrotel http://www.frontpictures.com/projects/Russian_railways_2011
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USS Ross Launches SM-3 During At Sea Demonstration 15: Oct. 20, 2015
The Arleigh Burke-Class guided missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG 71) launches an SM-3 guided interceptor at a ballistic missile threat as part of the Maritime Theater Missile Defense (MTMD) Forum's At Sea Demonstration (ASD) 15. Nine MTMD nations took part in ASD-15.
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Fifth Economic, Trade Forum between China, CEE Countries Opens in E China
The fifth economic and trade forum between China and Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries opened Tuesday in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang gave a keynote speech at the forum's opening ceremony, saying that with high-level mutual trust and great trade and investment potential, China and CEE countries can further their cooperation on development strategies, especially as China is accelerating construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the 16 CEE countries make up one fourth of the countries along it. Li proposed several ways to further cooperation between China and CEE countries. He called for the acceleration of connectivity projects to link regional transportation and Internet infrastructure development with the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative. This would include speeding up the development of a railway running through Belgrade and Budapest to connect to China, Hungary and Serbia, with the flagship project potentially starting this year and being complete in two years. China is willing to invest in the construction and upgrade of infrastructure in port areas of the Baltic Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea to boost cooperation and connectivity so that Central and Eastern European countries can become the fast pass of trade between China and Europe, the premier said. Meanwhile, China will support CEE countries in their industrial upgrade with its advanced capacity in automobiles, steel, machinery and other sectors, Li said. China would like to integrate its capacity advantage with the developing needs of CEE countries and the core techniques of developed countries in Western Europe, he said. It is also willing to help CEE countries accelerate development with low cost, expand employment, promote the restructuring and upgrade of Chinese industries, and balance the development of Western and Eastern Europe for a faster integration. Trade in the agricultural sector will be another key cooperation field and China will support the import of quality produce from CEE countries through activities such as expositions, said Li. To facilitate bilateral investment, China is considering a 3-billion-U.S.-dollar investment fund and has proposed to establish a "16+1" multilateral financial firm to expand financing channels and reduce financing costs, the premier said. Li reassured the CEE leaders that the Chinese economy is resilient with huge market potential and will maintain sustainable growth with ongoing structural reforms to contribute to global economic recovery and world peace, adding that China is becoming more and more open and willing to share the development dividend with CEE countries. Polish President Andrzej Duda told the forum that China is an important partner of Central and Eastern European countries, so there is great potential and a bright future with a solid basis of cooperation. He added that the two parties should strengthen their construction mechanism and enhance long-term unity and cooperation in order to build a better future together. Stressing that the meeting mechanism between Chinese and CEE countries' leaders had achieved fruitful results, Austrian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the fourth meeting in China is a significant milestone. Hailing China as "a long-term friend", Orban said cooperation between Central and Eastern European countries is based on mutual respect and mutual benefit rather than their own interests. More than 1,200 entrepreneurs from China and CEE countries attended the forum. This is the first time for China to host the annual summit since its inception in 2012. Previous meetings were held in Warsaw, Bucharest and Belgrade. More on: http://news.cctvplus.tv/NewJsp/news.jsp?fileId=328378 Subscribe us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmv5DbNpxH8X2eQxJBqEjKQ CCTV+ official website: http://newscontent.cctv.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cctv-news-content? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CCTV/756877521031964 Twitter: https://twitter.com/NewsContentPLUS
Ukrainian Transport Infrastructure Forum 2013 Highlights
Ukrainian Transport Infrastructure Forum 2013 www.infrastructureukraine.com 15-16 October 2013 I InterContinental Hotel I Kyiv
Annual Odessa Shipping Dinner 2016
Annual Odessa Shipping Dinner is a special networking event within Maritime days in Odessa. Every year since 2010, more than 350 shipping industry professionals gather to strengthen and enlarge professional contacts as well as to discuss business informally. Our usual guests are Ship Owners, Charterers, Ship Brokers, Ship Agents and representatives of the global and Black Sea shipping industry in particular. Delicious and changing every year cuisine with unique performances makes this event unforgettable. Shooting and editing - Company Future Technology http://cft.od.ua/ https://vk.com/cft_od_ua https://vk.com/mtblog_vk
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2017 10th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum - LNG Shipping Panel
Moderator: Mr. Peder Nicolai Jarlsby, Analyst – Fearnley Securities Panelists: Mr. Jon Skule Storheill, CEO – Awilco LNG (ALNG:NO) Mr. Morten Nielsen, Pool Manager – Cool Pool LNG Mr. Jonathan Cook, CEO – FLEX LNG (FLNG:NO) Mr. Richard Tyrell, CEO & CFO – Höegh LNG Partners (NYSE:HMLP) Mr. Christos Economou, Founder – TMS Cardiff Gas
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. 'SPARTAK' National Sport Centre - Sozopol / www.MapVIO.com
Sozopol is one of the oldest of Bulgaria's coastal towns. Sozopol is situated 34 km south of Bourgas. The oldest Greek colony at the Black Sea coast founded in the 6th. Century before Christ and named Apolonia. Spartak hotel complex is located in the new part of Sozopol, located 60 m. from the beach, The hotel complex includes a two-star hotel featuring ten two-bedded rooms, 37 three-bedded rooms and three suites, Spartak National Sport Centre – Sozopol has been designed for training of national and club teams, for international forums and prestigious activities. The centre is right next to the Black Sea shore. The centre had been modernized and reconstructed after 2001 – 2002. Spartak NSC - Sozopol offers: Indoor rowing pool with movable floor surface for academic rowing Rowing cannel - Ropotamo River. The facility fulfills the requirements of the international training and competition federation Indoor multifunctional sport hall Football playground with size 100/150m and track-and-field athletics track. The track has concrete surface. Four tennis courts - two training courts and two with chamot surface that fulfill the international standards. Two volleyball and basketball playgrounds. Conference hall for 50 persons. Rehabilitation centre Modern fitness hall Sauna Massage Tangentor bath, etc Spartak National Sport Centre – Sozopol is 33 km away from Burgas city. There is secure parking lot with 130 car and bus lots. Regular and convenient transport.
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Russian firm gives Turkish Stream gas pipeline details
Detailed information concerning the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, the latest project to carry Russian gas to Turkey via the Black Sea before it finally reaches Europe, has been presented at the 26th World Gas Conference in Paris. At the Turkish Stream exhibition stand, the forum guests have been offered detailed information about the project and its significance for European energy security, said Russian energy giant Gazprom, which has undertaken the project, in a press release. “Visitors will see the models of pipe-laying vessels, learn about the offshore gas pipeline construction techniques, as well as about the advantages of using natural gas for successful economic development and environmental conservation,” it said. On Dec. 1, 2014, Gazprom and Turkish Botaş signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the construction of an offshore gas pipeline with an annual capacity of 63 billion cubic meters (bcm) across the Black Sea towards Turkey. The new gas pipeline will run across the Black Sea from the Russkaya CS near Anapa to Kiyikoy village in the European part of Turkey and further via Lüleburgaz to İpsala on the border between Turkey and Greece. The offshore gas pipeline will consist of four lines with a capacity of 15.75 bcm each. All the gas from the first line will be moved solely to the Turkish market. Gazprom will construct the offshore gas pipeline involving its 100 percent subsidized South Stream Transport registered in the Netherlands. South Stream Transport was focused on preparations for the South Stream gas pipeline construction, which was cancelled in December 2014. The greater part of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline will be laid within the corridor formerly intended for the South Stream. In May 2015, Italian Saipem was tasked with constructing the first offshore gas pipeline using the pipes manufactured for the South Stream project. The International Gas Union holds the World Gas Conference triennially. It is a forum for discussing a wide range of issues related to gas industry development, including gas transmission, storage, distribution and consumption, as well as the environmental impact of power generation. Russia has been facing problems in gas sales to Europe due to its political problems with its neighbor, Ukraine. Turkey, which has been buying more than half of its natural gas from Russia, is carrying out a separate plan, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), to carry Azerbaijan’s Caspian gas to the country in a bid to diversify its supply. The initial capacity of TANAP is expected to be 16 bcm of gas per year, gradually increasing to 31 bcm.
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Paddy Crumlin - International Transport Workers' Federation Election
Paddy Crumlin International Transport Workers' Federation ITF National Secretary Paddy Crumlin, has become the first Australian president of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) following his election at their quadrennial Congress in Mexico City. The Federation's executive board recommended Paddy for the position and was unanimously endorsed by the congress's 1500 delegates following 10 days of congress deliberation, regional and sectional meetings. "The ITF finds itself at a critical time for workers around the world following the global collapse of international economies. It is now our responsibility to protect the rights and futures of all transport workers against the excesses of capitalism set against a slow and uncertain recovery of transport related industries." said Paddy in his acceptance speech. Paddy joins former ACTU Secretary Sharan Burrow's recently elected General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation on the international stage of trade unionism. Their friendship and effective working relationship head up a formidable team committed to ensuring all working men and women are treated with dignity and respect. Over many years Paddy has forged changes to the way transport unions work together in Australia and internationally within the ITF's sections which include Road, Rail, Aviation, Seafaring, Dockers and inland waterways. In Australia he is seen as a driving force in the development of ATUF the Australian Transport Unions Federation (Rail, Tram and Bus Union, Transport Workers Union of Australia and the Maritime Union of Australia) and has successfully campaigned for the Sub Regional office of the Asia Pacific regional sector of the ITF now based in Sydney. As well as leading the formation of strategic alliances between Australian, New Zealand and Regional unions including the Oil and Gas Alliance and Trans-Tasman Transport Alliance. Paddy is also widely respected for his central role in trade union development in East Timor and Papua New Guinea, As the Chair of the strong ITF Dockers' section Paddy was instrumental in the development of the POC campaign's world wide data base of ports, organised port workers and associated employers. In his role as co-chair of the International Bargaining forum Paddy has been a key negotiator in the IBF agreements which protect the working conditions and safety of more than 100,000 international seafarers working on flag of convenience ships. "As president I commit to all sections of the Federation and to all of the 5 regions around the world. Working along with newly re-elected General Secretary David Cockcroft and a fresh Executive Board it is now time for the ITF to excel. It is now more important than ever that the ITF works as a united progressive and effective industrial and political force. Workers of the world demand that we rise to these challenges and I will ensure the ITF answers that call." Paddy Crumlin said. Posted by Jamie McMechan Maritime Union of Australia - Film Unit. Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) http://www.amwu.asn.au/ Australian Services Union (ASU) http://www.asu.asn.au/ Australian Workers Union (AWU) http://www.awu.net.au/ Construction Forestry Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU) http://www.cfmeu.asn.au/ Electrical Trades Union (ETU) http://www.etunational.asn.au/ Maritime Union Of Australia (MUA) http://www.mua.org.au/ Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) http://www.psa.labor.net.au/ Unions NSW (Unions NSW) http://www.unionsnsw.org.au/ Australian Council Of Trade Union (ACTU) http://www.actu.org.au/ International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) http://www.itfglobal.org/ International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) http://www.ituc-csi.org/
مدينة فارنا Varna
The city of Varna is situated in the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea shore. Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the largest one on the Black Sea shore with population of about 330 000 people. Because of its history and its economical and cultural significance, it is often called the Sea Capital of Bulgaria. The average January temperature in Varna is +1.7 °С, the average July temperature is +22.8 °С, and the average annual temperature is +12.2 ° С, which makes it very appropriate for holiday sea tourism during the warm months of the year. The town was established in the 6th century BC under the name of Odessos by emigrants from the town of Milet in Asia Minor. For a short time it turned into a polis and one of the most important ports and commercial centers on the Black Sea. For a few decades Odessos was within the borders of the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great, but later it reestablished its independence and again rose as an economical, commercial and cultural center. The city was coining its own money which is an evidence of its development. In the 15th year AD Odessos was included within the borders of the Roman Empire. In 1201 the Bulgarian tsar Kaloyan (born 1168-- died 1207) integrated the town to Bulgaria, and in 1366 Varna was given to the Dobrudzha ruler Dobrotitsa, and it had served as his capital. In 1398 Varna was conquered by the Ottoman conquerors. During the Revival (18th -- 19th century) it was developed as a cultural and commercial center. Today Varna is a modern city with a rich cultural calendar. Two of the most modern multifunctional halls in the county are situated here -- the Palace of Culture and Sports and the Festival and Congress Center, which allow the conducting of multiple international cinema festivals, scientific forums and sport events, among which are the following: International Theater Festival "Varna Summer", Ethnic Festival, International Jazz Festival "Varna Summer", International Folklore Festival of Varna, International Film Festival "Love is Folly", International Festival of Puppet Art "Golden Dolphin", International Photographic Saloon, Bulgarian Film Festival "Golden Rose", etc. With its modern port, railway connection and international airport providing connection with 35 states and more than 100 world cities, Varna is one of the largest transport centers in Bulgaria. The strategic position of Varna on the map of south-eastern Europe has turned the city into one of the largest settlements on the Black Sea shore since antiquity. Multiple monuments presented today in the city Archaeological Museum date back to this period. The museum's impressive collection includes the finds from the Varna chalcolythic necropolis -- the oldest golden treasure in the world found by now, dating back to six thousand years ago. Among the rest of the museums, some of the most interesting ones are the Maritime Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. The Maritime Museum collection includes articles related to the Bulgarian military and commercial shipping. The Ethnographic Museum presents the rich diversity of culture and the style of life of the population in Varna region from the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. As a cultural center, Varna has built one of the largest and richest fine arts galleries in Bulgaria. An exposition of icons painted in the Age of Revival, are kept in the church St. Atanasius, built in the 18th century, and one of the most interesting historical landmarks of the town -- the Roman Baths -- the largest Roman bath on the Balkan Peninsula with an area of 7000 square meters, is situated in close proximity to it. It is the forth in size in Europe, after the baths of Karakala and Diocletian in Rome and in Trevira (Trier, Germany). It was used until the end of the 3rd century.
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Dr Frans Paul van der Putten-Session VI (Greek version)
Dr. Frans-Paul van der Putten, Sr. Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute of International Relations | Netherlands addresses at Session VI Maritime | Infrastructures | Transportation | Hubs “Regional cooperation, works in progress!” Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum 2017
Maritime Days in Odessa 2012
'Maritime Days in Odessa 2012' will be held in Odessa on 31 May -- 2 June 2012 in the Hotel Bristol 5*. This year the international conference 'Practice of Maritime Business. Project Cargo Black Sea 2012' and the Ukrainian Shipbroker's Club have consolidated efforts around the common goal. The highlight of 2012 is project cargo in the Black Sea. The conference is focused on transportation and logistics for project cargo and gives practical solutions to all participants of the sea transportation.
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Energy & Economic Summit: Transport, Trade, and Reviving the Silk Road
Moderator: Amb. Pierre Morel, Former European Union Special Representative for Central Asia and for the Crisis in Georgia, Council of the European Union Participants: H.E. Sham L. Bathija, Senior Economic Adviser and Minister to the President, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; The Hon. Robert O. Blake, Jr., Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, US Department of State; Amb. Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, Adviser, International Road Transport Union (IRU) and Former Secretary General, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC); Mr. Klaus Gerhaeusser, Director General, Central and West Asia Department, Asian Development Bank; Yahya Bas, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications, Republic of Turkey
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Glass half full: the bearish dry bulk market may yet offer opportunities | Platts
The dry bulk freight market is suffering its worst period in decades. However, even this bearish environment can bring some interesting opportunities for the right shipping players. Alex Younevitch explores how cheap freight opens new long-haul arbitrages using the example of the Black Sea to Southeast Asia wheat route, and points out the prospects for investing in second-hand dry bulk vessels.
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Putin Jokes On U.S. Policy: We Don't Move Away From The Dollar, The Dollar Is Moving Away From Us!
Please Click On YouTube Notification Bell 🔔 Next To Subscribe Button To Be Notified Of New Russia Insight Videos! Russian president Vladimir Putin took part in the annual Russia Calling! Investment Forum hosted by VTB Capital. The plenary session is entitled “Building Partnerships. Bridging Differences.” Russia Calling! The forum is a leading platform for drawing capital to the Russian economy, improving the investment climate and promoting the country’s international economic and business ties. Donate Bitcoin 17svLdxJmzf8GyehbpqVpbiJhxs8j66G26 Donate Litecoin LbCxkRx7ikFbZiHt69nc2hVrAeakqdFo7t Donate Ethereum 0xd760DEedaA49Ff2C8BdfeB7f332b407EDe272b18
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HDS Carbon from Lowrance - Are you ready?
The Lowrance® HDS-12 Carbon features a new 12-inch ultra-clear SolarMAX™ HD multi-touch display using high-bright LED backlighting and advanced anti-reflective coatings to create wider viewing angles in any lighting condition. Only in HDS Carbon will you find superior color accuracy and a boosted high-resolution viewing panels specifically designed to truly maximize today’s leading sonar. Loaded with dual core high performance processor, HDS Carbon delivers faster redraw speeds and quicker response times for dual-channel CHIRP sonar, dual network sounder views, StructureScan 3D® and StructureMap™ plus split-screen views showing all this and mapping at the same time; it has enough reserve brute strength to drive future high powered fishfinding upgrades. HDS Carbon brings modern “smartphone-like” comfort with integrated wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity that supports the most advanced marine technology including a Network Analyzer that notifies user when a new software is available, a system Service Assistant that allows user to transmit a detailed report of their electronics network direct to technical advisors for custom hands-on assistance. HDS Carbon is the most versatile combo available today, it can view and control Mercury® VesselView® Link, be paired with Power-Pole® shallow-water anchors, and control SmartSteer™ trolling motor/outboard motors. An expansive list of safety and entertainment plug-ins are available to complete your network. You can navigate easily with HDS Carbon behind proven Lowrance expertise, a 10 Hz internal GPS antenna, built-in C-MAP, and a multitude of mapping options accessible from the unit’s dual microSD card slots or via wireless download from GoFree® Shop. For more information, visit http://www.lowrance.com/carbon. Learn more: https://www.lowrance.com/lowrance/series/hds-carbon/?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=referral
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Azerbaijan National and International Studies Center held an international conference on "The EU approach towards the Caspian: soft power or realpolitik". "Over the past three years, research groups have studied EU policy and the realities in the Mediterranean, Baltic, Black and Caspian Sea regions .The studies covered security, energy security, free access to domestic market, visa regimes, and attitudes towards democracy and human rights," said the head of the Center Leyla Aliyeva. According to the coordinator of EU4SEAS organization Jordi Vaquer, democracy was a priority in the Baltic Sea Region in 2007, and in Black Sea Region in 2008. " However, the Russian-Georgian war in 2008 showed democracy in conflict with military force in this region. There are two approaches to democracy in the Caspian Sea Region: development of sovereign democracy, and democratic development via the influence of other regions' democractic systems. The improvement of management in this region is important. These issues must be considered based on the countries' geo-political and domestic contexts," he argued. At the same time, experts consider that changes to the international political scene have given rise to new approaches to these issues. " These changes will pave the way for new approaches," said expert Carmen Claudin. According to a professor at the Azerbaijan University of Languages, Nasib Nasibli, the EU has a demonstrated interest in energy and global security in the Capsian Sea region. At the same time, geopolitical views are compeletely different. The Nagorno Karabakh, North Caucasus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia conflicts all constitute challenge to cooperation." He also argued that "EU programs for the regions are not successful. The EU Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership Program have not had any impact on the development of the defense of democracy and human rights. I believe that what is needed is a differentiated approach to each of the three countries, rather than a uniform policy." Experts noted that the respective presidents are not concerned about the development of democracy. " Today, Europe imports gas from Russia, Norway, and Algeria. Soon Algeria and Norway will decrease their exports and Europe's dependence on Russia will increase. The alternative source for Europe is the Caspian Sea," said the director of Mediterranean Observatory Sohbet Karbuz during the conference. Discussing transportation routes, Karbus said that he favors the EU's Nabucco project. Another expert, Moscow State University professor Victoria Panova said that the disputed legal status of the Caspian Sea is preventing the realization of energy projects. According to her, Iran is a risk. Isolated from international community, Iran will misuse its resources, and prevent transportation projects and the construction of the Trans Caspian gas pipeline. The head of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, Roland Kobia, said that EU policy in the Caspian Sea Region is values-based, just as it is in other countries. The EU doesn't want to force other countries to agree to something; they support mutually respectful dialogue and agreement.
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The South Caucasus in a Reconnecting Eurasia
The South Caucasus remains a geopolitical fault line surrounded by larger powers. While the Caucasus remains riven by conflicts, it is also a focal point for regional and trans-continental integration schemes. The region's three states -- Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia -- view these challenges in distinct ways. Accompanying the release of the CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program's new report series "The South Caucasus in a Reconnecting Eurasia," please join us to discuss the new geopolitics of the South Caucasus and the strategic outlook of the region's states.
Steel Knight 2014
U.S. Marines from Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment (1/5), 1st Marine Division (MARDIV) from Camp Pendleton, Calif. conduct an air field seizure aboard seven CH-46 Sea Knight transport helicopters with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron (HMM) 364 and Marine Medium Helicopter Training Squadron (HMMT) 164 , Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) 39, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) from Camp Pendleton, Calif., at Strategic Expeditionary Landing Field (SELF), Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), Twenty Nine Palms, Calif. during exercise Steel Knight 2014 (SK-14) on Dec 11, 2013. SK-14 is a large-scale combined arms, live-fire exercise integrating ground troops from 1st MARDIV, aviation and logistical support from 3rd MAW and 1st Marine Logistics Group to ensure that our nation is fully prepared for employment as a maneuver force across the range of military operations. (Official U.S. Marine Corps video by Master Sgt. Daniel F. Kauppila, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Combat Camera/Released) Like us on Facebook at "US Military" - https://www.facebook.com/MilitaryVids Follow us on Twitter at @3rdID8487 Subscribe for frequent new videos. E-mail comments to [email protected] ATTENTION!! We are moving! Because of YouTube's new policy against military related videos and on where advertisers are allowed to put their Ads, we must move our videos. Join us at our new home! WWW.USMILITARYVIDEOS.NET! You will find videos and photos not found here on YouTube!! Plus forums to discuss all things military related! You can even post your thoughts there! Plus Sports, Outdoors, Snipers Hide, Shooting, Hunting and Fishing pages! Questions or comments email [email protected] Want to win $5000 worth of ammo!?!?!? Thought that would get your attention! Here at US Military Videos & Photos we have partnered with USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) to bring you this great chance at some great benefits! Our founder and owner, Chris Wagoner, is a life member of USCCA and believes in it completely! Why listen to him you say? Because he is a 33 year+ cop and police firearms instructor. He knows firearms! USCCA is a great association that is designed to protect and educate the armed citizen! If you are thinking of carrying a firearm for self-protection, already carry one, have firearms in your home or know someone that does, this is for you! USCCA provides education through its training courses, DVD’s and books. Online resources are first class and very well done. The USCCA magazine “Concealed Carry” is full of great tips, gear reviews, and legal information every responsible gun owner should know. If that was all they did that would be enough to check them out, but what is one of the best benefits is that they will provide legal protection for you if you are involved in that life and death incident where you use your firearm for self-defense! That’s right they have insurance for your firearms and also will provide legal counsel if you need them because of a shooting incident. That alone is worth the membership fees! The piece of mind of knowing you are protected by USCCA in that time of chaos and emotional turmoil is worth it. So what do you have to do to get in on this $5000 ammo give away and check out the fantastic benefits of USCCA? Just click here - http://goo.gl/mMwJWd . Did we mention there would be 5 winners not just 1? 120,000 members can’t be wrong. We are moving! Come join us!! Join us at our new home! www.usmilitaryvideos.net! You will find videos and photos not found here on YouTube or elsewhere!! Plus forums to discuss all things military related! You can even post your thoughts there! We have become part of the www.Scout.com network and they have everything from sports to firearms to of course Military related items and great premium content for everyone!! Questions or comments email [email protected] Our videos are provided by the Department of Defense, and NATO TV. They are all Public Domain and not able to be copyrighted as products of the US Government. Please visit our homepage at www.usmilitaryvideos.net. Questions or comments email [email protected] Did you know we have forums where you can discuss anything related to the Military and anything else you want? Join us on the forums to talk about the U.S. Military and share your thoughts on our page and videos and photos! Forums - http://www.scout.com/military/us-military-videos/forums Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/usmilitaryvideos/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/3rdID8487 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/militaryvideos/ Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/usmilitary/ Blogspot - http://usmilitaryvideos.blogspot.com/ Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/102343196153151704862/+3rdID8487/posts
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The "Why" of Restorative Practices in Spokane Public Schools
Restorative Practices is an approach to promoting positive behaviors that focuses on understanding the conflict and how to repair the harm, rather than traditional discipline. This video outlines how it works in Spokane Public Schools. Learn more at www.spokaneschools.org/Restorative.
US warship enters Black Sea amid Russia tensions with Ukraine - DAILY NEWS
US warship enters Black Sea amid Russia tensions with Ukraine THE US Navy has sailed into the Black Sea amid escalating tensions with the Kremlin after Russia seized Ukrainian sailors and ships. Original content: Dailystar.co.uk ----------======😍❣️😍======---------- Thanks For Watching 💝 Please like, Share, support & subscribe to my channel 🗽 DAILY NEWS 🗽 Confirm Your Subscribe :⏩ https://goo.gl/CGMEVd ----------======😍❣️😍======---------- ✅ The content of my videos is the purpose of entertainment. My video does not contain nudity or sexually explicit, harmless or dangerous content, is not violent or bloody, does not provoke hatred. I love everyone! © My video is in accordance with the Fair Use Law of Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/) ----------======😍❣️😍======---------- Thank you for watching and God bless you!
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Call for Innovation & Participation für Business Innovation Week 2019
Die Besten sind gesucht: Jetzt als Partner, Aussteller oder Speaker für die Business Innovation Week 2019 bewerben! Hier geht's zur Website: https://kmu-zukunft.ch/de/ Die grösste Schweizer Business-Plattform, die praxisnahes Wissen und Networking für KMU - kompakt in einer Woche und fokussiert mit Tages-Spezialthemen. Sie können sich ganz flexibel einbringen und positionieren: 1 Stunde, 1 Tag oder 3 Tage. Jeder profitiert: Ob C-Level, Teamleiter oder Mitarbeiter eines KMU, ob aus der Unternehmensleitung, - steuerung, Finance, Marketing, Vertrieb, IT, Digital oder HR. Bewerben Sie sich noch heute. Limitierte Anzahl an Flächen und Themenslots für Vorträge und Präsentationen! Mehr Informationen zur Business Innovation Week 2019: Motto: KMU 4.0 - Die Zukunft beginnt heute Die „Business Innovation Week“ ist eine zukunftsweisende Convention im Festival-Style und grösste Schweizer Live-Plattform für Innovation, Digitalisierung, neuste Technologien und Megatrends. Am Puls der Industrie und Geschäftswelt bietet die Business Innovation Week ein fokussiertes Konzentrat von neuen Ideen, kreativen Dienstleistungen, engagierten Unternehmern, dynamischen Firmen und energiegeladenen Startups für eine erfolgreiche KMU 4.0. Entscheider, Zukunftsgestalter und Game-Changer der Schweizer Wirtschaft, KMU, Startup-Szene und Politik vernetzen sich vom 1.10. bis 3.10.2019 und bei den Themenspecials am 30.9. und 4.10. inmitten des pulsierenden Werkplatzes Zürich Oerlikon - dem "Popup"-Hotspot der Innovation für Zukunftsdialog, Begegnung und Zusammenarbeit. Einzigartig ist, dass verschiedenste inspirierende Locations, Büros, das lokale Gewerbe sowie internationale Firmen als interaktive Schauplätze eingebunden werden.
Д.Медведев.Выступление на заседании.06.06.09.Part 2
Opening Address at World Grain Forum.Part 2 June 6, 2009 St Petersburg Выступление на заседании Всемирного зернового форума. 6 июня 2009 года Санкт-Петербург I would like to outline our position on some significant topics to be addressed at the Forum. One particularly important issue is the increase in grain prices due to ethanol production, although at this point there are quite different views on this subject. We have certainly discussed this repeatedly with our colleagues. Nevertheless, we favour the production of other biofuels, from inedible sources. These sources are now available, and we think that the international community needs to develop a balanced attitude to these problems by finding a compromise between energy consumption and food security. The development of bio-energy should not lead to a growing shortage of grain for food. This problem is difficult but solvable, especially given the latest research in the field of biofuels. There is another question. In the various parts of the global grain supply chain production, storage, processing, transport a blockage can create problems. We know that the logistical infrastructure, the sea ports or grain elevators are not always sufficient for storing the size of the harvest produced or to ensure its timely delivery to consumers. I would note here that a number of multinational food companies have introduced new technologies which, unfortunately, are in breach of environmental safety requirements. It is also necessary to improve the global system of monitoring agroclimatic changes, soil erosion and desertification. In particular, we must do so using the opportunities that modern space facilities provide us with today. Another question is the lack of national and supranational regulatory regimes and agricultural support. Endless discussions on this topic are taking place at various forums. All seem to agree that excessive protectionism harms sustainable development, including the agricultural sector development, but protectionism flourishes nonetheless and results in speculation in the grain market. I think we need to improve the system of mutual information and early warning with regards to markets in order to minimize the pricing speculation and create more normal working conditions. The modernisation and development of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), a universal platform that unites producers and consumers of foodstuffs, must remain an unconditional priority. Russia became a full member of this organisation in 2006 and intends to actively develop its cooperation with the FAO. Finally, our cooperation at the regional level plays an important role. Given the length of our borders and the size of our country, the Asia-Pacific region remains crucially important for us. By diversifying the destinations of Russian exports we are creating further incentives for our partners, as well as incentives for our own development, especially in the Far East and Eastern Siberia. And this is of course a very important and topical task for Russia. In addition we have scheduled a discussion on cooperation in the Black Sea basin the Russian first deputy prime minister [Viktor Zubkov] just talked about this and we hope to discuss the prospects of creating a so-called regional grain pool that could work on coordinating and exchanging information on all issues. By way of conclusion to my opening address I would note the crucial significance of research into crop production. It is therefore absolutely no coincidence that this Forum is taking place in St Petersburg, where there is a research centre of global significance, the N. I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry housing a unique collection of over 200,000 samples of agricultural crops. The search for innovation, use of modern agricultural technologies, achievements of plant breeding and seed production are the preconditions for the dynamic development of grain production. Of course we invite all those present to engage in joint research and in this sense there is yet one more sphere of cooperation, namely scientific and technological cooperation. Dear friends, let me express my hope for the successful promotion of the ideas that will be discussed today and for a successful forum. I wish you success and prosperity. We face a very ambitious and difficult task. Thank you.
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Gwadar CPEC and Real Estate Market Update March 2019
Gwadar in general and CPEC in particular has seen some major developments in past few months. Things are shaping well in Gwadar and real estate market is also booming. Chief Minister of Baluchistan Mr. Jam Kamal invited delegates from 26 countries few months back and they were briefed about CPEC and Gwadar. During this APA meeting, almost all the representatives from different countries signed MOUs and assured that they will invest in Gwadar and CPEC to strengthen the project. As the time is passing by, every nation wants to get the piece of the action. Recently Saudi price visited Pakistan and one the his main interest was in Oil City Gwadar. Instantly Saudi prince announced a huge investment of 20 billion dollars into CPEC out of which 10 Billion is to be used for setting up oil refineries in Oil City. This is happening for the very first time in Pakistan. Not only Oil City will contain huge reserves of crude oil but it will be refined as well too. This will increase the exports and save transportation costs for many South East Asian counties that are currently buying Petroleum products from further western Gulf regions. Construction work on Gwadar New Airport is imminent now. It is believed that inauguration of New Airport is expected in the end of March 2019. It will be a huge news and it will definitely help investors earn and thick quick profit specially those who have already invested in surrounding areas. Construction of CPEC route is also underway at very fast pace. Actually construction of CPEC route in underway at 21 different locations all over Pakistan. A railway track is also part of CPEC route to connect Gwadar with Quetta and Karachi. Site plan and land for Gwadar Railway Station has been decided. It will be a huge Railway Station covering 350 Acres of land. One of the most important things that everyone taking interest in Gwadar has been waiting for is New Master Plan of Gwadar. The good news is Master plan has been approved by provincial Govt and now its with Federal Govt for approval. Its too early to discuss about Gwadar's new master plan and to avoid any speculation, we can only state that its very positive for most investors and for the city itself. We will definitely cover the new master plan in future videos once its officially announced. Last but not least, for investors this is the right time to invest as neither the investment is too early nor its too late. You can invest both in land and various projects. Whether its Industrial Zone or Residential Zone, any investment on developed or proposed roads is recommended. For more details about CPEC and Gwadar Real Estate market, please feel free to get in touch with us. Get In Touch Now Ahsan Tauheed +923008131177 Maher Azeem +923249900010 Whatsapp +447500061303 Subscribe to Our Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/JaidadGroup
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2nd International Forum "In Search of Lost Universalism". Opening ceremony
Atje Drexler (Germany), Matjaz Gruden (Council of Europe), Catherine Lalumiere (France), Lena Nemirovskaya (Russia). II International Forum "In Search of Lost Universalism", Berlin 18/10/16
Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall 2017 Guide for US and Canada
Need help determining if your Kidde fire extinguisher is in the recall? This video will guide you through the process including where to locate the model, date code, and serial number information and how to request a replacement. For additional help, contact 1-855-271-0773 (US) or 1-855-233-2882 (Canada).
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В.Путин.Заседании Президиума.09.06.08
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Government Presidium 9 June 2008 Выступление В.Путина на заседании Президиума Правительства Российской Федерации 09.06.2008 Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Let us begin with current issues. Ms Nabiullina, how did the Economic Forum go, what are the results? Elvira Nabiullina: The 12th St Petersburg International Economic Forum ended yesterday. It had a highly representative audience. Taking part in the work of the Forum were about 2,500 participants. Among them were the leaders of major Russian, international and foreign companies, the heads of state and government, government ministers and top experts. Many meetings, conferences and roundtables were held. There was a lively discussion both of global and world development and the development of Russia. Many proposals have been made. Investment exhibitions were organised on the margin of the Forum. They included a large exhibition of Russian developments in the field of nanotechnology. It also attracted interest. Timed for the Forum was the signing of investment agreements to the total sum of more than $14 billion. Presentations were held; one of the highlight presentations was that of the St Petersburg Mercantile and Commodity Exchange. Victor Zubkov: Mr Putin, your instructions have been fulfilled. Elvira Nabiullina: The winner of the first concession tender for the building of the Western High-Speed Diameter has been named. On Friday the Duma passed amendments to the third reading of the Law on Concession Agreements which improves the whole mechanism, so we hope that concession agreements will multiply. As part of the Forum we also held a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Russian Venture Company and named the winners of the second contest of company managers. We selected five winners out of 18 candidates. New managing companies which will finance venture projects are to be formed shortly. On the whole, the Forum passed normally. Vladimir Putin: Very well. I would like to thank all the colleagues in the Government who prepared the event and attended it. Especially at the final stage when such significant results were achieved. Thank you very much. Mr Ivanov, I know that you are going to the Crimea. Tell us about it. What activities are being planned? Sergei Ivanov: On Saturday, June 14, on behalf of the Government, I am going to visit Sebastopol to attend the celebrations of the 225th anniversary of the city. We have already marked the anniversary of the Black Sea Fleet. Now it will be the Day of the City. During my stay in Sebastopol I plan to meet with the representatives of the City Council, with the City Administration and with veterans and members of the public. Of course, Sebastopol is closely tied to our history. I think the presence of members of the Russian Government is important. And I would like to add, Mr Putin, tomorrow will see the inauguration of express train service between the Savyolovsky Train Station and Sheremetyevo Airport. A brand-new 8-km stretch of bi-level electrified railway has been built and, even more important, there is a new rail terminal in Sheremetyevo. That branch will have 21 pairs of trains every 24 hours, running at roughly 30-minute intervals. The journey from the center of Moscow to Sheremetyevo-2 will take 35 minutes. I think that is a great improvement considering the traffic jams on the Leningrad highway we are familiar with. It will be much more convenient for passengers, and the journey to the air terminal will be more comfortable. The trains will offer wireless Internet access and other modern facilities. Economy-class tickets will cost 200 roubles. I think that is a very competitive price compared with what it costs for passengers to reach Sheremetyevo today. Now, all the three major Moscow airports will have express train service to the center of Moscow, because express trains are already running to Domodedovo and Vnukovo. The Transportation Ministry, RZhD, the governments of Moscow and the Moscow Region took an active part in the project, for the first time they all worked together to build this transport hub. The next important stage will be the opening of the high-speed train service between the Belarusian Train Station and Sheremetyevo, and then we will start the project of express train service on the Moscow Ring Railway thus linking all the three Moscow airports - Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo - by high speed train service. Passengers will be able to travel by rail between airports without changing transport mode. This is the ultimate goal of the modernisation of the transportation infrastructure of the Moscow hub. http://www.government.ru
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Crimea's Tourism Slowly Recovering After Russia's Annexation
One year after Russia controversially annexed Crimea from Ukraine, sparking the worst tensions with the West in more than two decades, the Black Sea peninsula's key tourism industry is slowly beginning to attract visitors again. Tour operators say income remains steady but sanctions, border controls and bureaucracy pose challenges. VOA's Daniel Schearf reports from Sevastopol, Crimea. Originally published at - http://www.voanews.com/media/video/crimea-tourism-slowly-recovering-after-russia-annexation/2689384.html
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Dissemination Event "Natural Gas:Cyprus heading towards a New Energy Era" Part 1
@Filoxenia Conference Center, 19 June 2018 CYnergy project has partnered with CyprusGas2EU to offer insights on the strategy towards the use of natural gas in transport and energy sectors in Cyprus, at a discussion forum entitled «Natural Gas: Cyprus Heading towards a new Energy Era», which took place on 19th June 2018 at Nicosia. Within the context of EU strategy on emissions reduction and resource efficient transportation and energy sectors, this event created a space for dialogue between project collaborators and stakeholders, sharing their views on the opportunities and challenges posed by this new energy era for Cyprus. The event was co-organised by CYnergy and CyprusGas2EU projects under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works of Cyprus. The event will bring together representatives of local organizations, members of the press community and other groups of stakeholders to share their views on the opportunities and challenges posed by this new energy era for Cyprus. Αναδεικνύοντας τη στρατηγική χρήσης του φυσικού αερίου στους τομείς της ενέργειας και των μεταφορών στην Κύπρο, το πρόγραμμα CYnergy ενώσε τις δυνάμεις του με το πρόγραμμα CyprusGas2EU και συνδιοργανωσαν την ημερίδα υπό το τίτλο «Φυσικό Αέριο: Το Ενεργειακό Μέλλον της Κύπρου» στις 19 Ιουνίου 2018, στη Λευκωσία. Υπό το πρίσμα της στρατηγικής της ΕΕ για μείωση εκπομπών αέριων ρύπων και μετάβαση σε πιο αποδοτικές μεταφορές και ενέργεια, η εκδήλωση αυτή, αποτέλεσε τόπο συζήτησης μεταξύ των εταίρων των δύο έργων και των ενδιαφερομένων μερών αναδεικνύοντας ευκαιρίες και προκλήσεις, καλές πρακτικές και λύσεις που αφορούν στο δυναμικό ενεργειακό τομέα της Κύπρου. Η εκδήλωση συνδιοργανώνεται από τα προγράμματα CYnergy και CyprusGas2EU υπό την αιγίδα των Υπουργείων Ενέργειας, Εμπορίου, Βιομηχανίας και Τουρισμού και Μεταφορών, Επικοινωνιών και Έργων της Κύπρου. Η ημερίδα συγκέντρωσε εκπροσώπους των δημόσιων αρχών, τοπικών οργανώσεων και άλλων ενδιαφερόμενων ομάδων, μέλη της δημοσιογραφικής κοινότητας και ειδικούς στα θέματα από τους τομείς της ενέργειας και των μεταφορών με σκοπό την ανταλλαγή απόψεων αναφορικά με τις ευκαιρίες και τις προκλήσεις που δημιουργεί το νέο ενεργειακό μέλλον για την Κύπρο.
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Russia: Filthy minded! Street artist draws masterpieces onto DIRTY trucks
Sergei, truck owner (Russian): "When I approached my truck, the first thing I saw was a nickname and I thought maybe some teenagers wrote again 'wash me.' But then I raised my eyes and saw the beautiful sight of an owl that really impressed me. Now I do not know how to wash away this beauty." Nikita Golubev, street artist (Russian): "I have a medical education. I don't have an artistic education, however I have been trying to get new skills my whole life." Nikita Golubev, street artist (Russian): "I tried to draw with water droplets on the table, tried to draw on the sand. I tried many things and mostly I like the process. What will be next? I don’t know, probably I will try something new." A street artist is taking Moscow by storm with his ability to transform dirty vehicles into works of art by drawing masterpieces on them, footage filmed on Wednesday shows. Video ID: 20170419 026 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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US 6th Fleet getting ready to block Crimea?
The US may increase time of its ships’ patrolling in the Black Sea up to 4 months. Beside that, in case challenges in this region seem to be serious to the Americans, they may build-up their quantity too, Vice Admiral James Foggo, Commander of the US 6th Fleet, claimed. However, given the Montreux Convention, the US ships cannot stay within waters of the Black Sea more than 21 days. Strict regulations were adopted in 1936. As it turns out, the Pentagon representative openly warns that international rules may not be given a damn. Nonetheless, no country, and what is more a general can make changes unilaterally. Defence ministers of the NATO member countries discussed the build-up of their presence in the region in Brussels late July. While the NATO’s spokesperson Dylan White claimed that the Alliance ended up its anti-pirate operation in the Indian Ocean and would focus all of its naval resources on countering illegal migration in the Mediterranean and suppression of Russia in the Baltic and Black Seas. As Pravda.Ru reported, the Black sea fleet immediately draws a bead on all of the US ships entering the Black Sea along with the Bal and Bastion complexes. Check more of our videos on our video channel http://www.youtube.com/user/PravdaTV Go to Pravda.Ru website to read articles that you can not read in Western publications http://english.pravda.ru/
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Russia: Putin and Moon take a break from EEF with Russian-Far East Street Festival
Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of South Korea Moon Jae-in visited the newly expanded Russian Far East Street Festival in Vladivostok, Wednesday, following the leaders meeting during the third Eastern Economic Forum taking place in the city on September 6-7. Video ID: 20170906-012 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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2017 Capital Link Invest in Cyprus Forum  - Cyprus as a Regional Maritime
Cyprus as a Regional Maritime & Logistics Industry Hub KEYNOTE REMARKS: H.E. Marios Demetriades, Minister of Transport, Communications and Works PANEL DISCUSSION: Cyprus as a Shipowning Hub Moderator: Mr. Costas Georghadjis, Audit Partner - Deloitte Panelists: Mr. Polys Hajioannou, CEO - Safe Bulkers; Vice President - Cyprus Union of Shipowners Mr. Andreas Hadjiyiannis, President - Cyprus Sea Lines Shipping; President - Cyprus Union of Shipowners Mr. Aristidis Pittas, Chairman & CEO - Euroseas Ltd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PANEL DISCUSSION: Maritime Expertise and Infrastructure in Cyprus - Cyprus as an Operational Hub Moderator: Mr. Costas Georghadjis, Audit Partner - Deloitte Panelists: Mr. Andreas Hadjipetrou, Managing Director - Columbia Shipmanagement Ms. Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, Managing Director - Tototheo Group
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EUSBSR 4th Annual Forum - Baltic Blue Growth - Part 5 - Wolf Born
Wolf Born's presentation at the Baltic Blue Growth workshop during the 4th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, 11 November 2013 Vilnius, Lithuania. Baltic Blue Growth was one of ten workshops that took place at the 4th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (11 -- 12 November 2013 Vilnius, Lithuania). The workshop was organised by the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission 'Blue growth' is a long-term strategy to support growth in the maritime sector as a whole. Because of innovation in the region, as well as the environmental challenges, the Baltic Sea region is best placed to combine blue and green growth. The workshop discussed where the potential for blue growth lies in the region and how to make the most of the Strategy to spur new initiatives to unlock this blue growth potential, which will lead to employment opportunities and competitiveness. Moderator: Carla Montesi, DG MARE, European Commission Speakers: Angela Schultz-Zehden, Sustainable-projects GmbH (s.Pro) Lolan Eriksson, Finnish Ministry of Transport Kaisa Kononen, BONUS Joanna Przedrzymirska, Maritime Institute in Gdansk Wolf Born, State Chancellery Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Hans Brask, Baltic Development Forum http://www.balticsea-region-strategy.eu/pages/4th-annual-forum
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Istanbul Aquarium Turkey | Visit Istanbul Aquarium Tour | Istanbul Aquarium Travel Videos Guide
Istanbul Aquarium (Istanbul Akvaryum) is a public aquarium in Istanbul, Turkey. It opened its doors in April 2011, is an official member of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). The site is 5 km from Atatürk International Airport, near the motorway and railway transportation systems in Florya, which is at the southwest coast of Istanbul. Istanbul Aquarium holds a leading position among worldwide aquariums thanks to its volume, variety of fish species, and the activities on travel routes. Visitors follow a geographical route that includes 16 themes and 1 rainforest going from the Black Sea towards the Pacific. The aquarium was designed by public aquarium design consultants OCEAN Projects [1]. More info visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Istanbul_Aquarium Istanbul Aquarium Istanbul Aquarium Turkey Visit Istanbul Aquarium Visit Istanbul Aquarium Tour Istanbul Aquarium Travel Istanbul Aquarium Travel Videos Guide Get more Travel Around The World: Subscribe me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCikDgZyuiy_ZNFfz3_qi_NQ Like me: https://www.facebook.com/funnybaby168 Follow me: https://twitter.com/leavphanith