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Trace session details with USER process and SERVER process ID
Oracle database user session tracing.
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to kill a user session connected to an Oracle database
How to kill a user session connected to an Oracle database
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How To Kill All Database Processes On SQL Server
SQl management studio provides lot of facilities to manage SQL processes. The “Activity monitor screen” which will show you some very useful and important information about SQL processes. It will show you all active processes, there status, number of open transactions for each process, the application by which the process is generated, Wait time CPU and memory utilisation, and the host name, means the host or the machine by which the process is initiated etc. If a process is hanging, it will show the process icon with an hour glass. Refresh it several times, sometimes the icon will turn to sleep mode if the process completes its execution. If the icon remains an hour glass, the process may be hanging. Use other info as well to decide if the process is really hanging. If you double click on the process ID it will show the SQL stamen subjected to the execution of the process. If a process is hanging you can identify which application has originated the process, which SQL stamen is hanging and even more from which machine or the host the process is initiated If some application users are complaining about uneven slowness, uneven timeouts etcetera, the reason behind may be one or more processors are hanging. What can you do now? You can restart the SQL server or the service which will disconnect all databases and all applications disturbing all the users. Or otherwise you can take the database to off line and bring it back to online. Or you can disconnect all connections to the database. The disturbance may be lesser than the previous case but still lot of applications and users can be disturbed, especially in an industrial setup. And still you do not know the real reason for the slowness or the malfunctioning as well. So what can you do? Go and examine the processors. Identify exactly which process is hanging. And most probably you will be identifying how and why. So you can find permanent solution. But the immediate solution is you can kill the troubling process or the few. It will solve the issue with minimum disturbance immediately. After identifying the correct process, you can right click on the process ID and click on ‘Kill process’ button. It will kill the selected process. You can kill processors using SQL statements and, using SQL commands you can kill all processors at once as well. Code for Killing Processes Individually USE master go DECLARE @dbname sysname SET @dbname = 'YourDB' EXECUTE ('KILL 53') Code for killing all Processes USE master go DECLARE @dbname sysname SET @dbname = 'YourDB' DECLARE @spid int SELECT @spid = min(spid) from master.dbo.sysprocesses where dbid = db_id(@dbname) WHILE @spid IS NOT NULL BEGIN EXECUTE ('KILL ' + @spid) SELECT @spid = min(spid) from master.dbo.sysprocesses where dbid = db_id(@dbname) AND spid @spid END
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Oracle Locks Part2  Killing a User Session
Oracle Locks Part 2- Killing a User session- Neway IT Solutions
How to disconnect all connections on sql server database |kill all connections |disconnect all users
use master ALTER DATABASE YourDatabase SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE --do you stuff here ALTER DATABASE YourDatabase SET MULTI_USER This video is about killing or disconnect all connections to a database. The easiest way is bringing the database to single user mode and set it back to multiuser mode. This will disconnect all connections form all the users other than current one who is logged to the database. One important aspect here is, do not close the screen once you set the database to single user mode. Because when a database is in single user mode it will allow only a single connection to the database. If you allow dropping your connection and if any other connects to the database you will not be able to connect the database again. So you may have to Stop the SQL server and start again to connect the database. It is also possible to do this using SQL management studio. Right click on the database, go to properties, go to options and move to restrict access option. There you can select the single user mode or multiple user mode. Now The question is why do you need to do this. I mean when, do you want to kill all connections. It is mainly, when you want to have exclusive access to the database. For example a database is not allowing you to restore a backup on this because you cannot grant the exclusive access, then you can bring the database to single user mode; killing all connections; perform your activates and after that set it to the multi user mode. This way you can maintain the exclusive access while you are completing the work.
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Esse vídeo mostra como matar um sessão no oracle.
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ORACLE: KILL session và KILL process kết nối tới database
- Kill session bang lệnh Oracle. - Kill bang lệnh Hệ Điều Hành. - Monitor thông tin session và process. - Lưu ý trên Oracle database 12c.
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Esse vídeo mostra uma das opções para matar uma sessão do oracle, é um tema simples porém ainda muito procurados na internet, comentei no final que podem vender o vídeos, mas não façam isso foi apenas uma brincadeira. rs
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ENTERPRISE - Oracle (Melodiya Session)
Melodiya session showcases local bands from Malaysia. ENTERPRISE Ismail Ibrahim Nazree Ibrahim Hanafi Ismail Tariq Mam Yudi Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/enterenterprise Website : www.enterenterprise.com/ Facebook : facebook.com/enterenterprise Instagram : instagram.com/enterenterprise Twitter : twitter.com/enterenterprise #welovemalaysianmusic VIDEOGRAPHERS Kadir Shariman EDITOR Chan AUDIO MIXING Mohd Faliq All rights belong to Melodiya Recordings
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Oracle Forms opening slowly Troubleshooting
https://amzn.to/2Ph2CbI [affiliate link] We are back again with some issues and solutions. Actually one of my friends asked me regarding performance tuning if forms are opening slow. That time I gave him some ideas and promised him that I will back very soon with some more information. There are lots of factors which may impact the applications but there are some work around which can helpful fixed the issues. One more thing I would like to tell, friends I shared my knowledge’s as per my real time experiences and real life experiences. So, there is not like just copying and pasting the stuff. As already I have shared my real life time stories which I have learned from my life. So, let’s start now. Suppose, our forms are opening slow then what things we should be check and how to debug it. I will try to explain here and share my knowledge. I am sure; it will be useful because it’s having been experienced. 1. We should check which forms are opening slowly either any particular form or all forms. 2. If all forms are opening slowly for particular machine then clear the cache and try again. It can be machine speed slow, machine hardware and bandwidth speed. If all forms are opening slow and for all machine then we really need to check below things such as: A. Check whether Trace is enabled or disabled and if it is enabled then kindly disabled it. B. Check the top commands if any resources are consuming high CPU usage. C. Check for all Inactive Sessions if it’s there then kill those sessions. D. Check for deadlocks. E. Every user should close the forms and logout properly. But actually we don’t care. We just close windows tab at a time and left for break :D :P but that’s also impact our EBS internally. F. A programmer if ran any program with infinite loops then this also cause a performance issue. That’s why we need to write any program carefully. If program not properly then it may cause deadlock as also which I have explained it in my previous posts. G. It can also be because of increasing the number of users. Also need to check users have one active session. H. Check for the Performance Pack (Native I/O) is turned on for WLS. And most and always we use this method. If the users have issue for any custom forms then we should follow below steps which are easy and very effective. When he run the program that time you should follow below steps: 1. Enable the Trace file. Login to front-end - Help - Diagnostics - Trace - "Trace with Binds and waits” . Then there will be a trace file generate under below patch: $cd $ORACLE_HOME/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/udump Now you can run either Trace Analyzer or tkprof as shown below commands: Trace Analyzer command: $sqlplus apps/apps_password SQL START TRCANLZR.sql UDUMP ora-data_ora1919.trc; TKPROF command: $ORACLE_HOME/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME/udump $tkprof ora-data_ora_1919.trc ora-data_ora_1919.txt explain=apps/apps_pwd Hope this may useful and helpful. We will come back again with new troubleshooting and solution as what we should do if forms opening slow after increasing the number of session. For any concerns or suggestions please reach to us either by comment box or contact us @ ora-data.blogspot.com.
StarCraft 2 - PvZ - Fast WIN versus Zerg! Oracle / Zealot All-in!
You want an aggressive build order for PvZ in Starcraft 2? Try this Protoss all-in! 🔔 Click here to subscribe ► https://bit.ly/2NFkGdW & join the community !🔔 This build order start like a standard Gate Expand Stargate in PvZ. As soon as you feel safe about the scouting overlord, you add your second stargate and third gas to do a strong 5 oracles push. After this one, you go to a oracle / zealot all-in. This replay comes from a ladder game. The first pressure is here to kill as many drones as possible (sometimes you will simply win with this push). After adding all your gateways, you can start oracle production again. Notes : - Split your 2 Stargates. You don't want to show both (in case of scout). - If you can, hide your third gas. If your oponnent see this gas he will expect an all-in and of course a heavy gas units composition. - The build order is strong in defense too. Against a mass roach, you can simply use your oracles to kill every units and counter attack to finish the game. Protoss build order and details► https://lotv.spawningtool.com/build/92475 #Starcraft2 #buildorder #protoss =========== You can follow me here: Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/zukawa Twitter ► https://twitter.com/zuka_sc2 Youtube ► https://www.youtube.com/c/zukaingame/?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/zukaIngame Instagram ►zukaIngame Discord ► https://discord.gg/pZFUkAQ =========== Guides / Build Order Protoss in English ► http://bit.ly/2KIeVds My Bronze to Master in English ► http://bit.ly/2McT1nv Credit : ---------- Merry Go Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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For The Oracle - All The Way Alive FULL SINGLE STREAM [Progressive Rock/Jazz Fusion]
Our latest single 'All The Way Alive' is now available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, courtesy of the amazing people over at Easy Action Records. The single includes the self titled track as well as a live performance from UK Tech-Metal Fest. You can pay for it now and it will be ready by the 2nd of December. ITUNES: goo.gl/vfB194 AMAZON: goo.gl/wBb96z To PRE-ORDER our music on PHYSICAL FORMATS, please follow these links: 'Kind Child' CD: goo.gl/2uXN8L 'Kind Child' Vinyl (12"): goo.gl/o21m2Q 'All The Way Alive' Vinyl (10"): goo.gl/WQ4UEU 'ALL THE WAY ALIVE' OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-f-ZknwY_0&feature=youtu.be Facebook: www.facebook.com/FTOofficial Instagram: @fortheoracle Twitter: @ForTheOracle ____________________________ ____________________________ SIDE A: 'All The Way Alive' Music by Lewis Dunn Lyrics by Sam Lawson Performed by For The Oracle Engineered, mixed and mastered by Josiah J Manning Recorded at Momentum Studios, Devon in July 2016. Produced by Josiah J Manning and For The Oracle. SIDE B: 'Princess [Live at UK Tech-Metal Festival 2016) Music by Lewis Dunn, Jeff Harcombe and For The Oracle Lyrics by Sam Lawson Performed by For The Oracle Engineered, mixed and mastered by Chris Surgenor of Ceth Music. Recorded at UK Tech-Metal Festival 2016, Hands On Printing stage. On THIS release For The Oracle are: Karum Cooper - Drums/Percussion/Backing vocals Charlie O'Donnell - Bass Tyler Hawksmoor - Guitar Lewis Dunn - Guitar Sam Lawson - Vocals Emile Hinton - Alto Saxophone/Piano/Keyboard/Synthesizer James Farmer - Tenor Saxophone/Percussion/Backing Vocals *Note* Since the recording of this music Charlie O'Donnell has left the group, replaced by Ryan Arnold. Collaborators Adam Wilkin (Trombone/Percussion) and Gareth Mason (Vocals/Synthesizer/Sound Manipulation/Percussion) have also since joined the band. Released on Easy Action Records 2016. Cover art by Hope Doe. Artwork arrangement by Karum Cooper and Sam Lawson. For The Oracle would like to thank: Josiah Manning, Carlton Sandercock, Chris Surgenor, Simon Garrod, Hope Doe, Charlie O' Donnell, The Cooper Family, Max Raitak, Emily Kaighan, Keira Hancock, Chris Grenville, Simon Clark, Ash Cook, Phil Bennett, Frankie Worrall and the members of all of the bands we have had the pleasure of performing up and down the country with so far and of course, every single one of you who is listening at any time, it means everything to us! ____________________________ ____________________________ We are on tour around the UK alongside SUMER, catch us at these venues! December 15th - O2 Academy Two, Islington (London) December 16th - Bar Forty Two - Worthing December 17th - Lounge 41, Workington December 18th - O'rileys, Hull December 19th - West Street Live, Sheffield December 20th - Sitwell Tavern, Derby December 21st - The Underground, Plymouth Four Thee Aura Kill
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Jodi Arias case;  New Clues Reveal Travis Alexanders Greatest Fear!
We have all seen the horrifying crime scene that the Travis Alexander family was subjected to. Jodi Arias murdered her boyfriend in what has been called a fatal attraction. What if Jodi and Travis were on a collision course? Join me as I dive under the common view and look closely at Travis Alexander's childhood horror stories. Did his parents drug addiction impact his life? Why did he keep letting Jodi back in? Let's look at the side of the story you have not heard before. I’m Tori – I write books and create cool Oracle card decks. My Near Death Experience in my 20’s directed my life path. I have an intuitive connection for True Crime and have always been fascinated by choices people make in their lives. Please join me in my community chat for further discussions and more. If you're not yet a subscriber to my channel, please click here to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/ToriHartman Check out my website: https://www.ToriHartman.com Check out my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialToriHartman Check out the stuff I write: www.ChakraWisdomOracle.com/where-to-buy Join me on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/torithepsychic I'm also on Twitter @ToriHartman I believe that how we relate to the issue is the issue. Let’s discover together our relationship to the mystery of true crime. Contact me at [email protected]
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Locks   Blocks   Deadlocks
Understanding Locks, Blocks and dead locks in oracle database.
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POC #5 Killing Idle Sessions
The objective of this POC is to simulate the ability to check for idle database sessions and request user for approval to kill these idle sessions before they complain to the service desk.
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Top MySQL Mysqladmin Commands for Database Administration in Linux
Mysqladmin is a command-line utility the comes with MySQL server and it is used by Database Administrators to perform some basic MySQL tasks easily such as setting root password, changing root password, monitoring mysql processes, reloading privileges, checking server status etc. View Mysqladmin options and usage:- mysqladmin --help Set MySQL Root password:- mysqladmin -u root password yournwpassword Change MySQL Root password :- mysqladmin -u root -p123456 password '123' Check MySQL Server is running:- mysqladmin -u root -p ping Check which MySQL version I am running:- mysqladmin -u root -p version Find out current Status of MySQL server :- mysqladmin -u root -ptmppassword status Check status of all MySQL Server Variable’s and value’s:- mysqladmin -u root -p extended-status See all MySQL server Variables and Values:- mysqladmin -u root -p variables Check all the running Process of MySQL server :- mysqladmin -u root -p processlist Create a Database in MySQL server:- mysqladmin -u root -p create databasename Drop a Database in MySQL server:- mysqladmin -u root -p drop databasename Reload/refresh MySQL Privileges:- mysqladmin -u root -p reload; mysqladmin -u root -p refresh Shutdown MySQL server Safely:- mysqladmin -u root -p shutdown /etc/init.d/mysqld stop /etc/init.d/mysqld start flush-hosts: Flush all host information from host cache. flush-tables: Flush all tables. flush-threads: Flush all threads cache. flush-logs: Flush all information logs. flush-privileges: Reload the grant tables (same as reload). flush-status: Clear status variables. Useful MySQL Flush commands mysqladmin -u root -p flush-hosts mysqladmin -u root -p flush-tables mysqladmin -u root -p flush-threads mysqladmin -u root -p flush-logs mysqladmin -u root -p flush-privileges mysqladmin -u root -p flush-status kill Sleeping MySQL Client Process:- mysqladmin -u root -p processlist mysqladmin -u root -p kill 5 mysqladmin -u root -p kill 5,10 Run multiple mysqladmin commands together :- mysqladmin -u root -p processlist status version Connect remote mysql server:- mysqladmin -h -u root -p Execute command on remote MySQL server :- mysqladmin -h -u root -p status Start/stop MySQL replication on a slave server:- mysqladmin -u root -p start-slave mysqladmin -u root -p stop-slave Store MySQL server Debug Information to logs :- mysqladmin -u root -p debug
Oracle Locks Explained Part 1
Oracle Locks explained. How to Kill a User session in oracle database- Neway IT Solutions
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SQL Monitoring Hacking Session
This is a free form hacking session that demonstrates some less known techniques and findings of Oracle SQL Monitoring reports and answers some low level questions about when does SQL Monitoring kick in automatically. As this was an unstructured hacking session, I ended up troubleshooting my own demos a couple of times as well :-) Related links: Slides: https://blog.tanelpoder.com/2015/10/29/sql-monitoring-in-oracle-database-12c/ An great SQL Monitoring usage article by Maria Colgan: https://sqlmaria.com/2017/08/01/getting-the-most-out-of-oracle-sql-monitor/ ASH hacking session: https://blog.tanelpoder.com/posts/oracle-sql-monitoring-advanced-ash-usage-hacking-session/ Online Training: https://blog.tanelpoder.com/seminars/
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Finding and Killing Connections in Postgres
In this episode Josh Branchaud will show you how to kill idle connections in PostgreSQL. To learn more and for full transcript visit us at https://www.pgcasts.com This episode is sponsored by Hashrocket a consultancy specializing in PostgreSQL. Visit us at https://hashrocket.com
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How to find Oracle Database locked session using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C
Video tutorial on how to find Oracle Database locked session using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C. For more Database Administration articles and scripts go to www.aodba.com & www.verticablog.com More Articles, Scripts and How-To Papers on http://www.aodba.com
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This is Video you will know how to find the locked and locking session and how to kill them
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How to solve ORA-01940: cannot drop a user that is currently connected
This video demonstrates how to solve the ORA-01940 cannot drop a user that is currently connected error. This error is raised when we try to drop a user that is connected to the database or having an active connection to the database. We will demonstrate a solution in which we would kill the user that is connected to the oracle database by its serial# and PID. This tutorial will guide viewers on how to kill an active session and then drop the user. If you would like to look at more such videos please visit www.youtube.com/c/kishanmashru Visit our blog at www.oracleplsqlblog.com
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Oracle Tuning Mistakes and Solutions
Oracle 12c Multi-Threaded Database (parameter threaded_execution=true) provides an fantastic performance improvement by reducing the number of background processes. In this free tutorial, Oracle Certified Master John Watson of SkillBuilders demonstrates how to enable this feature and the resulting performance benefit - in John's demo, a doubling of performance! See all free Oracle 12c tutorials at http://www.skillbuilders.com/free-oracle-tutorials.
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Liberty Audit Kill sessions Client
Instructions fro Liberty Auditor to kill Sessions in Client Server
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MORO DESTROYS GOKU AND VEGETA! Moros Unstoppable NEW Power Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 46 Review
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 46 reveals Moro Vs Goku And Moro Vs Vegeta on New Planet Namek as Moro defeats them both and steals their energy! The NEW Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc showcases Moro increasing in power as he reveals to Goku and Vegeta that they never stood a chance to begin with, before knocking them out and proceeding to collect the DragonBalls! How powerful and effective will Moro be as he continues to increase his power? Will Majin Buu somehow be the key in stopping Moro or will Moro finally use the DragonBalls to have his wish granted? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content! ✔️ Fan Manga Playlist Link ➥ https://bit.ly/2Fs6fHe 🔵 Follow Me On Twitter: ➥ https://twitter.com/UnrealEntGaming 💥 For Business: [email protected] Subscribe To My Secondary Channels For More! 💥 UnrealVlogs: http://bit.ly/2hUGHIN 💥 UnrealNetwork: http://bit.ly/2hSs1q8 💥 Unreal Royale: https://bit.ly/2BZRtIu ⭐️Check Out These Amazing Videos⭐️ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔹 MORO BEATS VEGETA! Moros Steals Goku And Vegetas Energy! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 45 Review ➥ https://bit.ly/2TksJiC 🔹 SSG VEGETA VS MORO! Moro Confronted On New Planet Namek! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 44 Review ➥ https://bit.ly/2R4MDgw 🔹 Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Broly Vs Goku Black! Battle For Universe 7! Alternative DBS Broly Movie ➥ https://bit.ly/2uaSWWT 🔹 Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Merged Zamasu! No Potara Fusion! Alternative Story ➥ https://bit.ly/2VQlgcX 🔹 Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Goku Resurrected! Universe 7 Erased! Alternative Tournament Of Power ➥ https://bit.ly/2CdoPTb 🔹 Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Jiren Defeats Goku! Universe 7 Erased! Alternative Tournament Of Power ➥ https://bit.ly/2H9wzJ3 🔹 Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Vegito Vs Beerus! Vegito's Hidden Power Unleashed! ➥ https://bit.ly/2QOYj7j ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 💢 Check Out These Playlists 💢 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✔️ Dragon Ball What If Series Playlist ➥ http://bit.ly/2F4cDXt ✔️ Dragon Ball Fan Mangas Playlist ➥ http://bit.ly/2Fs6fHe ✔️ Dragon Ball Super Movie News Playlist ➥ https://bit.ly/2uCQLyo ✔️ Dragon Ball Community Q&A Playlist ➥ http://bit.ly/2p49wUE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎧 Music Created By HalusaTwins ➥ http://bit.ly/2pXlp3j #DragonBallSuper #DragonBallSuperBroly #DragonBallSuperMangaChapter46
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Real-World Performance - 6 - Leaking Cursors
Check out the entire series on the Oracle Learning Library at http://www.oracle.com/goto/oll/rwp In this video, listen and watch Andrew Holdsworth, Vice President of Oracle Database Real-World Performance at Oracle Corporation, as he demonstrates how leaking cursors affect performance. Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement
Active Sessions
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Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar
Flying Lotus, 'Never Catch Me feat. Kendrick Lamar', a film by Hiro Murai. The song appears on 'You're Dead!', out now: https://flylo.lnk.to/DEADYD ‘You're Dead!’ is available from: Bleep - https://flylo.lnk.to/DEADYD/bleep iTunes - https://flylo.lnk.to/DEADYD/itunes Amazon - https://flylo.lnk.to/DEADYD/amazon Follow Flying Lotus. Spotify - https://flylo.lnk.to/spotifyYD Apple Music - https://flylo.lnk.to/applemusicYD Instagram - https://flylo.lnk.to/instagramYD Twitter - https://flylo.lnk.to/twitterYD Facebook - https://flylo.lnk.to/facebookYD
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How to Get List of All User Databases from SQL Server
How to Get List of All User Databases from SQL Server
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Trip Hop Mix Series: Masterpiece Sessions Vol. 6
Tracklist: 00:00 - Emancipator - First Snow 03:37 - Bonobo - Magicman 05:35 - Arts The Beatdoctor - Fragments 07:33 -and nobody cared - Shogun of all Japan 09:32 - Blend Crafters - Imagine 11:42 - Little People - Start Shootin' (Little People's Americana remix) 17:14 - LoDeck - A day in the Triangle 20:27 - Built To Fade - The Actress 23:04 - The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist 26:52 - Emancipator - Greenland 28:34 - Blockhead - Carnivores Unite 29:36 - DJ Okawari - Flower Dance 33:04 - Frameworks - Music Box 36:32 - Goldie - State of Mind 41:00 - Lost Soul Refuge - Telepathy 42:07 - Oxmo Puccino - Avoir Des Potes 43:24 - Will.I.Am - Colors 45:24 - Soulstice - Color 50:19 - Hybrid - Marrakech 52:19 - Boards of Canada - Telephasic Workshop 55:06 - Superpoze - Monkey Attack 58:55 - Imagined Herbal Flows - Departure 1:02:15 - Membran - Budapest Rasa 1:05:30 - Membran - Ein Tanz Mit Dir 1:09:09 - Little West - Rainy Sunday 1:10:43 - Tosca - Boss On The Boat 1:12:17 - Wasaru - Can We Speak 1:14:01 - Little People - This Music is Not My Own I had this idea, to try and make a mix that would foretell what 2017 would be like. Kind of a funny idea, but whatever... I try to keep things interesting. If the oracle holds true 2017 should be awesome. Sure, we have some things to deal with, but we always do. Let's just hope they don't kill anymore Gorillas. Happy New Years ya'll :)
Example of how to view connections to SQL Server express and kill a process
This is an example of looking at connections and processes in SQL Server.
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Define the Steps for SQL Server Cursor - SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial
Define the Steps for SQL Server Cursor - SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial Cursors are objects which are provides to us in SQL Server to perform row by row operation. Here are the steps how do you write a cursor 1-Declare A Cursor by using name of Cursor with a Select statement 2- Open Cursor to populate with output of Select statement 3- Fetch the rows to process them one after one 4- Close the Cursor 5- De-allocate Cursor We encounter different situations in which we can use cursors. Below are some example in which we can use cursors Examples: 1-- Kill all connections from a SQL Server Database http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2014/02/dba-how-to-kill-all-database-processes.html 2-- Add a new columns such as CreatedBy to all the tables in a Database http://sqlage.blogspot.com/2013/11/tsql-add-column-to-all-tables-in.html 3--Enable/Disable all the triggers in a SQL Server Database 4--Generate Scripts/Take backup of All Database on SQL Server one after one 5--Truncate/Delete all the tables from a SQL Server Database
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Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane
Breaking Benjamin latest album DARK BEFORE DAWN featuring the singles “Failure,” “Angels Fall,” and “Ashes of Eden” is available now! Apple: http://smarturl.it/bba1 Amazon: http://smarturl.it/bbama1 Streaming: http://smarturl.it/bbsta1 Follow Breaking Benjamin http://facebook.com/BreakingBenjamin http://twitter.com/breakingbenj http://instagram.com/breakingbenjamin Music video by Breaking Benjamin performing The Diary of Jane.
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Imagine ~ healing through singing
I filmed this video a few months ago. I love singing because it is great for self expression, raising your vibration and healing. This is a cover of Imagine by John Lennon. Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too Imagine all the people Living life in peace You, you may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you will join us And the world will be as one Imagine no possessions I wonder if you can No need for greed or hunger A brotherhood of man Imagine all the people Sharing all the world You, you may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you will join us And the world will live as one instrumental by https://youtu.be/-PEOrFxmnis This is a group healing for twin flames and lightworkers, If you feel you would like more support feel free to schedule a healing session with me, and we can dive deep into your specific issues! http://lindseymuraoka.com/energy-alignment-sessions/ Cards used in this video: Oracle of the Unicorns https://amzn.to/2R2UgZM Sign up for my newsletter and receive 2 free healing downloads for twin flames & lightworkers:  http://eepurl.com/bGM3Xn Support me and my channel to continue making videos! Donations accepted! Thank you very much! https://www.paypal.me/lalalinzy Healing shop:  https://gumroad.com/lalalinzy One on one sessions: http://lindseymuraoka.com/energy-alignment-sessions/ Let's connect! IG: http://instagram.com/lalalinzy Twitter: https://twitter.com/lalalinzy
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To book a private reading please check out my website: https://tarottimewithdana.com For inquiries you can email me at: [email protected] Also please check me out on social media for additional fun stuff: https://twitter.com/DanaSki81389461?s=09 https://www.instagram.com/tarottimewithdana/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/Tarot-Time-with-Dana-1967522413361812/ Legal Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment ONLY. These are not a substitute for medical or psychological care.
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Oracle Disconnect
Destiny™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-ca/tid=CUSA00219_00
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Enterprise - On A Mission (Live on The Wknd Sessions, #58) [HD]
Enterprise performs 'On A Mission' live on The Wknd Sessions More info at http://www.the-wknd.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thewknd Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thewknd
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Kill session and require logout test
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Devlin - Triton ft. Ghetts (official audio) (Lyrics)
Devlin - Triton (Lyrics) -- I do not own anything. All credits go to the right owners. No copyright intended. Many thanks to: - Artist: Devlin - Video: Devlin - Triton ft. Ghetts (official audio) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heFzpOguBCA - Channel: officialdevlin - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPgj65A5ZQz3PftAOoB2J2Q #Devlin #Triton This video is purely fan-made, if you (owners) want to remove this video, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY before doing anything. We will respectfully remove it. -- "Triton" - Devlin - Who, when, where and what, I'll scare 'em off Some fairy mob tryna be what they're clearly not Wanna breath or dare to cough You're gettin' beat when my slipper when I'm takin' it off Grandad of grime, man Bag full of lime when I turn up You're in the Nile with a Croc in My dominion I tried to incite more brilliance I weren't just rhymin' a lot Visionary with an urban dictionary Runnin' rings 'round those that I come across Grindin' for lots, no less to be lost But a guy that will seek, always gets what he wants Lookin' up at a policeman's weapon Not quite but guys seem under the cosh If I come back, I wanna be a leopard Why? 'Cause I've heard they don't change their spots I just want a little normality Reality is not sot real, I need clarity If not, then a chariot to carry me Pulled by forces polar to gravity They have not got what I have in me More grit than a snow truck avidly Rollin' up with the blown vocabulary Way before Shaun T and insanity I had to work it out And keep it more real than the Bernabéu Get slapped on sight in your dirty mouth Taken out of the game that I turned around The pot's been boilin' now for too long One chef with a firmer hand Is back now out of the background So back down or else get boiled, not blanched Let me take it back then The station's Deja The DJ's Mac 10 The producer's Lewi White and man are murkin' his latest anthem Mission, kill all the basic mandem These words came with actions Don't speak if it ain't been sanctioned Gh Lewi and Devs Do you know what I'd be doin' instead? Kickin' down doors and ruinin' creps Lickin' off shots in Newham with Wes One man, I ain't in a gang I don't care if it's blue or if it's red Mike Tyson, I'll chew his head off Cheddar Bob, he nearly blew off his leg Put that away I said put that way before the feds put man away Foot on the brake I said foot on the brake before we crash, look at the gate Knife in my hand I said knife in my hand, it's a rasclart pussy buffet And I'm going to eat some pussies today I see no ceilings This flow's givin' 'em a reload feelin' Bullet in your head leave your ego bleedin' I need to reason, I pull up bike like I be in Paid in Full and it's the scene where Rico's squeezin' I'm at the age where I'm losin' people to natural causes Guns are the least of my worries, my nigga's on chemo treatment G-H-E, double T-O season Dope boy flow like I'm kilo dealin' They never let me in, I was outside in the cold One eye through the keyhole peepin' TLC, we no creepin' Action zero speakin' Check out the banger that we roll deep in You want gas? I'll burp on the mic You want bars? Me and Ghetts will be here for the night You want style? Well, just watch when I strike Think you're wild? You'll get a left, then a right, alright It's Jim from the block, not Jenny Runnin' up on any when I back this Henny See me on telly or the Heathway ready For a long night, hold tight, get ready Runnin' this game, white Uriah Rennie And when I've got the fire in my belly It will not be sweet like ice cream or jelly I'm shellin' in here, it's like lead confetti You best check yourself like Burberry It's a witch hunt when I come and burn many Cremation is imminent, start vactin' your citizens By the train or the ferry Planes, whatever change in the weather I'm bringin' a monsoon full of misery I'm bringin' the most food for you lyrically I'm bringin' you more nukes than the military When I drop 'em all, it's unstoppable You try stop it, it's highly improbable Blind logic, sight of an Oracle And I can see more shit for me But I'll deal with it, life's hard, get real with it And I might seem dead but I'm still here livin' Still here givin' all that I've got While they've got a mouthful of balls and cock Breadin' it, whenever an MC's hot Just eggin' me on, you better tempt me not I ain't got to scream on the mic and pretend that I like everybody just to get a respon... -- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Hello Beautiful Souls, Hello Libra, Happy Birthday Libra🎈🎈🎈 Your walking away from this person there just killing your vibe!! You have learned of there unhealth motives and your out.. You mean it this time. ITS OVER♡😘😘 😘😘Please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe!!! I Love you guys, I hope your having a great day!!!! Peace, Love and blessings to each and everyone of you!!! Please check out my other videos spirtuality!!! https://youtu.be/oiO1bdWdLyw https://youtu.be/byEcNQ23Pr4 https://youtu.be/oiO1bdWdLyw Love You All!!! Thanks♡ 👋 🔮 My name is Bre, I am a Gemini in my Sun, Scorpio Ascendent and pisces in my moon. I am an intuitive, oracle & tarot reader. I am also a Reiki Master, and claironvonyant♡ Disclaimer: This is for Entertainment only not to replace Medical or Professional help. Only to provide divine guidance!!! 💜💙💚❤💛💗  Donations of 11.11 or any amount are accepted, and will be used for the channel of course!! https://paypal.me/Breanna787 Stay connected with me: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/destined4greatnessco/ My Website: https://destined4greatness54.wixsite.com/destined4greatness-1 **Readings** All Basic readings 22.22 per 30 mins♡ Any topic of your choice♡ Any Way you would like♡ **Reiki Sessions** 30 mins 33.33 Distant Healing to promote healthy physical and emotional wellbeing** 1hr. 66.66 Distant Healing to Promote healthy physical and emotional wellbeing** ** Charkra Clearing and Balancing ** 1hr. 77.77 ** To open and balance those chakras which have been blocked through trauma. Balancing them to help the client achieve the enlighment needed.. To book send me a message or my fb page or simply email me for bookings at [email protected]!!
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MS SQL 2012 How to Kill Active Process
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J.K. The Reaper x Denzel Curry - Dressed 2 Kill [OFFICIAL LYRICS]
READ THE LYRICS! [Intro] Well it's that Well it's that Well it's that Well it's that Uhm [Verse 1: JK The Reaper] Well it's that straight rap I would kill to dress like I was dressed to kill Fuck that though Either way it go I'ma be the illest person here Them hoes just like their hair Yeah you bought it but still it was never real Whispered in my ear All that cliched shit I want to hear Yeah-yeah Make that ho say, yeah Kill that pussy and tat a tear Cause I'm a walking chandelier Turn your hood into a title match, tables, ladders, chairs I was gone, never there I'm a myth Fuckin' a genie, make a wish Switch flip On these normal motherfuckers that be thinkin' inside of the box Pussy talked and pussy walked, it'll be running back to me Reel 'em in them then I send 'em back to sea If you miss then send 'em back to see If plan A don't work then back to C Bag the weed and bring a black for me And if it's blasphemy then my niggas gon' blast for me, ay The weed we smoke so good I wouldn't ever wanna rap about it Sex so good she don't ever wanna live without me, girl I doubt it You was sayin' that same shit about that nigga that I stole you from Call her ex-boyfriend like "thanks bruh I owe you one" haha [Hook] High heels, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Burkin bag, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Jeremy Scott, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Louie Vuitton, yeah she suck my, I still won't pay the bills High heels, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Burkin bag, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Jeremy Scott, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Louie Vuitton, yeah she suck my, I still won't pay the bills [Verse 2: Denzel Curry] This type of game do not come with tutorials You can exit if I'm boring you Before the memorial Hit up the oracle to receive orders from me to you Get the message, you and I are destined If you interested then you learn a lesson Got connections then we get to stepping Second you undressing, then it's armageddon When explodin', explorin' the foreign In orbit all the way from the surface Never nervous Drugs'll kill me but I got a purpose, do not leave it there Stick it in your head like you seen a fed Slow the flashin' lights Knew certain things get you actin' right And I love it when you don't be actin' nice Let me get you right It's K-O-T-M-S 2055 and I still don't take kindly to threats Nigga I never had swag, all I had was the beads on my neck Got a lot of check and a lil blue check but I don't eat checkers That nigga got real high standards Only bad bitches but no prima donnas I hit from the sun down to Easter Manana Senorita thought my dick was a quesadilla So I told her to feed her Gettin' head while I'm switchin' from Anita Turn up Aaliyah to make sure the mood right Red bone same color, (?) Messy ass jits on her face like a food fight Slip on my pants then I'm out when I take flight Knock it out the park like my nigga can't get right [Hook] High heels, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Burkin bag, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Jeremy Scott, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Louie Vuitton, yeah she suck my, I still won't pay the bills High heels, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Burkin bag, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Jeremy Scott, she would kill to dress like she was dressed to kill Louie Vuitton, yeah she suck my, I still won't pay the bills [Verse 3: JK The Reaper] Trendy thots, they would kill to dress like they were dressed to kill We don't give a fuck so please don't stress no fuckin' fashions over here You extra queer, can't even straight out when you look at me nigga And that's why your bitch gone Pull a Houdini, you askin' who seen her, kid with my demeanor I feel like Vegeta, can't no one defeat me Plottin' on pullin' bad hoes we with the actin' like they in the scene Be causin' a scene But we'll never get awards for it That pussy be world tourin' So how the fuck you still local? You should be open
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Enterprise - LHFT (Live on The Wknd Sessions, #58) [HD]
Enterprise performs 'LHFT' live on The Wknd Sessions More info at http://www.the-wknd.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thewknd Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thewknd
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FULL MOON all signs sun-moon-rising 4-8 November 2017 by Christelle Martinette
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this reading! I upload free readings here on YouTube for each, individual sign, using TAROT, LA VERA SIBILLA ORACLE, LENORMAND, RUNES and crystals for divination. These are GENERAL readings. If you would like to explore a personal reading with me, visit my website and see the types of readings and other services I offer: www.ChristelleMartinette.com Let’s say you are just passing by and noticed my YouTube channel. Welcome! You may want to learn more about me and what I do by reading this brief introduction of who I am and my qualifications: https://www.christellemartinette.com/who-we-are Are you looking for a private reading? Go here to order one: https://www.christellemartinette.com/readings What about something different? Something like crystal readings or channeling= You can find information and order these here: https://www.christellemartinette.com/channeling-scrying Sometimes these types of reading just don’t work for you. You seem to need work that will create an immense energy shift. Well then, a Complete Soul Therapy session is what would work for you best: https://www.christellemartinette.com/complete-soul-therapy I offer free consultations for those interested in my SOUL THERAPY (the above links); write me and we’ll make it happen. At times, it is our immediate environment that needs energetic clearing. You will notice that something just isn’t right in our surroundings and there seems to be strong negative influences that surround you. Property clearing would be key either for your home or your business: https://www.christellemartinette.com/property-business-realignment Understand the workings of White Magick! Come into a free consultation to see how it can work for you. For more information, see this: https://www.christellemartinette.com/white-witchcraft For a quick pick-me-up or calm-me-down, order a reiki session to initiate the desired energy shift: https://www.christellemartinette.com/reiki If you are on your way to learning reiki, I offer reiki Master attunements: https://www.christellemartinette.com/reiki-attunements When we are feeling an overall lull, nothing seems to work and understand that our energy levels are off balance, we may consider working on our chakras. In the Chakra Control Session I access your higher self to measure your activity levels at each chakra in percentages, and rebalance the energy. In the subsequent reading session we go over each imbalance and understand how it operated to make you feel how you felt and discuss what to expect after balancing your chakra system. For more information and to order it, go here: https://www.christellemartinette.com/chakra-control-session Once you have been cleared energetically, through one of the above sessions, it would serve you to get into contact with your spirit guides. Learn how they present to you, the “language” they use for this, and how to understand when they are trying to get your attention. This reading will allow you to faithfully have them guide you for the rest of your life: https://www.christellemartinette.com/spirit-guide-team-reading To heal from obsessive behaviour, to get back into control of our lives and rid ourselves of unwanted habits, try NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming: https://www.christellemartinette.com/neurolinguistic-programming In need to visit the past? Whether immediate past, in this lifetime, or distant past, in past lifetimes, you may consider PLR - Past Life Regression sessions: https://www.christellemartinette.com/past-life-regression If you are a card reader, a psychic, an intuitive or empath, you may want to learn to read a new oracle deck. I wholeheartedly suggest entering the world of the Italian oracle deck called La Vera Sibilla. I offer a certification course on how to read these lovely cards: La Vera Sibilla: What Would Life Be Without Them? You can order the full course with a discount, or individual modules here: https://www.christellemartinette.com/vera-sibilla-course Treat yourself to an Archetypes Reading! Understand the underlying reasons why you and your partner seem so incompatible in this precise timeframe. You can order this here: https://www.christellemartinette.com/relationships For more information about me and what my clients say about the different services I offer, take a look at this: https://www.christellemartinette.com/what-they-say FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER (below) There I go live from time to time and you will be notified by Periscope when I go live! @ChristelleTarot Hoping you find something in the above to help or guide you... As always, it is a pleasure! Christelle
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Oracle Reading for Week of 9.9.18 - RING! RING! - You're inner child is calling & you better answer!
This week’s message is all about becoming aware of when in the next week you are getting WAY too serious in your life and how that might hinder not only your spiritual journey BUT your manifesting! When we try to control outcomes, we are micromanaging the Big U and that is a TOTAL manifesting buzz kill. It’s time to get playful, yes even in the face of the crazy ass stuff going on in the world today. Do what you gotta to get off that frantic merry-go-round and tune back into the inner-net, as Caroline Myss calls it. To do this remember your job description and the Big U’s job description… You: What & Why? The Big U: Where, when, and how? Don’t micromanage the big U - that stunts your manifesting. So check out the video, share your ah-ha’s in the comments and I will see you next week! Mentioned in this video: Let’s Talk Session - www.soulcoachstudio.com and click on the Let’s Talk to get on my calendar and see how I can support you in your spiritual journey and/or your manifesting 20% off 1hr Sessions booked in September: Link to book: https://soulcoachstudio.as.me/angelreadings Coupon Code: SEPWK120 Crystal Energy Chakra Healing Session & Crystal Mala Design Appt: Link to Book: https://soulcoachstudio.as.me/malahealingsession Let’s Connect: Let’s connect: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulcoachstudio/ Twitter: @soulcoachstudio Instagram: @soulcoachmichele Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/soulcoachstudio/ Website: http:www.soulcoachstudio.com Email: [email protected] *note all specials mentioned ar only valid for Sept. 2018
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The Miracle of Compassion | Rohit Bassi | TEDxCCQ
People and leaders with compassion have the ability to nurture relationships, build trust and act with mindfulness. All leading to increasing engagement inspiring to be much more peaceful, abundant and progressive in all parts of life through compassion. "People say I am an explorer, listener and heartfelt person. Whoever engages with me gains value such as: • Leading yourself and others with great motivation and inspiration • Selling and negotiating with outstanding favourable results • Communicating and collaborating with tremendous assertiveness Some label me a "compassionprenuer" and citations about my work have been on media channels CBS NEWS, FOX, NBC & ABC. Appeared a number of times on Vietnam National Television. Sessions done for over 250,000+ delegates across 50+ nationalities: • Compassionate speaker, with 23+ years of global experience • Best Selling Author with Jack Canfield for the book “Success Mastery” • Engaging with the power of ACE; awareness, consciousness & energy Delivery done for the likes of Oracle, HSBC and Harley-Davidson. Inspirational words of Meher Baba "mastery in servitude" allow me to serve you.” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Visit our blogs for more Tutorials & Online training ========================================== https://www.pavanonlinetrainings.com https://www.pavantestingtools.com https://pavanautomationtools.blogspot.in/ https://pavanhadooptesting.blogspot.in/ Subscribe our YouTube Channel for getting updated videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/pavanoltraining Like us in Face book ========================================== https://www.facebook.com/pavanoltraining/ https://www.facebook.com/seleniumtestingpoint https://www.facebook.com/groups/pavantestingtools Hadoop Testing Videos: ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6wSgvMqUaI&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLvFc8ic8eAsN7aFki9YlvRL Java Videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx9NNHvEV74&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLv9v8aRuNi67vZ81cW2ksze Selenium Webdriver videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yNo9Q2Tn70&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLs6G9WOfFxiH5zMfgNxgmSV ETL Testing videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpx9-1Xqmpo&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLtW8gTLTr5IB9e724Wlc312 Database Testing Videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMfIZRcOJMg&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLsX7ozjG6Zz_mSWkMXogkw5 Automation Frameworks ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3GrsAdFeJA&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLvswSgPh4c59kDvBz6U91_b Agile Testing Videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3NrmaPA1o4&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLu-ygW1oqjLSyFy1EdXghOc SQL Videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtQzePx0LPc&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLtzLBvuO9hN7ee5Mcy2ydSB DevOps videos ========================================== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc5DE6_HY9Y&list=PLUDwpEzHYYLvY0TkyvgYX4BKDtF7RhMpj
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Replay Coaching ~2.3k MMR - Witch Doctor
As I do more and more coaching sessions it's really interesting in how diverse the skill levels of each player is. For this player, his early game movements were relatively strong and could easily become ~4-5k level with a little practice, but his early-mid game itemization do almost nothing to help his skill build or playstyle. His mid game movements are also quite erratic and leaves a lot of openings for his opponents to kill him and get back in the game. Every support death will often lead to a snowball win for any carry that requires kills to get ahead, like Slark or Legion! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PurgeGamers Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PurgeGamers Stream: https://purgegamers.true.io/stream/ Website: https://purgegamers.true.io Google +: http://bit.ly/PurgeGooglePlus Purge's Dotabuff: http://www.dotabuff.com/players/66296404?ref=purge Dotabuff Plus: https://secure.dotabuff.com/plus/redeem?ref=purge Coaching Avail: https://purgegamers.true.io/coaching/ FTC : This video has a paid sponsorship overlay and the Dotabuff section on replay commentaries was created as a result of my ongoing partnership with Dotabuff.
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Kelly Clarkson 3/15/19: 1 - A Moment Like This / Meaning of Life (show opener) - Uncasville,CT
Full show captured in 1080p HD from Sec 118, Row E, Seat 2 on Kelly Clarkson's Meaning of Life 2019 Tour stop at Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT. Full show video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBvnnsm1pE_K63x2wJ9c-3T2ZwP7v221F For more information on Kelly, visit: http://www.kellyclarkson.com
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