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MagicJack Plus 2014 Review Part 2- Where is the Wifi?? -EpicReviewGuys
Have you gotten an email from MagicJack telling you to "upgrade now" to their new version- MagicJack Plus 2014? Check it out here- http://bit.ly/MJP-2014 Or to check out the 2012 MagicJack Plus click here- http://bit.ly/Magic-Jack-Plus I got the email and I ordered the new version under the impression that it could now connect to my Wi-Fi network. The device works great for making and receiving calls over the internet when plugged into the router- but where is the Wi-Fi? Don't miss the next info-packed video- Subscribe Now-http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EpicReviewGuys http://bit.ly/Pocket-Hose-vs-X-Hose
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MagicJack Plus WIFI Connection
*** Check my VOIP website out at: http://www.10p6.com *** This is a quick howto video showing MagicJack Plus being connected to the internet using only WIFI.
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Magic jack plus WiFi
Hi everyone, I hope this helps people out there with this product. Thank you.
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How to use MagicJack plus Wifi WITHOUT computer
Its a realy simple setup that allow you to use your Magicjack plus wifi without computer. This setup use an old routeur fully fonctionnal with remote connection to the wifi network available.
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Utiliser un MagicJack plus wifi SANS ordinateur
Comment utiliser un Magicjack plus wifi sans un ordinateur à l'aide d'un simple routeur usagé qui ne sert plus. c'est une opération simple si votre vieux routeur dispose d'une interface de connection a un point wifi.
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MagicJack Plus 2014 Wi-Fi Review
MagicJack Plus 2014 Review
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EASY! How To Install a Magic Jack Phone at your house
You CAN do this. You should do this. Trying to find a cell phone ringing somewhere in the house? Really? Crazy. Just put in a home phone. Again. Like the old days. Magic Jack is fantastic. Turned off Comcast phone when one year Comcast Triple Play bundle expired. Got rid of Comcast Wifi / Phone modem which saved $10 a month on Comcast Bill. Got Magic Jack for $39. And that's it. Have HOME phone service for $39 for all year. Unlimited calling to the USA and Canada. Look mom - no hands!
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MagicJack Plus Review- EpicReviewsTech
Want to save $25 ~ $30 per month? I couldn't keep spending that much money for our landline phone when I knew we could have nearly the same service for $2 ~ $3 per month by switching to an "internet phone" service. You may have seen the late night commercials for the MagicJack, and more recently the MagicJack Plus. They really do work and are a pretty good value- now if only they would add WiFi! Check out the specs and pricing on the MagicJack Plus here- http://bit.ly/Magic-Jack-Plus and the new MagicJack Plus 2014 here- http://bit.ly/MJPlus2014
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MagicJack Plus 2014 - Unboxing, Review and Usage
*** Check my VOIP website out at: http://www.10p6.com *** Magicjack plus 2014 ( Magic Jack 2014) allows inexpensive VOIP calls over the internet with or without a computer, and includes support for optional WiFi adapters, and Dect wireless phones. Note that I am in no way associated with MagicJack or any of it's related companies.
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MagicJack Plus 2014 Review Part 1 CC
MagicJack is a device that lets you use your internet connection for phone calls. Magic Jack Plus- http://bit.ly/Magic-Jack-Plus and the new MagicJack Plus 2014- http://bit.ly/MJP-2014 It looks like the new 2014 version will have Wi-Fi- or is it just Wi-Fi capable? What are the improvements in this new version and is now a good time to upgrade? CC- Closed Captioned
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MagicJack GO First Look & Review
First looks and review of the MagicJack GO. You can get the MagicJack GO cheaper on Amazon.com, which I did not realize until after I had created the review. Here is the link to order the MagicJack GO: http://amzn.to/1RM2OOQ Here is the link to order the AT&T phone, which I highly recommend: http://amzn.to/1US1SJf Also, check out my website http://yan411.com
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magicJack Plus en español
Breve descripción de magicJack Plus e instrucciones sobre cómo conectarlo. EN ESPAÑOL. Entra en http://www.magicjack-en-espanol.com/guia-basica/preguntas-frecuentes/descargar-magicjack/
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Cheaper Solutions to "Landlines" - MagicJack
Don't let company's out there try to get you on a monthly subscriptions. Try using MagicJack. We are currently using it and its working great for us. https://www.magicjack.com/index.html
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Inside a magicJack Plus - HD closeups
Here's a magicJack Plus that I received. It's been damaged by lightning and has been replaced. I was curious what the insides of this thing looked like, so I tore it apart for you all to see. I mentioned that I hadn't seen any other videos of the insides of the MJ+, but there is another video out there of a comparison of both a disassembled MJ and MJ+, though it's not HD.
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Porting your telephone number to MagicJack
This video will describe the process of how to port an existing telephone number to MagicJack
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MagicjackGO Unboxing and Initial Connection Magicjack
MagicjackGO Unboxing and Initial Connection ================================== This is the un-boxing of my new MagicJack Go! I un-box, go through the contents, and initial installation! To purchase a DISCOUNTED MagicJack, visit the link below! http://superchargertravel.com/magicjack ►https://www.facebook.com/KmanAuto ►https://www.YouTube.com/KmanAuto ►https://www.SuperchargerTravel.com Calling All Savings SeekersGet the New 2014 magicJack PLUS, make the switch today and say goodbye to your monthly phone bills.FREE 6 Months magicJack Phone Service With magicJack PLUS.Features of the New magicJack PLUS- No Monthly Bills- Free Caller ID- Free Voicemail- Free Call Forwarding- Free Call Waiting- Free 411- Free International Calling To The U.S. & Canada From Anywhere**Crystal Clear Voice QualityStop dropping mobile phone calls indoors. Experience consistent local and long distance voice quality.Take your Phone AnywhereTravel with your magicJack PLUS device and make Unlimited local & long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada. ** Free International Calling To The U.S. & Canada From Anywhere - the New 2014 magicJackTM PLUS is portable and can be utilized to make FREE calls to any phone in the United States, Canada, USVI and Puerto Rico from anywhere in the world. Connect Anyway You WantThere are more ways to call with magicJack PLUS - get Unlimited local & long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada using your home phone, computer or mobile phone.Keep Your Current NumberPort your existing phone number and avoid the hassle of notifying all of your contacts.Plus, individuals outside the United States or Canada can receive calls on their New 2014 magicJackTM PLUS phone number from the United States or Canada for FREE or the prevailing local rate. (This is a particularly attractive feature for businesses, international students here, students studying abroad military personnel, their families, and international travelers.) Included with your magicJack PLUS:- New 2014 magicJack PLUS Device- Ethernet Cord- Power Adapter- USB Extension Cord+ 6 months of Free Service No Monthly Bills - Free Caller ID - Free Voicemail - Free Call Forwarding - Free Call Waiting - Free 411 - Free International Calling To The U.S. & Canada From Anywhere** Crystal Clear Voice Quality Stop dropping mobile phone calls indoors. Experience consistent local and long distance voice quality. Take your Phone Anywhere Travel with your magicJack PLUS device and make Unlimited local & long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada. ** Free International Calling To The U.S. & Canada From Anywhere - the New 2014 magicJackTM PLUS is portable and can be utilized to make FREE calls to any phone in the United States, Canada, USVI and Puerto Rico from anywhere in the world. Included with your magicJack PLUS: - New 2014 magicJack PLUS Device - Ethernet Cord - Power Adapter - USB Extension Cord + 6 months of Free Service
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MagicJack Plus TV Commercial 2
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How to Use the Magic Jack Plus without a Computer
Step-by-Step instructions how to use the MagicJack Plus device without a computer. MagicJack Plus makes it simple and easy for you to make unlimited phone calls to U.S and Canada. http://www.MagicJack.com
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MagicJack Review and Usage Tutorial - Free Phone Service, Like Free Beer?
Today we review and describe some of pros and cons of the magicJack phone system. MagicJack is a well advertised USB device that plugs into a user's computer and also has a standard RJ-11 phone jack into which any standard phone can be plugged in and used. This allows the owner to make unlimited phone calls to U.S. and Canada. The only charges occurred is the price of the unit and a per year usage fee that includes a phone number and voice mail. You can visit the manufacture site here http://www.magicjack.com for more details. *Twitter: http://twitter.com/GuruBrewShow *Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/guru.brew All Materials Found Here (c) The Guru Brew Daily Web Show Visit us on the web at: http://www.GuruBrewShow.com
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Registration of the magicJack plus 2014
Between the upsells and the confusion of having one or two devices, sometimes it's difficult to know what choices are the right ones when registering a new device online. This method shows how to maximize options while still keeping your existing device as is. http://mjcheck.low.li/2013/08/registration-of-the-magicjack-plus-2014/ http://mjcheck.low.li/2013/08/the-unboxing-2014-edition-and-comparison-with-original-edition-magicjack-plus/ http://mjcheck.low.li/2013/08/frustration-free-ordering/ Check out http://mjcheck.low.li Plus, check out my home page: http://low.li Please subscribe!
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MagicJack Plus Review
Just upgraded from the original MagicJack to MagicJack PLUS. Here's our review on how you can make free VOIP phone calls without using a computer. JUST IN - PHISHING SCAM TARGETING MAGIC JACK CUSTOMERS. Here's the notice: Please beware of fictitious magicJack support websites and/or individuals phishing for your account credentials. THE ONLY WAY TO ACTIVATE OR RENEW MAGICJACK SERVICES IS THROUGH THE TRUSTED WEBSITES OR PHONE NUMBERS LISTED BELOW. magicJack does not charge for customer care and magicJack agents do not ask for passwords. To report suspicious activity by third parties please email us at [email protected] Please do not enter information in websites other than the official magicjack.com or my.magicJack.com domains. Other websites sites may be misrepresenting themselves as magicJack and phishing for your account credentials. Should you believe your account has been compromised, please chat with one of our agents at magicJack.com or call us at one of the telephone numbers listed below. Numbers other than those listed should not be trusted. Sales 1-800-magicJack (1-800-624-4252) 1-866-344-8231 1-844-624-4255 1-844-267-3371 1-844-267-3372 1-800-806-2442 1-844-221-0209 1-844-277-9445 Billing Inquiries 1-844-866-2442 Within the US or Canada 1-844-899-2182 1-561-594-4165 1-561-749-4307 1-561-594-9925 1-561-594-2500 Our WEBSITE has tons of free articles, tips, and tricks! http://www.computercareclinic.com Please SUBSCRIBE to Computer Care Clinic's YouTube Channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/ComputerCareClinicFL Follow our TWITTER account for daily updates! https://twitter.com/ComputerCareFl LIKE our FACEBOOK page for free, tips, tricks and articles: https://www.facebook.com/computercareclinic
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Telefone do Brasil para EUA Gratuitamente - Magic Jack
Instale a aplicação Magic Jack (Free Talk) em seu celular (iPhone ou Androide) e iPad. A aplicação e o serviço são gratuitos! Comece a falar com seus familiares ou cliente nos Estados Unidos IMEDIATAMENTE. O serviço gratuito permite somente fazer chamadas. Caso tenha uma conta do Magic Jack ($40 dollars por ano), é possível fazer e receber chamadas em qualquer lugar do mundo. Wi-Fi ou conexão de internet rápida é requerida. Isto é melhor do que injeção na testa! Para outras dicas, visite: Nil The Computer Guy Especialista em Tecnologia [email protected]
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Denox reviews the Magic Jack Free Phone Calls App
This video was uploaded Feburary 2013 and its on a review on the Magic Jack app that allows Wifi users to make phone calls to anywhere in your town and even long distance as long as you got a string Wifi connection, hope you enjoy and if you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, have no phone service but have wifi, you may use this app and turn it into your own personal telephone.
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netTALK duo wifi - the unboxing - comparison with magicJack plus
This video shows the unboxing of the netTALK duo wifi. There are many similarities with the general size and parts when compared to the magicJack plus. See my site http://mjcheck.low.li/2014/02/unboxing-nettalk-duo-wifi/ Please subscribe!
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Magic Jack Plus - Deception
My sad experience with magic jack plus
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Some info to know about magicJack in 2015
Older review of the magicJack Plus w/ sound quality test vs. TWC Home Phone... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAZpUh3JA3w In 2007, magicJack started out as an "As Seen on TV" product. For $39.95, you could buy the magicJack, plug it into your computer's USB port, install the magicJack software, and make local and long distance calls to the US and Canada for $19.95 a year. The first-gen magicJack received hit or miss reviews regarding the quality of service. The biggest reasons why some people had a poor experience with magicJack was because it piggybacked a PC. Some people were using the device with older computers, which significantly impacted performance. Also, magicJack does not work good with wireless broadband, Satellite, or some DSL connections. In 2011, magicJack released the magicJack Plus. The first-gen magicJack Plus was slightly bigger than the original magicJack, but the magicJack Plus did not require a computer to work - it can be plugged straight into your router or some modems. This eliminated the PC from the service altogether (except for first time registration) The magicJack Plus features its own built-in ARM based computer, which significantly improved the performance and reliability of the service. Again, Cable, Fiber, or very good quality DSL service is recommended. The magicJack Plus retailed for $69.95 and years of service were $29.95/yr (magicJack service remained $19.95/yr until January 2012, then increased to $29.95.). There are two magicJack Plus units on my home network (one for me, one for them) In 2013, magicJack released the 2014 magicJack Plus, which sells for $39.95 (introduced at $49.95) and comes with 6 mo/ service. The 2014 mJ+ offers the ability to work with WiFi using an addon card (or possibly a USB WiFi adapter) The unit has two USB ports on the side, and magicJack claims these can be used for attaching digital DECT phones or handsets. My neighbor has a 2014 magicJack Plus. In 2014, magicJack released their most current device to date, the magicJack Go. This unit is closer to the size of the original magicJack Plus. It retails for $59.95 and comes with a year of service. This device markets the ability to use your magicJack number on your device and your smartphone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- When posting comments, please abide by the appropriate comments policy. More info at the link below: http://www.facebook.com/notes/cube-computer-company/cubecomputerchannel-appropriate-youtube-comments-policy/443253722390844
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magicJack plus volume fix
Is the volume on your magicJack plus barely audible? Here's a fix that's been working for many people. Why not give it a shot?
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Review of the Magic Jack Go Home phone
What I think of the Magic jack Go? Is it a good buy? can it save you real money? How clear is the phone service? all these questions will be answered in this video
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Get a Magic Jack Plus 2014!    Save over $500. per year on your home phone!
Get a Magic Jack Plus 2014! Save over $500. per year on your home phone! October 10, 2018 STILL USING THIS MAGIC JACK!!!!!! The new 2014 Magic Jack Plus is one of the greatest products out there. HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR ABOUT 3 MONTHS - It works great!! Magic Jack Plus - VOIP calls over the internet with or without a computer, and includes support for optional WiFi adapters, and Dect wireless phones. Keep your own home phone number with the new Magic Jack Plus More features with the latest 2014 edition of the Magic Jack Plus - now being sold. We moved our home phone service to magic jack plus and it works great. The voice mail works even if the magic jack is unhooked while traveling. Great Product. Purchase the 2014 Magic Jack Plus for only $49.95 plus tax. 6 months of service included Renew each year $29.95 or less with package deals. $9.95 each year to keep you phone number. Magic Jack Plus works great with a fax machine. You can use your Iphone with magic jack plus. You can get information about Magic Jack Plus by going to MagicJack.com The LightHouse Lady Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLightHouseLady
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Introducing the magicJackGO | magicJack
We're excited to announce the release of our NEW magicJackGO! Includes 12 months of unlimited calling, a free conference call number, improved call quality and ultra-low pricing. Get yours today! http://www.magicjack.com/magicJackGO.html
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How to connect Your VOIP Phone (Nettalk) (MagicJack) throughout Your House
Today I want to show you how to get rid of cable TVs telephone service and to connect your VOIP so that it rings every telephone in your house NetTalk is a good Choice because it has Wi-Fi and works with the fax machine. Most VoIP services are very cheap usually about $30 a year. Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments
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NetTalk Duo WiFi Review | EpicReviewGuys
Saw that NetTalk offered a VOIP phone device that could work with WiFi and I wanted to try it out. This could be really handy to take with you when you travel so that your phone number "goes with you." If I could only have gotten the WiFi feature to work I might be using it that way- but I could only get it to work when plugged into the computer or into the router directly. So in that way it is on par with the MagicJack Plus 2014. The NetTalk Duo WiFi and the MagicJack Plus 2014 both do the same thing for about the same cost. Check them out here- http://epicreviewguys.com/NetTalk-Duo-WiFi Don't miss the next info-packed video- Subscribe Now-http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EpicReviewGuys http://bit.ly/Pocket-Hose-vs-X-Hose Tunes by Freesibs- http://epicreviewguys.com/freesibs
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Magic Jack for Android Smartphone Cell phone Cheap calls Save money on home phone cool android app
Website: http://www.EducateTube.com | Host: Sipski Today I will be showing you how to hook up MagicJack to your android smartphone. The reason you would want to do that is because your smartphone can now be receiving and sending calls using the MagicJack via wifi network. It is cheap and very convenient. No more reaching out to the cordless phone at home. Your smartphone is your home phone. As long you are within the wifi range you can receive and call out using Magicjack for android. I have installed on my wife's smartphone also. Now there is no excuse for us to miss calls (unless we actually ignore the calls). : )
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6 Best VoIP Adapters 2017
CLICK FOR WIKI ►► https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-voip-adapters Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. The most recently updated list is only available at wiki.ezvid.com. Our complete review, including our selection for the year's best voip adapter, is exclusively available on Ezvid Wiki. Voip adapters included in this wiki include the ooma telo, cisco spa112 2-port, obi202 2-port, grandstream gs-ht802, magicjack go, and grandstream gs-ht701 handytone. Most Recent Picks: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-voip-adapters
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How to Make Free Calls Without Cell Phone service
Easy Way to make free calls without cell phone signal service on New Nexus 7 this works on tablets and phones for Android now Save double your money and minutes just need WiFi internet signal router modem Just use magic jack app review. Also Try Viber app.
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Port Forwarding for the magicJack plus
Plenty of people have trouble figuring out portforwarding. This video gives reasons and a recipe for making it happen on a modern router. If yours isn't exactly the same, you should be able to find similar settings within your router's web interface. http://mjcheck.low.li/2013/07/port-forwarding-for-the-magicjack-plus/ http://low.li Check out http://portforward.com for a paid application that will attempt to do port-forwarding for you. There are also free recipes to follow along for many popular routers.
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How to Adjust the Speaker and Mic Volume on a magicJack Telephone
Does your magicJack telephone seem difficult to hear? Well, after performing the steps in this video, your telephone will sound loud and clear.
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MagicJack PLUS Review
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Jaroslovsky Reviews Ooma's Telo Air Wi-Fi Adapter
Sept. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Rich Jaroslovsky reviews Ooma Inc.'s Tel Air that allows users of the Telo "Free Home Phone Service" box to connect over a Wi-Fi network. Like its competitors from Vonage Holdings Corp. and magicJack VocalTec Ltd., Ooma uses Voice over Internet Protocol that runs calls over the Internet rather than dedicated phone lines or cellular signals. (Source: Bloomberg)
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magicJack Plus - Voice & Faxing Test
In this video, I demonstrate the call quality of magicJack Plus using both voice and fax testing. In previous videos regarding magicJack, particularly when I compare magicJack Plus/Go to BasicTalk, I've received lots of feedback from viewers saying the service is unreliable, awful, calls drop, etc. Sure, you may have had that experience 3 years ago with your antiquated 1st gen magicJack, but that does not mean the service sucks. What you see (or hear) in this video is how modern magicJack devices perform on a decent cable internet connection. Both the voice tests and fax tests were magicJack Plus to magicJack Plus. Uf you're a BasicTalk customer, See (or Hear) for yourself how BasicTalk does not beat the competition (magicJack). BasicTalk vs magicJack Pricing Comparison Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAwBSBCVssA&list=UU-Mg_izC0UQ-rvkcDsvhGuQ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- When posting comments, please abide by the appropriate comments policy. More info at the link below: http://www.facebook.com/notes/cube-computer-company/cubecomputerchannel-appropriate-youtube-comments-policy/443253722390844
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6 Best VoIP Adapters 2016
CLICK FOR WIKI ►► https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-voip-adapters?id=ytdesc Voip Adapters Reviewed In This Wiki: Ooma Telo Small Business PAP2T-NA OBi200 VoIP Phone Adapter Magicjack Go! Grandstream GS-HT701 Handytone ATA Ooma Telo
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MagicJack Not Working With Router 1-(833)-671-1777 Call To Fix
MagicJack Not Working With Router 1-(833)-671-1777 In some cases, you may experience some bizarre issues with your magicJack Plus or magicJackGo device, where you cannot place calls, the phone won't ring, among other weird things. While it's important to have a solid internet connection for your magicJack device, a faulty power adapter can cause it to act very strange. Replacing the adapter is really easy. Just go to Walmart or wherever and pick up a USB charging supply that can supply at least 1 amp. #MagicJackWithRouter #ConnectMagicJackWithRouter #MagicJackNotWorking How to Fix Your MagicJack Problem Fix a Warning you must plug MagicJack to USB error or a the drive is not ready for use its door may be open error. If you have a problem with your magicjack suddenly not working, try this.
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MagicJack Plus Video Infomercial
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Bridging my DSL modem to my router for magic jack, online gaming, and other devices to work
Bridging my DSL modem to my router so that my magic jack, online gaming and other devices will connect to the internet My DSL modem was blocking a device from connecting to the internet. In my case it was a "magic jack" but it could be anything like a video game or a sling box or whatever that's getting blocked. I called up the internet provider / my phone company and they said I needed to bridge my DSL modem to my router. Doing that would allow my router to take care of the ip addresses and solve my problem. They walked me through it step by step and I wrote down everything as we went. In this video go through it step by step, doing exactly the same things they had me do the first time. My DSL modem is a Siemens 4200 and my router is a Cisco Linksys E2500. I imagine the process is similar for other modems and routers. First I hook an ethernet cable directly from the output of my DSL modem to my laptop computer. Next I open up my internet browser and enter the ip address of and hit enter. Then I log into the modem the default username and password are usually "admin" and "admin" in all lower case letters just like that. Then I click on Wan interface, then OE BRG, then RFC-2684 bridged, then finish and reboot. Then I unhook my laptop's ethernet cable from the DSL modem and plug it into one of the outputs on my router. Using another ethernet cable I also connect the output of the modem to the input of the router. To connect to the router I open up my internet browser and type in the address and hit enter. The default username and password on the router is probably also "admin" and "admin" in all lower case letters. Then I go into basic setup, then internet setup, then I select PPPoe. Next I enter my username and password from my internet service provider (ISP). In my case it was my email address that they gave me and my password for my email address. Then I selected save settings, then continue and status. After I got everything entered I opened up a web page and everything worked ok.
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Magic jack Area Codes
http://www.magicjackservice.com Where to find the latest updated magic jack phone numbers and area codes in your local city, state. Magic jack offers area codes and phone numbers in Canada now as well. Here we will show you where to get these numbers updated.
MagicJack Review by Terry White
Terry White reviews the Magicjack for making local and long distance calls for a fraction of the cost of typical phone companies and cellular companies.
Views: 4272 Terry White
2. ¿Cómo conectar tu magicjack?
En este video te mostraremos cómo conectar tu dispositivo magicJack al módem de internet de tu casa u oficina para que lo utilices en un teléfono fijo.
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How to make FREE U.S CALLS with android MagicJack
How to make FREE phone calls to the USA from anywhere in the world just using your android phone. Using Magic Jack, you don't even need to root your phone.
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