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Paddling a Sea Vanquish on flat water
Paddling a Nelo Sea Vanquish on flat water. Music: "Never Stop The Beat" by Foxapet (from jamendo.com).
Views: 1785 Simone Tramontana
Vanquish 4 testing
Views: 4012 RachelCanoe
Fastest kayak: Sea or racing?
This should be a fairly simple question, but is it? In flat water, the racing kayak is naturally the fastest. In rough water, the sea kayak is naturally the fastest. But what of a 24 hour race in flat waters? Find out in this video!
Views: 367 Gustaf Larsson
Kayak lose yourself 1
Nelo Vanquish 3 Gara GP4 Paddles Gopro Copy
Views: 47 Peter Brindley
Fly to Portugal, see Nelo Factory, stay in swanky hotel. - Ben Brown Vlog ∆ Ep.22
Follow me on the other interweb thingys... Twitter - http://twitter.com/ben_brownie Instagram - http://instagram.com/MrBenBrown1 FaceBook - http://facebook.com/stalkbenbrown Website - http://itsbenbrown.com Online shop! - http://store.itsbenbrown.com Nelo Kayaks - http://nelo.eu Nelo Twitter - http://twitter.com/nelokayaks ∆ MUSIC! ∆ The second song in the vlog is by Juliet's Rescue, an awesome band from Ireland, the song is called 'Gold Mine' Subscribe to them - http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=julietsrescue SoundCloud them here - https://soundcloud.com/julietsrescueofficial FaceBook them here - https://www.facebook.com/julietsrescue Twitter them here - https://twitter.com/JulietsRescue ∆ MUSIC NEEDED! ∆ If you have a band or know a band that would like exposure I'm always looking for licence free music for my vlogs! Please get in touch here! - http://facebook.com/stalkbenbrown Shot on GoPro HD3 & the really nice shots are from my Canon 5D mk3 with 24-70mm 2.8 II Subscribe and thumbs up for good karma :D x FAQs - How old are you? - 27 - When did you start kayaking? - When I was 8 years old. - What size penny board do you ride? - Big one, the Nickel - What do you tattoos mean? - My star was just because I thought it looked good. My skull was my reward for winning the marathon world championships in 2010. - Do you post your t-shirts world wide? - Yes! - What editing program do you use? - Premier Pro CS6 on Mac - What mic do you use on your GoPro? - A really cheap 'GoPro mic' from ebay. - Will you be going to the Olympics? - I will if they introduce Marathon Kayaking into the Olympic program :) If you've read this far down, type... 'I act like a 6 year old but I read at a 7 year old level' :)
Views: 47175 Mr Ben Brown
Sea kayak Nelo on river
A short kayak trip from Ovar passing by the Varela bridge to Torreira
Views: 143 Tiago Almeida
First time in a K1 kayak - Okahu Bay, Auckland
This was the best piece of paddling during my first session in a K1. In the 1h10m session I came out 27 times. Next session will be with some boat flotation on a flat lake !
Nelo 7 - Sizes
With the Sete we cover a wider athletes range weight, from 55kg to over 100kg. K1 and K2 Sete are now available in S, M, ML, L, XXL and XXXL sizes. The K4 will be available in 3 sizes: M, ML and L.
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Nelo Cinco K1 Sprint Kayak Paracanoe Malaysia | AvironRacing.com
The first Nelo All New Cinco K1 Sprint Kayak in Malaysia. In this video is the Paracanoe model. For enquiry and info, contact [email protected] for more details ;-)
Views: 12757 AvironRacing
K1 Intervals, Nelo Vanquish, Lake Natoma 2014
K1 intervals and start practice in my Nelo Vanquish, Lake Natoma
Views: 2367 Kurt Kaunzinger
First Nelo training of the year 2017
Not a very long one :) but was supposed to be even shorter. www.liisitoom.com/kayaking
Views: 173 Liisi Toom
360° Standing on a Nelo Sprint Kayak
Here is the way to make a 360° turn on a sprint kayak ;-)
Views: 5427 Franck LE MOEL
Nelo Surfski Wave Deflector
Function and fitting of a Nelo wave deflector
Views: 3864 Nelo Kayaks
K1 Paracanoe
As top paddlers in the sport has been now challenging the 40 seconds barrier we thought of developing a boat that allowed them to break that barrier. http://www.nelo.eu/en/news/article/k1_paracanoe/
Views: 7771 Nelo Kayaks
NELO BOAT RenePulsen
Views: 36248 Nelo Kayaks
James' New Kayak (1)
James' new kayak arrived today. Its a Nelo Vanquish III K1 (SCS). He's been waiting for this moment for five months!! For more info, see http://www.mar-kayaks.pt/en/kayaks/details/k1_vanquish_iii_ml/
Views: 3952 Liz Borden
nelo vanquish  III classic
Présentation du Vanquish III Classic
Views: 2788 Christiankayak24
Our new Nelo K2 Viper, brand new!!!!
Views: 1429 all about sport
Nelo vanquish CEUTA
El vanquish del sergio 3000 euros CARBONO
Views: 10457 Sergio Varela
Medvindspaddling i Nelo Moskito FW2000
mot Västra Bokö
canoe sprint nelo moskito -La Azohia Kayak
https://www.facebook.com/laazohiakayak/ www.laazohiakayak.com do you want to start paddling with us just call +34663820516
Views: 153 La Azohia Kayak
Downwind - Nelo Waterman K2
Views: 2833 rrautavu
New Nelo Footrest
With many more adjustment options, it fits You! http://www.nelo.eu/shop/en/racing/foot-rests/foot-rest-nelo-k1.html
Views: 4062 Nelo Kayaks
Hurricane 2 - K1 by DD3
The Hurricane 2 is based on the Olympic and World winning shapes by Nelo. The H2 combines the stability of the vanquish 1 and the speed of the vanquish 3. The H2 is made by the process of Vacuum Infusion, and can be made in either Glass or Carbon LRC honeycomb Soric construction. Through the construction process DD3 is able to produce the H2 in marathon or sprint weight without compromising structural integrity. The marathon construction comes in at 9kg and has been fitted with anchor points for weight for Sprint racing. With the choice of colour, design, construction, footboard, rudder, adjustable footstrap and weight there is no need to buy an imported kayak again. Made by resins that are UVA and UVB resistance these boats are stronger and more durable in the Australian climate compared to imported Epoxy constructed kayaks. A standard 1 year warranty applies on all k1's. Glass Construction -- $2,850 GST incl. Carbon Construction _ $3,550 GST incl.
Views: 3728 DD3paddlesports
The Cinco arrived to the K4
http://www.nelo.eu/en/kayaks/details/k4_cinco_m/ http://www.nelo.eu/en/kayaks/details/k4_cinco_l/
Views: 3332 Nelo Kayaks
Voltinha kayak Amora - Nelo 5
Views: 763 Dabysk
Nelo Vanquish 3 XL, Regatta 2000 version for sale £720
This is a Regatta 2000 copy of a Nelo Vanquish 3 XL. Its suitable for paddlers over 80kg. The boat is sprint spec weighting 11.8 kg. It's a carbon kevlar sandwich with blue gelcoat. It also has a rear bulkhead. The rudder is nylon and it has a wheel (rather than a rear t bar) and has stainless steel rudder wire. Because of its set up, the boat runs very on washes. its for sale at £700
Views: 6857 Nick Garner
Testar Jacob Lindbergs "havsracer" i Norrviken. Ganska rank.
Views: 338 Sven R
Nelo 520XL Roll Play
Views: 12 Dirk Pitt
Paddlingsförsök i Nelo Classic
Paddlingsförsök i Nelo Classic
Nelo 550 out the Gate
A paddle out the Golden Gate on the Nelo 550, including a brief encounter with a couple of humpback whales.
Views: 168 Sean Morley
Sea Kayak Camping
• • • (CLICK SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!) • • • Another beautiful kayak camping overnighter. We've been having some amazing weather up here in Nova Scotia. Looking forward to hopefully another few months of kayaking. My Social Media Sites... www.facebook.com/outdoorzombie www.twitter.com/outdoorzombie Outdoorzombie Survival
Visiting Nelo Kayaks - preparing for the season 2014
A short video showing what Nelo Kayaks and I worked on 30th Jan.-2nd Feb. 2014, Music: Nik og Jay - united, Camera: Garmin VIRB Elite
Rudder Adjusting in Dubai
A small idea of the work done today!
Views: 2715 Nelo Kayaks
Views: 732 Kanotisten.com
Nelo 550 Surski First Paddle - Sean - 7/16/2017
3 of 3 videos from our first days of trying out the new Nelo 550 Surfski - Super stable! Andrius and I met Sean as we were finishing up our paddle. Sean had just come in from a paddle with his wife and daughter on a plastic sit on top double. We quickly struck up a conversation and seeing Sean's interest asked if he wanted to try the 550. He had never paddled a sea kayak, surfski, but had rowed in the past so has some competitive experience :) After 2 quick short tries, here is his video cruising around in the 550. Wanted to post this to show how much secondary stability the 550 has and how quickly someone can enjoy the boat! We'll be getting Sean back out on the water soon and introduce him to a Braca wing paddle as well!!
Views: 876 Chris Chappell
Nelo - Surf Simulator
Durting Aussi Champs some of the testing is done without the boats from the racks
Views: 3036 Nelo Kayaks
NELO Spain New Look
Views: 4817 Nelo Kayaks
Kayak Training with K1 Nelo Viper
Training with K1 Nelo Viper on the Werse, Muenster (Germany) / Music: Citylights / www.frametraxx.de
Views: 3157 Ma Scho
Slow Mo Video Analysis - Paddling Nelo Quattro K1 on Green Lake
More Slow Motion Video of me paddling Nelo Quattro K1 on Green Lake. Getting better / more even rotation in this one after doing T Spine mobilization stretches before :) But the rest of the problems are still there :( Still working on adding graphic elements in Kinovea.
Views: 660 Steven Wort
Nelo 600 with Steve the student in front.
#VIRBAdventures. This was my 4th Millers Run of the day and it was fun teaching from the back of the double, where you can also steer. Steve did very well steering.
Views: 590 Oscar Chalupsky
Banyoles  - Water Pump
A small clip on two of the rising stars in our sport preparing their marathon boats for hte 2010 World Titles in Banyoles - Spain
Views: 4716 Nelo Kayaks
Nelo Ocean ski L boat wake surfing
I chose the position next to the boat wrong.. it started to pull me to itself and I had to quit.. should have ridden behind it..
Views: 54 Road to Nelo
Part of SVK kayak team in Nelo center Portugal 2013
Watch in HD Nelo center Mortagua Aguiera Portugal training camp Music used: A Skylit Drive - Worlds End In Whispers Not Bangs Kraddy - Android Porn
Views: 2621 Martin Jankovec
New NELO 2012
Views: 955 Tverdiy Tony

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