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Studio B - 'I See Girls' (Official Video)
Studio B - I See Girls Check out all of our classic videos in our awesome Ministry of Sound 'Classics' playlist!!
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Studio B - I See Girls HQ*
; Yaes
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Studio B - I See Girls (Tom Neville remix)
I see girls here there and everywhere
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Studio B - I See Girls - Party Team Video Remake
In tribute to the one of the best dance anthems (in our opinion) of recent times. We filmed an exclusive Party Team video remake of the classic track Studio B - I see girls. The shoot took place on a Saturday night in Mu Mus Nightclub, Bristol, and beautiful ladies from all around the country came down to be a part of this very special event for us. After filming we partied the rest of the night away surrounded by what could only be described as the sexiest females in the south west of England! Watch and enjoy! Camera: Andy Cotton Edited, Directed and Produced By: Party Team TV Check out more by visiting our website and subscribing to our videos: http://www.partyteam.tv Special Thanks Studio B Mu Mus Nightclub All the girls for coming to the shoot! Video is for promotional purposes only. All copyrights respected. © 2007 Party Team TV - All Rights Reserved © 2005 Studio B - All Rights Reserved Check out more videos on our channel: Fuzzy Ducks - Oxfords Biggest Student Night Body Poppin - Once You Pop You Can't Stop Why You Should Go To Ayia Napa - Nissi Beach Alizé Remixed Tour 2008 Feat H2O & Jay Sean Jay Sean - New Interview Jay Sean - Party Team TV Drop James Brown - I Feel Good - Dance Heads Style! Zuby - Performance - Too Many Zuby - Paris Hilton's Favourite Rapper? - Interview Studio B - I See Girls - Party Team Video Remake Hollyoaks vs Mangotsfield United Hip Hop Fashion Makeover - Pimp My Student - Feature Tim Westwood - Interview
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Dork Diaries: tales from a not-so-fabulous life
Hi Girls! Have you been hoping for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid that is just for girls? Then this book is just for you. I must say, my mom did not find this book appropriate for my age (7 years old) and is probably better for girls 10 years and up. I must say this book is very funny--just ask your mom or dad before reading it. It has great illustrations and lots of funny moments that made me laugh. I can't wait to finish the series when I am a bit older. So, if you are a bit older than me I HIGHLY recommend this book for you. Enjoy! Brooke
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Studio B - I See Girls ( Freemasons Vocal Mix )
An die Deutschen: hidemyass.com um es zu gucken/hören und dort den Link einfügen!///// The better version of the track, imho! ;)
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Studio B - I See Girls (Tom Neville Radio Edit) 432hz [Dance]
Tuned to the scientific tuning(432hz) using Audacity. Not to be confused with the Pythagorean tuning. Why 432hz httpsoundofgoldenlight.com432-hz How to tune your tracks to 432hz using the change speed effect in Audacity which can be downloaded here httpwww.audacityteam.org ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. First import the track into audacity by dragging your audio file from your music folder into the audacity app. Or alternately go to File Import Audio File and select a audio file. 2. Lower the volume of the track using the amplify effect to prevent clipping(I use -.1 increments a few times to find a sweet spot.) 3. Then I apply the change speed effect by -1.818% to the track. This will amplify the song which is why I lowered the volume before I did it. 4. Listen to the loud parts to make sure nothing clips(goes over 0-DB or into the red on your bars.) 5. If everything sounds heavenly then go to File Export. That is it! Explanation of This Conversion Method --------------------------------------------------------------- Standard 440hz Scientific 432hz --------------------------------------------------------------- A4 440hz x 98.182% = 432hz A4 G4 392hz x 98.182% = 384.87hz G4 A3 220hz x 98.182% = 216hz A3 A2 110hz x 98.182% = 108hz A2 Check here to see if it matches up httpwww.phy.mtu.edu~suitsnotefreq432.html Slowing the track down effects all of the frequencies. If the frequency is 110hz and you slow it down by 1.818% then its cycle will reduce down to 108hz and so on and so forth. There is also no loss of quality here because you are not pitch shifting. There are new frequencies being added across the entire range. New spacing between chords. This is why the track gets louder after you slow it down and why you have to lower the volume first to avoid clipping. If you liked this video please subscribe! I post 25-50 songs a week! Mostly free downloads. Always fresh music. All 432hz. I also take requests!
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Dance Studio Choreography: B-boys & B-girls
Learn the choreography for the b-boy dance for the Dr Pepper Cherry YouTube Dance Studio contest. Once you've learned the moves, show us what you've got. Submit a video of yourself dancing, using this choreography for the first part and your own freestyle for the rest. You could win a trip for two to Los Angeles, where you'll spend a day with Jon M. Chu at a jam session with some of the best hip-hop dancers, and the opportunity to dance in an Ultra Records music video! http://www.youtube.com/dancestudio Music: "Corrected" - Mason feat. DMC & Sam Sparro Courtesy Ultra Records
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Studio B I See Girls Feat Romeo
Original video for the hit song. Thanks to http://www.mcromeo.tk for the vid
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Boys VS Girls - singing battle | Gacha Studio
Hey a nee video ja online hope you enjoy
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Studio B - 'I See Girls' (Bounce remix)
✔ Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPRRuSeDMuMI6pAKlDIv6aQ?sub_confirmation=1 ᗍ Follow Mike K: https://soundcloud.com/djmike1988 ᗍLike our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BounceNationMusic/ ᗍ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BounceNationUk To submit music, send an email to [email protected]
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My Book Collection 'Book Tour!'
I have had lots of requests for a book tour. I have lots of books to share so I hope you get some ideas of some great books to read and new books to look for. Thank you so much for watching and make sure to share any books you think I need :) xoxo
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Studio B - I See Girls (Freemasons Extended Club Mix) HD Full Mix
Release Year: 2005 (FULL EXTENDED MIX)
Views: 4814 ArjenX2
Studio B - I See Girls (Alex K Remix)
Enjoy.:) Artist: Studio B Track: I See Girls (Alex K Remix) Album: The No.1 Hard Dance
Views: 17558 FumDumBum
Rita Ora - Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX (Official Video)
The Official Video for Rita Ora 'Girls' ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX Single out now: http://atlanti.cr/girls Directed by Helmi Produced by Division ---- ► Follow Rita Ora http://www.ritaora.com http://youtube.com/ritaora http://twitter.com/ritaora http://facebook.com/ritaora http://instagram.com/ritaora http://www.ritaora.com/
Views: 50067588 Rita Ora
After School Routine - Studio B
After School there is a lot that needs to happen. Im hungry, I have things I want to do, but first, things I must do. This video is all about the things I must do, before I get to do the things I want! Im dying to know the things you have to do after school. Make sure to comment below so we can learn each others tasks below :) Thanks for watching!
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studio B - I See Girls AMV
made by Warhamer songs studio B - I See Girls anime: hanaukyo maids kimi ga nozumo eien green green Midori no hibi rizelmine hanaukyo maids rizelmine hanaukyo maids green green rizelmine green green hanaukyo maids yumeria kita-he hanaukyo maids green green gunslinger girls Onegai! Twins Yumeria u should watch really carefull by the second green green tv. i think most of you guys will like it XD some if the image aren't so good timed i don't wanna replace it. it brings to much trouble
Views: 91330 warhamer
Studio B - I see Girls [PLOT MUSIC VIDEO]
Watch it for the plot. Edited to focus on the plot of the music video. HD
Views: 90 Plot Music
MAROON 5 - "Girls Like You" ft Cardi B Dance | Matt Steffanina & Kaycee Rice
Maroon 5 - "Girls Like You" ft Cardi B Dance Choreography Video ▶ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2BDpH0v ▶ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/MattSteffanina ▶ TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/xJs7xEFu4P8 ▶ Part 2 - MORE GROUPS: https://youtu.be/vAnugCaANl0 ** Subscribe and TURN ON Notifications to join the fam 🤘🏼 ** NEW Videos every week Song: Maroon 5 Choreography by: Matt Steffanina Assisted by: Kaycee Rice Filmed by: Ryan Parma Edited by: Matt Steffanina ▶ TUTORIALS: www.youtube.com/dancetutorialslive ▶ VLOG Channel: http://bit.ly/2BCw1pe ▶ Facebook: http://facebook.com/mattsteff ▶ Workshop/Tour mailing list: http://mattsteffanina.com *********************** NEWSLETTER - For Dance & YouTube Tips + updates on Tours & Giveaways: http://mattsteffanina.com *********************** ----- MORE VIDEOS ---- "BUM BUM TAM TAM" - https://youtu.be/JxCPiZZyxZU "GUCCI GANG" - Lil Pump: https://youtu.be/D3NspKYS5dY "NO LIMIT" ft Dytto: https://youtu.be/3YyQ3Mi06Sw "MI GENTE" - J Balvin: https://youtu.be/jl6gS2KbYkk "SHAPE OF YOU" - Ed Sheeran: https://youtu.be/lq5oUOKh368 "I LIKE IT" - Cardi B: https://youtu.be/X1mkMfGsEqo Millennium: YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/DanceMillennium IG: https://www.instagram.com/mdcdance WEB: http://millenniumdancecomplex.com
Views: 10124803 Matt Steffanina
Studio B - I see girls
This is an awesome track from 2006, so just shut the fuck up and enjoy this example of a great electro track from Studio B. Este es un grandioso track del 2006, asi que cierra la puta boca y disfruta este gran ejemplo de un track de electro de Studio B. :) TAZIOELECTRO
Best Graphic Novels - You need to read these!
Looking for the best books out there? I have a great list of the Best Graphic Novels. I love reading and each of these books have made me happy. Whether they are funny, or thought provoking, Each Novel has a place on my book shelf! Please Share with me any books you think should be on my list. Happy Reading!
Views: 79739 Studio B
Allie Finkle's HD Rules for Girls -- Moving day
Hi again! I have another book you girls are going to love! I already know you love Junie B. Jones and Dork Diaries so here is another book that is just as fun. Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls. Allie has to move and she is NOT happy about it! Her parents try to bribe her with ice cream and a kitten but it is still hard. Allie writes all kinds of funny rules (like 'don't put your cat in a suitcase') as she tries to figure out how to survive the move. I loved this and Im so sure you will too! xoxo - Brooke
Views: 10279 Studio B
Q&A #1
This is my first Q&A. Thank you for all your questions and kindness. It was so fun answering all these and I hope you enjoy watching it! xoxo
Views: 58624 Studio B
Walter Meego play "Girls" LIVE at Studio B Brooklyn
Walter Meego play "Girls" LIVE at Studio B Brooklyn on August 30th 2007. Filmed by Abbey Braden for 'Sup Magazine.
Views: 4076 supmag
Track 2 I See Girls Crazy   Studio B
All Of The Music Is 3rd Party Otherwise it remixed by myself
Views: 13142 SoundZMad
The Girl Who Lost Her Voice (and mini fashion show!)
You could win this book! I have loved reading these books to my siblings and I think you will love reading them too! Thanks for watching and all your support :)
Views: 16256 Studio B
Boys vs girls singing battle (gacha studio) {read desc}
Who will win? Comment down below I hope you guys like this it took a long time to do but i have finished i did start this yesterday so ya well bye pups!
Views: 496975 Winter_Wolf Gibb
Girls Sing Boys Interviewed by Studio b with Birgit Moenke
Performers from Girls Sing Boys are interviewed by Birgit Moenke of Studio b. Six Great Female singer/songwriters singing the songs of their favourite male singer/songwriter: live in concert. Rita Chiarelli -- Elvis Presley Madison Violet -- Simon & Garfunkel Lynn Miles -- Tom Waits Oh Susanna -- The Rolling Stones Suzie Vinnick -- Three Dog Night Jenny Whiteley -- The Kinks (Ray Davies) A Michael Wrycraft production
Views: 693 StirMagazine
Roller Girl -book review
Roller Girl is a graphic novel I am sure you will love. After finishing smile and sisters, I wanted another Graphic novel and roller girl was exactly what I was looking for. It is about a girl who is growing up and learning her passions. It deals with friendship and losing friends. I really loved that the main character had to work really hard to get good. Read Roller Girl!
Views: 29716 Studio B
Studio B - I See Girls (Ryan Riback Remix)
Studio B - I See Girls (Ryan Riback Remix)
Views: 5741 MrFabricsoftener
Studio B - I See Girls (Crazy) (Tom Neville's Crazy Legs Mix)
Studio B ‎– I See Girls (Crazy) Label: Multiply Records ‎– TMULTY109P Format: Vinyl, 12", Promo Country: UK Released: 2003 Genre: Electronic Style: House Tracklist A I See Girls (Crazy) (Mauve Vocal Mix) B I See Girls (Crazy) (Tom Neville's Crazy Legs Mix)
Views: 867 One More Tune
Belvedere Studio B Launch - POPxo
Sidharth Malhotra recently challenged three artists - Lekha Washington, Nikhil Thampi and Lost Stories to work together and create an unforgettable experience inspired by Belvedere’s collaborative spirit. Watch this video to catch a glimpse of the brand new Belvedere Studio B. To keep watching our videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2au0I7n No filters, no judgements - Talk about *anything* on the POPxo App! Your new BFF for advice. Ask questions, share polls with other girls only. (Psst...you can also share anonymously!) ;) Play Store: https://goo.gl/05cnZ6 iOS App Store: https://goo.gl/vc8oXh Come Visit Us On: https://www.popxo.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popxodaily Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popxodaily Tweet to us: https://twitter.com/POPxoDaily
Views: 38009 POPxoDaily
Studio B - I See Girls
(Roy RosenfelD & Lazy Rich Remix)
Views: 1422 ElektroFck
STUDIO B - I See Girls (Monty Python vid)
Song synced to original Monty Python clip
Views: 6943 Alrock43
Studio B Dance Center
Just some pics of my girls for my site!
Views: 366 studiobdancecenter
Book Fair - How to find the book for you
Are you a reader, or do you have trouble finding a book you love. I LOVE to read, but reading is fun when you know the type of book you like to read. This video is a fun way to talk about how to find the book for you. Plus, I bet you all love the book fair! Let me know the type of book you like to read! xoxo
Views: 26010 Studio B
Studio B - C'mon Get It On - Freemasons (Video Mix)
I took the video from the rock version of Studio B's C'mon Get It On and used Freemasons' music mix. I prefer Freemasons' version of the song better. I used the 8 minute music mix, so I had to cut it down to fit the approximate length of the video. I did some minor video editing to fit the lyrics and music. Also, the lyrics in Freemason's mix are a little different than the rock video version, so some of the lip-synching is slighly off.
Views: 11549 mofo99099
Lost Stories - Reveal Yourself | Studio B

LostStoriesMus   Reveal Yourself | BELVEDERE STUDİOB |
Lost Stories - Reveal Yourself | Studio B LostStoriesMusic
Views: 202 Dnz Music Box
Lost Stories - Reveal Yourself | Studio B
Stream it now on Saavn - saa.vn/revealyourself Our latest single - Reveal Yourself, talks about the power of collaboration and not holding back from your true identity. The video brings out some of our best memories touring South Asia and all the madness from our gigs. We'd love to see your dance covers, music video. Hope you guys like this one! - Prayag and Rishab Video - Chetan Morajkar, Rinkesh Makwana (Mediatronic) Label - Bombay Electric Collective Business Inquiries - [email protected]
Views: 22310 LostStoriesMusic
RCA Studio B Jim Reeves
Views: 7001 Tom Orie

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