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Волшебная флейта /The Magic Flute Die Zauberflоte (2006)
Финансовая помощь каналу: Яндекс кошелёк - 410013185116544
Views: 17692 Alex Sanders
Моцарт-Вълшебната флейта с бг субтитри(I ч.) Magic flute-K.Branagh
Mozart-Die Zauberfloete / Magic flute / Вълшебната флейта - филм по операта режисьор Kenneth Branagh, превод на английски Stephen Fry изп. Joseph Kaiser, Amy Carson, Rene Pape, Lyubov Petrova и др. Idéale Audience, 2006 субтитрите се пускат от надписа СС долу в прозореца на видеото
Views: 107953 Boyan Batchvarov
Views: 17469 Sergey Gorskiy
Моцарт-Вълшебната флейта с бг субтитри(II ч.)Magic flute-K.Branagh
Mozart-Die Zauberfloete / Magic flute / Вълшебната флейта - филм по операта режисьор Kenneth Branagh, превод на английски Stephen Fry изп. Joseph Kaiser, Amy Carson, Rene Pape, Lyubov Petrova и др. Idéale Audience, 2006 субтитрите се пускат от надписа СС долу в прозореца на видеото
Views: 38232 Boyan Batchvarov
Death and destruction - The Queen of the Night - aria
Kenneth Branagh's film of Mozart's The Magic Flute.
Views: 50474 William McGrath
The Queen is Coming - The arrival of the Queen of the Night
Kenneth Branagh's film of Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute.
Views: 18617 William McGrath
The Magic Flute Trailer
Buy the DVD now on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Magic-Flute-Joseph-Kaiser/dp/B00A50PBEA/ On the eve of the first global war, a magical drama unfolds as Tamino sets forth on a perilous journey in pursuit of love, light, and peace in a world afflicted by darkness, death, and destruction. In the chaos of battle, Tamino is transported to a twilight world caught between dream and nightmare where he is rescued from certain death by a trio of field nurses. The Sisters show Tamino a picture of Pamina, the kidnapped daughter of the Queen of the Night. Tamino instantly falls in love with Pamina, and resolves to save her from her kidnapper, the dark lord Sarastro. He is accompanied on his mission by Papageno, a keeper of canaries employed to detect gas in the trenches. What follows is a spectacular musical adventure in which the destiny of a pair of young lovers may help determine the fate of nations and the lives of millions. Visit www.magicflutemovie.com for more info!
Views: 10785 Revolver Entertainment
Papageno and the Magic Glockenspiel #2 (excerpt from The Magic Flute, 2006)
My favorite part from The Magic Flute, this time the film version by Kenneth Branagh (2006), in a WWI context! Tamino is looking for Pamina and Papageno-who are about to be ambushed by Monostatos. The Magic Glockenspiel saves the day. Music by W.A. Mozart (1791) Original libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder (1791). Movie direction Kenneth Branagh (2006). English adaptation of the libretto by Stephen Fry (in a WW1 context!) Music direction by James Conlon. Tamino..............Joseph Kaiser Pamina..............Amy Carson Papageno..........Benjamin J. Davis Monostatos........Tom Randle
Views: 19655 YtzikTV
O Spirit of Our Fathers - Sarastro - Aria
Kenneth Branagh's film of Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute.
Views: 7501 William McGrath
Mozart e il cinema - Il flauto magico (2006)
Il finale pacifista del Flauto magico secondo Branagh: un altro omaggio, come quello del Flauto magico di Bergman, all’armonia e alla fratellanza dei popoli contro i signori della guerra che li aizzano per i propri scopi. The Magic Flute / Il flauto magico 2006, Kenneth Branagh [Enrico Giacovelli, Mozart e il cinema, Roma 2017, pp. 85-86]
Views: 395 Enrico Giacovelli
Ingmar Bergman's The Magic Flute - new trailer | BFI
Discover Ingmar Bergman's enchanting adaptation of Mozart's The Magic Flute in cinemas and on Blu-ray this Spring. http://www.bfi.org.uk/magic-flute Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribetotheBFI. Shooting in Swedish on a set replicating a lovely 18th-century theatre, Bergman begins his wonderfully warm, witty and sensuous movie by focusing on the faces of a rapt audience (momentarily including his own) enjoying the overture. Thereafter, as the (abridged and intriguingly amended) tale of Tamino, Pamina et al proceeds, he highlights the piece’s exuberant theatrical illusionism, at the same time deploying close-ups to enhance the emotions conveyed by an excellent young cast. An admirably light touch is applied throughout, making for a performance of musical excellence, dramatic vitality and enormous, effortless charm. Watch more on the BFI Player: http://player.bfi.org.uk/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BFI Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BritishFilmInstitute Follow us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+britishfilminstitute/
Views: 26404 BFI
Kenneth Branagh (2006) "Die Zauberflöte" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - "Auftritte der Drei Knaben"
Kenneth Branagh (2006) "Die Zauberflöte" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - "Auftritte der Drei Knaben" 0:00 - 1. Auftritt "Zum Ziele führt dich diese Bahn" 1:34 - 2. Auftritt "Seid uns zum zweitenmal willkommen“ 3:00 - 3. Auftritt "Bald prangt, den Morgen zu verkünden" 8:30 - 4. Auftritt "Halt ein! O Papageno und sei klug!" KENNETH BRANAGH - DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE Ein Film von Kenneth Branagh UK/F 2006, 135 Minuten, Farbe, OmU Regie: Kenneth Branagh. Buch: Stephen Fry und Kenneth Branagh nach Emanuel Schikaneder Kamera: Roger Lanser Schnitt: Michael Parker Ton: Jonathan Allen Musik: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Orchester: Chamber Orchestra of Europa, Leitung: James Conlon Chor: Apollo Voices, Leitung: Chris Foster Produktion: Pierre-Olivier Bardet und Kenneth Branagh für die Peter Moores Foundation BESETZUNG: Tamino...Joseph Kaiser Pamina...Amy Carson Papageno...Benjamin Jay Davis Papagena…Silvia Moi Sarastro…René Pape Königin der Nacht…Lyubov Petrova Monostatos…Tom Randle Drei Knaben - William Dutton, Luke Lampard & Jamie Manton http://www.delicatessen.org/zauberfloete.html https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Branagh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magic_Flute_(2006_film)
the magic flute dragon scene (intro)
Tamino saved by the 3 ladies from the dragon
Views: 9091 Letsgocinci
Look East! (The Magic Flute)
The Three Boys greet the oncoming morning and determine to rescue Pamina from despair . . . The First Boy is played by William Dutton. Will is a member of The Choirboys whose new CD, The Carols Album, has just been released. The Magic Flute, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is now at cinemas across the UK. http://www.thechoirboys.org.uk
Views: 34650 MrPoppins
The Magic Flute [2006 film] - Papageno
The Magic Flute is an English adaptation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's singspiel "Die Zauberflöte" directed by Kenneth Branagh. Film co-production by France & UK, produced by Idéale Audience and with UK's The Peter Moores Foundation.
Views: 48036 ZeroRuben
The Magic Flute 2006 Film - Papageno Papagena
One of the greatest Opera's for Mozart. This is the English version of the song Papageno Papagena from the movie that was filmed in 2006. Brilliant and creative!
Views: 125363 Hisham Qaddomi
Magic Flute - Highlights -Fall 2015
An enchanting quest for courage, wisdom and love. In a fantastical world of ferocious dragons and enchanted musical instruments, a noble prince sets out to rescue a beautiful princess and ensure the triumph of truth and justice.
Views: 4879 San Francisco Opera
The Magic Flute | LA Opera 2013/14 Season
A celebration of true love conquering all, The Magic Flute transports us into an enchanted world where good faces the forces of darkness. Under the masterful baton of James Conlon, LA Opera presents the U.S. Production Premiere of a highly inventive staging that originated at the Komische Oper Berlin, created by director Barrie Kosky in combination with the British theater group "1927," whose humorous shows have thrilled audiences all over the world with their interaction between film animation and live-performing actors: "A perfect mixture of all the things worth loving: silent films, the cabaret of the Weimar Republic, David Lynch, and the brothers Grimm (The Guardian, UK)." Packed with exquisite singing and stage wizardry, Mozart's delightful blend of high comedy and serious drama enchants young and old alike. A production of the Komische Oper Berlin. Presented in co-production with Minnesota Opera.
Views: 119190 LA Opera
The Magic Flute [2006 Film] - Papageno Aria
The Magic Flute is an English adaptation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's singspiel "Die Zauberflöte" directed by Kenneth Branagh. Film co-production by France & UK, produced by Idéale Audience and with UK's The Peter Moores Foundation.
Views: 77399 ZeroRuben
The Opera Platform Recorded in Norway
Views: 55900 John McDonald
The Magic Flute - Finale II Andante
Il flauto magico Un film di Kenneth Branagh. Con Joseph Kaiser, Amy Carson, Benjamin Jay Davis, Silvia Moi, René Pape, Lyubov Petrova, Tom Randle, Liz Smith Titolo originale The Magic Flute. Musicale, durata 135 min. - Gran Bretagna, Francia 2006.
Views: 6084 MrsAngelaBelli
The Magic Flute -- Kenneth Branagh -- Regista
2006 -- Mostra del Cinema di Venezia
Views: 620 labiennaletv
The Magic Flute (trailer)
Trailer for the Kenneth Branagh's The Magic Flute (UK general distribution, 30 Nov.) Look out for Will Dutton in the role of First Boy at 24 secs and 36 secs - in both cases, the rightmost of the three boys. William Dutton is a member of The Choirboys, whose new CD, The Carols Album, has just been released.
Views: 7772 MrPoppins
The Magic Flute
Mozart's Magic Flute cartoon from 1994 ABC Afterschool Special with beginning advertisements in English. Movie begins at 2:16.
Views: 426569 Susan Roberts
Mozart, MAGIC FLUTE (Zauberflöte). Teatro Colon, Frédéric Chaslin
April 2011 Staging by Sergio Renán
Views: 23221 Frederic CHASLIN
Aria: "O Spirit Of Our Fathers"  The Magic Flute
A tribute to the modern adaption of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" by Kenneth Branagh year 2006
Views: 398 Kelvins187
Mozart - Die Zaberflöte /The Magic Flute - Finale I.Act: Herr, ich bin zwar Verbrecherin
The Metropolitan Opera 2006 Matthew Polenzani - Pamino Ying Huang - Tamina René Pape - Sarastro Nathan Gunn - Papageno James Levine - dir.
Views: 27420 AchillesValda
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Die Zauberflöte, Act 2
Sarastro: Harry Peeters The Queen of the Night: Cyndia Sieden Pamina Christine Oelze Tamino: Michael Shade Papageno: Gerald Finley Papagena: Constanze Backes Monostatos: Uve Peper Speaker: Detlef Roth Pilobolus Dance Theatre conductor: John Eliot Gardiner Concertgebouw Amsterdam 1995
Views: 36010 ear8002
Perfomance of The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Views: 3588 FluteMania
Mateki, The Magic Flute Japanese Trailer
The Magic Flute 2006 film, english language version of Mozart: Die Zauberflöte
Views: 248 ShoZama85
O Spirits... Magic Flute Sarastro
From Branagh's "The Magic Flute". René Pape as Sarastro.
Views: 7640 Ann-Katrin Hegvold
The Magic Flute Trailer
The November 2013 presentation of Mozart's THE MAGIC FLUTE will now be the U.S. premiere of a highly imaginative staging that originated at the Komische Oper in Berlin. The concept for the production was developed by Australian director Barrie Kosky and the British theater company 1927, founded by animator/filmmaker Bill Barritt and writer/performer Suzanne Andrade. Emerging in 2005 from the London cabaret scene, 1927 specializes in mixing live performance and music with pre-recorded animation and film. The company's aesthetic has been described as "a perfect combination of all the things worth loving: silent movies, Weimar cabaret, David Lynch and the Brothers Grimm" (The Guardian, UK).
Views: 53065 LA Opera
Papageno's Song (from Mozart's Magic Flute)
Papageno's Song in English, from the movie "The Magic Flute" / 2006. An movie adaptation of the great Opera of Mozart translated to English and set inWorld War II instead of ancient Egypt.
Views: 48311 Hisham Qaddomi
Magic Flute Preveiw
I'll upload some clips from the new magic flute film, all of which are found here on this website: http://www.filmsdulosange.fr I will only upload a select few, you can find more on the website itself =3 The film looks good, ne? Im really excited about it! I hope it will come out in England soon! =3
Views: 5739 sarah Burgess
Metropolitan Opera - The Magic Flute
This video is an excerpt from the Metropolitan Opera's production of The Magic Flute in New York. Opera Australia is bringing The Magic Flute to QPAC in Brisbane in May 2012. Welcome to a world where animals dance and children fly, where princes battle dragons and hope battles despair. To a world where ideas matter, and music saves the day. Welcome to a magical experience for the whole family in an enchanting new production of Mozart's The Magic Flute. Julie Taymor, director of Disney's The Lion King, has taken Mozart's fairy tale and turned it into a show that, in the spirit of the original, speaks to the child in all of us.
Views: 52270 QPAC
Die Zauberflöte Overture (Darkest of  Days AMV)
The magic Flute, modern fairy tale. Kenneth Branagh made the movie, following that interpretasion. This AMV has been influenced from his movie. Perhaps, Sarastro is to be drawn as Hitler. And I used PC game "Darkest of Days" and "The Movies" as material.
Views: 878 MauritaniusTacatus
PCC Opera: The Magic Flute • 06-03-11 Performance
The Pasadena City College Opera Program presented "The Magic Flute" directed by Anne Marie Ketchum, conducted by Donald Brinegar, and choregraphed by Cheryl Banks-Smith. Performed by Pasadena City College's Performing and Communication Arts division.
Views: 25914 Pasadena City College
Mozart's The Magic Flute enchants Vienna
One of Mozart's most beloved operas - The Magic Flute - brings love, enchantment and comedy to Vienna for the festive season… READ MORE : http://www.euronews.com/2018/12/27/mozart-s-the-magic-flute-enchants-vienna What are the top stories today? Click to watch: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSyY1udCyYqBeDOz400FlseNGNqReKkFd euronews: the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=euronews euronews is available in 13 languages: https://www.youtube.com/user/euronewsnetwork/channels In English: Website: http://www.euronews.com/news Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/euronews Twitter: http://twitter.com/euronews Google+: http://google.com/+euronews VKontakte: http://vk.com/en.euronews
The Magic Flute Quintet "Hm Hm Hm Hm"
Frostburg State University's production of Mozart's "The MagicFlute" presented in English
Views: 9490 Lane Conklin
Charne's Magic Flute
Charne Rochford stars in Kenneth Branagh's fabulous new movie production of Mozart's eternal classic, THE MAGIC FLUTE - reduced version
Views: 897 Keith Grimes
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The Magic Flute by W.A.Mozart. BBC/animation/part2
A Christmas Film Production with BBC Enterprises and BBC Bristol in association with Welsh National Opera
Views: 187821 Elena Sapozhnikova
"Hm! hm! hm!" - The Magic Flute
Farida Mamedova - Farid Aliyev-Sabina- Asadova -Sabina Vahabzade -İlham Nazarov

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