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113- Oracle SQL 12c: Managing Data in Different Time Zones 1
EXAM 1Z0-061 EXAM 1Z0-071 •Time Zones. •Timestamp Data type •timestamp with time zone •timestamp with local time zone •V$TIMEZONE_NAMES •DBTIMEZONE •SESSIONTIMEZONE •current_date •current_timestamp •Localtimestamp •alter session set time_zone •Extract expression •TZ_OFFSET •from_tz •to_timestamp •to_yminterval •to_dsinterval
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Postupgrade Checks and Time Zone Change -  Command Line Ugrade to Oracle 18.3.0
https://mikedietrichde.com/2018/07/26/oracle-database-18-3-0-upgrade-on-premises/ This video shows the post upgrade steps after a successful Oracle Database upgrade to Oracle 18.3.0 on the command line. It includes checking the logfiles, recompilation with utlrp.sql and the time zone adjustment from DST v.14 to v.31
Oracle DBTIMEZONE Function
https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-timezone-functions/ The Oracle DBTIMEZONE function returns the database timezone offset of the database. It returns it in the format of +/- TZH:TZM, or the time zone region name. It’s useful to know what timezone the database is in when working with dates and different time zones, as it can impact the queries you write. The syntax for this function is quite simple: DBTIMEZONE There are no parameters - just the function name. You can’t actually change the timezone of the database using this function. It uses the timezone of the operating system of the server the database runs on. It’s similar to the SESSIONTIMEZONE function, but that function returns the timezone of your session and not the database server. It’s also similar to the SYSTIMESTAMP function, but that function returns the date, time, and timezone of the database, where DBTIMEZONE just returns the timezone. For more information about the Oracle DBTIMEZONE function, including all of the SQL shown in this video and the examples, read the related article here: https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-timezone-functions/
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oracle date and time functions
Video from our Oracle SQL course. Check out the full course at.. http://learn.hackpress.co/courses/oracle-sql-learning-by-example
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RCU Installation
Installing the RCU for OBIEE change the character set to AL32UTF8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMphHE78imM
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By using these steps you can change the oracle database character set to AL32UTF8
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Linux - How to change timezone
This is a quick video on "How to change timezone in linux". Timezone is displayed using /etc/localtime file. 1) If we remove the file timezone becomes UTC. 2) To change timezone to custom use any of the files under /usr/share/zoneinfo and softlink it to /etc/localtime
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https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-date-functions/ The Oracle CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function will display the current date and time in the session time zone. Just like the CURRENT_DATE function, it uses the session time zone, which is where you logged in from. This could be different to the database time zone. The syntax of the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function is: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ( [precision] ) The return type of this function is TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE. The precision parameter is optional, and it lets you specify the number of fractional seconds to return. If this is omitted, it uses the default of 6. It’s different to the SYSTIMESTAMP function, because CURRENT_TIMESTAMP returns the session timezone, and SYSTIMESTAMP returns the database time zone. So, if I’m logging in from Melbourne, Australia, and the database is in London, England, then the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP will return a date and time that’s 10 hours ahead of SYSTIMESTAMP, and in a different time zone. It may be on the same day, or it could be a different day, depending on when I run the function. You can perform arithmetic on this function just like any other date value (e.g. CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - 7 for 7 days ago). However, it might be better to use interval data types so you can keep the original data type. For more information about the Oracle CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function, including all of the SQL shown in this video and the examples, read the related article here: https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-date-functions/
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Windows 7 - activate additional timezone (UTC) for your systems clock
This is a video tutorial on how to activate an additional timezone (UTC in this case) in your systems clock on Windows 7 (or Vista).
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114- Oracle SQL 12c: Managing Data in Different Time Zones 2
•Time Zones. •Timestamp Data type •timestamp with time zone •timestamp with local time zone •V$TIMEZONE_NAMES •DBTIMEZONE •SESSIONTIMEZONE •current_date •current_timestamp •Localtimestamp •alter session set time_zone •Extract expression •TZ_OFFSET •from_tz •to_timestamp •to_yminterval •to_dsinterval
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00- Arabic Language Support: NLS_LANG
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Setting up a User's Timezone
About Decisions | http://www.decisions.com Decisions is the finest workflow automation SaaS. Our graphically configurable platform (http://decisions.com/platform) gives users the ability to both create new, and enhance existing applications. The Decisions team has been working together for over a decade delivering an experience that gives more control and configuration ability to administrators. Specifically, the platform allows for the creation of applications that can be configured by non-programmers in a way that is safe, visible, and flexible. This mission has driven the Decisions team to create numerous technologies in use today at some of the world's largest and most innovative companies. For more information, visit Decisions.com.
JDeveloper Timezone Configuration
Incorrect timezone configuration can cause issues in JDeveloper. This video shows one method of correcting the problem. I apologise for the speed of this video. It is a bit quick, but I was strapped for time on the video editing. You can always use the Pause button where required. There are no doubt lots of ways of solving this problem. This is just one method, so please post a reply video if you have a better alternative. Thanks for watching - Wayne Riesterer
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Setting Time Zone and Keyboard in KALI Linux
How to set Time zone in Kali Linux
AWS Knowledge Center Videos: How do I set a time zone in RDS MySQL?
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/rds-change-time-zone/ Satya, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to set a time zone in RDS MySQL.
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how to Change Time Zone from Command line on linux
quick notepad tutorial | Change Time Zone from Command line on centos 7
6-  Changing Time Zone for MySQL
Welcome to the course MySQL Database Management System by Parsclick. To download the files to work with this course please click here: https://docs.google.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0B12xLoaTu0LYVldYM1FveTZmVkE&export=download I usually create tutorials in Persian (Farsi) language, however, you are welcome to watch these tutorials and like them. I am a Udemy Instructor and I usually put my English courses in there. Website: http://www.parsclick.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/persiantc/
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oracle language problems with Arabic
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Oracle SQL Tutorial 30 - UTF-8 and UTF-16 Character Sets
A few videos ago we discussed UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoding, but when we are working with a database we do not worry about encodings as much as we do character sets. That's because a specific character set is going to have a specific encoding. The reason I am making this video is to introduce you to the most common character sets and to teach you the differences. That’s because as we go into the national character sets we need to understand the information taught in this video. So the first character set I am going to teach you about is AL32UTF8. AL32UTF8 is a character set that uses the uff-8 encoding and each character can take up to 4 bytes with the utf-8 encoding. There is another character set (not encoding) called utf8 (no hyphen) which is also encoded with UTF-8. This can be a little confusing because UTF8 is the name of an encoding and a character set, but bear with me. Both of these character sets are UTF-8 encoded, but UTF8 uses an older version of UTF-8 encoding. Generally, they work about the same, but the way certain characters are stored is slightly different, specifically way certain characters are stored is slightly different, specifically what are known as supplementary characters, which take up 4 bytes. The max size for a UTF8 character set is 3 bytes, as they do not directly support the supplementary characters as 4 bytes but instead store them across 2 groups of 3 bytes each. Oracle recommends that you use AL32UTF8 for all future development instead of the archaic UTF8 character set. There is another character set that you should know about, and that is AL16UTF16, which uses the UTF-16 encoding. Watch my video over UTF-8 and UTF-16 to learn more about UTF-16. Lastly, there is a character set known as UTFE, which uses an encoding known as UTF-EBCDIC. This is like a super archaic character set, and I'm not even going to talk about it. I thought I would at least mention it as it is going to come up a bit in the next video's topic. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support me! http://www.patreon.com/calebcurry Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/JoinCCNewsletter Donate!: http://bit.ly/DonateCTVM2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Links~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More content: http://CalebCurry.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CalebTheVideoMaker Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CalebTheVideoMaker2 Twitter: http://twitter.com/calebCurry Amazing Web Hosting - http://bit.ly/ccbluehost (The best web hosting for a cheap price!)
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Get date and time of different Timezones in JAVA
Different Formats http://chillyfacts.com/java-simpledateformat-different-date-formats/ JAVA Get current time from different time zones as String http://chillyfacts.com/java-get-current-time-different-time-zones-string/ Install Eclipse for JAVA Developers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2eiJsYfJVw How to install Mysql 5.0 in Windows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izNdC8ekzE8 Free Mysql Database Online - Free Mysql Hosting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJHtOGv3BzQ How to deploy Java web project to a real website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1pViMfR7RA Library Management System project in Java and Mysql Source Code https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkDcdqJvXEE Read Write to excel using JAVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T15DPq4LLI JAVA - ZIP / UnZip files or folder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm1Y_vMzgQk JAVA- Download a file from URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DveaDNHEhbg
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How to update and change Timezone on Kali Linux Rolling
Update TimeZone: apt-get install ntpdate ntpdate in.pool.ntp.org Change Timezone: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
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Managing Your Time-Zone Data
How to set your time zone manually using the International Time Clock at www.MrKent.com
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Oracle TO_TIMESTAMP Function
https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-to_timestamp/ The Oracle TO_TIMESTAMP function can be confusing, but we’ll explain it in this video. This function allows you to convert a string value into a TIMESTAMP value. A TIMESTAMP value is a type of DATE, but has a few components: - A date, including day, month, and year - A time, including hours, minutes, seconds, and fractional seconds This is a useful data type because it allows you to store a time down to fractions of a second. The syntax of the TO_TIMESTAMP function is: TO_TIMESTAMP ( input_string [, format_mask] [, nls_param] ) The input_string parameter is the string you want to convert. The format_mask is where you specify the format of the input_string parameter. This is so you can specify the input_string in a variety of formats, and just use this format_mask to indicate which format it is in. The nls_param parameter is another optional parameter, and allows you to specify the returning language of the month and day names. The default format will depend on the region you’re running your database in. In my example (using Oracle Express in Australia), the default format is ‘DD-MM-RRRR HH:MI:SS AM’. For more information on the Oracle TO_TIMESTAMP function, including the SQL used in this video, read the related article here: https://www.databasestar.com/oracle-to_timestamp/
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postgresql error - convert [field] time to timestamp with time zone
i get this error when convert a field with TYPE 'time' to 'timestamp with timezone' - the error : HINT: You might need to specify "USING date::timestamp without time zone" in phpmyadmin - postgresql in this video, i will show you how to fixing the error.
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Custom date time format in Oracle SQL Developer?
From Oracle SQL Developer's menu go to Tools -- Preferences. From the Preferences dialog, select Database -- NLS from the left panel. From the list of NLS parameters, enter DD-MON-RR HH24:MI:SS or for 24-Hour, DD-MON-YY HH24:MI:SS Or just for an active session use below instead. alter SESSION set NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'required_date_format' i.e. alter SESSION set NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS' into the Date Format field. Save and close the dialog.
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windows could not start the oracledbconsole on local computer error code 2
how to Fixed: windows could not start the oracledbconsole on local computer error code 2 or OracledbConsole does not start problem..pls watch full video & solved ur problem by urself. if face any problem; pls comments I'll try to level best to solve related problems; also u can follow below desc........... ======================================== Find & follow on Social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/DhamaliyaNet Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/dhamaliyadotnet FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/dhamaliya.Net/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dhamaliya-dot-net GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100736768767244969950 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/dhamaliyadotnet007/ Intagram: https://www.instagram.com/dhamaliyadotnet/ askFm: https://ask.fm/Dhamaliya007 vk: https://vk.com/id480426864 Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user81356715 ======================================== please subscribe my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/dhamaliyadotnet ======================================== for more Tips & tricks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAmEKK-wglL13Vhb9gvLHFih7LkXPkzbv ============================================= Following is the Solution which worked well for me. Step 1: Go to dbhome --- hostname_SID --- Sysman --- Config --- open emd.properties in notepad and set the value agentTZRegion=+06:00 to the value of your timezone and click save. You can also do it using export and time zone reset commands. Step 2: ALTER DATABASE SET TIME_ZONE='+06:00'; according to your time zone. You can check DB TIME Zone using " select dbtimezone from dual ; ". Step 3: In step 2 if you get the error "ORA-30079: cannot alter database timezone when database has TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE columns" then please FOLLOW following steps SQL--- select count (*) from dba_tab_columns 2 where data_type like 'TIMESTAMP%WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE' ; COUNT(*) 1 In this case there is only one table. The owner and name can be determined by: SQL--- select owner, table_name from dba_tab_columns 2 where data_type like 'TIMESTAMP%WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE'; OWNER TABLE_NAME ------------------------------ OE ORDERS SQL--- desc oe.orders ; Name Null? Type -------- ORDER_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(12) ORDER_DATE NOT NULL TIMESTAMP(6) WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE ORDER_MODE VARCHAR2(Cool CUSTOMER_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(6) ORDER_STATUS NUMBER(2) ORDER_TOTAL NUMBER(8,2) SALES_REP_ID NUMBER(6) PROMOTION_ID NUMBER(6) This oe.orders is just a table in the example schema of OE so this colums can be dropped. So please dont install sample schemas if you dont need them. SQL--- alter table OE.ORDERS drop column ORDER_DATE ; Table altered. Now the Time Zone can be altered using above command. Step 4: Also check the value of " SELECT SESSIONTIMEZONE FROM DUAL; " and if the value differs from os time zone, db time zone , emd.properties / agent time zone then also set it according to your timezone but I believe it always gives the OS time zone. Step 5: Stop and Restart all Services and check that Oracle DBConsole service is running or not and if not running then start from command prompt " emctl start dbconsole" . https://hostname:1158/em/
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How to change the time zone on your VMware ESX host
http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1436 This video details changing the time zone on your VMware ESX host. This information is helpful in situations where the wrong time zone is selected during installation. The video was created using VMware ESX 4.0, but the same basic steps apply to other versions of VMware ESX.
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erro java.sql.SQLException: The server time zone value
Erro fuso horario mysql erro java.sql.SQLException: The server time zone value 'Hora Universal Coordenada' is unrecognized or represents
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How to set up time zone on CentOS 7
How to set up time zone on CentOS 7
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IEPC Managing Time Zone Data Manually
Setting your time zone
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Time Zones in MySQL
MySQL data types do not support the SQL standard WITH TIME ZONE attribute. How do you store times in MySQL to efficiently show your customers times in their own time zone? The TIMESTAMP data type will show different times if you change the server's time zone. This presentation covers all this and more, including all the nuances of using offsets (such as "-8:00" to represent Pacific Standard Time as UTC -8 hours) and how to use named time zones (such as "US/Eastern"). This presentation is a must for anyone who wants to learn the most optimized way to convert a time based on time zone. The presentation can be downloaded from http://www.technocation.org/files/doc/2009_12_timezones.pdf
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Session6 Data type in Oracle
Session 6: Datatypes In Oracle   ALPHABET           : A-Z , a-z NUMBER              : 0-9 (with precision and scale) DATE / Temporal  : any Date and time (Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Mili-seconds, Timestamp, Timezone etc)   Alphabet + Number = Alphanumeric Data                                     = String / CHARACTER Datatype Category Number                    =  Numeric Datatype Category Date                         = Date Datatype Category 1. CHARACTER Datatype: CHAR, VARCHAR, NCHAR: CHAR is fixed length datatype and VARCHAR is Variable length datatype to store character data. i.e. A-Z , a-z , 0-9 , all keyboard characters etc. The default size is 1 character and it can store maximum up to 2000 bytes. Example : EName, EmpID, PassportNo, SSN, etc. EName CHAR(10) := ‘TOM’; wastage of 7 space after the string EName VARCHAR(10) := ‘TOM’; Spaces can be Reuse which left after the string NCHAR additionally handles NLS(National Language Support). Oracle supports a reliable Unicode datatype through NCHAR , NVARCHAR2 , and NCLOB  VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2: These are Variable length datatype. VARCHAR2 handles alphanumeric character string whereas NVARCHAR2 handles alphanumeric character string with NLS(National Language Support). The default size is 1 character and it can store maximum up to 4000 bytes.   LONG:  Variable length string.  (Maximum size: 2 GB - 1) Only one LONG column is allowed per table. RAW:    Variable length binary string (Maximum size 2000 bytes) LONG RAW: Variable length binary string (Maximum size 2GB) 2. NUMERIC Datatype: NUMBER: It stores Numeric values and performs numeric calculations. NUMBER,   NUMBER(n),   NUMBER(p,s) It stores Numbers up to 38 digits of precision. SeqNo NUMBER;                     1, 123, 12345678 EmpID NUMBER(4);                 1, 123, 1234 Sal NUMBER(7,2);                     23456.78 , 123.45 — correction in video: Sal NUMBER(a7,2); which is wrong please ignore. 1234567 can be a type of NUMBER, NUMBER(7), NUMBER(7,0) It can store both integer and floating point numbers NUMERIC(p,s) FLOAT:   Ex:  EmpSal FLOAT;    FLOAT(7)       Decimal Points allowed DEC(p,s), DECIMAL(p,s) , REAL, DOUBLE PRECISION INTEGER:   Ex:  SSN INTEGER;       Decimal Points are not allowed INT, SMALLINT 3. DATE Datatype: DATE: It stores DATE(Date, Month, Year) and Time(Hour, Minute, Second, AM/PM) and performs calculations with such data. Default DATE format in Oracle is “DD-MON-YY” Based on "Gregorian calendar" where the date ranges from “JAN 1 4712 BC” to “DEC 31 9999 AD” doj DATE;    “18-MAR-2010 12:30:00 PM” TIMESTAMP:    It can store all parameters as DATE datatype and additionally it can have “Fraction of seconds” and TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE / TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIMEZONE. Range from 0-9 digits, the default size is 6. 4. LOB Datatype: LOB: “Large Object” data. It can store pictures, motion pictures, Textfiles etc. CLOB: “Character Large Object” is used to store structured information like a text file with a specific file format. BLOB: “Binary Large Object” is used to store Un-structured information like Image, JPEG files, MPEG files etc. BFILE: “Binary File” is used to store the pointer to a specific file / Just store the location of a file. Maximum size: (4 GB - 1) * DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter (8 TB to 128 TB) Extra Information: NCLOB : It supports all the character set supported by CLOB and additionally it handles NLS(National Language Support ) Maximum size: (4 GB - 1) * DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter (8 TB to 128 TB) ROWID and UROWID(optional size) Datatype: contains fixed length Binary data. BBBBBBB.RRRR.FFFFF combination of BLOCK-ROW-DATABASE FILE Physical and Logical ROWID Upcoming Session: Session 7: Populating Data into Tables(INSERT Statement): Inserting data into all columns of a table Inserting data into Required columns of a table Inserting NULL value into a table Inserting Special Values(USER / SYSDATE) into a table Supplying data at runtime(using & and &&) THANK YOU :)
db files change
Change the DB_FILES parameter in ORACLE without changing the control file.
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How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null from Oracle on Windows 7
In this video, I will help you to fix an error in Oracle 10G which installed in Windows 7. Common error issue when starting the database in Oracle10g is java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null. So I hope when u try this trick you can solve your problem! :D Read This : 1. Install Oracle 10g Release 2 !! Not the Release 1 , because R2 can solve the error on windows 7 link to download : http://blackrabbit1703.blogspot.com/2014/02/cara-memperbaiki-javalangexception-in.html 2. Make sure you turn off the user setting, so u can easily change the emd.properties 3. After u find the emd.properties, change it into your Time Zone 4. Save it 5. Enjoy it! How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null On Oracle How To Fix java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null On Oracle How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null On Oracle in Windows 7 How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null On Windows 7 How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null On Oracle 10g How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null On Oracle10g in Windows 7 How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null On Oracle10g R2 How To Fix java lang Exception in sending Request null On Oracle10gR2 in Windows 7 java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null Cara memperbaiki java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null di Oracle 10g Cara memperbaiki java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null di Windows 7 Cara memperbaiki java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null di Oracle 10g windows 7 Muncul error java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null Error java.lang.Exception in sending Request :: null
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Setting Classpath for Apache Tomcat Server in Windows 7
Setting Classpath for Apache Tomcat Server in Windows 7
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Ojambo - Zen Cart Error Date Timezone Video (vs 0057)
The timezone for an individual application can be set locally. Local settings do not affect another applications unlike the global settings in the php.ini file. Setting the timezone at the top of the application_top.php will allow Zen Cart installation to proceed. Important Links: * Ojamboshop http://ojamboshop.com * Ojambo http://ojambo.com * Zen Cart Error Date Timezone http://ojambo.com/zen-cart-error-date-timezone
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Ubuntu Server Change and overview timezone #118
In this tutorial you will learn how to change the timezone on Ubuntu Server. This is also an overview timezone tutorial that will explain what a timezone is, from where can you download the tz database, how to see the time zones in it and also how the time zones are represented inside of the Ubuntu Server. More info on: http://www.liviubalan.com/ubuntu-server-change-and-overview-timezone
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Import Tables Oracle IMP
Link archivo dmp de los Simpsons https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwqMDMhKTH1TR1ctNW5hR0prWnc
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How to setup OAF JDeveloper - Oracle OAF Training Part 2
Oracle OAF Tutorials - Setup OAF JDeveloper How to setup OAF JDeveloper in Windows system environment.
AWS KC Videos: How do I use an XML DB option group in an RDS Oracle 11g instance?
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/enable-xml-db-oracle/ ​Farrukh, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to use an XML DB option group in an RDS Oracle 11g instance.
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MINIX 3.4 Installation and Configuration on Oracle VirtualBox [2017]
This video tutorial shows MINIX 3.4 Installation and Configuration on Oracle VirtualBox step by step. This tutorial is also helpful to install MINIX 3 on physical computer or laptop hardware. We also perform MINIX3 post installation setup tasks: Check network connection, set password for root, set time zone, install basic applications and common packages. Steps: 1- Create Virtual Machine on Oracle VirtualBox 2- Start MINIX 3.4 Installation 3- MINIX 3 Post Installation Setup 4- Install and Configure OpenSSH Server Service 5- Install Common Packages via pkgin_sets What is MINIX 3? MINIX 3 is a free, open-source, operating system designed to be highly reliable, flexible, and secure. It is based on a tiny microkernel running in kernel mode with the rest of the operating system running as a number of isolated, protected, processes in user mode. It runs on x86 and ARM CPUs, is compatible with NetBSD, and runs thousands of NetBSD packages. It is extremely small, with the part that runs in kernel mode in about 5,000 lines of source code, while the parts that run in user mode are divided into small, insulated modules which enhance system reliability. Originally designed as an educational tool, the latest versions of MINIX are also targetted at embedded systems and low-power laptops. By the project's own admission, MINIX is work in progress and is nowhere near as mature as BSD or Linux. It is released under a BSD-type licence. MINIX 3 Website: http://www.minix3.org/ Hope you found it informative and useful. Any questions or comments are welcomed. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website: http://www.SysAdminsHowto.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SysAdminsHowto/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SysAdmHowto Linux Video Tutorials: https://linux-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/ MINIX 3.4 Installation on VirtualBox Video: https://youtu.be/lKeXmdhiiRg Installing MINIX 3.4 on VirtualBox Tutorial: https://goo.gl/JS0GjW
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✅ How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 18.04 | VirtualBox 5.2.18 Setup | SYSNETTECH Solutions
How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 18.04 | VirtualBox 5.2.18 Setup | SYSNETTECH Solutions ► Article ► https://goo.gl/nw9v41 Read More ⬇️ ✅ S U B S C R I B E ► http://goo.gl/8d0iG9 This video shows you how to install Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2.8 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver). The most recent version of Oracle VM VirtualBox is 5.2.18. To install VirtualBox 5.2.18 on Ubuntu 18.04 you can also follow this video tutorial. To install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 18.04: 1. If you have not installed Ubuntu 18.04 before, please refer to the following video or article to install Ubuntu 18.04 with VMware. Video ➦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOA8wyS-urQ Article ➦ https://www.sysnettechsolutions.com/en/vmware/install-ubuntu-18-04-lts-vmware-workstation-14/ 2. Download VirtualBox to your computer from the link below. ➦ https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads 3. After downloading VirtualBox, open the Downloads folder and start Terminal there. 4. At the terminal, run dpkg -i VirtualBox-5.2_5.2.8-121009~Ubuntu~bionic_amd64.deb. ➦ dpkg -i virtualbox-5.2_5.2.8-121009~Ubuntu~bionic_amd64.deb 5. Now, you can install VirtualBox 5.2.8 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using the apt-get -f install command. ➦ apt-get -f install 6. After installing VirtualBox, you need to download and install the Extension Pack. To install Extension Pack 5.2.8, download the program by visiting the VirtualBox site. ➦ https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads 7. Double click on Extension Pack 5.2.8 to start the installation. 8. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! ➦ http://goo.gl/8d0iG9 ────────BEST PRODUCT FOR VIRTUALBOX───────── ✅ Buy ► http://bit.ly/VirtualBoxBook ───────────────RELATED VIDEOS─────────────── ➊ How to Install VirtualBox on Windows 10? ➦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU_dUhO3X_4 ➋ How to Create Virtual Machine in VirtualBox? ➦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmeqsGX2Qs0 ➌ How to Install Windows 10 in Oracle VM VirtualBox? ➦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2H52pCdvG4 ➍ How to Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 17.10? ➦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drt0TfdNmUA ➎ How to Upgrade VirtualBox on Windows 10? ➦ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORN5hr6mr0M ───────────────FOLLOW US─────────────────── ✔ Facebook ➦ https://www.facebook.com/SysnettechSolutions/ ✔ Google+ ➦ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Tolgabagci/ ✔ Twitter ➦ https://twitter.com/SysnettechS/ ✔ Pinterest ➦ https://www.pinterest.com/SysnettechS/ ✔ Instagram ➦ https://www.instagram.com/sysnettech_solutions/ ✔ LinkedIn ➦ https://tr.linkedin.com/in/tolqabaqci/ ✔ StumbleUpon ➦ http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/Sysnettech/ ███████████████████████████████████████████
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