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2 Girls 1 Cup of ICE
The crazy story when two of my female friends invited me over and they... well... just watch the video :) ▼Watch more: Admit it: Clubbing is LAME: http://youtu.be/UXmM5V4nkCM Driving While Black: http://youtu.be/-wlWjSuwcrc Mystery Video: http://youtu.be/Lyu8L3OFfpc Animation by BlackSen // Music by Harry Gettings // Narrated + Catering by sWooZie Business Email: [email protected] sWooZie T-Shirts: http://www.districtlines.com/swoozie ----------------------------------- ▼🐤 Birds of a feather stalk together: Animation by BlackSen // YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/Black734 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/BlackSen TWITTER: http://twitter.com/BlackSen Music by Harry Gettings // http://www.youtube.com/hgettings INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/swoozie06 YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/swoozie06 FACEBOOK: http://www.fb.com/adande TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/swooz1e TUMBLR: swoozie.tumblr.com SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps Music: "Shenanigans" by Harry Gettings // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYbqsrQsICg&list=UUV7ZZ9ecss9DlyZXdSz3U_A Wardrobe: Star Wars Swag Tee: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=29331410&parentid=SUGGESTIVE+SEARCH+RESULTS#/ Tokidoki Street Fighter hat: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tokidoki-Spicy-Tuna-Street-Fighter-New-Era-9FIFTY-Baseball-Cap-Hat-Adjustable-/191278080578
Views: 24076719 sWooZie
Two Girls and one Cup, watch and see.
Directed By: Walter Quiroz, Written By: Walter Quiroz and Jonathan Rothman, Produced By: Jonathan Rothman and Carlos Luciani, Starring: Sara - Angela Zivica, Jesse - Rita Ritvin, Ann Sterling - Morgan Latouche, Iris - Jenia Kats, Genie - Kayda Lloyd Stanley, Oscar - Todd Rice, Mr. Right - Alexander Mejia-Johnson, DP: Rigoberto Aguila, Carlos Luciani, Edited By: Carlos Luciani, Sound Design: Carlos Luciani, Art Director: Mateo Romero, Script Supervisor: Alexander Mejia-Johnson, Gafer - Mateo Romero, Make-up: Jessica Olivares, PA: Sean Atkins, David Jackson, Isuara Garcia, Special Thanks To: Alicia Swan and Danny Felton Genre - Fantasy Line of Dialogue - "Say it like you mean it" Prop - Ketchup Package Character - Andy or Anne Sterling the journalist
Views: 5763658 jonathaneemo
Two Twins, Two Reactions to Two Girls, One Cup = Too Funny!
Two twin sisters provide mixed reaction to their first and only Two Girls, One Cup viewing.
Views: 2205 DisastropheFilms
Reaction too two girls one cup!!! Hilarious
Reaction too two girls one cup!!! Hilarious
Views: 24 Killaink1066
two girls one cup- (i wanted to make a reaction video too!)
Yea so this shit is nasty, i feel all kinds of nasty, wtf, bitches are wylin buggin the fuck out!
Views: 35576 ilikemetough4u
Is My Bra Cup Size Too Small?
Lady Grace bra fitter Lisa provides three clues that you're wearing a bra cup that is too small. This is a common mistake, and one that is easy to remedy with a proper bra fitting.
Views: 41587 LadyGrace1937
Miss Kelly and Andrea starring in Two Girls One Cup. Sipping Red Bull and Vodka from a giant martini glass! Cheers!
Views: 395220 misskellyoj
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Views: 332 Jezminder
Sis reaction to too girls one cup
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 47 superswag13nf
swollen potato- reaction too two girls one cup
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Views: 61 swollenshitsngigs
my friends reaction  to too girls 1 cup.
Gumspoon23's webcam video November 25, 2011 03:44 PM
Views: 64 Gumspoon23
Reaction too two girls one cup. it gets loudd :D
Two Girls One Cup Reaction
Views: 12 daisy05501
2 girls 1 Cup reaction Video via Skype....Too funny
another Friend watching 2 girl 1 cup video via Skype.... look at her facial expressions.... LMAO
Views: 448 713recordz
2 girls 1 cup Best reaction ever!!!!!!! Too Funny!!!!!!
My sister's and her friends reaction to watching 2g1c...lmaooooo TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!! Her friend almost threw up...lol
Views: 182 nillawafers1973
Megans reaction too 2 GIRLS 1 CUP
we now understand why the usa said its obscene by law haha fucked up!!
Views: 113 jessicasweetie92
A Too Cute 2-Year-Old Bottle Flipper!
Sammy became an internet sensation after her bottle-flipping skills were posted on Facebook, and now she's here to show Ellen how it's done. Prepare to meet the most adorable little viral star ever!
Views: 22610731 TheEllenShow
Reacting too "2 Girls 1 Cup"
a bunch of clitoris's watch '2 girls 1 cup. clitori? whats the plural of clitoris?
Views: 15836 thurston4lovin
Jen watching 2 girls one cup too funny :D
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 2 Deanna Contreras
Nunci Reaction 2 girls one cup.!! TOO FUNNY.!!
Dis shyt tooo funny.! LAMFAO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Views: 82 MamiMarlo
my reaction too 2 girls 1 cup!
Views: 2189 Abby Schissler
Reaction too 2 girls one cup(cierra and sabrina)
Cierra almost puking
Views: 273 vulture327
Hi there World One cup Too Girl's
What is Wron with me
Mom's reaction to two girls one cup. Too funny!
She has no idea what to expect of two girls one cup. sorry its so shaky!
Views: 283 allahduafe
SO FUNNY!!!! best reaction!!
Views: 130 Brandy Hershey
Reaction too 2 Girls One Cup .
This isme and my friend's reaction to the videeo of 2 girls oone cup :S
Views: 73 charlie stevens
Reaction Too  2 Girls One Cup Vid!
satie2k1's webcam video December 2, 2011 04:38 PM
Views: 52 Katie Babee
Virgin Island reaction to   2 girls 1 Cup Video .... Too funny!!!!
I let my friends from the Virgin Islands see the video 2 girls 1 cup.... I know its old but they have never seen it look at the guys reaction....LMAO
Views: 1816 713recordz
Yogi's Reaction too 2 girls 1 cup
Views: 71 BillyRedelle0434
Dad's Two Girls One Cup Reaction Video-Too funny!!
Yeah I know we're about 3 years late to be posting this but it genuinely was funny and well worth posting. :) Please excuse my dad's mouth. Enjoy! (My brother eventually joined in so that's the random voice in the back.)
Views: 24 CootieandBooger
2 girls 1 cup reaction - Mike's Girlfriend. Too funny!
Mike's girlfriend watches 2 girls 1 cup after Mike does. She was so intrigued by his reaction that she had to watch herself!
Views: 2686 acarmyofone
reaction too two girls one cup
if you wanna throw up watch it if u like to be safe and not have night mares look away
Views: 38 baxter75berlin59
My reaction too "Two girls one cup!"
OMG didn't really know that was coming..I though they were doing something my other people look at it..
Views: 115 ExcellenceExacution
HULKHOLMAN Reacts too... 2 girls 1 cup
God no....
Views: 126 TheHulkHolman
reaction too 2 girls one cup lmaoo
i had jovon watch iht lol
Views: 83 allsmileszbabyy
sam's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo_2yNEJo3QmSuwAorxuUvA/videos
Views: 86 Ryan Owens
My cousins reaction too two girls one cup xD
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 68 Sam Stropes
2 girls and 1 cup reaction too damn funny #2
my besty trippin out too funny
Views: 374 flawdagurl07
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Cats reaction too 2 girls 1 cup
2girls1cup.com is sick
Views: 231 jennyyy27
Dewys Reaction too 2 girls 1 cup
Views: 98 Holtwoods View
Grandma reaction too 2 girls 1 cup!
She had erry body hella weak!
Views: 2626 SLSmoove
My Reaction From Too  Girls && One Cup Lmaoo
video uploaded from my mobile phone
Views: 69 Aaliyah Smith
2 girls 1 cup (reaction) and 2 girls 1 F......reaction too..
Bad reation.. relly funny
Views: 431 xsaravx
Christie and Frans reaction too 2 girls 1 cup!
the grossest shit evaa!! LITERALLY!!!
Views: 125 Cuteness0607

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