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Gun Basics -What Is A Magazine Disconnect Safety?
In this episode of Gun Basics we talk about Magazine Disconnect Safeties.
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Star BM magazine safety removal! EASY!
Makes mags drop free and allows firing without mag inserted! Easy to do, I show you how. Rust removal tips and tricks as well!
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Safety Bullet Review: Excerpt from GunTech Video Magazine  #58
http://joingca.com/youtube This month's excerpt, Jack reviews a product called "Safety Bullet" and demonstrates how it can help keep your family safe. The Gun Club of America is the Fraternity for people who love firearms says - Gene Kelly, President, GCA Members of the Gun Club of America enjoy many benefits including monthly video magazine, discounts on firearm related products, access to private websites and much more. Learn more about Guntech Video Magazine and The Gun Club of America go to: http://joingca.com/youtube or call 1-800-797-0867
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Ruger SR9: Purpose of Mag Disconnect
The magazine disconnect is a safety feature, which happens to annoy some shooters. I didn't really care for the idea at first. If you shoot USPSA is really gets in the way. At the risk of alienating some buyers, Ruger includes this feature to try and make the pistol a little more incident-proof. With the magazine out, the shooter can remove a round from the chamber with a safety engaged the entire time. Think about the Ruger M77 MkII/Hawkeye rifle, which has a 3-position safety. First position: fire. Second position: safe with the bolt unlocked. Third position: on safe, bolt locked, ready to hunt. The second position allows the shooter to unload the rifle with a safety still engaged. Think about the Remington 700 safety and claims that the gun can fire when the safety is released when the gun is being unloaded. The same safe-unloading principle applies to the Ruger SR series of gun when the magazine disconnect is included in the picture. The shooter can unload the gun with a safety engaged the entire time. This is true even when removing a round from the chamber. Ruger is big on safety. That is a win for everyone. The consumer is safe, which makes us happy. Ruger won't be the target of safety related law suits, which makes them happy.
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Magazine Disconnect - Dumb Idea
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S&W 5900 Series (3rd Gen) Magazine Safety Removal
I walk you through removing the Magazine Disconnect (safety) on S&W 3rd Generation pistols like the 5906 as well as the 4000, 4500, 1000, 3900, and 6900 series pistols. Why? Watch the video! Linked videos: Slide Disassembly: https://youtu.be/CUV8SL_RjFo Malfunctioning 5906: https://youtu.be/tUxZ2pQsyz4
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Magazine Disconnect Controversy - Generally, and Hi-Power Mag Disconnect Specifically
Products mentioned in this video are available at BHSpringSolutions.com One Information Correction: On video I mention that all manufactures of the Hi-Power have installed the Magazine Disconnect Device. The Correction: There were Hi-Powers produced at the FN facility in Belgium, during Nazi occupation in World War II, that did not include a Magazine Disconnect device.
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How to remove magazine disconnect from browning highpower
remove magazine disconnect.Simple easy way to remove the magazine disconnect from a browning highpower. The magazine will drop free and you can pull the trigger without a magazine being inserted. The trigger pull is very noticeably lightened and smoother. If you're shopping on amazon, it helps me if you use my link here: https://amzn.to/2GH6XU3 Go here to get an incredible discount on an all American sun oven https://www.sunoven.com/bctruck-coupon/ Visit this link here for preparedness related needs. https://mypatriotsupply.com/?Click=428305
Removing the magazine disconnect safety on a Hi-Power Mk. III
Taking the magazine disconnect safety out on a Browning Hi-Power Mk. III is more difficult than in older versions of the gun. Word of warning: Removing the trigger on a Mk. III is quite difficult, and attempting to do so without the proper tools or experience will probably result in damage to your gun. As in all Hi-Powers, the trigger lever, seated normally, prevents the magazine disconnect safety from being extracted. In earlier versions of the gun, the trigger lever can be dislocated enough to permit the magazine disconnect to come free by pushing it out of its channel and towards the magazine well. In the Mk. III, however, the trigger *must* be completely taken out and the trigger lever removed. Correction: Youtube user John Clemens has informed me that this must actually be done because the angle of the magazine retaining wall shoulder was changed in 1973. (Additionally, he advises not replacing the magazine disconnect pin, because he has known it to walk out and block movement of the trigger.) If you try to forcibly pull the magazine disconnect safety out after only punching out the magazine disconnect safety pin, you will destroy it and render the gun inoperable until the trigger can be extracted.
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Ruger LC9s Magazine Safety Removal
Tools needed: 1 1/16 punch, Tweezers, Small hammer
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TAC 45 demonstrates how to quickly remove the annoying GSG 1911 .22 Mag Safety. This is a very quick and easy fix to allow users to fire the action of their GSG 1911 without a magazine in the pistol, just like a .45 1911.
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IOSH Magazine – Safety, health and wellbeing in the world of work
IOSH Magazine is a ‘must read’ for safety and health professionals. In this video, Louis Wustemann, IOSH Magazine Editor, and Graham Parker, IOSH President Elect, give their take on why IOSH Magazine is good news for your career. Download a transcript of the video here - http://tinyurl.com/hlzhnob
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Star Model B magazine safety delete
This is how i disabled the magazine safety on a Star Model B. It only took a few minutes with simple hand tools. Tools needed are a small narrow flat head screw driver and a metal file. ** update**. This video is just to show how to delete the safety. This was purchased as a parts/gunsmith special ie it wasn’t a complete gun. It was a sacrificial piece. Yes dry firing is not recommended without a slide. Thanks to all the arm chair gunsmiths for pointing this out.
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Browning Hi-Power: Removing the Magazine Disconnect
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M&P Magazine Disconnect Removal M&P45 Mag
Shows how the magazine - firing pin - disconnect works and how to remove it. Doing this will enable the gun to be dry fired without the magazine.
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Pheonix Arms HP22 Safety Modification Magazine drop Non Warranty voiding
I don't E-beg so I can't afford to void my warranty.
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Sig Magazine Safety Removal
Simple guide on how to remove the mag safety from your Sig Mosquito.
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11yo Gunsmith - M&P Magazine Safety Removal
How To Remove the Mag Safety on M&P handguns, using tools at home. No special tools required Do this at your own risk. May open yourself up to civil liability for CCW based encounters. No ammunition was present in area for filming. Competition gun use Female Competition shooter If Fefit is going to shoot, then she is going to maintain the weapon, and clean it too. Facebook : Decot Family Shooters Twitter : Decot Family Shooters Instagram : Decot Family Shooters SnapChat : Decot Family Shooters Patreon Support : Patreon.com/DecotFamilyShooters
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How to Remove Magazine Safety from Hi Point C9
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Views: 2168 OpsGunandGear
Bersa 380cc  Magazine Safety Removal
How to remove the magazine safety on a Bersa Thunder 380cc.
Views: 24255 rcl5011
Star BM9 From J&G Sales & magazine disconnect safety removal
Just wanted to show what you get from J&G Sales when you order a star BM 9 with the hand select option. I got an excellent example with nearly no wear. The bore is shiny as new.
Views: 8635 ShitFromShinola
Sig P226 Mag Disconnect Removal
Quick video on how to remove the magazine disconnect in a Sig P226.
Views: 12309 packratg
How To: Browning Buck Mark Magazine Disconnect Removal
This quick video will show you how to remove the magazine disconnect from your Browning Buck Mark.
Views: 10245 Guns & Accessories
Zastava M70A - Magazine Safety Removal
These are great pistols, especially after the magazine safety is removed. This is a quick and simple method to remove the magazine safety. This not only allows the trigger to be pulled without the magazine locked into place, but also allows your empty magazines to drop free without any hang-ups when the magazine release is pressed. Also works on the Zastava M70, M57, M57A, M88 and M88A.
Views: 11816 pdayton01
Quick look: Browning Hi Power upgrades
Removed magazine safety for better trigger feel New grips - Hogue exotic Kingwood Removed lanyard rivet New holster - Sickinger Officer RH Black New magazine holders - Sickinger TwinBox Black Coming up - maybe Cylinder & Slide ‘B’ kit - weaker hammer spring and firing pin spring Watch this space! Cameras: Sony HDR-PJ260VE, HDR-AS100V Editing software: Corel VideoStudio Pro X7, Google Video Editor Tripods: Cullmann 1500, Gorillapod video, Gorillapod small camera, Kaiser camera clamp Microphones: Zoom H1 V2 Black Digital Audio Recorder Teleprompt: Listec Promptware plus for Android (10" tablet) Digital clapper: QuArt Studio Digital Clapper for Android Lights: None (yet!) I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video.
Views: 19220 RobWhittlestone
The Ruger Security 9 Magazine Safety? #321
Yamil Sued talks about the Ruger Security 9, does it have a Magazine Safety??
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Sig Sauer magazine disconnect
It looked so easy watching it being done. A thick rubberband around the grip safety would have eliminated 95% of my problems. Take a look at Gunwild1's video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IBHMGwhY58
Views: 7185 MyHollowpoint
Zastava m70a magazine safety problem SOLVED
Best solution yet WITHOUT ripping it out
Views: 203 Bob Gertz
Ruger SR Series Magazine Disconnect Safety Removal
In this video I show how to remove the magazine disconnect safety on a Ruger SR9c MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!! LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE THIS VIDEO Follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and TWITTER www.Facebook.com/GunN00b82 www.Instagram.com/GunN00b82 www.Twitter.com/GunN00b82
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Mod for the Phoenix Arms hp22a safety
Mod / fix for the the Phoenix Arms hp22a magazine safety that does not void your warranty.
Views: 67242 PnMGunReview
How-to Remove magazine disconect SW22 smith and wesson Victory
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HI-Point Mag Disconnect Safety Removal (HD)
Hi-Point Magazine Disconnect Safety Removal is a very easy process. If you have a Hi-Point, I think you should remove this piece from it. Thanks for watching, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for watching the guns and accessories channel. Have a good Day! Go Pro Gun Mounts?:http://strikemark.com/ AK Lightning Bolt?: http://www.coloradoshootingsports.com/ Need Quality Muzzle Devices?: http://www.manticorearms.com/main.sc Spikes Tactical? : http://www.spikestactical.com/new/z/i... Need an FFL?: http://thegunbuff.com/ Need Frog Lube?:http://bellatorelitedistribution.com/ Need Targets?: http://www.targetsonline.com/store/ Need Duracoat?:http://www.lauerweaponry.com/ Need ISPT's?: http://idiotscratch.com/ Need GAP floorplates?:http://www.concealablecontrol.com/ Need holsters?: http://13zulu.com/ intro created by http://summitcitymedia.com/
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How To: Smith & Wesson Military & Police (M&P) Magazine Disconnect Safety Removal  (HD)
Quick how to video on removing the magazine disconnect safety on M&P pistols. www.facebook.com/mrgunsngear www.twitter.com/mrgunsngear Music: Band-Deliver Us From Evil Song-Walk Into My Grave
Views: 22430 Mrgunsngear Channel
Ruger SR22 with Mag Safety Disconnect Removed
I have looked and looked and been unsuccessful on finding a video or instructional on how to remove the mag safety disconnect from an SR22... So, I decided to take mine apart and give it hell... The reason I removed mine was because whenever there was a magazine in the gun, it would allow me to pull the trigger about 3 times and then the trigger stopped resetting, Ruger sent me new mags,still didn't work, so this was my only option.. Other then sending it in. Hope this helps you! Steps: -check surroundings -make sure firearm is clear -pull down your take down lever ( in front of trigger ) -remove slide by sliding backwards and up -take a 3/32 punch and knock out the roll pin that's under the safety lever -slip a DULL THIN pocket knife over the serial number in between it and the poly frame -wiggle the firing assembly out of the frame - KEEP your finger pushing down on the slide release it will fly. -there will be a safety spring and detent that comes out of the frame with the assembly also,don't loose it! OUT OF FRAME: - lift the mag release and small spring off, put aside -knock down (just a little) the small pin that goes through the trigger -unscrew the screw near the trigger -unscrew the screw under the safety selector -Lift the plate (that the screws held down) up VERY slowly, hold your hand around the frame, the disconnect and spring will come flying out on their own! *When reassembling, BE SURE your holes line up for the roll pin that you took out in the beginning!!!!!!* **Repeat in reverse and it should allow you to dry fire without a magazine in the gun**
Views: 7011 Lyfestyle Hobby
Bersa Thunder CC .380 Mag disconect safety removal
Here I remove the magazine safety disconnect and spring .
Views: 4148 Chris B
005: Ruger LC9 Magazine Disconnect Safety Removal
This may not be the best video on YouTube showing how to take the magazine disconnect safety out of this pistol, but I guarantee it's one of the shortest.
Views: 4179 Sick of Survivalism
Quick Bersa Mag Disconnect How To
A quick vid on how to remove/disable the magazine disconnect feature of the typical Bersa pistols. This applies to most but not necessarily all of them . Be advised !!!
Views: 8377 Skippy02
Magazine Disconnect Safety Removal on CA Compliant S&W SD9VE (How To)
In this quick video I'll show you how to remove the magazine disconnect safety on a 'California Complaint' Smith & Wesson SD9VE. This will allow you to fire the weapon without a magazine being inserted. With the disconnect safety installed you will not be able to fire around unless the magazine is inserted. *Note: I was fooling around with that mouse trap type spring with the punch before making this video. I think I broke it which is why i fell out in two pieces. In order to remove slide, the magazine must be inserted. You can also just reach from the top of the slide and push the brown tab down. Picked this gun up a couple days ago. I've looked all around and could not find any videos on how to remove the mag safety, so i inspected the operation of the trigger bar and other components and located the problem. I watched a video on a complete strip and that is when i noticed the difference. The compliant versions contain three additional parts. Two of which are brown in color and a small mouse trap type spring which will come out once the rear pin is removed from the frame.
Views: 3363 OrdinaryCitizen
Browning Hi Power Magazine Disconnect Removal
After many years of resisting, I finally remove the magazine disconnect from my Browning Hi Power. My brother has had several Hi-Powers over the years and this is one of the first things he does. Only took me 30 years or so.
Views: 12794 theheadidiot
Hi-Point C9 Mag Safety Removal
Shows how to remove the Magazine safety on the Hi-point C9 (9mm). ***DISCLAIMER*** This video is for demonstrative purpose only, I will not be held accountable if you make this change to your firearm. Do so at your own risk.
Views: 9742 opisex
1911 ATI / GSG / Sig Sauer 22 LR Magazine Safety Removal & Mainspring Housing Replacement
More GSG / Sig 1911 22lr parts here: http://www.GSGparts.com Visit our Store: http://www.taylor-tactical-supply.com/ Buy it on Amazon: http://astore.amazon.com/nisrrrere-20... LIKE / SHARE / FAVE! Support our channel at http://www.Taylor-Tactical-Supply.com Ebay Store - http://stores.ebay.com/Taylor-Tactical-Supply?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 SOCIAL MEDIA: Join Me on Gun District: https://gundistrict.com/profile/6901 FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/NicTaylor00 Twitter - https://twitter.com/nictaylor00 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nictaylor00/ Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/thenictaylor00/ Add me to your Google+ Circles:https://plus.google.com/+nictaylor00/posts Like Hunting? See NicTaylor00's Hunting Channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com/TexasNative00 Removing the magazine safety in your GSG or Sig Sauer 1911 22LR pistol is one of the most easiest modification that you can do to your gun. In this video I will show you to the how to steps to accomplish this. Additionally I'll show you have to replace the factory curved main spring housing to an aftermarket flat one. This is also a very simple task and with a little patience you can accomplish it in no time. This video will pertain to all 1911's. So even if you do not own one of these fantastic 22 pistols, this video can help you modify your full power 1911. I this video I do all my modifications on my second GSG pistol where I am in the process of converting the factory weapon into an IPSC Open gun. Any gun that is chambered for the 22 caliber long rifle round and is a close replica of your main center-fire gun is an inexpensive way to train. This gun will do double duty since I plan to make my modifications based on smaller hands so that my son can start shooting Steel Challenge Competitions with me. However, It's gonna be cool anyway! Be sure and pick your magazine upgrade kit for the GSG and Sig Sauer 1911 22LR pistol. With this magazine modification, you can get 15 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber for a total of 16 rounds of ammunition in the gun! Magazine Upgrade: http://nictaylor00.blogspot.com/2012/... DISCLAIMER: By removing the magazine safety you may be opening yourself up to some liability so please do it at your own risk. I do not take responsibility in your actions. This video is for informational purposes only and I assume no risk.
Views: 19226 NicTaylor00
Ruger LC9 Magazine Disconnect Correct Removal in Detail
Informational video only showing in detail how I removed the Ruger LC9 magazine safety. Any changes or modifications to a gun should only be performed by a professional Gunsmith. Treat all guns as loaded until they are positively determined to be safe. Please follow all gun safety rules.
Views: 47365 karrobrob
Bersa Mag safety removal
Ok This is how you remove the magazine disconnect on a Bersa Thunder .380.
Views: 8950 chaosmagusgod
Walther P22 Mag Disconnect Removal and complete Ta
I added a update on the Slide release spring .. Please Note the changes Starting at 18:50. Sorry ****Instructional Video ONLY**** Removal of mag disconnect and Partial take down of the Walther P22 , .22 Cal pistol..
Views: 27499 cpac97
FiveSeveN magazine issue fixed :)
My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BuffmanLT1 In my previous video I had issues with my magazine dropping free: http://youtu.be/bp-um_fvt_o and with the slide not locking back after last round. The slide release hook was bent slightly not allowing postivie contact with the magazine follower. FNH sent me a new slide release for free, and swapped it out. It would have more than likely been fine just replacing the magazine safety. For whatever reason, the magazine safety removal on my gun allowed the mag to move around more. I purchased a new magazine safety, installed it, and both problems gone. All of my mags drop free, and there is no noticeable increase in trigger pull weight or feel.
Views: 3554 Buffman - R.A.N.G.E.
Ruger SR9 Striker and Magazine Disconnect Removal
Ruger SR9 Striker and Magazine Disconnect Removal. Also watch Ruger SR9 Field Strip: http://youtu.be/3LDGti006zI
Views: 56968 bgallaher77
LC9 mag disconnect removal - trigger improvement?
A look at the LC9 that I removed the magazine disconnect from and it is quite the improvement on the trigger.
Views: 6808 Bushcraft412
Walther P22: How to fix a jammed internal safety and remove the magazine disconnect
This vid is for information purposes only! So if your not good with fixing things you should take it to a gunsmith and I except no responsibility for your actions.
Views: 9659 alleric357

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