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Bomfunk MC's - B-Boys & Fly Girls
Bomfunk MC's - B-Boys & Fly Girls
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In Living Color Fly Girls Beatmatched Compilation
An experiment I've always wanted to try: A long beatmatched sequence of In Living Color's Fly Girls (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Living_Color#The_Fly_Girls). The Fly Girls were choreographed by Rosie Perez in seasons 1-4 and had a unique style that showcased the rise of hip-hop in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I've always wanted to feature that in a nice video, so here it is. Among the dancers were a young Carrie-Ann Inaba and a young Jennifer Lopez. (For those short on time: You can see Carrie-Ann in the first clip and Jennifer in the second.) Jennifer Lopez joined right when Carrie-Ann was leaving the 3rd season, but there are a few clips with them together. Another dancer of note is Deidre Lang, who was the only dancer to stick with the show through all five seasons. Production Notes: If you hear a cool piece of music but can't quite place it, it is stock music from the Bruton production music library "Block Party Hip-Hop", catalog number BR436. For whatever reason, they stopped using commercial hip-hop artists sometime around season 3. The entire sequence starts at 104 BPM and ends at 120 BPM with an explosion. I beatmatched by hand and synced it by hand using Premiere Pro CS5 (I don't own any VJ software). I figured BPM by counting beats against time (I'm a musician) and sorting them into bins of 104, 106, 108, 110, 112, 114, 116, 118, and 120 BPM. (There were other bins as low as 96 and as high as 124 but these didn't get used in the main sequence.) Clips were chosen based on how much of the dancers they featured, the flow of the music, and how much I could use without credits or logos getting in the way (the point was to show off the dancers and choreography, not In Living Color itself). There are a LOT MORE fly girls clips in the entire series, but some danced to rap that didn't flow too well with the other clips so they weren't used. The clips in this video constitute less than half of all dancing in the series. Clips were only taken through season 4. In season 5, Rosie Perez was no longer the choreographer and I feel the dancing lost the hip-hop base that made the sequences so special. The clips are season 4-heavy because the Wayans had all but left the show by that point and there was less sketch material, so they compensated with more dancing. The sequences in season 4 are longer, more unbroken, and had less rap so they tended to fit better. Source material was not the best quality, sorry. Trivia: In season 4 they stretched a bit and starting reusing dance sequences from season 3 (for example, in S04E15 there is a sequence lifted from S03E18). I pulled off a few edits that seamlessly combined clips from 2 or even 3 seasons together because the music was the same, and the music and flow remains unbroken. Some of these edits are more clever than others; one or two are obvious, sorry. Some of the sequences show off a particularly *fierce* Ms. Lopez which may be a shock to those who only know her from her acting or singing careers. There is a male crew in a few sequences, but I don't know what their name is/was, sorry.
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Bomfunk MC's - B-Boys & Fly Girls
Music video by Bomfunk MC's performing B-Boys & Fly Girls. (C) 1999 SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (FINLAND) OY http://vevo.ly/QbLlr7
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Fly Girls   Jongné Vidéo Lyrical
Fly Girls en mode afro beat
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A Fly Girl - The Boogie Boys (1985)
The Boogie Boys were an American old school hip-hop group from Harlem, New York. They scored one big hit in 1985 with "A Fly Girl", from the album "City Life", that peaked at number six on the R&B charts. William 'Boogie Knight' Stroman, Joe 'Romeo J.D.' Malloy, and Rudy 'Lil Rahiem' Sheriff comprised the group. But things went downhill after that promising start, and by 1988 Sheriff had left the group, and they soon disbanded. This channel is dedicated to all the great rap music from back in the day. The music that started the whole hip-hop revolution, the incredible music from the 70s, the 80s, and the early 90s . . . The Roots Of Rap are here! For music videos of the Old School funk, go to: www.youtube.com/DJBuddyLoveOldSchool If you like relaxing with some classic Cool Jazz, go to: www.youtube.com/DJBuddyLoveCoolJazz To explore the world of The DJ Cafe, go to: www.youtube.com/DJBuddyLoveDJCafe If you love jamming to some great Classic Rock, check out: www.youtube.com/DJBuddyLoveClassicRR Check out my newer music videos and other fun stuff at: www.youtube.com/DJBuddyLove3000 Check out my news videography stuff at: www.youtube.com/VonReganDavis Also, check out my youngest daughter (the world's youngest video producer) at: www.youtube.com/DaddyzGirl3000 And coming in June 2011 . . . DJ Buddy Love presents LONGEVITY . . . A world record club DJ mixing marathon charity event . . . 120 hours nonstop to benefit cancer research . . . Live to the world via UStream, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter . . . More details coming soon . . . Enjoy!! ;~} Copyright 1985 Capitol/EMI Records All Rights Reserved
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FLY GIRLS MILANO are VAITEA - JUGGY - CECILIA STALLONE - LADY HARLEM - SHANGHAI JADE beat by SOSA DJ street video by GIANLUCA CATANIA recorded, mixed& mastered by DJ A2SO free download on www.soundcloud.com/flygirlsmilano more at: twitter.com/flygirlsmilano facebook.com/flygirlsmilano info/booking: [email protected]
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BIRDS OF A FEATHER | Official Dance Video | Chicken Girls Cast
Annie, Brooke, Dylan and Riley teach you the dance from Chicken Girls, step by step.
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Bomfunk Mc's -  B-Boys & Flygirls
Bomfunk Mc's - In Stereo ------------------------- 1. Uprocking Beats 3:41 2. Other Emcee's 3:48 [[3. B-Boys & Flygirls 3:15]] 4. Freestyler 5:06 5. Rocking, Just To Make Ya Move 3:45 6. Sky's The Limit 3:58 7. Stir Up The Bass 3:36 8. Fashion Styley 4:40 9. 1, 2, 3, 4 4:05 10. Rock, Rocking Tha Spot 3:15 11. In Stereo 4:48 12. Spoken Word - 4:42 -------------------------
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Mr Eazi x Tion Wayne Type Beat "Fly Girl" | @SlickJayBeatz | 2016
TO LEASE THIS BEAT UNTAGGED GO TO – https://airbit.com/SlickJayBeatz/fly-girl Email me for any beat purchases or inquires. [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------ Tweet Me! - @SlickJayBeatz Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! - www.youtube.com/JJ9086 Follow My Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/slickjaybeatz Lease Beats on my Beat Store! - airbit.com/slickjaybeatz
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Girls Like You vs. Fly - Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B & Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna | MASHUP
I really like the video, but bc of the cameos lets be real lmao (The message is also pretty sweet) --------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Instagram at: @mashedupaudios --------------------------------------------------- Songs Used: - Girls Like You - Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B - Fly - Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna
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Bomfunk MC's - B-Boys & Fly Girls (Bomfunk MC's chitty chitty bang bang!)
Just spending some quality time with my twinzie, edited very professionally, you can not find any shenanigans going on! I repeat, I am a pro YO! WE'RE THE FUTURE, YOUR FUTURE... GOD SAVE THE QUEEN HALLELUJAH! But then again: I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? ... Remembering Bomfunk MC's P.S: I actually shot this one in spring or something but as you can see I am lazy as turtle. ENJOY HOMMIEZ! and yes I know about the quality, I enjoy bad quality videos yes it's 2013 and yes I still like pixel feeling. -RC
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fly girls - beat it group - jan 23, 2011
ahs fly girls 2011 beat it combo large group song: "beat it" by michael jackson
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BIRDS OF A FEATHER | Official Music Video | Theme From “Chicken Girls”
Annie, Brooke and Hayden present “Birds of a Feather, ” from the hit show Chicken Girls. Music & lyrics by Janey Feingold & Josh Migdal Song produced by Josh Migdal
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fly girls, claire bevilacqua in Hawaii 2009
womens pipeline pro winner, interview and some barrel action from pipeline and backdoor. www.banzaibetty.com
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How to Do a Fly Girl Step Dance Move | Hip-Hop Workout
Like these Hip Hop Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1hu3S9E Watch more Hip-Hop Dance Workout videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/501316-How-to-Do-a-Fly-Girl-Step-Dance-Move-HipHop-Workout Okay you guys, this next step is called 'The fly-girl step' and it does not matter if you are a fly-girl or a fly-boy, you can do it either way. So, we're going to start here. I'm going to show you the arms to begin. You're going to take your left hand, put it to your right shoulder and just brush, okay? And then switch. Brush. And then two to the right. Brush, brush. Okay? So staying with this single, single, double, double idea. Again, let's do the same hand, okay? Take your left hand up and single, single, double, and. Single, single, double and. Okay, it's like you're brushing it off, you're too fly for it, you're brushing it off, okay? Have fun with it, add the attitude. Now, the legs are going to be doing single, single, double, right. Single, single, double, left. Add the arms, kick. One, two, one, two and single, single, double-to-the-right, single, single, double-to-the-left. Okay? What is this working? For sure, it's working your obliques, your torso, the muscles on your sides. Because you're lifting up and you're doing like a side crunch in, okay, as you brush your shoulder. It's also great cardio, okay? So, all very good things for your body, in order to stay fit and healthy. Okay? So, take your left hand up. We're going to start slow, and then pick it up. So, left hand, right leg, ready? Here we go fly people. One, two, double-to-the-right. One, two, double-left. Single, single, and you got to add a little attitude, right? Like, you don't care. You're too fly for it. One, two and one, one, double, kick, kick, single, single, double, kick. Okay? Now, of course, if you've been watching the videos, we got to speed it up, so that you get that cardio going, okay? So the tempo's going to be ready like this, listen. Single, single, double. Single, single, double. Single, single, double. Single, single, double. Alright, let's do it. Whole body working. Ready? Left-hand. We have single, single, double. Single, single, double. Single, single, double. Single, single, keep going. Kick, one, two, kick. One more time, each side. Last one, hold. Okay? So, get your fly-girl on, get your fly-boy on. We are all fly people, especially when we're doing something like this. Okay? So, enjoy, have fun with that one. [exit tone]
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DC Young Fly Will Give Your Girl A Bone Like A Fintstone | Wild 'N Out | MTV
DC Young Fly crushes in this 90’s Cartoon round of ‘Pick Up and Kill It’. Thursdays at 11/10c on MTV! #MTV #WildNOut #WNO Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC Wild 'N Out is your home for freestyle comedy. Watch as Nick Cannon and an A-list celebrity lead a team of improv comedians in a battle to see who’s the best. More from MTV: Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/ Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/ MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/ #MTV is your destination for the hit series Wild 'N Out, Siesta Key, The Challenge, MTV Floribama Shore, Teen Mom and much more!
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0-intend - Let Us Fucking Fly Girl/Tribute to her (Prod. By Wonderlust)
Let Us Fucking Fly/Tribute to her Is basically about a couple that broke up because the weren't able to love each other. Even though they, did they were to anxious to say it out loud. The sentence "Let us fucking fly" is to be understood in two different ways 1. Let's fly together, love each other 2. Let's fly without each other. Let me fly/go Check out my Soundcloud if you want to listen to my other stuff https://soundcloud.com/zerointend Shout out to the fresh Producer who made this beat link to his Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GuerillaWarfareBeatz
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Modern Talking nostalgia - Love Fly fоrеvеr. Girls extreme team Jet airliner magic mix
ITALO DISCO - Best music 80 Nostalgia Modern Talking Harmony style
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Willam's This Is Not The Beatdown Ep 24- Fly Girls
Buy our shit on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/willam/id510430712 (but the song Starfucker is only available on my album right now at http://www.willambelli.com/shop )
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Bomfunk MC's - B Boys & Flygirls
Евродэнс видеоклипы 90-х http://eurodancer.h16.ru/
Pretty fly girlz dancing to juju on DAT beat !!! 😛😍😍
Baby laylay & baby love & baby liyah
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In Living Color- Fly Girls - Lisa Thompson [best Fly Girl ever]!
Fly Girls perform "Rump Shaker". Lisa Joann Thompson was the best Fly Girl [along with Jossie] that show ever saw! She is tearin it up in this clip!!
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Bomfunk MC'S-  B- Boy's & Fly Girl's Lyrics By: Greg
b-boys flygirls throw your hands in the air aah yeah, like you just don't care old school sounds, come down blastin' all the homies in the house, you know they be maxin' coolin' out with style - like back in the days representin' the skills, puttin' suckers in their place funky fresh - with the most finest dj cuttin' records, so u could impress all the flygirls, yeah - the sexy ladies see, ain't no doubt about what's happening later b-boys flygirls throw your hands in the air aah yeah, like you just don't care two turntables and a microphone that's all we need to rock on the show bam, bam, bam - are you ready for yes-yes-y'all('in) get your funky ass up - this is tha last calling funky fresh - with the most finest dj cuttin' records, so u could impress all the flygirls, yeah - the sexy ladies see, ain't no doubt about what's happening later b-boys flygirls throw your hands in the air aah yeah, like you just don't care
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Trey Songz - About You [Official Audio]
TRIGGA Reloaded Available Now! Download: http://smarturl.it/TRIGGAreloaded iTunes: http://smarturl.it/RELOADEDitunes Google Play: http://smarturl.it/RELOADEDgp Spotify: http://smarturl.it/RELOADEDspotify Amazon: http://smarturl.it/RELOADEDamazon Head to your local Best Buy store to get TRIGGA Reloaded with 4 all new tracks! Get Official TRIGGA Merch here: http://atlr.ec/1sv1Nyo Download The Angel Network app for iPhone and Android: http://smarturl.it/angelnetwork Follow Trey: http://www.treysongz.com http://store.treysongz.com http://www.twitter.com/treysongz http://www.instagram.com/treysongz http://www.facebook.com/treysongz #treysongz #atlantic #atlanticrecords
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Lichtenfels - B-Boys Fly Girls (Remix) (Animedreamer240)
I always LOVED this song..and i am the second to upload it (although the original upload was deleted) you can buy it on itunes or download the video to mp3 converter here: http://download.cnet.com/Free-YouTube-to-MP3-Converter/3000-2194_4-10665553.html?part=dl-6290628&subj=dl&tag=button Disclaimer: I have absolutely NOTHING to gain from uploading this. And if you have a problem with this video: MESSAGE ME AND I WILL PERSONALLY DELETE IT OR AUDIO SWAP IT!!!!
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Bomfunk MC's   B Boys & Fly Girls Live in Finland 2000
https://www.facebook.com/groups/bomfunk - Official Community
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Bad Boys Blue - Queen of Hearts. Jet fly girl airlaner team magic love remix
ITALO DISCO - Best music 80 Nostalgia Modern Talking Harmony style
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Big Bang Breaks - B boys and Fly girl
Views: 5547 Radu Grecu
The Boogie Boys / A Fly Girl (Instrumental Epicenter Bass) Boosted-HQ
The Boogie Boys / A Fly Girl (Instrumental Epicenter Bass) Boosted, HQ... Old School Rap, Greatest Hits, 80's (Mega Low Bass)
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B-Boys & Fly-Girls Daily Buzz Music Video (2004)
This is a glimpse of The Daily Buzz during the fall of 2004...set to B-Boys & Fly-Girls by the Bomfunk MC's. http://www.dailybuzznation.com/ http://www.facebook.com/officialdailybuzz
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Sharam Jey - Fly Beat - BT024
Bunny Tiger Music024 Buy this release on Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/fly-beat/1238398 Like Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/BUNNY-T... http://www.facebook.com/dj.sharamjey http://soundcloud.com/sharamjey
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Married To Medicine season 5 ep 8: Fly Girls & Low Riders
Jackie comes face to face with Curtis for the first time since his infidelity. Simone sees a patient with unique circumstances. In an effort to make up for Ms. Renee’s behavior at Mariah’s party, Contessa turns back the clock and hosts a 90s pool party. But tensions rise, as Simone and Heavenly battle with Mariah, leaving Toya trying to keep the peace.
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MODERN TALKING style 1985 - Jet Airliner Fly girls team magic mix
ITALO DISCO - Best music 80 Nostalgia Modern Talking style
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The Fly Girls - Loud and Clear
1989 sum' funny girl shit lol
Views: 1010 Da hiphopdigga
Boogie Boys - Fly Girl
Boogie Boys were an American old school hip hop group from Harlem, New York. They had a major hit in America in 1985 with the single "A Fly Girl" and several successful albums. In 1988, Rudy Sheriff left the group, and soon after they disbanded.
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The Fly Girls @ Park Crossing vs Carver
The Fly Girls at Park Crossing vs Carver halftime performance. Choreographer: DeShaun Beasley
Italo disco 80s. D.White - My Everything Babe. Love Sky magic fly Girl рilоt team modern mix
и новая песня D.White с авиалайнером https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GNyvOEEk4c
Views: 138144 Kot Simiroff
The Fly Girls- Poison Hip Hop Mix
The girls are serving old-school hip-hop at the Park Crossing vs. Lanier basketball game.
5stargeez - Back Around  (Fly Girl Version)
Directed by Chris Ellis ● CHRISTOPHER ELLIS: http://instagram.com/realchrisellis
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Let's Play! The Sims 4 Get Together: What Is A Fly Girl?
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥Open Here ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Welcome to my channel! A Newbie from Newcrest links up with the new group. The Fly Girls. They chat & I give a bit of background on the group and why they were formed. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TWX-cf4hRA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF2tbEotNrU *Any items or cc you are interested in feel free to ask. Trolling will get you blocked :) Origin Id: Xmiramira Twitch: twitch.tv/xmiramira Tumblr: xmiramira.com CC Finds: xmiramiraccfinds.tumblr.com Info: Age: 22 Location: New York Specs: A Macbook
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Lofi hip hop mix - Beats to Relax/Study to [2018]
🎼ChilledCow's Spotify playlist → http://bit.ly/spotifychilledcow 👕 ChilledCow shop → https://chilledcow-merch.com Full tracklist [00:00:00] idealism - last time [00:02:50] Philanthrope X Kupla - Cycles [00:05:25] bloopr - mondayloop [no friends, no worries] [00:06:50] leavv - within [00:09:30] leavv & misc.inc - Pictures (unreleased) [00:11:35] fortnight - 2000 [00:13:03] Soho - At Peace [00:14:58] blnkspc_ - Sticky [00:18:30] j'san - in time (unreleased) [00:20:43] Dweeb -'72 Audi Coupe [00:21:45] sumwun - men cry [00:23:37] ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ - over it [00:25:33] saiko - untitled (unreleased) [00:26:48] Saito & Lester, Nowhere - Glare (w/ otesla) [00:29:00] Philanthrope - Leavin' [00:31:08] hm SURF - Flunked This Semester [00:32:44] leavv - park walk [00:34:12] Kaizen 92´- lost n´ found [00:36:20] fortnight - 5AM [00:37:55] fortnight - the keys [00:39:41] Aeson - a l l u r e [00:42:15] Yaken & Nymano - Untitled (Unreleased) [00:44:26] Fortnight - Balcony settings [00:46:05] prima - Jin [00:47:25] Aeson - dreamin' [00:49:10] Leavv - Tomorrow (Chillhop Spring 2018) [00:51:52] asbeluxt - calming tea [00:53:07] BLVK. - affection (unreleased) [00:54:44] hm surf - Take Care [00:56:47] Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are (Chillhop Spring 2018) [00:58:47] Omaure - Honeypot [01:00:58] Joe Corfield - Wildflower (Chillhop Spring 2018) [01:03:18] ihaveaface - rainy/forest [01:05:13] hm surf - didn't get a switch for christmas [01:06:35] Orca Vibes - Intuition [01:08:20] Kaizen 92 - Magenta [01:09:45] Juan RIOS - Otoño [01:13:19] j'san - the voice inside my head (beat) [01:15:22] Peter Bark - L'aldilà [01:16:30] Philanthrope - Dromeda [01:18:41] charlie toØ human - moonlight love [01:21:58] saiko - bruh [01:23:45] chief - i am nobody [01:25:14] charlie toØ human - Autumn Daze [01:27:45] philanthrope - Blue w∕ drwn. [01:29:38] Aeson - smile [01:33:33] Omaure - Bunte Hunde (beat) [01:36:15] COMODO - 303 [01:37:33] hm surf - 6am [01:39:17] mt. fujitive - trees [01:41:30] chief - tired [01:42:50] dweeb & too ugly - how you think (beat) [01:45:10] Clouds x HM Surf - Cloudsurfing [01:46:48] saiko - offtherecord [01:49:39] knowmadic - empty [01:52:13] sensi sye - no sleep [01:54:12] chief - stay [01:55:58] oatmello - inside (w/chief) [01:57:50] hm surf - corolla cruising (unreleased) 🎶 Support the beatmakers https://soundcloud.com/idealismus (idealism) https://soundcloud.com/philanthrope1 (Philanthrope) https://soundcloud.com/kuplasound (Kupla) https://soundcloud.com/bloopr420 (b l o o p r) https://soundcloud.com/leavv (leavv.) https://soundcloud.com/miscinc (misc.inc) https://soundcloud.com/fortnight1 (fortnight) https://soundcloud.com/soundsbysoho (soho) https://soundcloud.com/b-side-production (B-side) https://soundcloud.com/tesk (TESK) https://soundcloud.com/iamjsan (j'san) https://soundcloud.com/beet_farmer (Dweeb) https://soundcloud.com/smwun (sumwun) https://soundcloud.com/countbazzy-2 (ṰṏỞ↑ἧᾯrṰḩ) https://soundcloud.com/saikotropic (saiko) https://soundcloud.com/bscsaito (Saito) https://soundcloud.com/arturofratini (Lester, Nowhere) https://soundcloud.com/tesla77 (OTESLA) https://soundcloud.com/hmsurf (hm SURF) https://soundcloud.com/bess-one (Kaizen 92´) https://soundcloud.com/a-e-s-t-r-o (Aeson) https://soundcloud.com/nymano (nymano) https://soundcloud.com/primabeats (prima) https://soundcloud.com/asbeluxt (asbeluxt) https://soundcloud.com/yungmai (BLVK.) https://soundcloud.com/psalm-trees (Psalm//Trees) https://soundcloud.com/omaure-1 (Omaure) https://soundcloud.com/joe-corfield-1 (Joe Corfield) https://soundcloud.com/ihaveaface (ihaveaface) https://soundcloud.com/orcavibes (Orca Vibes) https://soundcloud.com/juan-rios-beats (Juan RIOS) https://soundcloud.com/peterbark (PETER BARK) https://soundcloud.com/charlietoohuman (charlie toØ human) https://soundcloud.com/chieffrombmb (chief.) https://soundcloud.com/drwn_dot (drwn.) https://soundcloud.com/willgregory (COMODO) https://soundcloud.com/mt_fujitive (mt. fujitive) https://soundcloud.com/toouglyboi (too ugly) https://soundcloud.com/knowmadicbeats (knowmadic) https://soundcloud.com/sensisye (Sensi Sye) https://soundcloud.com/oatmello (oatmello) 🎨 Artwork by Juan Pablo Machado → https://www.facebook.com/machadoillustrator/ → http://machado.portfoliobox.io/ → http://jpmachado.art 🎧 ChilledCow → http://bit.ly/chilledcowfacebook → http://bit.ly/chilledcowspotify → http://bit.ly/chilledcowtwitter → http://bit.ly/chilledcowsoundcloud ✔️ Copyright Free Playlist → https://goo.gl/QtsxQG 📝 Submissions → Artwork : [email protected] → Music : https://soundcloud.com/chilledcow ❌ Please, do not use these songs without artist's permissions
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MAKING OF FLY GIRL Music Video - Natural Born Artist - labnoise.com
This is the behind the scenes of the very anticipated debut video by Natural Born Artist. The trailer has already over 2000 views in less than a month so enjoy and be and the look out for the Music Video in a few weeks http://www.myspace.com/naturalbornartist http://twitter.com/nbamusic http://www.facebook.com/naturalbornar... http://www.labnoise.com
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B-boys Flygirls - Bomfunk Mc
Album - in stereo
Views: 3020 Belly1Of2The3Whale
Fly girl, Fly
In commemoration of International Day of the Girl Child.
Boogie Boys - A Fly Girl [2005*]
From: Beat The Street (Songs As Performed In The Old Skool Days) Label: Disky CB 902716 Format: 320/Kbps Country: Europe Released: 2005* Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop Style: Breakbeat, Electro, Synth-pop NOTE: 2005* is incorrect data. This cd has been released at 2005. All tracks released between 1984/ 1989.
Please watch: "POST MALONE "ROCK STAR" ft 21 SAVAGE | DRUM COVER" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SwFe3yoWNs --~-- The break beat in this video is original but it was inspired by "A Fly Girl" by The Boogie Boys. This song reached number 6 on the R&B charts in 1985. THE #1 FUNK DRUMMING CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE. CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON FOR FUNK DRUMMING COVERS, ORIGINAL BEATS, AND TECHNIQUES. THIS CHANNEL FOCUSES ON ALL THINGS FUNK DRUMMING WITH SOME OF MY OWN PERSONAL THOUGHTS THROWN IN. Please support my channel by visiting my website. Join the mailing list and get 3 FREE MP3 downloads. http://ilovetribalfunk.com FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/dsnyderdrums TWITTER https://twitter.com/dsnyderdrums SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/user/dsnyder02 SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/dennissnydermusic If you like drum videos by Casey Cooper, Meytal Cohen, and Matt McGuire then you will love my channel. bass drum best drum kits best drums break dance music breakbeat cymbals drum beats drum breaks drum instrument drum line drum loops drum major drum music drum notes drum patterns drum samples drum solo drum stand drum sticks drum tracks drum videos drum workshop drum world drumkits drumsets easy drum beats free drum kits free drum loops hip hop drum samples how to drum how to play drums how to play the drums learn to play drums music beats percussion percussion drums percussion instruments play drums simple drum beats snare drum vintage drums #funkdrumming #tribal #funk #tribalfunk #funky #funkybeat #funkybeats #beats #djembe #funkradio #funkonline #topfunk #mcfunk #sitefunk #funkfm #fmfunk #wwwfunk #funk.com #funkytops #dofunk #funko #funkfunk #funkbands #brasilfunk #discofunk #funkmusic #funkdance #funkrock #funkdobrasil #funkartists #funksongs #rarefunk #brazilianfunk #defunk #funk45 #originalfunk #funkmc #COOP3RDRUMM3R #meytalll #mattmcguiredrums #caseycooper #meytalcohen #mattmcguire
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