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How Timberland Boots Became Popular

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How Timberland Boots Became Popular. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses how Timberland boots became so popular. He talks about how a blue collar boot became a global style icon. How To Wear Timberlands https://youtu.be/DWvDQoocJrQ How To Lace Timberlands https://youtu.be/tsq1QcakVBc Contact [email protected] Help Support The Channel By Shopping The Style O.G. Amazon Page! https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-d8f65886?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp MY GEAR CAMERA CANON 70D http://amzn.to/2FKVRcH LIGHTING KIT FANCIER 3 POINT LIGHTING http://amzn.to/2s8QOAR EXTERNAL MIC INSIGNIA MULTI DIRECTIONAL MIChttp://amzn.to/2s8VR44 New videos every day at 4PM Eastern discussing various men's lifestyle topics such as men's style, men's fashion, grooming, and dating. Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links for which The Style O.G. receives a small commission. This enables The Style O.G. to continue to produce content. Thanks for your support!
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Text Comments (390)
ABC WPN (4 days ago)
Thass because jungkook wears them!😂😂
Frank Rizzo (24 days ago)
I wore them straight butters when I was a roadie in the west coast...
The Style O.G. (24 days ago)
Wise man you are!
David Coleman (24 days ago)
I have a black pair I love . Great for the city .my feet are always warm and dry . Subway and buses !
Red Tangoes (28 days ago)
I don't know how I missed this vid back when you uploaded it! But wow, I really digged this type of vid from you. Hope you upload more similar to it!
The Style O.G. (28 days ago)
will do Red!
wreckdiver61 (28 days ago)
Very interesting thanks, I’ve been wearing them since I car remember and I’m almost 50
The Style O.G. (28 days ago)
appreciate the feedback!
Shoelace (1 month ago)
Gon’ start rocking them the 25th 🤟🤟
I had a pair of these when I was like 10.
Michael x (1 month ago)
Timberland stands behind their product. I had a pair that were 10 years old and developed a problem. I sent them to Timberland and they sent me a new pair. I don't know of anyone else who looks after the customer like Timberland.
Garth the Green Shlong (1 month ago)
Timberlands quality has went to shit. My first pair lasted 4 years. One year as nice casual boots then three years in the construction feild. I was very satisfied. Bought another pair and theyre barely a year old. The stitching has already split and the sole is separating from the upper. It’s disappointing.
Aunt Melisa (1 month ago)
I like how I was told to not wear timberlands because im “white” even though the timberland was created by a white person....
Life hack: if u a size 7 and don't want to pay for 190$ for timbs just get a grade school size 7 and grade school timbs are only 110$
Jai Hudson (2 months ago)
I just brought my pair yesterday , first day wearing the they feel amazing out on the streets I would defiantly recommend them
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
Appreciate the input !
andrew robertson (2 months ago)
Can you still get American made Timberlands? Dr Martens have a range of UK made boots i was wondering if Timberland do the same?
Jason Bruton (2 months ago)
Really great review of how the urban market adapted the brand. I worked at Footlocker in the Mid 90's and watched the brand fly off the shelf's. I like to encourage you to continue making more videos like this one. Thanks again.
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
appreciate the feedback Jason!
Roberto Yantin (2 months ago)
Got the wheats to the beef and broccoli’s
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
Classics !
Walter R. (2 months ago)
Another cool history of lesson. Only problem I have with them is all 3 pairs that I’ve owned were never actually waterproof. Also the sole always separated. I just don’t have luck with work boots I guess
mookeychase0907 (2 months ago)
Yo I'm 54 in 1982 we started rockin Herman Survivors just like that. They went perfect with the sheepskins bubble coats and suede front zip up sweaters. I remember the dude describing the Nu-buck to me. I was used to leather and suede and knew this was neither. After a while I realized they were easier to keep clean then suede and nu-buck replaced suede across the board. My first pair of Tims was 86 leather butters. After that DC homeys wore the 40 but called em Super Tims. Then Brooklyn started rockin em then it was over.
mookeychase0907 (2 months ago)
+The Style O.G. Yes indeedy!
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
let em know the history Playboy!
Carlos Koplist (2 months ago)
Great Video! Salute from Brazil!
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
Salute to you in Brazil Carlos!
Tony Snow (2 months ago)
Beef and broccoli ,,,chicken and broccoli ,,,constructs,,,and let’s not forget about the brown chuckas ,,,south Bronx nyc approves this message 🥃🥃🔥🔥
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
Dead ass!
안녕ejassi (2 months ago)
Because of Jeon Jungkook(BTS) 😏
robbie taylor (2 months ago)
I have been rockin Tim's since the 90 chi town
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
Chi town !!
Eliabe Castro (2 months ago)
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
Thanks Eliabe!
Andres Cruz (3 months ago)
720p in 2019?
Kian Gibson (3 months ago)
We can't forget tupac always repping the tims
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
True indeed!
SKITTZ ZUCKERBERG (3 months ago)
Timberland reduced their lifetime warranty to a "1 year warranty" because many people were sending back the 6" waterproof boots because they have a defect that causes rain/snow to leak in the toebox area. Due to that fact ; in my humble opinion it's a bad investment to spend $190 on boots when Timberland warranty will only cover the "waterproof" boots for 1 winter. Even in NYC it's less common to see Timbs; aside from the classic wheats. Also; many clubs,bars,lounges,venues, etc. have a strict "No Timberland Boots" dress code policy at the door in New York City.
SKITTZ ZUCKERBERG (3 months ago)
+The Style O.G. No worries; thank you as well
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
Appreciate the input !
Henry Velez (3 months ago)
You got a ride OG but we start using it in the late 80s 87-88 in the nineties they got famous and New York
Banana Power (3 months ago)
Been rockin timbs since 1 day :)
Bjorn Fox (3 months ago)
The yellow timberlands were a teenage companion for me; they're pretty good. There are boots that last longer, though. Thanks Jeff for the shoe shine videos & the history
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
you got it Bjorn!
xoacatl (3 months ago)
Good short verbal history on the timberland boots bro! I the early to mid 1990s in the dirty south only sporting goods stores (like Friedman's) carried tims and it was limited stock! In Nashville we got our knowledge on them from brothers up North who went to Tennessee State and Fisk University
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
appreciate the input!
Will Kearney (3 months ago)
@ cafelogis, thts totally false my man. U didn't need to be a drug dealer to buy nor wear timberland. Dudes wth a sense of fashion made timberlands. Truth b told, construction workers dnt even wear timberlands for there intended use. Timberland boots r now a part of fashion.
Cafelogis (3 months ago)
It's not crazy that a company doesn't want to be associated with drug dealers and thugs, not because they are black people. Currently Fred Perry is facing the same issue with racist alt righters adopting their polo's as a symbol.
DCDirtBag (3 months ago)
Cool video.....looked through some of the other videos, diggin it. Subscribed...
DCDirtBag (3 months ago)
+The Style O.G. Fo sho.....we were gonna have beef if you didn't mention Das Efx in this video LOL
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
Welcome to the channel DC!
Mikey Esco (3 months ago)
Mark Swift (3 months ago)
I being a 43 y/o New Yorker and Former hustler in my younger days Agree and appreciate your Knowledge of timbs The fact that hustlers and D boyz put timbs on the map.Back in the early 90s we would go from the BX to the Timberland factory store in Reading Pennsylvania and cop like 10 pairs in the summer and have them on deck Once winter come around.Definitely a east coast classic
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
Salute Mark!
McStrokeAvision (3 months ago)
I remember hooping in 90 degree weather with my wheat timbs on. These are a staple. Timbs were are season wear in the Chi. Shutout Westside of Chicago baby love...
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
I hooped in them many times! lol
John Nicholson (3 months ago)
Man get your history right....Timberland started in the urban community in South East D.C...in the mid 80's....
Zulf Photography (3 months ago)
Thanks just what I was looking for
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
no problem Zulf!
G Murray (3 months ago)
Great video really informative and not one cuss word👍..I luv these boots they'll never go outta style
Professor B (4 months ago)
Never liked Timberlands never really thought that boot look was cool and I was around when it first started.
Jermaine Young (4 months ago)
The Buttas!!!
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
Yes Sir!
Calvin Johnson (4 months ago)
Yo I'm 54 yrs old and been rocking timbs since the mid 80's
David Coleman (24 days ago)
So am 61 . Lol
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
martineli312 (4 months ago)
After two wears on the NYC subways their done....that butter color gets dirty fast😒
A Fuentes (4 months ago)
Since 92 I was 13 when I got my first pair. Never have gone without a pair since then.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
wise man!
Chris G (4 months ago)
Great video / history lesson.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate it Chris!
eman 119 (4 months ago)
I always been a Field Boot Type of Guy
Brandon the Archivist (4 months ago)
I have been wearing a pair of Tims since the 1980s. My mom got them for me for the mean cold Chicago falls and winters! Now living in Florida been wearing them in the fall/winter. Butters are the classic Tims! In middle school 1992-1995 I had army green suede pair. I woud love to get a pair like them.
CJ -NYC (4 months ago)
“In ‘91 stompin’ you out with black Timbs” - Mobb Deep.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
You ain’t a crook son, you just a shook one..
Real Rozeal (4 months ago)
I’m surprised you didn’t mention the field boots ( butter and beef/broccoli ) color way.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate it Young G!
Real Rozeal (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. It’s all good, overall good video unc.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
yeah, meant to include them Austin!
74kjohnson (4 months ago)
Being from Philly you must know about the Reading, PA. Timberland factory outlet. I remember going there in the early 90s when Tims were at their peak in popularity. They used to have a buy one get one not for half off like they have nowadays but for free! There was a line for miles outside the store. I ended having to cop a couple of pairs of the non padded collars because everything else sold out and I didn't want to walk away empty handed after waiting in that line for hours . That's the only time I've ever owned a pair of the non padded collars lol.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I do remember that!
ALEX JAMES (4 months ago)
Classic Man (2 months ago)
It's amazing what our dollars can do.
BKthoroughbred (4 months ago)
Perfect Break Down! I prefer their “Cinnamon Field Boot” when I stomp through BK
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate it BK!
Wu-Blood Kin (4 months ago)
Respect O.G., stay up!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Respect Wu!
Salute for the history lesson! I bought my 1st pair of Tims in 1990. I moved over to the classics in 1994. I'll probably be 80 and still rockin' Tims! LOL . I currently have the Buttas and a pair in red.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
me too Christopher!
David Coleman (4 months ago)
Crack dealer boots . Lol I will say they are very well made . I have a black pair .
Kevlaar 47 (4 months ago)
Man hearing that those rumors are true got me looking at my timbs side ways...LOL ,gonna continue to rock and mantain the ones I have,but nowadays there’s so many other brands and styles to choose from,so it’ll be all good. Great vid,as always and thanks for the info....Salute.
Kevlaar 47 (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. Yeah your right,took em a while but they came around,it’s still good to be informed about where we put our dollars tho,thanks.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
In all fairness they did change their tune can come around so you can wear them a little easier now Kevin! lol
tateblaze80 (4 months ago)
This was dope! Tim’s are classics will never go out of style. Even though I don’t personally rock them anymore, I can still respect someone who them as part of their style. Having lived in both New England and the tri-state I know this is the winter essential.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the input Tate!
E rock (4 months ago)
What's up with ur left eye brow up so much higher than ur right and ur head is 2 times bigger than it should be. Anyways. The boot became popular in the early 90's hip hop from 2 pac biggie Naz norega tlc LL cool j etc. Doesn't take a genius. And that they are waterproof for hustling. Didn't watch the video cuz dude looks goofy ✌
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
all good my G! be cool..
E rock (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. lmao. That was funny. You got yourself a like haha 👍
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I could have warned you, he does that to every dude he spends the night with..
E rock (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. I'm still try to figure out why ur cousin be stealing socks 🤔
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
You have a lot of opinions on how another man looks 🤔 I did cry when your mom left with my favorite hoodie..
Sin Mark (4 months ago)
Salute!!! I have one question that a leather jacket with elastic waist and elastic cuff is good or bad for style
Nite Tyme (4 months ago)
I'm loving the break down on the Tims my G! Been rocking Tims for over 20 years as well bruh. Liking the new music as well, and keep it moving #salute
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute Nite Tyme!
H. Ng (4 months ago)
Looks great on you; however, I find them too clunky and chunky on myself. Some people can rock them with confidence.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the input H!
Clash of titans2017 (4 months ago)
Wheat and Black are the only colors I would rock!!!✌🙏✌
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
two solid choices
Alan Tyson (4 months ago)
Nah they Traveled to Reading ,PA to the Timberland outlet on 9th street.
Scooby Dew (4 months ago)
I’ve been rocking Tims since 91 I even rock the butt naked ones occasionally nowadays lol
Scooby Dew (4 months ago)
I know OG
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Mark Gillum (4 months ago)
Great video, Jeff.! Being from NY and going to college in upstate NY, I have been with the brand since the '70's. Back then, we wore them mainly because they were the best in the inclement weather and elements. It was in the '90's and looking for something to wear while doing anything outside in the winter did I discover that all the younger generation were wearing Tims. It never moved me one way or another that the hip hop and rap crowd wore them, I just thought it was a style choice made better by a quality product. More recently, I was in need yet again of a good hiking boot to wear casually and moved to a Eurohiker. And MOST RECENTLY, I was again looking for something for the winter and found how far Timberlands had moved into the fashion world. Best of both worlds for me. And as an older guy now, I wasn't limited to one pair at a time. Discovered the Limited Releases line and the rest is history.! Have to love a product that grows with you over the years but never loses its character or its roots while doing so.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the input as always Mark!
69692tall (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate it my G!
Ubuntu (4 months ago)
Timbz & blue jeans
Rixplace1 (4 months ago)
T'land boots are so popular?? The mob will always follow the mob, doesn't mean that T'I is the best or even in first 5. Just crass and classless. Like the u tube hustlers who always seem to be screaming their message in stead of politley explaining the positives.NAH , give me quiet class.N'other thing, no gentleman would put an unpolished shoe or boot on HIS feet, jes 'cause de mob is wering them on the subway
Its Just Brit (4 months ago)
Reminded me that I need to get another pair.
Its Just Brit (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. Definitely. I guess I made a fashion "dont" when I bought chukka boot timbs and the roll top ones so I can wear with jeans. 😬
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
noah stump (4 months ago)
You always look like you just smelled some stank ass shit
RODZ 79 (4 months ago)
I don't rock Tims, I'm a DM guy since 89 but your video was on point, I remember how they blew up in the early 90's with my Hip Hop friends, I was and am more punk rock ska, rockabilly
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the input RODZ 79!
Bruno Giambroni (4 months ago)
Can’t pull these or any bulkier boot off. Short and stocky legs lol Salute!
Bruno Giambroni (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. Sad but true lol
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Say it ain't so Bruno!
Dmytro Fonotov (4 months ago)
I’m in construction,so Tims pro been my absolute favorite work boots.If you not in construction ,I think you shouldn’t wear a work boots as casual shoes.Same goes with Carhartt clothes.That means if you are not a ballet dancer-don’t wear pointe shoes!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
my man! all good..
Dmytro Fonotov (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. Gotcha bro!My point of view probably coming from the fact I gotta wear them 8-10h a day,every day.Thats probably I don’t see myself rocking those as casual shoes.To each his own,I guess.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
almost all men's clothing started out with utilitarian purposes Dmytro . you would be hard pressed to mention an item that wouldn't fit your category. no tennis shoes when not playing tennis, no denim jackets other than work, no jeans other than work...see my point?
AGentlemansJourney (4 months ago)
I remember rocking these back in 2003. There was Tims and Lugz.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
not the lugz! you took it back Chad!
Chris Ak Saraawa (4 months ago)
Salutee all the way from South Sudan Capital City, Juba!
Chris Ak Saraawa (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. pleasure..aim gon get more South Sudanese to subscribe to your channel-hope your next YouTube salute will be to me lol
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Happy to hear it Chris!
Chris Ak Saraawa (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. your channel has changed my life straight up regardless of our million miles away!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute to you Chris!
Richard - (4 months ago)
Can you consider a video on the essential things a man should own or possess?
Richard - (4 months ago)
​+The Style O.G. It could cover style and other things, for example, a coffee table book, a quality chef knife, shaving kit, dopp bag, a bike or car, piece of art, courage, a pet, lip balm, a hat, 2 party tricks, a musical instrument (absolutely anything you deem relevant) without necessarily being specific to any brand. Its personal to you as you see the modern gentleman in 2019. It could be any number of things, but things you aspire to build over time. Your output is always thoughtful and high value.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I like it Richard..
FamilyFirst!! (4 months ago)
loved that u did this OG.. equally impressed that you know Das Efx and Mobb..SALUTE.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute my G!
Mark Clark Sr (4 months ago)
Back in the day we call them HOOD slippers ...lol I never owned a pair they are to heavy for me ....
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Hood slippers, new one to me. Lol
Ed Kang (4 months ago)
Black Moon and Das Efx were the first I ever saw rock Timbs.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
both faves of mine Ed!
dabigdikdangler (4 months ago)
Umpteen pair of Timbs have come on gone, meanwhile my 20 year old Polo cookie boots still look great, wore them yesterday.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Cookie boots!
RedRedMCmusic (4 months ago)
When I was a kid my parents couldn’t afford timbs so they got me colombians wheat boots basically the “knock offs”. Never got made fun of, now that Im a grown man I love my Timberlands
RedRedMCmusic (4 months ago)
The Style O.G. Yea man they was under the timbs at foot locker as if like “can’t afford the timbs? Get these!” I still kept them clean and felt like the man in 5th grade. Just bought a fresh pair of constructs/ butters for the new year. Peace from South Jersey bro, I enjoy your videos.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I remember those Red!
dabigdikdangler (4 months ago)
I can remember when they were around 100 dollars, how did they double in price over the years?
dabigdikdangler (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. Not really, Cole Haans cost the same, so do Johnston & Murphys and you can always get some kind of (whack) Jordans for a hundred. I bet if Timberland had kept their original demographic they wouldn't have gone up so much.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
dosen't everything??
dabigdikdangler (4 months ago)
Got a pair for Christmas, only worn them once for 2 hours, trying to keep them fresh as long as possible!
Steve Leopard (4 months ago)
Great video. Started out wearing them in the mid 1990s as a functional shoe for blue collar work. Still like them! They get dirty quickly though.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate it Steve!
SHABAZZ T (4 months ago)
Peace Jeff, i been following you for a year, BX in the house ! Been Rockin Timbs since 94 Most deff a must have . . .Can you PLEEEEAAAZE do a few videos on exotic skin leather shoes like gators Crocs, ostrich, lizards ??? Brands like Belvedere , and Mezlan etc . Thanks in advance Peace BRo
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Peace Shabazz!
Magnum LA Will (4 months ago)
I had some blue and white Timberland boots. The bottoms of the boots got worn out and I had to throw them away. I need to find another pair. I still have my wheat, black and tan, and black and white Timberland boots.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
appreciate the input Will!
Kaedin Faulkner (4 months ago)
Or one on tommy hilfger
George Papapavlou (4 months ago)
I ordered my Timb 6 inches, from a friend who was traveling in the US, a little more than 20 years ago. With minimum maintenance, they are still serving me in tough conditions e.g. fishing, hiking, as after skii boots etc.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I like it George!
Alfred Rieder (4 months ago)
When I think about Timberland I think Tupac
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
it gets deep, layers my brother! 😉
Alfred Rieder (4 months ago)
+The Style O.G. Inception. An OG talking about an OG.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
One of the greats Alfred!
j smith (4 months ago)
My educator .. smart.. handsome.. and stylish.. you know ur shit. Great video. I like Tim's.(brothers hugging the block lol lol ) real talk!! I like the wheat buck. You shared alot i never knew.. good job bro❤
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Jeannine!
Fatha Truth (4 months ago)
Like you, I've been rocking them for 30yrs, since I was 3😂😂😂
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Yes Sir! lol
Logan Payer (4 months ago)
You need to hit the gym you look like you have gained weight
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
I have and I am! lol
Gregory J. Mansfield (4 months ago)
I grew up on the East Coast...I'm from Delaware, and we literally are sandwiched in between NY, Philly, D.C. and Baltimore. Being that close to 4 major cities, we naturally observed (and copied) everything the cities did...especially in the music, and fashion...everything we did was mostly copied from NY and Philly, because we saw it on BET and where exposed to it via the Hip-hop culture! Being Black and from the East Coast... we ALL naturally had family members that lived in the various cities surrounding us...so you always had exposure to the latest fashion trends via christmas and birthday gifts! So since im a little older now (just turned 40) i will admit...I came up in that early 90's era when tims first started getting popular. Tims were so new and unheard of in a typical clothing store at that time in our area (91-92ish) that my parents never even bought me a pair of tims at that age! I got my 1st Tims in 10th grade (1993) with money I made from working at my 1st "summer job" and also cutting grass on the side! -me and a couple of my friends were the 1st people in my school to have "real tims" and I got mine by giving my Aunt that lived in Philly the money to buy them for me and bring them down when she came to the family reunion! A few years later, the Tanger Shopping Outlets in Rehoboth Beach, DE were built, and one of the first stores that came there was Timberland outlet! -literally less than 5 miles from where i grew up in Lewes, DE!!! From that point on, i used to get multiple pairs of Tims in various colors and leather styles every year to keep the collection fresh! By the late 90's Tims were common in Delaware because of having the Timberland outlet store, they were no longer stuff we only saw on t.v. in "rap videos" like Mobb Deep's Shook One's!!! Now fast forward 20+ years later...and now I have teenaged kids....and Tims aren't as popular as they used to be when I came up, and I don't understand why??? After ALL these years of production...Tims are still damn near the perfect footware!!! Tims will always look good with jeans (especially the butters!) And can be the base of so many outfit combinations! Now I must admit, i was one of those dudes that wore tims in the summer time as well with shorts too! (looking back, that is definately an LOL nowadays!!! 🤣)...but that was the style back THEN!!! -You couldnt tell us we werent the SHI*T!! Back in those days!!! Me and my Wife STILL purchase and rock tims on occasion because its just so nostalgic for our age group!!!...our kids and others their age group don't care too much about Tims anymore, but its one of those things younger shoppers won't understand until they get a little bit older, and THEN...they will realize the history, the dopeness, and the overall SUCCESS of the Timberland Boot! Loved this video Jeff....thanks for bringing back some fond memories of high school! Imma go throw my Tims on with long black basketball socks, listen to A Tribe Called Quest on a walkman with huge Sony heaphones, and watch the Michigan Fab5 documentary!!! Damn those were some awesome times!!! -before we started "Adulting" and being responsiblele grown ups! 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for this video Family!!!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Don't forget to shoot some hoops in them George!
Quaddafi Smith (4 months ago)
I grew up in Compton and Das EFX was the rap group I remember the most rocking Tims. I didn't even know they were called Timberlands. I called them Das EFX boots. I been wearing Timberlands since like 97. I rock Timberland eurohiker boots and boat shoes as well. Timberland is 🔥🔥🔥
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
They Want Efx!!
Walter Lee (4 months ago)
way back in the mid early 80's the original boot in NY was the Herman Survivor wheat colored work boot a precursor to the tim, worn with leather jeans a mock neck and a lumberjack or sheepskin coat, add the gizzy and Cazals and you were super fly, miss those days
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
thanks for the input Walter!
AK- JXRDY-7 (4 months ago)
This is a well-researched and well-constructed video, love it. Been rocking them for 14 years, since I was 3 (genuinely, lmao).
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Haha! Thanks Jordy!
Martin Mugwe (4 months ago)
Saluuute Jeff Style OG! That's a perfectly surmised rundown about Timbs. I have been rocking them since the early 2000s in my twenties, and saying the boots are timeless is simply an understatement.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Salute Martin!
Jose Peña (4 months ago)
Yes good
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Jose!
Victor Scott (4 months ago)
I've been rockin Timbs ever since I've been able to work. That's was 16 years ago.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Yes Sir Victor!
Victor Scott (4 months ago)
I have 5 pair n countin!!
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
keep counting!!
Clyde Edwards (4 months ago)
Great video. I had the butters and the mobb deep brown. As a teenager I also wanted the 40 belows (or what we called them in DC) aka da Supa Tims or Drug Dealer Boots but couldn’t afford them till now.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
The 40belows are the ones I never got a chance to own Clyde that I wanted as well!

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