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ASMR Lushful Spa Treatment ✨ Facial and Massage

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Hello beautiful people! Sit back and enjoy the ultimate spa treatment. Relax with face washing, facial mask application and removal, lotion, hair play and brushing, a scalp massage, arm massage, and neck massage. Special thanks to Lush Cosmetics for being apart of today's spa video! Check out a video collab we did recently : https://youtu.be/kb93N4nxLYI ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~SOCIALS~ 👻 Snapchat 👻 asmrdarling 👸🏼 Instagram 👸🏼 https://www.instagram.com/asmrdarling/ 🌀 Facebook 🌀 https://www.facebook.com/ASMR-Darling... 🐦 Twitter 🐦 https://twitter.com/asmrDarling ~MISC~ 👾Gaming Twitch Channel👾 https://www.twitch.tv/darling ❤️ ASMR Darling Merch ❤️ https://represent.com/store/asmrdarling 🙆🏼‍♀️ Darling Channel 🙆🏼‍♀️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtdKQcsoZSYc2EepRto2JSA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is ASMR? Here’s my definition: https://youtu.be/qAEM95ixp-s Remember! ASMR is not a medical treatment. ASMR is meant to induce tingles, relaxation, and sleep. Although it may make you feel better, it has not been proven to fix any mental health issues or conditions you may have. If you need help, PLEASE seek a professional. Here are a few links that can help you: -Mental Health Information https://www.mentalhealth.gov -Women's Health https://www.womenshealth.gov -Suicide Prevention https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org 1-800-273-8255 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to help the world a little bit more? My Favorite Charities: https://www.stjude.org https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org https://www.daysforgirls.org http://www.humanesociety.org https://www.sierraclubfoundation.org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Equipment: 2 Spark SL Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphones Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface Canon EOS 80D
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Text Comments (13277)
Caitlin Russell (4 hours ago)
ᗯᕼO EᒪᔕE ᗩᑕTᑌᗩᒪᒪY ᖴᗩᒪᒪᔕ ᗩᔕᒪEEᑭ TO TᕼIᔕ
Sarah Rayfield (7 hours ago)
Asmr darling seems like she is the nicest person in the world and I what to meet her sooooooo bad!!
Why you so pretty ? Lol
Amelia MacEachern (10 hours ago)
James Charles autoplayed after this video... hI sIsTeRs!!!
chiami nanaki (1 day ago)
Taylor's hair is stunning with that light blonde colour <3 of course, her currently hair colour suits her very well too, but i must say... this one's gorgeous
Makayla Wright (2 days ago)
She is so great at what she does!
Kenidee Spiekerman (2 days ago)
Her nails match her shirt I love her sooooo much 💖 ilysm 💖
jordyn montpellier (3 days ago)
Hey you. Ya ya you. Hi Stop going scrolling through the comments and watch the video.
LeoGameSkillerYT (3 days ago)
Horrifying hair
Luna the hybrid (3 days ago)
How is she so beautiful
MARIAM ABBASI (4 days ago)
"So warm" (6:21) LOL am I the only one that's thinking of something else??
lmtyt gmr (5 days ago)
I was watching the office when she sed that
Kecia Henderson (5 days ago)
When Taylor says I look perfect, I believe her ! I do wear makeup every once in a while and hate taking it off at the end of the night 😂😂
Robert Roberts (6 days ago)
Me:clicks on asmr video. AD: CARL!!!!!!NOOOO!!!!! Love your vids though♡#TAYLORISTHEBEST
rainbow doge (7 days ago)
I like your nails they are so cute
Sammie Yeah! (8 days ago)
I love you I love your hair I love your asmr Aaaannddd I love you I think I said that already... OH WELL MIGHT ASWELL! Oh and you person scrolling down the coments... Ur great! 👍🏼
ian bradley (8 days ago)
You're stunning😍😍👌
Terina Hall (9 days ago)
Thank you so much this really helps with my nerves 😴☺️
براق فيصل (9 days ago)
اتضحكين على عقولنا والله 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Sakura Campbell (10 days ago)
I need a spa day! ( im getting a pedicure soon lol)
Maddie Edits (10 days ago)
I must smell like tons of things right now
Colouring Time (10 days ago)
I like how you touch the cam Shes prottec Shes atttac But most inportantly ahe sends tingles down your back
Her nails are so cute!😍
Ich bin da (11 days ago)
You are so beautiful 🙈😂❤
Ravyn Nguyen (12 days ago)
Is it just me or does she look super different in this one? Is it the make up or hair? Idk her face looks more plump.
michael flores (12 days ago)
Easily one of the best you have put out. I fell asleep then woke up to me biting my tongue only to fall back asleep because the video had not ended yet.
Mia Garcia (12 days ago)
I fell asleep and forgot to turn my phone off auto play and was brutally awakened by our queen saying HI SISTERS
Meghan Hebb (12 days ago)
This video never fails to send me to sleep, thank you darling ❤️
Daniella Bianchi (12 days ago)
Joelle G (13 days ago)
long nails make it sound better and gives me the chills because long nails feel better on the skin
cash henson (13 days ago)
My brother was watching the office on his phone when she made the Michael Scott joke
Zayna Witt (13 days ago)
she put the scratchy thingy in her hair and then supposedly ours
marineforlife mclean (13 days ago)
I just want to pinch those cute cheeks..lol
Violet Vibes (14 days ago)
I'm seeing everyone do it so... *She protacc* *She attacc* But mostly, she send tingles *down my bacc*
C. Capistran (14 days ago)
Idk if anyone does this but I can't feel tingles I have to gentlely brush or rub my face then I get tingles :/ Don't make fun of me. :( i just can't feel tingles.
Amelia T (14 days ago)
Is that your natural hair color? #justcurious
R.T. Barshaw (10 days ago)
Yeah I'm sure she's a natural two-tone
Nebula Milk (14 days ago)
Why are you so pretty? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kyle Thomas (14 days ago)
Your makeup looks really nice in this one.
Märta Arnqvist (14 days ago)
16:17 ”But first, let me take a selfie”
Jayla Wright (15 days ago)
You look across the street and see your neighbor brushing a wig on a camera and talking to it lol 😂😂 ilysm Taylor ❤️ your amazing
Conor Shepherd (15 days ago)
@asmrDarling you made this video to help us relax but in reality we are all taking notes on products you use and your nighttime routines so we can have skin as nice as yours 😂😂
Gachagang_XD 123 (15 days ago)
2 0. 1 9
Arely 297 (15 days ago)
{\_/} ( •_•) / >🎧 take it
nisim vaknin (15 days ago)
Best asmr video I’ve ever seen, actually one of the only ones that gives me asmr. Pls do another one ☝🏽
Sweet cookie (16 days ago)
Everyone grab your head phones and plug in your device and get cozy because you are going to fall asleep
Guadalupe Vasquez (16 days ago)
Mocha :3 (16 days ago)
YOU LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE OMG!! (no hate this is just a typical comment)
Gachagang_XD 123 (17 days ago)
I I l I lo I lov I love I love A I love AS I love ASM I love ASMR I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you
Gachagang_XD 123 (17 days ago)
I woke up yesterday watching this and was laughing so hard bc I saw my cat and baby cousin laying with me watching it
Reactionwolf 1 (17 days ago)
Who else noticed that when she put her hands close to the camera that there was a kind of line around her hands and that she’s sitting in front of a green screen
Very Eggy in a bun (17 days ago)
I’m sorry but you look really bored.
EchoMaker (17 days ago)
Don't click read more Read More
kerraboo30 (18 days ago)
OMG you sounded so innocent when you said I’m sorry if you don’t like the head band but it’s the only one have
Jonal Marcel H (18 days ago)
You look like dove Cameron
xxAnimeNicole Salvanxx (19 days ago)
Yeah this was a good idea to watch this before bed...😴
Poison (20 days ago)
ThAt's wHaT ShE sAid
hayley russell (21 days ago)
Doesn't ads just make asmr better lol
Bet Gisha (18 days ago)
nope it doesnt or u wont sleep lol
Jaya Ak (22 days ago)
Asmr Darling. Boosting your very low self esteem since 2016
XyloDuzVideos (22 days ago)
personally i liked her old look better
Natalie Zaki (22 days ago)
I feel uh— uncomfortable... 😣😖
Dario Marizio (22 days ago)
Kopa mojon
DAT BOI (22 days ago)
Who else thinks taylor should go back to blond??
Sandy Alyon (23 days ago)
*Your dimples are everything✨*
hana mah (23 days ago)
I'm only 7 mins through the video and I cant already open my eyes ugh i wanna watch the whole thing P.s its 5:40 am rn lol
AphmauLover _101 (23 days ago)
Taylor’s ASMR just makes me feel refreshed and great! I’ve actually fallen asleep to some of her past videos, so to me, THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS! <3 ❤️ you asmrdarling! Have a great day!
Ellie (20 days ago)
For every like I will add one item of food........ 🍏🍊
Namat Hamidi (24 days ago)
every good
Dee Let's Play (25 days ago)
*puts wig on camera*?
Nicole Laa (25 days ago)
Tingle TIME
Varya Kataria (25 days ago)
I smelled my hand when she said smell it since I’d just put on lavender hand cream and then she said it smells like lavender! Perfect!
Chibi Z (25 days ago)
I was so close to falling asleep and my friend calls me cause it’s 3:00 in the afternoon
McNeilio15 (26 days ago)
Whispering exists* Youtubers:🗿
Baylee Woodall (26 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that her voice is so calming
MuSiC Melody (26 days ago)
Did anyone notice the background? It looks so pretty.
DJMikeron (26 days ago)
Your hair looks nice
DopeBoyKingz 08 (26 days ago)
You’re so beautiful. I have so much love for your asmr
Teafloof (27 days ago)
I’m so tired that I just Subscribed with my nose
Fan Girl (27 days ago)
I have never managed to get all the way through this video btw I love you xx
Ernesto Sena (28 days ago)
I like your hair blonde it makes u look more cute also loved the video it helps me sleep all the Time
MizzBrah (28 days ago)
Beautiful. You and your videos!
RJ Gamer_07 (29 days ago)
Heart this u wont no bal-.. 🤔😑 wait
Monique Alexis (29 days ago)
Everyone saying if ASMR could be a real life spa they would be going but I’m just thinking about how I only watch these because I can’t afford spas 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Venomine Pure (29 days ago)
Gahh that brush is the best
Steel Vendetta (30 days ago)
I love chicken tendies too. They make me quite happy ;)
Dylan K (1 month ago)
Damn I just nutted
Alexia Yeater (1 month ago)
She kinda reminds me of Dove Cameron!!
alley raye (1 month ago)
I wish there was an actual asmr spa irl
Timothy Chavers (1 month ago)
I love same and this is my favorite same person same darling Relaxxxxx people Relax
god,s planspirit (1 month ago)
Your pretty 😍
Stijn Vlaardingerbroek (1 month ago)
Haat reactie
Kailey Morris (1 month ago)
I love it. "Got it wet" That's WhAt sHe sAId!! *oooooooo*
Lindsey Beaber (1 month ago)
4:06-4:13 got me good
boring tube (1 month ago)
Each like I will put this 😂 emoji
MultiColoures (1 month ago)
This was my first asmr video i didnt fall asleep of 😯
Kanti Devi (1 month ago)
Love from India💙
Queen Pinkitty (1 month ago)
at first i thought this said "ASMR Lustful Spa Treatment" oof
Vixinaful (1 month ago)
A beauty that helps you sleep. You could pass for swedish you know..
Flamingo Gachas (1 month ago)
If I trick you you have to like! READ MORE DID I DO IT!
BeautyBee (1 month ago)
No one thinks these are funny.
Anyone in 2019

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