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Timberland GT Scramble Mid Fabric/Leather Hiking Boots for Men

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http://www.altrec.com/timberland/mens-gt-scramble-mid-fabric-leather-hiking-boots/ The classic style of fabric and leather hiking boots will never die. But your feet aren't so happy when you try to take them hiking in a pair of vintage boots you picked up from the consignment gear shop. Enter the Timberland GT Scramble Mid Fabric/Leather Hiking Boots for men -- these handsome hikers merge retro-inspired style with modern comfort. Their fabric and leather uppers are durable, breathable AND waterproof while their recycled synthetic lining manages sweat and helps prevent blisters. The cushy EVA midsoles keep your feet happy for miles and the eco-conscious Green Rubber outsoles help you power uphill on loose trails and prevent the boots from washing out on the descents. Short shorts? Check. External frame pack? Check. Wool knee socks? You know it. The good-ol' days have a lot to offer -- start with the Timberland Men's GT Scramble Hiking Boots.
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Ran (2 years ago)
I wish Timberland actually sold boots like this instead of the stuff they make now.
See Wee (4 years ago)
Can't find these colors anywhere? Help?!

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