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2018 DIY Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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2018 DIY Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas Get more trends-http://fashiontrendseeker.com Subscribe for weekly hair, celebrity fashion, and the latest trends to follow - https://www.youtube.com/user/fashiont... For more fashion and beauty news visit my blog - http://fashiontrendseeker.com Be Sure to Follow Me On Social Media So We Can Chit Chat [email protected] - Email Twitter - @fashionprincess28 Instagram - thestylenewsnetwork Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1itH6t3 Twitter @fashionprincess Love Fashion? Join My Newsletter - http://bit.ly/1hCj5Uu tags: Interior Design,Interior Decorating,Small Space decorating Ideas,Beautiful Homes,Home Decorating,Home Decor,Home Hacks,Hacks,DIY,Home Decor Hacks,Rebecca Robeson,Robeson Design,Decorating ideas,California homes,luxury homes,cheap decorating ideas,home remodeling,Inrterior Designer, Interior Design,Interior Decorating,Beautiful Homes,Home Decorating,Home Decor,master bedroom,master bathroom,bedroom remodel,bathroom remodel,Modern bedroom,Bedroom Design Ideas,Bedroom decorating,Bathroom decorating ideas,Free standing tub,Luxury Bathroom,Luxury Bedroom,California homes,Beautiful Decor,Robeson Design,Rebecca Robeson
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Text Comments (1281)
b u l l e (18 hours ago)
The music distracted me and it was stressing me out.
Google Ge (1 day ago)
Asha Sahani (3 days ago)
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Юлия Юлия (4 days ago)
Бедные динозавры, их существование стопроцентно сломала, лишила воли, и стоят они сейчас уткнувшись в стенку из книжек, которую им ко всему иному вовек не прочитать...
Fathul Que (4 days ago)
Okay the creepy music just made me stop the video and it's like only a minute into the video and I am so not going to continue it.
meus emails (5 days ago)
Minha nossa que música de terror. Pensei que ia fazer uns bonecos de assustar.
Gabriela Kawany (5 days ago)
Serio, troca esta música kkkkkk
SHana MurphY (5 days ago)
Was expecting lala land music not horror story music
Lmfao the suspense 🤔😂😂😂😂
Kit Keene (6 days ago)
Who thought of that bg music at the beginning? I literally stop watching it bc of that -_-
laura Delgado (7 days ago)
The musice is confusing my mind im expecting a magic trick or something? Lol
Kiran Gmt (7 days ago)
OMG is so scary music oh God
Janagaljs Janagaljs (9 days ago)
Miss MarG Millionaire (9 days ago)
Thumbs down!
Abigale Kirsten (9 days ago)
Where’s the white brick wallpaper part??
Nikkole Havenn (10 days ago)
Scary music background push me to stop watching this video
Gretzel Suárez (11 days ago)
Alguien 2018 noviembre??? 🌈❤
Rohini ariesi (13 days ago)
I thiught ghostemane was playing
ANGELICA CORDOVA (13 days ago)
Y x q pone esa musica d terror?
Aishwarya Dwivedi (15 days ago)
Prue Anne (15 days ago)
Jeez this horror sound
Mohamed Sherif (16 days ago)
thinker new
owethu mtshali (16 days ago)
the background music was so ill fitting i had to watch it on mute
Randi Zupp (17 days ago)
Funny that the 3 thumbnails you advertised this video with are no where to be seen in the video🤔 just some advice, this makes people angry
Olivia West (17 days ago)
What the fuck....
Cheyenne Nicole (19 days ago)
Why the scary music.....
This Wishing Wall (20 days ago)
All stolen content.
Luvirola (23 days ago)
The worst music ever wtf
Puza let's play (23 days ago)
What the hell...why did you put this horrible music at first it makes hole the video so scary...😨😨
Dapur OliviaRu (24 days ago)
Opening song... LoL 😂
Lilianita Donascimento (25 days ago)
musica terrorifica 😐
ayaa beauty oujda (25 days ago)
اختي إلا كان ممكن ثبتي تعليقي 👭.البنات مرحبا بيكم عندي غدي نحط منتوجات لي جربتهم ديال البحر الميت la cure اجيو تشوفوه أنا في انتضاركم 💋💋💋
ZuasolaMika (25 days ago)
Nahki Smee (26 days ago)
I literally had to mute the video so that i can be able to watch the diy😶😶 The music is just soooo disturbing😑
climate alonzo (26 days ago)
Whats with the sound fuck it's so disturbing hahaha!!
Apple Librando (27 days ago)
Am i the only one who cringed when she hammered nails on the dino’s feet??
Nicholas cato12 (27 days ago)
wooow creative video
Karen Sevilla (28 days ago)
La música ni al caso la verdad
Iesha Mann (28 days ago)
You are so creative!!!
Passion Horse (29 days ago)
Music = horrible, scary
مش حلو خالص
Karalyneee (30 days ago)
100% of the comments are about the music
arif muzakkir (30 days ago)
Who are you
Traylie Vander Schaaf (30 days ago)
I had to turn the volume down because it was creeping me out
lindi masilile (30 days ago)
Click bait thumbnail!
basic asmr (1 month ago)
Its not what i thought
naomi sto (1 month ago)
no lo pude terminar de ver el video x esa music de merd 😱
Sara Solano (1 month ago)
Jajaja una pelicula de terror 😒😸 jajaja se pasan
Love CooK (1 month ago)
Aditi Sharma (1 month ago)
back sound horror
Aliiz Torre (1 month ago)
Que onda con su música??
Marylie Tapac (1 month ago)
Would u mind change the background? It's kinda scary.
Maleee (1 month ago)
Abhirami Jayan (1 month ago)
What the hell with the opening background music????? BRUH weird....😷 Anyway I like the diy...
Jennifer Vivanco (1 month ago)
Odie el comienzo de la música
Caroline Silva (1 month ago)
Esse começo 🙄🙄 essa musicaaa🙄🙄🙄 me haver ngm entendeu 😑
The music is super creep
Teneise Sansing (1 month ago)
This music was a terrible choice
Lopamudra Joshi (1 month ago)
So scary sound
Momma Bates (1 month ago)
Why is the music so creepy
AJ (1 month ago)
I love this DIY at 3:46😍😍😍
Reza Ramadhan (1 month ago)
Musiknya kya film horor gitu ya😕
thx for the ideas,i will try it soon in my home
Arjumand Khanam (1 month ago)
aap ne start main iitna horrible music kyon liya soo scary
Sheikhaayat Habib (1 month ago)
Itna horrible typ music kyu 😱😱😱
نبض الغلا (1 month ago)
المسيقه بتخووف ومزعجه حسيت انباوع علا مسلل رعب مو علا فيديو اعمال يدوويه
Agus T (1 month ago)
Porque esa musica? Es horrible
Sophia Kas (1 month ago)
What’s up with the intense fucking music 😭😂😂
جميل جدا 👌
beauty by touta (1 month ago)
Verry good
مسار عزيز (1 month ago)
강민서 (1 month ago)
음악이 왜이리 심각해;;;
Nupur Shikha (1 month ago)
Scary Background Music ??? 😛😱😱😱😨😨😨😰😰
Hemrin K. (1 month ago)
Widerliche Hunde nur für Klicks..
Diego Armando (1 month ago)
I stopped seeing him because of that demon music
karen (1 month ago)
Buenas ideas, aunque la música del principio da muy mal rollo 🤣
Mary (1 month ago)
Se tu quer encher sua casa de coisas inúteis tá aí um vídeo, pq não dá pra aproveitar uma ideia 💡abajur de colher de plástico🤨 tu abre o vídeo pensando em ver ideias realmente legais e se depara com coisas que no final tu só vai ficar tirando o Pó. O abajur de pelos por exemplo.
khanom ishrat (1 month ago)
What the reason behind putting that horrible music at first😑 that was so creepy
D’andra Blue (1 month ago)
Please Change the Frekin background music .., or hire someone who knows how to compile and contrast to match the sample videos . Thnx .
Fahad Nasruddin (1 month ago)
Блин, что за чёртова музыка? Уши вянут, нереально внимать, даже глядеть до конца за этого не охото!
khushbu mishra (1 month ago)
Jo pic me dikhate h wo video me to hota hi nhi
Maira Kiran (1 month ago)
You Got No Jams (1 month ago)
The music ain't it
Jessica Louise (1 month ago)
bitch destroyed probably about $100 on comestic just to get a dust pink rose no even uneven when she could've bought just a metallic spray for $15
faty rifya (1 month ago)
Abonner faty rifya plz
faty rifya (1 month ago)
Kalyan Kar (1 month ago)
Fucking ghost music
Asma Bilal (1 month ago)
Music scating me
Katy Webley (1 month ago)
Whats up with this music?! Edit: just as i say that music truns nice...😑😑😑😑
Naseem Mamu (1 month ago)
Why us the sound sooo creepy😂😂😂isn't it like some susspect video😂😂
Ekta Singh . Com (1 month ago)
Nice 👍 my new friend..
Lulu Music (1 month ago)
That’s sound like a scary movie 🙄
Liperolar 0404 (1 month ago)
Musica de filme de terror...kkkk
Meire Santana (1 month ago)
q música sinistra....
Karin Ledesma Bravo (1 month ago)
Este video es muy cruel 😓 que le han hecho a ella los pobres dinosaurios como para que los pinten de rosa y dorado 😭🤦😭 jajajaja 🤣🙃🤣
Angeles Martinez (1 month ago)
I watched the video with the volume down. It was so scary

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