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Timberland 6" Black Timbs on feet

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Text Comments (51)
Ragz Rocco (2 days ago)
Love them, mine has gold trim and gold trees
David Coleman (25 days ago)
I have these and like them . I got them onsale for $120 .
Northern_ Savage (2 months ago)
Them jawns sexy.
hassan bradshaw (7 months ago)
I wish the tongue on mine stayed up it stay hanging over I bet I have to tie them different
Give me a shoutout (9 months ago)
Hey bruh what size you wear
FendiCashinTM (9 months ago)
You should do a lace video
Xavier Colquhoun (9 months ago)
Please do a lacing vid
JAIDEN2K (10 months ago)
Basic or premium's
selim soliman (8 months ago)
Neftaly Soto (11 months ago)
Are those the black nubuck or the black smooth?
damieN (5 days ago)
those are black panther
iAmTMCII (11 months ago)
nubuck... hard to tell from the camera but its just like the wheat but black
S.T.L crip (1 year ago)
These timbs are better than the brown one s
Matthew Lapping (1 year ago)
I can't decide whether to go all black or get one with the cream sole so there not all blacked out and yeah they run so big I get away with getting the juniors I'm a six in men's so I got a size 6 in juniors in the wheat
on point (1 year ago)
I definitely agree bruh.You gotta have a wheat and black pair on deck 💯
iAmTMCII (1 year ago)
on point it’s only right!!
krazziejrboi (1 year ago)
these or the wheats ughhhh
damieN (5 days ago)
i have the black timbs just got it and i must say i’m really happy i like the wheats too but they stand out too much and so many people had them imo
on point (1 year ago)
Wheat are number one yo.But you gotta have both in the stash.Wheat are more flashy and black the low profile pair.
Damian Ward (1 year ago)
krazziejrboi how do you lace your timbs
iAmTMCII (1 year ago)
ahh you're right. Wide footers need that room
krazziejrboi (1 year ago)
iAmTMCII i had to go tts for these 12" since i got really wide feet and my big toe always hits 11.5 was too snug
SHaMaRi_0 (1 year ago)
This is how y'all should lace timbs
mclste (1 year ago)
damn I need a black pair, and maybe a red pair but I dunno. are the red timbs good?
Jacob Anthony Osana (6 months ago)
Only wheats and blacks
mclste (1 year ago)
+iAmTMCII you right
iAmTMCII (1 year ago)
depends on how you pull them off with the outfit
Step Smith (1 year ago)
you right need a black pair and wheat
iAmTMCII (1 year ago)
and the cycle complete
Rashard Young (1 year ago)
are they true to size
Shawn Golmes (1 year ago)
No go a size down if u wear a 10.5 get a 10
Benigno Pedroza (1 year ago)
Rashard Young go a whole size down if your going to wear them loose
Tota (1 year ago)
Yeah they run a bit big. I normally wear 8.5 but with my timbs I buy em in 8s
iAmTMCII (1 year ago)
mention sizing in the vid
23LBJ SupremeKing (2 years ago)
they cost so much
Julian Ignacio If you're still looking you can get it rn 97 US at Footlocker online, 140 plus an automatic 25 percent off, and then use a coupon code from Groupon for an extra 15 off that.
Julian Vlone (1 year ago)
iAmTMCII when do they go on sale? in summer time or winter?
iAmTMCII (2 years ago)
you got to catch them on sale.. summer time you can catch them for like 99 bucks
PVC Trucks (2 years ago)
yo what jeans are those
TheCoolred60 (1 year ago)
PVC Trucks any slim fit black pants
Random Reviews (2 years ago)
I wish they made a slimmer version of these so short ppl like me won't look dumb like I have blocks on my feet
MexicanPride226 (9 months ago)
Grow taller duh
on point (1 year ago)
Sure they got a lower version
Na'ki Goodman (1 year ago)
Gonzo Krush taller🙏🏾
andrice murat (2 years ago)
Brandon Nunez (2 years ago)
Classics for sure
LaShoota (2 years ago)
Classic 🔥🔥
Jamaal Shakespeare (2 years ago)
PUNISHYMN (2 years ago)
P25C (2 years ago)
these are one of the dopest timbs ever

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