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Spa Manicures | Spa Pedicures in Manhattan New York

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https://dyannaspa.com/ Spa Manicures | Spa Pedicures in Manhattan New York Experience the best Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure for men and women at Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY offers the best Spa manicure and Spa pedicure for men and women available in the city. Our caring and experienced manicurists begin these luxurious nail salon treatments with a wonderful and relaxing massage to your hands and feet. When you receive a Spa Manicure, our manicurist cleans and moisturizes your hands.She then applies a moisturizing hand mask that deeplyhydrates the skin.The masks we use create stronger nails and softer, suppler skin. She then cuts, files, shapes and buffs your nails, which is then followed by the nail polish of your choice. Men often choose a final nail buffing. The procedure for the Spa Pedicure is similar, except our pedicurist soaks your feet in warm water using a specially formulated moisturizing soap.After attending to the cuticles, she uses a buffer or razor on the soles of your feet to remove any callouses and dead skin. As with the Spa Manicure, before shaping and buffing the nails, she applies a moisturizing mask to your feet for additional hydration. The Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure offer the perfect solution for people with dry skin and brittle nails. Contact us now for an appointment at one of our two convenient locations and check out our other mani/pedis on our website: http://www.dyannaspa.com. https://dyannaspa.com/manhattan_spa_services/manicure-nyc/ https://dyannaspa.com/service/spa-manicure-nail-salon-manhattan/ http://nailsalonmanhattan.com/
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