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Women With Acne Get Facials For The First Time

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I am so afraid to touch my face cus' it feels priceless. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow GET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.com www.buzzfeed.com/video www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet www.youtube.com/buzzfeed BuzzFeedYellow More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! MUSIC Pop Power Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. One Reason Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Dreamer's Hill Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/11239 + SPECIAL THANKS TO: Face Haus http://thefacehaus.com/ https://instagram.com/facehaus/
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Ian Graham-White (1 month ago)
and they all broke out because of Americas great misunderstanding of acne (Pores don’t open or close and picking it does not make your acne go away it only increases the chance it will get infected) Got to hand it to buzzfeed for spreading more BS about something they have no clue about... This will only make my skin clearer and healthier compared to everyone else
Victoria Espinoza (2 months ago)
How much was the facial they got thoo
Scar's Studios (2 months ago)
Between 12 and 24? I'm 11 and I got acne when I was 9... I hate it
Banana Head (2 months ago)
All I can imagine is as/is going up to people with acne and asking “can u get a facial for our YouTube video”😂
Daphne Brown (2 months ago)
I'm getting pimples and I'm 11
Solemnity Tribe (2 months ago)
Cry me a river. I developed acne at 12. I'm now 35
Monroe Robbins (3 months ago)
I hate my acne, cause it’s deep set stuff, and bloody, leaving scabs and pain. I know external acne can be the worst, but underneath acne can feel worse than it looks. But external is both.
N _ (3 months ago)
I see most people on the comments are talking about dealing with acne. I'm 25, still dealing but not as much because I finally went to see a dermatologist. Before that, I was on the birth control pill and it helped a bit mostly it reduced my oily skin and went to dry to Normal skin. So when I went to the dermatologist it wasn't as expensive as I thought. I spent what I usually spend at ulta or Sephora to buy acne products. My dermatologist prescribed me spironolactone 50mg and with the birth control pill it worked great. But then I decided I didn't want to be on the pill anymore because I'd heard of blood clots and it scared me so I went off the pill and went back to the derm to raise my dosage. So I went on 100 mg and I'm going through the "purge period" it's been 2 weeks and it's not as bad anymore but still very minor tiny whiteheads. I hope this is the last week dealing with the purge and my skin will clear up again. I still recommend spironolactone specially combined with the birth control pill. But if not, it's working fine by itself. Just be patient you can't write it off in a couple of weeks because you're breaking out. That's normal. Also with spironolactone you won't see results right away. The derm initially told me it can take up to 3 months but I honestly saw results that same week and that 1st month I was almost clear. Anyway just thought I'd share my experience and give women some hope. For men, I'd still suggest to go to the derm it's not that expensive trust me.
CallMeTaylor (3 months ago)
am I the only one who got a lot of acne at 6th grade?
Ntz 27 (3 months ago)
I have so many Whitehead’s on my nose 👃
Megan Elizabeth (3 months ago)
I am surprised these people have never had a facial before cuz I get a facial every month and I am 12
Scar's Studios (3 months ago)
John Doe (3 months ago)
How much does this usually cost
Tecnovlog (3 months ago)
" so this is your first time getting a facial?" who knows :D
Samanta Siragusa (4 months ago)
i can relate to people who say they are afraid to talk to people because they don’t want people staring at their acne but it’s so strange at the same time because i never stare at people’s skin. i find it so rude.
Jordan Richardson (4 months ago)
If I had three wishes, one of them would be for everyone in the world to be rid of their acne. I have acne too btw
Reagan Butrum (4 months ago)
I've had acne since I was 8 years old and it's never gone away (I'm 13 now). I hate it a lot.
Valentine Yang (4 months ago)
Ah... i went to a facial like that before cuz I had acne since I was... 11? Yeah. Extractions hurt. A lot. For me I guess? The facial was really calming tho, I fell asleep several times
Drama Queen (4 months ago)
I got a facial advertisement before this🤣🤣
Emo Pineapple (4 months ago)
Its at 666 dislikes. Satan dispises buzzfeed
Brianna Studioz (4 months ago)
Olivia Searle (4 months ago)
Where do I sign up to get free facials as a job??
Tevy Smith (4 months ago)
I had acne before everyone else it made me so uncomfortable and I constantly felt people staring at me thank god for a dermatologist or I’m so happy with my skin now (most of the time 😂)
melliesa robles (5 months ago)
their skin is so nice :(
Fajj Malajj (5 months ago)
The title doesn't sound right?!?!
Ruby Has Acne (5 months ago)
Three years ago I had the perfect skin and then just BAM💥 acne all over my face..... which left me all those reddish scars😞😞😞
Classical Ari (5 months ago)
i started getting acne around 11, and people were so rude around that time, I got bullied by boys and they gave me a nickname "zit face" and that's when I started getting depressed and I starrtdd to cut. But a couple of months after I am so self confident. But I need some methods to help with it.
Ellie Dubs (5 months ago)
1:56 shes pretty even with acne! Btw i got rid of my acne and if you guys need help just ask!
Elana Mansfield (5 months ago)
I am 13 and i love this video because it makes me feel better about my own acne. I have had acne since i was about 11 and i feel like im the only one in my school that goes through it. Sometimes i hate talking to people or looking at people because i can tell they are looking at my acne.
Lourdes Knuttsen (5 months ago)
It's funny how they started to get acne in high school or college and I got mine when I was 11😂😂
Azra Serifler (6 months ago)
Its funny because I got a facial add before the video
BreeBerryBear064 (7 months ago)
Yo it’s not only my acne it’s my big nose...
Vera Corry (7 months ago)
I'm not very creative (7 months ago)
1:18 haha thats gonna be the whole facial treatment
Nat G (7 months ago)
Do they have enzymes that aren't pineapple? I'm allergic...
I have a zit on the corner of my mouth and its SO annoying and im breaking out on my upper cheeks and chin and forehead but I can hide my forehead with my bangs
wadadlibabe (8 months ago)
This looks great although I'm not too keen on the she's butter mask for people who have acne. Everything else was cool though
They should try an acne laser treatment , I would like to see how it goes
SnowFall (9 months ago)
I wish I could get this facial done to me cause I have really bad acne, but then again I am a teenager who doesn’t have a job and I live in a really isolated town. So not much I can do but wash my face every morning and night
I've started getting it and I'm more than halfway through 7th grade
talia vibes (9 months ago)
Stephanie Rojas (10 months ago)
I’m in my first year of college and I’m getting acne so bad, without acne I was shy and with low self steam but now is even worse...
Ghaya Gasmi (10 months ago)
This is the place where Freddie, Chantel, and Safiya went for the three different types of face mask testing
leif (10 months ago)
I think it’s funny how they all got acne in college but i’ve had it since i was 8
Kaylee Aldana (11 months ago)
The movie
Kaylee Aldana (11 months ago)
One of the girl reminds me as childhood
caeee029 (11 months ago)
What? The extraction didn't hurt?? Mines hurt so much that all I could think of during facials is when on earth it would end... they are definitely bearable but it certainly is not relaxing.... lol... 😂 either their aesthetician (?) Is really good or the ones I go to are just sadists... lol.
Christine Ugochukwu (11 months ago)
I have acne . It started when I was about 9-10
Gudiya K (11 months ago)
Is laser treatment painful pls reply
dayana zamudio (11 months ago)
I am 11 and i have acne it sucks kids bully me
Amaris R (11 months ago)
I first started getting acne in third grade
Ibtisam Heet (1 year ago)
This is the place where Safiya, Freddie and Chantel went to get facials
Hannah B (1 year ago)
There all beautiful! With or without make up! You go girls.
Emily Smith (1 year ago)
guys fix your acne with 4 things aloe vera jell every night as a moisturizer apple cider vinegar to tone your face 1to 4 ratio and the turmeric face mask I use it everyday then take omega-3 thats what worked for me and it was gone I like two weeks
nicola allen (1 year ago)
i always end up crying when they do extractions because it hurts so much
yobotjohn (1 year ago)
I get a facial annually to clean my face as I have a lot of acne. The difference between the video is that the person who does the facial uses some kind of tool to get all the pass out and it hurts a lot.
Kathleen Chambers (1 year ago)
For people who are acquiring for the ideal acne treatments, this acne guide “fito shocking plan”, which you can search in Google, is extremely advised. Acne has run in the family and I experienced using some remedy for acne. Luckly, the acne does vanish entirely with this incredible guide.
Savannah Pfierman (1 year ago)
You call THAT acne?
Anna Taquino (1 year ago)
Stealing videos????
Gwyneth • (1 year ago)
I feel like I can't talk to someone face to face I'm so scared they aren't listening to me there just looking at my acne i feel so nasty I have had acne for as long as I remember and nothing works I've tried everything it just won't go away I've never seen my skin clear😥😞😔And whenever my friends get like a teensy milascule pimple on there jaw they'll be like :OMG IM BREAKING OUT OMG OMG IM HIDEOUS!!! And I'm like 🙄 girl for real??? I WISH I had your skin! 😣
Isabel van Elven (1 year ago)
My name is also Isabel😃🌟
Kitkat915e (1 year ago)
Ok so how do these professionals know which pores to extract from??
Nicole Lucarelli (1 year ago)
What would happen to someones skin if they got this done everyday?
Jack Henderson (1 year ago)
Any one want a facial? I'm giving them out for free just need your hand and mouth, won't take long I finish faster than a 12 year old but I sploog like a champion. Just reply and I'll be sure to get back to you...
Natelege Zaritz (1 year ago)
They all look so good. But most importantly they look like they FEEL really good! Awesome.
Veronica Rodriguez (1 year ago)
pores cannot open or close. That's just a myth
soren4k (1 year ago)
Change “women” in the title with “teens” and that’s a whole different story
Wild Snorlax (1 year ago)
Not the type of facial I was expecting but I am open for new stuff.
This is the same place where ladylike went to
Fluffeh Bunny (1 year ago)
That was weird I got a acne ad
ItzVital (1 year ago)
wrong facial i had in mind
The Sorcerer (1 year ago)
Its hard for me to even talk to people with my acne it makes me feel embarrassed but people will never understand that dont have acne at least i can talk to my friend that ive known a long time
Donovan Dwayne (1 year ago)
blonde girl's teeth are stupid pretty
FAM-ET (1 year ago)
when i saw the title i LOL:ed
Peyton Blickenstaff (1 year ago)
To the blonde girl who was afraid to show her face. You're beautiful and when I looked at you I didn't see your acne I saw you. I've have acne my whole life and I have scars from it. I still find ways to be beautiful. I only wear makeup once a month or so just to be comfortable in my own skin however it comes. Just be glad to be yourself.
KZgurl vlogs and more (1 year ago)
im 12 and i have bad acne yall r lucky u got it when u where older XDD
KZgurl vlogs and more (1 year ago)
kk thx
ef (1 year ago)
If you have *bad* acne when you're only 12, like bad bad, not just a couple spots, expect it to get way worse, trust me.
Izzy G (1 year ago)
Need this
Thiago (1 year ago)
just use benzoyla
Toniii K. (1 year ago)
this looks sooooo relaxing
Pearl Kowalke (1 year ago)
I have had acne since I was five years old
Person You don't know (1 year ago)
I have never seen anyone in my family with acne 😂
aicfit S (1 year ago)
Acne actually made me feel very insecure with myself, I got it in 7th grade and I still have it, but it is getting better.
Michelle Valenzuela (1 year ago)
My experience with facial was nothing like this, it was the most painfull thing ever! And My Face was so irritated after ir :(
OwO What's this?! (1 year ago)
Am I the only one thinking the title sounds kinda weird?
Inga Rose (1 year ago)
Finally people with real acne. The other buzzfeed acne videos don't have that much acne. They're just pimples, not full-out acne
Throw Dat Neck (1 year ago)
Wasn't The Facials I Was Looking Forward To 🙄🙄
Rensei (1 year ago)
I've had a few spots here and there, but I honestly feel really bad for everyone who has had really bad acne. Not too far into puberty, I hope it STAYS as a few spots 😣
Michael Weirdo (1 year ago)
You're beautiful
Live Epic (1 year ago)
Yogurt gives you acne tho?
Daily Goose (1 year ago)
Buzz feed try hards
αfяσ200 (1 year ago)
The only thing that bothers me is that they all had acne in college and I had since middle school
Silver HvH Noob (1 year ago)
dude if anyone wants a facial haha hmu
Sarah Mohammed (1 year ago)
I've got acne scars. Like they're just embedded in my face like dots. Anyone else with the same ?
Desmond Quinn (1 year ago)
Their skin is just shiny now
Kathleen Chambers (1 year ago)
This acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) was extremely informative and valuable. I usually experience gentle adult acne and this guide covers all of the potential remedies for moderate to severe acne whether natural procedures or otherwise. I am normally likely to go the natural way and have found that the key treatments given here works the very best.
Mira (1 year ago)
I find it odd that she needs makeup to cover up acne, but makeup usually clogs up pores and causes acne..
Bronze Paw (1 year ago)
I have acne and I am 10
horses4555 (1 year ago)
As someone who has never had pimples or acne, I personally don't even see acne on a person. My boyfriend thinks he had pretty bad acne but I don't notice it until he says something. Same goes for most people. So if you have acne chances are most people aren't looking at your acne, just your face in general.
Connetification (1 year ago)
That would be $500 plz. And thank you.
Riley M. (1 year ago)
I thought you couldn't post porn on youtube...

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