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The Underwater Song (children's song) - Little Blue Globe Band

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This song is designed to give toddlers, young kids, and non-native English speakers (ESL) an introduction to aquatic animals. Visit and subscribe to Toddler World TV http://www.youtube.com/user/toddlerworldtv THE UNDERWATER SONG Words and music by Matthew J. Dorman Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies swimmin' by me Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies and me Hello there Octopus The way you move is fabulous Hello there sea lion When you swim, it's like you're flyin' Hello there Dolphin You always look so happy Hello there great white shark I hope you're not feeling hungry Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies swimmin' by me Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies and me Hello there Mr. Crab You're my friend, I'm so glad Hello there jellyfish I hear you're actually not a fish Hello there Ms. Stingray You're the grooviest in the bay Hello there Mr. Whale I think it's time to set sail Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies swimmin' by me Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies and me Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies swimmin' by me Under the water, under the sea Lots and lots of fishies and me Lots and lots of fishies and me Performed by The Little Blue Globe Band Music and production by Matthew J. Dorman, PhD Characters and animation by Esa Jussila Copyright 2013 Toddler World TV
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Text Comments (146)
James Humphris (2 months ago)
Hi hope
sara smith (4 months ago)
fish s
Neşe Akgün (6 months ago)
Carina Berg (6 months ago)
Easily the best sea animal song! Where can I buy this? My daughter's class wants to do a short play based on this song!
Toddler World TV ® (6 months ago)
Thank you Carina! The Underwater Song is on the album "It's a Toddler's World" by Little Blue Globe Band. You can get it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other digital stores. We are so glad you like it! By the way, we have another marine animal song coming out in a week or two (we were filming it today!). Stay tuned!
Phatcharapha Muangphrom (7 months ago)
awsome song
Toddler World TV ® (7 months ago)
Thank you! The song is on the album "It's a Toddlers World" by Little Blue Globe Band -- in digital stores next week!
COT 228 (8 months ago)
Tess Martinez (10 months ago)
Adventures on bikes (10 months ago)
what is he saying
Toddler World TV ® (10 months ago)
Hello, the lyrics to the song on in the 'show more' section above.
jj flash (10 months ago)
OH YEA 1:48
Tram Phan (1 year ago)
Tram Phan (1 year ago)
Tram Phan (1 year ago)
Diana Gray (1 year ago)
Toddler World TV ® (1 year ago)
+Diana Gray Hello!
graffizen (1 year ago)
very cool song
Toddler World TV ® (1 year ago)
Thank you!
americanhindi (1 year ago)
Lovely song!
Toddler World TV ® (1 year ago)
+americanhindi Thank you!
Luke Tagliatelle (1 year ago)
proud to be a swede
Dinh Hoang Anh (1 year ago)
Dinh Hoang Anh (1 year ago)
Aneudy Calderon (1 year ago)
good song
Neil Dalton (11 months ago)
Aneudy Calderon ?8
swaroop eswara (11 months ago)
pooja kamath (1 year ago)
good song
Toddler World TV ® (1 year ago)
+Aneudy Calderon Thank you!
my boys love this song
Toddler World TV ® (1 year ago)
+Kunjalata Brahma Bathari Thank you!
Pati K (1 year ago)
love it 😘 so Mach.
Pati K (1 year ago)
I love it😘
Pati K (1 year ago)
I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
T Itoh (1 year ago)
the only reason why i'm
Pati K (1 year ago)
this song rilly workd for are asembly 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😘 thanks.
Pati K (1 year ago)
i am doing an asembly and i am going to ues this song.😄😄😄😄1000likes
Raquel Leva (10 months ago)
Pati K p
Hade Naser
Hade Naser (1 year ago)
Pati K just
Pati K (1 year ago)
this song rilly workd for are asembly 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😘😘😘😘😘 thanks.
Heloisa Sorendino (1 year ago)
eu fasso ingles ai eu fico ouvindo
Heloisa Sorendino (1 year ago)
i love musicals
kalyan kaushik (1 year ago)
Qudsia Fattima (1 year ago)
Qudsia Fattima (1 year ago)
Amber k Babar
Qudsia Fattima (1 year ago)
Qudsia 03366664711
Kim Oakes (1 year ago)
ILLumastein (1 year ago)
get your bleach here
Fernando Suarez (1 year ago)
me gusta
Susan Cronin (2 years ago)
Zaazv q
Sin Yau Yeung (2 years ago)
underwater song chlidren van
L,PT? .p
Doctor Pool (2 years ago)
I saw a video with a swearing parrot and I thought it said under the water under the sea how many titties can you see
thiago forim (2 years ago)
anand akella (2 years ago)
3kids Iarpl (2 years ago)
words song please
thanks Jovi 4
tesu08 (1 year ago)
Tasi Afamasaga ggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhh
Tasi Afamasaga
duong phuong (1 year ago)
Tasi Afamasaga
Hung Sandra (1 year ago)
Tasi Afamasag
Mic Butts (2 years ago)
Lit af
Tynev09 (2 years ago)
good under water song
pespes papa (2 years ago)
Toddler World TV ®
jennifer martin (2 years ago)
Toddler World TV ® (2 years ago)
Thank you!
wes scali (2 years ago)
She's 2 years old
My sister likes this song
Toddler World TV ® (2 years ago)
+aiden anthony lim That's great! Thank you for your comment!
Yingmin Fridy (2 years ago)
The whale is a sperm whale!
cola coca (2 years ago)
nemdeih lun (3 years ago)
k lei tunh ak si no
taskal012 (3 years ago)
sounds like syd barrett :D
Toddler World TV ® (2 years ago)
+taskal012 Syd Barrett, eh? He was great!
Max Grena (3 years ago)
This really helped my sister out in school ,she say thanks
James Humphris (2 months ago)
Please calling me
Max Grena (3 years ago)
Ok ,I will!
Toddler World TV ® (3 years ago)
+Max Grena Thanks great news, Max. Tell your sister Toddler World TV says "Hello"
馮凱威 (3 years ago)
prohero22 (3 years ago)
My daughter loves this song! Thank you.
Toddler World TV ® (3 years ago)
+prohero22 You're welcome! I'm glad that your daughter likes it!
fiona payet (3 years ago)
That was fun
Toddler World TV ® (2 years ago)
+fiona payet Thank you!
Under the water Under the sea How many big fat titties can you see
karthik nataraj (3 years ago)
+Patrick Feronti
Patrick Feronti (3 years ago)
bhanu priya (3 years ago)
Hi. Very nice and melodious music . I made my friend do this song for her teachers training demo and every one appreciated her. Thanks for uploading it was soon useful. God bless u.
Toddler World TV ® (3 years ago)
Thank you for your comment! I am so glad to hear that the song was useful. Have a great day!
Fatema chechat (3 years ago)
Perla Urrutia (4 years ago)
Hi my daughter and me love this song .. Regards from México
Toddler World TV ® (3 years ago)
Thank you Perla!  
Eliz Beshir (4 years ago)
Eliz Beshir (4 years ago)
+Honey Senpai
Honey Senpai (4 years ago)
Ok I agree with you there but why all the hate to people Eliz I'm just saying your really never first (Not on this bad video)
Apples Longid (4 years ago)
Nil Neli Deadato (4 years ago)
I. Uğurlamışıgı ıh oğ Ğ , Sednegkj O.
Nil Neli Deadato (4 years ago)
Gigi Kurtis (4 years ago)
Adriana Cea (4 years ago)
My son is mesmerized by this song, and frankly his father and I find ourselves singing it during the day ourselves. Brilliant keep up the great work, and we become more fans the more videos we watch. Very cool music for kids,
Toddler World TV ® (4 years ago)
Thanks Adriana! 
Paige (4 years ago)
Thank you! This song about sea animals really helped me learn. Being a forty-two year old woman and not knowing my sea animals has held me back from things like certain jobs. Thank you for teaching me!
Anton Cataldo (3 years ago)
+horseloversunite1 ahahahahahahhahahahahahahha
Toddler World TV ® (4 years ago)
You're welcome! I am glad that the video helped you!
Maggie Mai (5 years ago)
Thank you!! I got it.
Toddler World TV ® (5 years ago)
Hi Maggie, the lyrics are in the video description section. To get there, click the button above that says "show more." Then scroll down and you will find the lyrics. I hope that helps!
Maggie Mai (5 years ago)
hi, i like the video very much. but i am a Chinese, so there are some lyrics that i can't hear clearly. Can somebody do me a favor to write down the lyrics? i really want to teach my students to sing it. Thank you so much!
Melinda Stevenson (5 years ago)
That's excellent advice! I have used this song with large groups of kids and it works great. I did exactly what you described: We mimicked swimming, acted like fish, and pretended to be sailing in a boat. The kids had a great time. They laughed, looked at each other a lot, and learned something about sea life in the process. Most children's songs are fast and jumpy...I like this one because it teaches them to be smooth and gentle.
Mary Richards (5 years ago)
With a class setting and a mellow song...most large groups WOULD turn off, so you have to add some movement (and do it yourself). Maybe try to get a wave going, acting like a wave (just make sure no one does the worm on the ground!), swimming like fish or mimic snorkeling when the lyrics account for it. Also, never put on a song you dislike even the tiniest bit yourself, the class reads your cues about whether to stay engaged or not.
Belinda Shackleton (5 years ago)
This song is soooo good! Catchy and fun! It's been in my head the whole day! My kids have learned about aquatic animals from this. Love it!
Rohit Bakshi (5 years ago)
Hi How can I download this song for offline viewing
Lisa Sontag (5 years ago)
Perfect song for small toddlers.. Great rhythm... Nice pace of images... Sooo catchy..
greenplanet2400 (5 years ago)
I say "yes" -- this song is awesome!
knetterwauz010 (5 years ago)
My 15 month old daughter likes the Black Keys - Black Submarine. I prefer my children to like 'real' music. Most children like early Beatles too, it's a parents job to make them familliar to that kind of music.
Skyler Jones (5 years ago)
Of course people are entitled to different opinions -- I never said anything about that matter. I am entitled to an opinion, too; in this case, a counter-opinion. I think you are wrong about the video. It's written by a world-class songwriter, and it's pleasant for both kids and adults (not many children's songs are good for adults, too!). I have found it useful for teaching my kids, and my brother uses it for his kids, too. Since the video action is slow, it's probably better for small groups
Skyler Jones (5 years ago)
Worst comment ever. This song is great!!! Sometimes I just put on the music and my little boy loves it! It's the best children's intro to aquatic animals I have seen on YouTube...
Jacob Parker (5 years ago)
No offence, but no.
Tristan Ting (5 years ago)
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jimmy yap (5 years ago)
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Tristan Ting (5 years ago)
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Handan Bao (5 years ago)
I love this song! Clicks so many right buttons, the color contrast, the right pace of movement for young viewer's eyes, the nice cycles marked by the unmistakable school of fishes, the dreamy wavy melody that resembles the ocean and the humorous lyrics that make the parents laugh, which the kids are sure to join. Great job!
Sunshine Walker (5 years ago)
Love the octopus! Totally catchy tune.
Loban Lee (5 years ago)
Nice song for children to learn English.
Bounce Patrol Kids (5 years ago)
Great song - love this video! :)
greenplanet2400 (5 years ago)
Great song! It could be the theme song to a major Disney production!
Niamh Bradford (5 years ago)
Would it be possible to get the lyrics?Great song.Is there sheet music available for this?:)
Kayla Storm (5 years ago)
Excellent! Very catchy song!!!! I think I like it as much as my kids do!
Lara Dorman (5 years ago)
Love the opera singing octopus!
Skyler Jones (5 years ago)
Such an awesome song! I love it...it's stuck in my head!

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