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Ministry of Magic - Accio Love (with lyrics)

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The is the second song on Ministry of Magic's first album called Accio Love. Felt like I HAD to do Accio Love next. xD _____________________________________________________ Check out more MoM music on iTunes! http://bit.ly/MoMiTunes Check out more MoM music on Amazon! http://amzn.to/MoMamazon Physical copies here: http://kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherId=112208 _____________________________________________________ Please subscribe for more videos with lyrics like this in the future: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ministryofmagicmusic _____________________________________________________ Thanks to Lauren and Nina from The Moaning Myrtles for singing on the track! http://www.youtube.com/user/devilishlypure http://www.youtube.com/user/ninjapiano _____________________________________________________ I want to give a little back story on each song that I post, just for fun. :) Accio Love was the very first song that I wrote for Ministry of Magic. Actually, Ministry of Magic wasn't even formed when I wrote this - I just wrote it for fun with my now ex-girlfriend. I showed it to Jason and Aaron and they really liked it. After that, I wrote Snape vs. Snape and the music for Marauder's Map - and we decided create MoM. Fun Fact #1 - My ex-girlfriend originally sang on the chorus. I sent the track to Lauren of The Moaning Myrtles and she sang over her. Fun Fact #2 - When brainstorming names for the band, we came up with "Ministry of Magic", Mudblood Magic", and "The Triwizards". We obviously went with Ministry of Magic. :) _____________________________________________________ Come hang out with me, Luke, over at my channel or twitter. :D http://youtube.com/LukeConard http://twitter.com/LukeConard Ministry of Magic Harry Potter Accio Love lyrics Luke Conard Jason Munday devilishlypure Lauren Fairweather ninjapiano Nina Jankowicz
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Text Comments (215)
The Human Alien (7 months ago)
2:26 it's Stupefy not Stupify
Veny Wardani (1 year ago)
Danisys Gaming (1 year ago)
"On rons new cleansweep"
bibliopxile (2 years ago)
I thought I recognized Lauren's voice! I miss the Wrock days! WE MUST REVIVE WROCK!
Madison Johnson (1 year ago)
I've considered making a wrock, we just need instruments and a lyrics writer
Christien Douthitt (2 years ago)
Kayley Guidry (2 years ago)
+MigotoNaomi IKR!!
Destiny Jain (3 years ago)
love it
Angel D (3 years ago)
i love this song
Invincible Know it all (3 years ago)
*Sighs romantically*
Christien Douthitt (2 years ago)
Meredith Fahey (4 years ago)
Catchy song! So cute. 
Christien Douthitt (2 years ago)
Helden des Olymp (4 years ago)
OMG ! What's that for a song ?! So... ugly :(( Harry Potter... why not 'Arry Schnodder !!! :DDD
Numbuh7 KND (5 years ago)
AWSOME!!! A RonxHermione song!!!  :D
elizabeth wp (5 years ago)
I love this song and it made me want to kill the Dramione shippers. Oh well. IT'S SUCH A GOOD SONG
Valerie Mendoza (5 years ago)
i hold all other wrock songs to this standard... i love this song!
Megadraco (5 years ago)
"If she's in danger Ron yells Stupify" and then his wand explodes, because that's not how you pronounce stupefy XD.
Karen Alvarado (5 years ago)
first thing that came to my mind when I heard that line
Random Channel (5 years ago)
Wish that Hogwarts excistet in real life!
Ana Lucia (5 years ago)
I have had this song on my ipod for years and just figured out that Luke Conard is in Ministry of Magic!?! OMG
Jane Cuthbert (5 years ago)
Hello Gryffindor. *virtual wave*
kayisfish (5 years ago)
lol kudos! Hello from Gryffindor!
Christien Douthitt (2 years ago)
hi fellow Gryffendor
Jane Cuthbert (5 years ago)
Very much :)
kayisfish (5 years ago)
lol, Ravenclaw much? :)
Bearsca (5 years ago)
What do you mean, it's new! :P
Jane Cuthbert (5 years ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that stupefy is spelled wrong?
Christien Douthitt (2 years ago)
i noticed too but its still a good song
Maggie Leone (5 years ago)
This is too clever!!! :)
Madmoiizelle Hayden (5 years ago)
This is my favorite song! At the beginning, I believed that the personnages' names were choose haphazardly, but now that I did the translation, I said : "It is no longer random. They are actually characters from Harry Potter." This is another reason to listen to you more! Good Luck :)
Liz Oson (5 years ago)
or Harry/Hermione, ew just ew
Brandi Carew (6 years ago)
OMG BEST SONG EVER lauren and luke together in one song! my two greatest role models O.o this made my day. and my life.
anne (6 years ago)
most likely if there are spiders there.
anne (6 years ago)
Durshingo (6 years ago)
ron: kiss kiss herm: kiss kiss Whomping willow: GETTTA FUCK AWAY FROM MEH!
Starcat productions (1 year ago)
Durshingo haha good one
Meghan Jones (6 years ago)
yeah, but it's still fun and inventive. it doesn't matter if it's not 100% accurate, they're just having fun because they love harry potter.
Aileen Phillips (6 years ago)
and that she wouldn't be talking about quidditch; especially not while Harry, her friend, is in mortal danger.
crazymisscarlza (6 years ago)
whats with all the haters??? THIS SONG IS AWESOME
WateverWatever04 (6 years ago)
That's the first thing I said when I heard this song! lol <3
ChubbyChipmunks123 (6 years ago)
Its Ok. dull beat. They made Ron sound more like Harry and Hermione more dumb. ("if hermione knew the patronus charm it would be Ron" her Partronus is feeble and Patronuses are animals. Hers is an otter.) Also it says, "When Harry is fighting He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" Ron and Hermione where fighting with him.
JanieMann1 (6 years ago)
You mean RON talks of the latest quidditch game. LOL
Karen M (6 years ago)
They're called Ministry of Magic...
HPLightingScar (6 years ago)
My Favourite song glad it's on the "easy to find" channel
JosephMammarella (6 years ago)
Definitely my favorite wrock song! Would anyone mind listening to my cover? :) /watch?v=Ld5WTW1rsxU&context=C45c8a37ADvjVQa1PpcFOAqSnb3QZlcme1XtYLml5a4ax_uPmKXB8=
TheBadboy123349 (6 years ago)
I keep getting the smoke awareness ad, Its freaky, Im not touching a single cig in my life, and btw i love this song, One of my favorites from you guys. ROCK ON!
Alyssia Rosenkranz (6 years ago)
Ron and Hermione are the best couple!!!!
Emily White (6 years ago)
I can't help but sing this around my crush 'cuz we're both Potterheads... /epic embarrassment
Phynix Riddle (6 years ago)
@12341smiles They should make a Dramione one. :D
Phynix Riddle (6 years ago)
@HogwartsHomie299 I came here to listen to music, not to listen to disrespectful people bash people's opinions. :3 Would you like a butterbeer with that? Dramione is my favorite ship, but I don't hate Romione. And Even J. K. Rowling said she almost made Dramione a canon, so if I was you, I wouldn't be boasting. xP
BookWormAndProud (6 years ago)
Romioneee !!!!!! LOve them so much
italiangirl9696 (6 years ago)
@HogwartsHomie299 lol I think the same thing, but some people like fan fiction I guess. I used to think of her and Neville being together. (don't hurt me!)
Jessie Stanley (6 years ago)
Mylifeisaboutstage (6 years ago)
I love Ron and Hermione! My Fave Harry potter couple! Follow me on tumblr: avpmfreak for awesome stuff like this
DriaOfKroling (6 years ago)
@VoicelessShadow My exact thoughts.
Shad Gates (6 years ago)
To all those that know that Hermione will most likely be the one to save Ron....
Irene Jacobs (6 years ago)
Hinatachan121 (6 years ago)
Sweet! >w<
el dely (6 years ago)
Ravenclaw is just... SO PERFECT @
Skylar Boyd (6 years ago)
@breezecodi Yes!! Ravenclaw is by far the best house <3 in my opinion, anyway.
DumbledoresArmee (6 years ago)
this song is so cute ;)
Susan Mesler-Evans (7 years ago)
@rockerofthehall LOL, me too! Oh, I used to be so naive.
LornathePyromaniac (7 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that Jason look really fit on the CD cover?
Mistahr Moseby (7 years ago)
This song makes me Nostalgic.
emmsprite (7 years ago)
@futurefairytale89 have you never misspelled something ?? lol
Rebeca Barahona (7 years ago)
this is what harry potter love can make.
Henning JvR (7 years ago)
@ExpectoPatronum98 *gazelle =) sorry, just wanted to point that out.
Arthur Valle (7 years ago)
Ron will save her? Perhaps, but it is more likely to save it
MacKenzie Ward (7 years ago)
ugh the daily prophet ruins peoples space the quibbler is better
Christina M (7 years ago)
I got HP down now for Potter Puppet Pals and A Very Potter Musical
Hamstee (7 years ago)
I can't believe I used to be such a harry potter nerd i used to listen to this every day
Irene Jacobs (7 years ago)
Irene Jacobs (7 years ago)
Mary Sanders (7 years ago)
Not to be THAT person, but you spelled stupefy wrong.
happytwins13 (7 years ago)
@neonDJYay how can you NOT like ronmione??????????
happytwins13 (7 years ago)
i heard this song and i tought o my gosh i realy love this song<3 and then i listen to other songs of Ministry of Magic and i tought o my gosh this is my favorite band, togheter with the parselmouths <3 <3 <3 <3
divanie (7 years ago)
The music in this song is AWESOME!! I love it! My friend doesn't like Romione(she likes Harmione), so i emailed this to her to annoy her xD
happytwins13 (7 years ago)
o myy gosh!!! i Love this soo much!!!!!
Genevieve S (7 years ago)
I love, love, love, love, LOVE replacing Ron and Hermione with my name, and the guy I have a crush on. c: Love this song!
96chocoholic (7 years ago)
"he smiles when she's not looking. she daydreams when he's not there. it won't be long till they discover Ron and hermione, love each other!" fave part of the song.
BecauseJustBecause (7 years ago)
Gah. You spelled Stupefy wrong. It's bothering me. Sorry, had to share. But I love this song so much. It's... brilliant. <3 I just melt.
Mcblender23 (7 years ago)
Probably going to get a bunch of dislikes but.... GO HERMIONE AND DRACOOOO!
Christina M (7 years ago)
Isn't it stupefy not stupify?
Christina M (7 years ago)
@llamasinautumn Why?
Bearsca (7 years ago)
A lot of non-canon in this one, but it's really awesome nonetheless.
chelseakc (7 years ago)
@harrypotterforever36 I don't see it AT ALL. I mean c'mon, anyone who read the books should know that Harry and Hermione's relationship is entirely platonic... Whereas her and Ron, well, that was always meant to be :)
FearlessCicada (7 years ago)
@Bearsca Of course not. Just joking.
Bearsca (7 years ago)
@FearlessCicada Well, I suppose it's simply because Hermione likes him, dunno why though, but there's nothin' wrong with redheads.
Smarika Sharma (7 years ago)
@Bearsca but they do end up together
Bearsca (7 years ago)
@ChelseaKristy03 Yeah, it would be R I D I C U L O U S if they didn't end up together. Harry/Ginny too.
Bearsca (7 years ago)
I really like this, they can really sing, the lyrics are great and the music is awesome.
chicho2104 (7 years ago)
wow lavender and malfoy dilikes 9 times theyre really mad
Brian Nguyen (7 years ago)
@peewiies isnt she also dead?
Lirk Ravnsgaard (7 years ago)
it sounds kinda ... childish i guess... thought its really good! :d
belladonna2007 (7 years ago)
@theimhermionegranger Dont give twihards any ideas lol.
ceesaw (7 years ago)
Harry Potter is better than twilight wana know why? there are alot of lessons Luna teaches you its ok to be different....while Twilight teaches you about how 'important' it is to have a boyfriend i think i know what one i like better! thumbs up!!
Sean Ruane (7 years ago)
Ministry of Magic and The Moaning Myrtles best Wrock bands EVER!
Lirk Ravnsgaard (7 years ago)
@megan33456 not snape. no way.
ObsessedWithEverything (7 years ago)
@PandaGirlsMusic Oh :( I Wanted Neville&Luna, What Did She Name Her Son? :) Hm, But I Also Like Fred Weasley And Luna Now, I'm Not Sure Why :\ Haha, Maybe It's Just Cuz I'm Weird, Haha :L
ObsessedWithEverything (7 years ago)
@lightninglover265 She Just Has Trouble Producing One :) I Think It's The Only Spell She Has Trouble On :)
Ace (7 years ago)
@megan33456 Rita Skeeter must sadly be admitted to this list as well.
Saffron Murray (7 years ago)
@MsAnimeWorld its on the family tree that rowling posted on her website :L luna married someone that we've never heard of...and named her son something really weird
Danimation (7 years ago)
Epic! Just epic! And to think this was done by ministry members... the Wizarding World must be getting groovy if this is what the ministry does! lol
TheLittleDomino (7 years ago)
@TheMrmusicmann95 Romoine sounds fun as Ron is :DD but Heron sounds a bit heroic and that is what they all are :) so, can't tell
Louise Peters (7 years ago)
you spelt *stupify* wrong...it's stupefy!!! but ily M.O.M - you guys are flipping amazing!!!!!
Anna Caiix (7 years ago)
@PandaGirlsMusic Can't believe you didn't read the books. D:

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