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Bomb Girls Trailer

316 ratings | 130572 views
Set in the 1940s, Bomb Girls tells the remarkable stories of the women who risked their lives in a munitions factory building bombs for the Allied forces fighting on the European front. The series delves into the lives of these exceptional women from all walks of life - peers, friends and rivals - who find themselves thrust into new worlds and changed profoundly as they are liberated from their home and social restrictions.
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Text Comments (42)
Stephanie Rodriquez (21 days ago)
Ugly pedoz and crap movie with ugly hags and lame skinny bitches etc.
Christy Read (3 months ago)
Oh my Lord! Sebastian Pigott my new favorite Canadian Actor and Adam Butcher!😀St.Ralph! Does God love me as a fan or what? Meg Tilly....I can't believe it...oh Dear I have so much awesome Canadian programming to catch up on!....Lord, let me work with these guys someday😇🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!!!!!!
xrayqqq (11 months ago)
My Granma was one of them but on the other side, in Italy she was a Winder for airplanes wirings.
BeastWing !!! (1 year ago)
Jazzy Moon (2 years ago)
Sorry, that's "The GOOD Mistress".
Jazzy Moon (2 years ago)
Superclick 22: He's Antonio Cupo and I just watched his 2014 Lifetime movie "The Hood Mistress". Check it out!
Cate joshua (2 years ago)
This is a masterpiece.
deleted (2 years ago)
Completely agree!
Tom Wotton (2 years ago)
"Whatever your running from your safe here now." Oh well nothing bad can happen now, can't it?! Love Tom
SuperClick22 (2 years ago)
0:58 what's his name?
Aki Ami Masen (3 years ago)
One of my Fav TV Shows;-)
andeace23 (3 years ago)
This show is awesome, as a man I think more more views are deserved
DaddysTaz (4 years ago)
why would they show the kiss in the trailer??!
Pamela (3 years ago)
+DaddysTaz why not?
Matrix Maker (5 years ago)
This is what my grandma did during ww2 so I found it to be a very interesting watch
Mwahaha105 (5 years ago)
Does the show have any action scenes?
Lieke Kisters (5 years ago)
I love this show! 
Save Bomb Girls (5 years ago)
Victory Starts With You! See our channel to help Bomb Girls get a 3rd season.
wenkeee (5 years ago)
great show! love it
Elle Linton (5 years ago)
#savebombgirls Bring It Back!!
19Mahia (5 years ago)
It's in it's second series now...
Sims4TV (5 years ago)
yes. great plot, great writing and great characters. the story is worth it
Ilhaam Jiwaji (5 years ago)
so worth checking out??
Hnem Hnem (6 years ago)
Well, I suppose it's like how they put a lot of multiracial people in movies and shows. They're just trying to broaden people's minds by showing that there are people like that and we that should accept them as just normal human beings who fall in love too. This is the 21st century, and it's important for us to treat everyone with respect and kindness, no matter their age, race, nationality, religion, or sexual preferences. At the end of the day we're all just people trying to live a happy life
mina352 (6 years ago)
Why don't you ask yourself the next time you see some heterosexuality if the content was necessary for the show or plot. Because I've seen some television where they just threw it in. FYI, congrats on being a homophobic idiot.
dapperboots (6 years ago)
Besides the fact that your writing is atrocious you need to take off your tin foil hat, or at least take it somewhere else. I won't deny that some shows do use gay characters just for controversy, but not all of them do. Betty and Kate's relationship is something that a woman might actually had to have dealt with back then when being gay was still illegal.
chaz spiers (6 years ago)
Died Because of The War !!!
chaz spiers (6 years ago)
Can You Say Seen it Before !! It's Just like That Show The Playboy Club But With Bombs and That Show Got Canceled Before The 4 Episode and I Think The Same Thing Will Happen to This Show !! War Wasn't Fun Lots of Men - Woman - Child
Sims4TV (6 years ago)
this show was amazing i loved it
abdu2s (6 years ago)
Rusty Ferrel (8 months ago)
you are? ok.
Manintoga (6 years ago)
Mandatory standardized homosexual relations scene included. Additional historical contrast aspect added for assured audience complacency. Dronification factor within given parameters. Series ready for broadcasting.
Alba Rio (6 years ago)
Does anybody know the name of the theme song to this show?
Daniel Martinez (6 years ago)
Feminist crap.
Chika Onyeka (6 years ago)
i love this, sounds cool!
ParodyPeople404 (6 years ago)
@az0963818 **out of Toronto hahaha;D
ParodyPeople404 (6 years ago)
@az0963818 yeah it was second season, and in Oshawa (right out of Oshawa) they were there for a good week!:) it was cool!:)
az0963818 (6 years ago)
That must be the second season :) Were they filming in Toronto or Vancouver?
ParodyPeople404 (6 years ago)
I was on the set the other day, across from my school:) so cool!:)
Brianna Headley (6 years ago)
It's in America already. It premiered September 11, 2012 on reelz
Razzmatazz McButtz (6 years ago)
Aghhhh! Come to America already. I really want to see this show, but I might just have to pirate it cuz of region restrictions .
az0963818 (6 years ago)
Looks good. Heard it's Canadian?

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